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Chad Michael Murray: Gas Station Saturday

Chad Michael Murray: Gas Station Saturday

Chad Michael Murray keeps warm in a beanie and a pair of Uggs as he pumps gas into his Land Rover in Los Angeles on Saturday (April 17).

Other pics include the 28-year-old One Tree Hill hunk last month with fiancee Kenzie Dalton. The couple stopped at a Pier One store before buying fresh flowers at Whole Foods supermarket.

10+ pictures inside of Chad Michael Murray‘s gas station Saturday…

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chad michael murray gas station 01
chad michael murray gas station 02
chad michael murray gas station 03
chad michael murray gas station 04
chad michael murray gas station 05
chad michael murray gas station 06
chad michael murray gas station 07
chad michael murray gas station 08
chad michael murray gas station 09
chad michael murray gas station 10

Credit: Anthony; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
Posted to: Chad Michael Murray, Kenzie Dalton

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  • oh lord

    he is so fine. he needs to work because he def deserves to.

  • chicken patty

    i second that. he looks good pumping gas! and he’s a great actor!

  • shea

    Chad still HOT! Yah bring him on & more!

  • Jane

    Dbaggius Maximus.

  • twitter bug

    he is so amazingly good looking. he looks a lot better in the recent picture then the one taken a month ago. please post more of chad more often!!!

  • Eww

    What the f*ck???
    The guy is getting UGLIER with age.

  • kgb

    they are such a cute couple! i like what the pap wrote on his website about every time he sees them they always seems happy and in love. he’s handsome and she’s a beauty. do a movie chad!

  • t-swizzle

    I actually heard he’s doing alicia keys new music video that they are shooting today and tomorrow. he plays her love interest and it’s a video about racism. he deserves the do better. a music video is 5 steps backwards. cute couple.

  • Liv



  • Jen

    Chad sucks. I used to like him until he moved to LA and I found from a couple of people who know him just how conceited and full of himself he is.

  • Marg

    CMM’s fiance is a bitchh. I never really knew what to think of her before. But everytime I’ve seen her in Los Angeles within the last couple of months, she is always acting like she is so much better than every other woman out there. I randomly said hi to her one day and all I got was an eye roll and a dirty look. I guess she doesn’t like polite people. Either that or maybe she’s just a bitchh. CMM can do SO much better than her.

  • tyler

    i’ve actually heard he’s down to earth guy who takes time to talk to fans, take pictures and answer the questions. i doubt after all he’s been through he can be conceited. if anything he probably doesn’t have the self confidence he used to. i like him, he’s a great actor and will prove many people wrong someday. i like how he doesn’t jump at any opportunity that comes his way unlike some people in the entertainment industry. can’t wait for his new book to come out. looks like archaia comics is publishing.

  • twitter bug

    @Marg: where do you see them?

  • GG

    He will need to beef up alot for another role, I know it’s hard for him but if he wants to work he better do it soon. The chances of him getting work is quite slim cause he’s too old to be a teen heart-throb now and that’s all he’s ever been.

    I have never thought he was good looking, and the guy is a massive D-Bag, thanks for posting Jared but I’m glad he’s not getting any roles.

  • Nicky

    What new book? I haven’t heard anything about it. What’s the book about if you don’t mind telling me?

  • Marge

    He may be nice at times. But trust me, I live in LA and I know some people who know Chad very well and more than one person has told me that he is not a nice guy. What you see in public and what you see when he’s with friends and others are two different sides, thats when his true personality comes out. Some other celebs are like that too.
    @twitter bug:
    I’ve seen them out and about at several places. Whether it be at a restaurant or at the Farmers Market or even just walking around. Chad just acts normal whereas Kenzie walks around with a attitude. If you’ve ever met someone who acts like they’re superior to everyone else, then you’ll understand what I mean because thats exactly how she is and how she acts.

  • mr. banks

    holy shiz. thats so funny cause thats the day they came into pier one when i was working. i remember cause her shirt quotes alice in wonderland and she and i were talking about all the characters and that we both liked the book when we were kids. they were really nice and got white candles.

  • s

    lmaoooo i had no idea that guys wore uggs! sorry…can’t take a man seriously when he’s wearing shoes like that.

  • Marge

    We should compare notes! Looks like we both may know some of the same people.Lol

  • Jess

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I use to be in LOVE with him now i could care less i knew he would do nothing after one tree hill!!!! Sophia is soooooooooooooooooooo much better without him and she already has a new tv show lined up if one tree hill gets cancelled YEA!!!

  • Sassy

    Guys wearing UGG?
    whaaat LMAO :D

  • sarah

    He looks horrible. No wonder he isn’t getting any roles – not that he would deserve to get some. I’m just happy that this guy is off my screen and I hope it stays that way – for like ever. He’s a major d-bag … but in the end he used to look good. But that’s absolutely gone!

  • elle

    @Marg: well, she shouldn’t think that much of herself. Because if even her fiancee, husband or whatever is the most famous than her and he is a nobody, then who is she?

  • sy


    She(SOPHIA) is such a sweetheart and she is SOOOOOO beautiful…I I LOVE HER SOOOOOO MUCH…

  • funderpants


    Nice Uggs, tool.

  • HiHater

    Cmm your not Johnny Depp…stop trying to dress all artsy and cool because your not!

  • Jennifer

    It’s been a year since CMM decided he was “too big” for One Tree Hill and what exactly has he done since then? NOTHING! His looks have gone way down and all he seems to do nowadays is spend money on his homewrecker fiance….man his career is on fire! hahaha. I’m glad he left OTH. The show is much better without him.

  • :)

    I think he has done much more then many think. He finished his book, got a publisher for it. He is filming a music video today and tomorrow and he has a movie he is filming over the summer. He took some time off, he has also been going to acting classes to improve his craft. There is nothing wrong with taking some time off to get your head back together. Just because you don’t hear about what he is up to career wise doesn’t mean he isn’t working. I love him. He is hot and funny. He is really a nice guy. Haters can leave please =)

  • helen

    ok… i hate to be asking this question but is he wearing uggs? that’s hilarious!

    he’s good, though. where has he been lately?

  • amy

    is he gay in all seriousness?

  • *T*

    A music video? Big deal. Unless he’s the one singing, its hardly anything worth bragging about. Tons of people including unknowns are in music videos everyday. As for his book I haven’t heard anything about it but judging from the publishing company he got to publish the book, is it some kiddy or comic book? Because thats what the publishing company he got to publish his “book” is mostly known for. And I’d hardly say that Chad has spent the past year just getting “his head together.” I know of a couple of auditions he has gone to ever since he moved to LA and he has been rejected several times. It’s not unusual in Hollywood but the point I’m making is that Chad HAS been trying to get roles he has been auditioning for and has been unsuccessful so far.

  • Jennifer

    Oh boy he’s in a music video? A guy that my brother went to high school with was in Mary J. Bliges ” Family Affair” video and he’s just from a small town in WV. Being in a music video is no big deal. Anyone can be in them.

  • Kate

    He is hooooot!!!!

  • Lauren

    Age has not done him any good. What a shame. He used to be so hot back in the day. what a HAS BEEN!

  • http://no Love

    He is a Douche!

  • http://no Love


    I totally agree with you.

  • Mona

    Does anyone want to elaborate on this book that Chad wrote? This is the first time I’ve ever heard about it so I’m curious as to what type of a book it is that he wrote….fiction, non-fiction, an autobiography, a children’s book???

  • OTH4ever


    I totally know what you’re talking about. I saw her in downtown LA a few weeks ago and was so excited ’cause I am a huge fan of Chad’s and I was like “Oh look it’s his fiance!” So I walked by her and said Hi and she replied really meanly and was like “uh…hi” It seemed like I was bothering her or something when realy she wasn’t with anybody and was just standing around….like wtf? I was going to ask her where Chad was, but I was too afraid to. She scares me now…I thought she would be friendly and kind. But she really gives off this mean vibe like you’re irritating her or something….She’s really letting her 15 minutes of fame get to her head…

    I still love Chad though…:)

  • green

    everyone has his bad day. and who walks up to someone they dont know and says hello? kinda weird and uncomfortable

  • Kate


    I agree with you!

  • Kate

    Comment 28: From where did you get that information? Kenzie?

  • OTH4ever


    I understand that, but it wasn’t like i was invading her personal space or anything. I just casually said hi to her while walking past her and she ignored me….idk. Maybe she was having a bad day. I don’t really care. I personally think Chad is wasting his time with her. She’s too young and still needs time to make a career.

  • Isha

    There is NOTHING weird about just saying hi to someone, even if you don’t know them. I live in San Diego, California and most days, people randomly smile to me all the time and sometimes even say hi or hello. I do the same. It’s just polite. Granted that not every single person does it but if someone was kind enough to smile at me or say hi, I’d smile back and say hi back. But Kenzie has been a b*tch her whole life so I can’t say that I’m too surprised every time I hear about her antics and behavior. And when she is nice to people, it’s all an act because I have friends who live in North Carolina who know Kenzie as well and her actual personality consists of selfishness. She will never let Chad leave her, even if he tried (which he has). NOBODY even knew she existed before she became Chad’s fiancee. She loves the fame even though she pretends like it annoys her. She’ll sooner set herself on fire then ever let Chad leave her. Which is sad because Chad would be so much more respected and loved if he just got rid of her and started seeing someone else…..anyone else.

  • Cali Girl

    What the hell happened to Chad?!?!?! :(

  • Jennifer

    @Isha: I’ve heard that he has supposedly tried to leave her many times too, especially once he headed out LA, but hasn’t he yet? What keeps him with her? I’ve always been trying to figure that out.

  • Justine

    WTF is he wearing?? Oh chad, I still love you!

    and the thing about him not being able to leave kenzie?…I actually heard a rumor..(I’m not saying it’s true) that if he left her, she would report him to the police about statutory rape or something. Crazzzzyyy, i know. But like I said, I don’t know it’s true so don’t take my word for it. Just a stupid rumor.

    But I hardly doubt that’s the reason. I actually think they are really in love. Everytime I see a pic of them, they’re either smiling or holding hands. Idk if this is for the cameras, but something tells me they are both happy with each other.

  • Jordan

    I’ve heard about the stautatory rape thing as well but I don’t know if it’s true either. Apparently if you’re above 16 in NC and dating an older man, its fine. But even if she did threaten to report him and though Chad wouldn’t have gotten in trouble, it would’ve garnered him a LOT of bad press which would’ve destroyed him.
    But I do know that one of the reasons they’re still together is that even though Chad has tried to leave her, she always harrasses him with phone calls, visits, texts, getting her family involved,etc. trying to get him back. She makes all these promises how she”s going to do this and do that and Chad ends up falling for it every time. They’re relationship looks very healthy(I used to think that too before I started finding out the truth) but its actually very disfunctional. Unfortunately thats the side we don’t get to see because we’re not with them 24/7. We can only judge from pictures and appearances and in those, they look fine.

  • Justine


    Where have you heard about that? that’s really odd. I think most people assume that Kenzie’s some kind of a golddigger and she’s only in the relationship for his money. Could be true. He payed for her boob job, he pays for her clothes, he bought her a brand new car, they got a huge house in LA….she’s livin’ the dream life right now. No wonder people are so jealous of her lol.

  • Kris

    Can you tell me how you know what their house looks like in LA? Or are you just assuming that since he’s an actor and they live in LA, they must be living a pimped out life. I’m just curious. He does blow A LOT of cash on her though. It’s ridicluous. If a guy did that for me, I wouldn’t leave him in a million

  • Justine


    I know for a fact that they have a big house in LA. One of my friends from Wilmington confirmed this. and he got her that Land Rover you see in the pics…He drives a hummer.