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Taylor Swift - ACM Awards 2010 Performance!

Taylor Swift - ACM Awards 2010 Performance!

Taylor Swift is pretty in purple on the orange carpet at the 2010 ACM Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (April 18) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 20-year-old country cutie wore a wisteria Marchesa chiffon embroidered draped gown. She finished off her look with Christian Louboutin shoes and Neil Lane jewels.

Taylor performed her hit song “Change” with UCSD’s a cappella group, The Tritones. Halfway through the song, she ripped off her Carmen Marc Valvo dress and revealed a Charley 5.0 bustier, Hudson jean leggings and Everybody boots.

Yesterday, Taylor tweeted, “I just drove past Brad Paisley jogging down the side of the road. I rolled down the window and screamed RUN FORREST RUN. I live for little moments like that.”

20+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift at the 2010 ACM Awards

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Credit: Kevork Djansezian , Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty, Wireimage
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    This very young lady has learned how to throw herself together with dependable results.

    Good taste.

  • annasaurus

    That dress is gorgeous. I’m glad she’s movinga way with the sparkly gold/silver look.

  • http://non SomeOne

    Nice dress

  • iFellytone

    She looks stunning

  • sara

    it’s unfair how ridiculously gorgeus she is. beautiful dress as well.

  • Melissa

    she is mucho pretty

  • S3WA

    Pretty dress, I like her earrings.
    ‘Run Forest run.’ LOL It would be funnier if he didn’t know it was her.

  • EW

    Squinto talentless insect.

  • not a hater but

    Hideous dress. Awful music.

  • Leah

    WOOOHOO!! SO proud of the UCSD Tritones!!!

  • Ummm

    Overrated – can’t write or sing. If you’re in Junior High I guess she’s good.

  • Taylor

    is an idiot. Just like when she tweeted she used a sharpie as eyeliner to young fans from an airplane, what a tool. she looks like a possum. She has to have gimmicks in her act to trick the viewers that she cannot sing. She’s a fake. Hope she loses every award she gets nominated for this year.

  • Donnie

    I’m so sick of hearing the crappy music daily on radio about her 15 year old love life about Fairy Tales,Prince Charming,Puppy Love,Boy Crushes and Love Notes pass in class…GROW UP!!!!!!!This Garbage won Grammys.

  • YUCK




  • dundies

    lol possum win

  • Ms Anonymous

    My God, how old are the haters? Grow up.

    Also, Carrie Underwood fans need to get over themselves. I love both and I’m not ashamed to deny it, so they need to stop acting like immature babies.

    Taylor can sing, she is not a fake and she is an absolute doll. So suck on it. You’ll never have the talent and the kindness she has, ALL her concert reviews have been positive. Truth hurts, right?

  • Amy

    Carrie Underwood fans are just jealous that Taylor won 4 Grammys including Album of the Year and Carrie can only dream of that. Hahaha!

  • shell

    No one is jealous of Taylor Swift. I used to like Taylor because I thought she was a good singer. Then I heard her live…and I heard Carrie live. There is no comparison. Carrie Underwood can sing anything anytime anywhere and it sound great.

    You know why people who like Carrie dislike Taylor? Because Taylor fans think she’s gods gift to music when in reality anyone who isn’t obsessed with her..finds her singing rather bad. Also, I’ve asked many of persons that like Taylor who else they like in country music. You know what the majority answer was? Oh I don’t listen to country music. What’s that make Taylor..? Not country music that’s for sure. She’s a hell of a lot more pop now than she was.

  • shell


    Oh and Carrie is 5 for 7 at the Grammys. Taylor is 4 for 9. I like Carries odds. Oh and Carrie doesn’t get nominated for pop as well as country. :) If she’s nominated in pop…..she has officially gone pop.

  • Anon

    Congrats to Carrie and Miranda. Great job, girls. Both of you can sing. Lady Antebellum, great singers too, congrats on the win. There should be no pity awards for people who cannot sing well, no matter how they flip their hair or prance around, or who their daddy bought off.

  • fashionista

    Gorgous dress…

  • emele

    is that a purity ring on her left hand?

  • hello1

    hahaha Taylor Swifts desperate act of winning awards failed! She needs to stop with the Twitter, Myspace and Youtube trying to get everyone to vote for her. The other nominees aren’t so desperate to win they just act mature about it. Taylor is young but talentless. Grammys made a mistake giving her Album of the Year. The other awards Taylor won were fan voted which Taylor helped make happen. Carrie Underwood is pure class and is the top vocalist. Its nice to see Carrie not win Female Vocalist this year cause its not fair. She won it like 4 times in a row?

  • Brittany

    i luv both taylor and carrie they both have amazing talent, idc wat u guys say bout taylor cuz she does has great talent no matter wat! u guys r just jealous!

  • bubbey

    She reminds me of a Praying Mantis.

  • Anon


    Jealous of what? Conning the public? Swift is a PR gimmick, all smoke and mirrors, all hair. Look at her up there posin’ like Paris, we all know where Paris is today…..washed up and stupid looking.

  • TheOtis

    Taylor has won her last award. Her star has begun to dim.

  • uh huh

    Notice Tay sounded like crap last night plus needed the added distraction of being lifted over the crowd so they wouldn’t realize she sounded like crap. Taylor shakes her hair and ass like she’s something but to stand there and sing a good old country song? she doesn’t belong—she isn’t worthy of any of the awards. Now Kayne has paid his dues, he better not ever try something like that again so another bimbo gets the pity treatment.

  • Isabel

    She looks wonderful! I don’t know who is her stylist, but she always manages to look super elegant and distinct. So many young girls tend to show too much skin, but Taylor shows sexyness and decency can go together in a yet young looks. You go, girl!

  • Whamo

    She looks like an inbred hillbilly. As well she as a weak voice.

  • Venom

    Gorgeous woman.

  • mintyfresh

    You know there could be only one person on this message board posting their hatred over taylor because you can change your name each time you post. To the haters: get over yourselves. If you do not like Taylor then why did you read this article that specifically talks about only Taylor. Why do you even watch her or listen to her. As a fan of country music in general, I find it kind of stupid that people bash people online behind their computers to make themselves feel better (BULLY).

  • mintyfresh

    Taylor was great last night along with all of the other artist. I am happy for the winners. Taylor showed last night what she is capable of. I have seen her in concert and was blown away. I can’t wait to see her again or hear her new album. GO Taylor

  • Anna

    Beautiful dress, but the weird grandma style hair and overdone eyeliner totally kill the whole look.

  • taylorblows

    Obviously you can’t tell the difference between a cat squallowing (Taylor) and true country talent (Reba, Carrie Mildred). I challenge you to put on any of the truly talented singers on and then listen to Taylor. If you can’t tell the difference then you don’t truly have an ear for music and anything will sound good to you. Not being a hater but someone who does music and knows.

  • haterade

    You guys seriously are hating on Taylor, and brown nosing Underwood. Who sold out her concert world wide in a few minutes? Yeah she is a strange country pop artist, but she is loaded with talent and writes all her songs and if you see her after concerts she really cares for her fans. Hate all you want, at the end of the day she won’t care, and you’ll continue being a nobody like the rest of us. Thanks


  • Pinetop Cabin Rentals

    I admire her she’s so pretty and just a fun of hers…

  • Ava

    Taylor is beautiful both inside and out. She’s a superstar yet she remains approachable and a normal person. Her fans connect with her music like no other before her. I have never seen another great artist walk through the audience of a 20K+ person stadium and give hugs as they walk across the stadium…truely amazing and inspiring. Taylor will be around for a long long time. She’s a great singer and a great writer….and I must repeat she is stunningly beautiful both inside and out.

  • Kim

    She is one of the best singers in the world and she’s beautiful and talented as well
    Her dress is AWESOME i’ve never seen a thing like that
    Hope she wins more and more of such awards

  • Anna

    Hey everybody please calm down she’s NOT such a jerk as u think
    No one said she’s better than Carrie Underwood they’re both nice
    So what if she wins an award and Carrie doesn’t????this just means people love HER more than Carrie
    If this was wrong they didn’t vote for her and she didnt get those awards!!!!