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Angelina Jolie Unauthorized Biography - Cover Revealed!

Angelina Jolie Unauthorized Biography - Cover Revealed!

Sneak a peek at the cover of Andrew Morton‘s newest book, Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography.

The book, due out August 3, shows Angelina Jolie from behind and shows off her sexy back tattoos (via People).

Over the years, Andrew Morton has also written biographies on David and Victoria Beckham, Tom Cruise, Monica Lewinsky and Madonna.

WILL YOU READ Andrew Morton’s unauthorized biography of Angelina Jolie – YAY or NAY?

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  • FTW

    IZ zat bird poop on Ang’s neck?

  • an oldie

    Not going to buy it.

  • Jo

    uh huh. this guy

  • Sofia

    Probably the book is full of LIES!

  • Whatever…

    Um, no! What DON’T we already know about her? These books are cheesy, lame and pure hearsay. Pass!

  • Halli


  • Hugh Vein

    YES YES….. I will Read.



  • snipitttt

    Ang has frequent temper tantrums and Brad just ducks

  • feifferflower

    NO WAY ! Trashy lies for money ! I believe in the Brangelina !

  • loyal

    Love these idiots who write books never having met their subjects. They ‘quote’ unidentified sources and pander lies and rumor.

  • Phoebe

    So, we are viewing once again her tiresome vile prison tattoos.

    It is really a terrible shame that the late Frau Ilse Koch did not have that materials for her [sh]lampshade.


  • stephanie

    please leave Santa Angelina alone. haters to the left.

  • Danny

    I won”t waste my money, rather donate it to worth cause. Love you Angie

  • Caroline

    YES!!!!! AM is a real writer & does research.
    His claim to fame was the bio of Princess Diana which she commisioned him to write.

    H has class & is a serious biographer.
    I can’t wait!
    bravo..a book finally debunking Angelina’s tabloid lies.


    This was posted by anon. This is a Andrew Morton thread….Only fans of Andrew Morton should post.

  • Fan Review

    rule of thumb for JP fans:
    J-Ps in a good light——— ALL TRUE,,those wonderful people
    J-Ps in a bad light——-LIES, LIES, ALL LIES

  • Yawn

    I’m waiting for Angelina’s second book. She’ll give the money to charity.

  • eliott

    Nope. I’m a voracious reader, but I don’t read crap. This guy writes crap. Too many good books out there to waste time on Morton’s books.

  • ohwell

    Why buy unauthorized book? Nay. I save my money for authorized one.

  • Orchid

    12 Phoebe @ 04/19/2010 at 9:31 pm -3
    Who says you have to view them? You are stupid and tiresome.

  • repost

    anon @ 04/19/2010 at 8:44 pm +1

    New Angelina Jolie Biography Provides a Textbook Case in Lousy Book Covers
    by Tim Kenneally on Apr. 19, 2010 04:00 PM

    They really could have just gone ahead and titled this one How to Destroy any Commercial Potential for Your New Book for Dummies. Behold, the cover of Andrew Morton’s upcoming tell-all Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, which is due out on August 3. There seems to be a three-pronged plan for failure here:

    1) Write a book about one of the most beautiful women in the world.
    2) Put a picture of the back of her head on the cover.
    3) Build yourself a home out of the unsold copies when you go bankrupt from your horrendous decision.

    Memo to St. Martin’s Press, the publishing house behind this atrocity: If you just had to go with a shot from behind, you should have aimed a little lower

    Terrible cover!!!!!! Probably terrible book

  • Don’t Buy It

    Why would anybody pay for this trash? We have heard all the stories (mostly lies) before- it will be just another hardcover tab compilation…the third lying trash book in less than a year…we can get all the info here or other blogs. Any new stuff would have to come from Brad, Angie, or someone they trust- and they ain’t talking.

  • Jen

    It looks good. I’ll pick one up, Thank You.

  • er


    It’s a cookbook!!! rotflmao It’s Angelina’s greatest recipes, unauthorized!

  • ffff

    There is nothing misterious about Angie that needs to come out. If they write about Manny out her virgin image now that will be a story.
    I don’t buy this. He gonna go bankrupt.

  • nikki

    ahh she is worthless…

  • Nic

    No i will most certainly not!!!

    Morton is a notorious liar, all his books on other celebs were just sensational lies, glorofied to huge extent. No doubt this will be full of lies, ugly remarks because its how he writes, he loves publicity and goes after anyone that will give it to him!! I’m sure he will be on every talk show, from here to tuckambboo saying crap about her!

  • Buy This Book Instead
  • Stacy

    I can’t wait, does it include the three some?

  • well well well

    The good thing is that this too will disappear. There’s nothing to say and the fact that it’s unauthroized leaves that window of doubt on many stories. Angelina has been upfront about her life. She’s pretty good at that. I’ll wait for what she has to say about her own life. I remember people on blogs wishing she would “shut up” about her life but when someone who doesn’t even know her writes a book they are interested. That’s funny. 90% of what will be in the book is what Angelina has said to the media

  • briseis

    Nay for me. It will probably be like the Tom Cruise “expose” which was a major dud and epic fail.

  • pokeman

    Caroline @ 04/19/2010 at 9:31 pm

    you said it. Diana gave him premission to right but did angie?

  • de Cosmos

    “It’s…It’s.. It’s a cookbook!!! ” LOL

  • AutumnM

    Nice cover, but wont be buying this. I’m sure it’s trashy and full of lies.

  • No Thanks!

    Now when someone who is not scared of Huvane and CAA come up with a book called “Jennifer Aniston: The Real American Sweetheart – The Truth She Don’t Won’t You To Know”, then I will consider checking it out at my local library.

  • gg

    No body will care about this book. it most certainly will be like the last one no big deal. The sad thing is they will gonna ask her about it when she trys to promote her movie he makes it to concide with it. I hope angie say off limit in advance to those questions not to give him a free PR. People get their PR by dropping her name let alone when she spoken about it.

  • kris

    Bet there are all kinds of juicy tidbits about these Hollywood crazies inside. I won’t buy though. I’ll wait for excerpts of the best parts on the net.

  • sep

    haha i dont wanna waste my time reading crap about Angelina…and her fu*ked up life…she having sex with women, she steeling people’s husbands, she adopting babies, she acting like the good girl which honestly she is not..she needs to stop pretending though I very much respect what she is doing for african and or asian people by donating money or even adopting but the rest is CRAP….

  • http://hotmailaustralia roger

    DEFITINATLEY NO unless Angelina authorized it I don’t beleive anything they say, they are only after money for themselves.

  • an oldie

    Who is going to buy this book? Not the JP fans, for sure. Not the fanistons either, because they don’t even want to spend money on their own idol’s movies. Then who? Who? Who? LOL.

  • lurkersville


    good one. From the Twilight Zone To Serve Man episode huh?
    All her tatoos have meanings so they can be viewed as personal “recipes” for living imo.

  • Please

    NO fan will buy this book

  • sajefffjgb

    Jennifer aniston has a prettier back than her :)) haha but seriously..

  • lol

    @No Thanks!:

    Kevin and Stephen Huvane are ruining the careers of more than a few in HW. Aniston is too stupid realize her career is slowly bleeding to death while these two rob her blind.

  • buy and read for charity
  • nope

    she’s way too young. I just read an long Vanity Fair article on actress Ali MacGraw. Now there’s a subject for a book. Everyone remembers her from Love Story. She’s had quite the life, deep in the Hollywood culture. He relationship with Steve McQueen is enough for a book itself.

  • dammmm skippy

    B&N has mine on reserve.

  • lucy

    a ha ~~”it’s a cookbook”,that is a fun.No need to buy.

  • Pey

    Why anybody would buy a book on Angelina Jolie, especially unauthorized, is beyond me. Whether you want to read that she’s Hollywood’s wild child, home-wrecker, man eater or that she’s a saint, acclaimed humanitarian, wonderful mother, it’s all one click away… Such a waste of paper and money… They should save the trees instead.