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Gisele Bundchen: Gym with Harry Josh!

Gisele Bundchen: Gym with Harry Josh!

Gisele Bundchen and her hairstylist Harry Josh hit the gym together on Monday (April 19) in Studio City, Calif.

Over the weekend, Gisele‘s husband Tom Brady was seen checking out the construction of their new family home with his son John.

Gisele recently told UK’s Hello!, “I’m not quitting the catwalk nor giving up my career as a model. I’m simply going to slow down because I want to spend more time with my son…. Benjamin is the loveliest thing. He’s incredible. The love feel for him is indescribable. All I want in life is to be a good mother. I want to teach him good values, which is the most important thing a mother can give to her child.”

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen hitting the gym with Harry Josh

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gisele bundchen harry josh gym 01
gisele bundchen harry josh gym 02
gisele bundchen harry josh gym 03
gisele bundchen harry josh gym 04
gisele bundchen harry josh gym 05
gisele bundchen harry josh gym 06
gisele bundchen harry josh gym 07
gisele bundchen harry josh gym 08
gisele bundchen harry josh gym 09
gisele bundchen harry josh gym 10
gisele bundchen harry josh gym 11
gisele bundchen harry josh gym 12

Credit: Gerallt; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, INFdaily
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  • anonymous

    She’s so freakin’ gorgeous! How can someone look like that?!
    Tom Brady was in Boston today to support his sisters as they ran in the Boston Marathon. Looks like he’ll be back in LA soon since Gisele and Benjamin stayed (in LA).
    Those pics of Tom and John were so cute! John looks just like his dad. Love this family, hope we get to see more of them soon.

  • anonymous

    Gisele also told Britain’s “hello!” magazine that she wants many more kids and “couldn’t care less” about how that will change her body (i.e saggy boobs). Love this woman!

  • anonymous

    She said: “I want to have lots of children. It doesn’t matter if my body changes. It is the most marvellous thing. For example, they sometimes say that your breasts begin to sag, but I couldn’t care less.”

  • Spocky

    And we care what this giraffe has to say because?

    Gosh, she looks like a member of the Na’vi tribe of Pandora. Either that or a tranny.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s so beautiful. Her trainer is like an elf!

  • anonymous

    I care because I think she’s gorgeous and a genuinely good, nice person. Why do you care? You cared enough to take the time to look at her pics and comment.
    Also, I think comparing someone to a na’vi is actually a compliment. In fact, in her Vogue article the interviewer said that she’s “as unearthly as a na’vi.”
    And I’m sure you’re the most beautiful creature to have ever walked the Earth, right?
    Get a life!

  • mk

    just ugly as usual..

  • Nic

    Looking amazing as always, such a goddess, and thank god she aint retiring from modeling. She inspires me to eat healthy, work out and take care of my body, love it.

  • looks old

    Gisele is not aging well. She looks like 40s.

  • Josie

    what about her “other son” she loves to mention when she wants good publicity and seem like a saint? she looks very manly with her strong jawline and she know she only got Brady because he got turned down by Adriana lima at that promotion party in NYC. How embarrassing,she knows she is a second choice for him lol no wonder Leo dumped her homely a$$ for someone ýounger and slightly prettier.

  • annoying

    I hate this woman more and more

  • infamous

    Man I need to hit the gym

  • ace11

    Leo blew it..betcha he wishes he was the daddy of giselle’s baby

  • Peggy Sue

    “their” son John? Hello! In any case, I’m just glad that she’s using her own son for PR purposes now and leaving Bridget’s alone. As for people who think Leo is unlucky, are you lot for real? She was the joke of Hollywood when she was dating him, no wonder she had to choose a dumb quarterback who knew nothing of her past shananigans.

  • Stacy

    what a lucky man

  • Dawn


    Leo didn’t dump her. LOL. She broke up with him because she was ready to get married and start a family. He wasn’t.

  • Dawn

    @Peggy Sue:

    That’s funny considering that Bridget did a photo spread with John right after he was born.

  • michelle

    john is not “their” son…john is tom brady’s son with bridget moynahan. i only point this out because its pretty messed up to disrespect the kid’s biological mother like that (by forgetting she even exists)

  • Dawn


    He’s with Bar because she is young and not looking for a commitment. It has nothing with him finding her prettier than Giselle. If Giselle didn’t develop the desire to get married and start a family, she and Leo probably would still get together.

  • Dawn


    I mean she and Leo would still be together.

  • Shannon

    wow she looks quite pale when she’s not wearing all that gunk like she did working for Vs. I honestly don’t see all the hype about her. To me she looks just about average. Her glaring doesn’t make her more attractive either.

  • sky

    what exactly is she working off, the bones. She is already stick thin and not healthy. She looks like a teenage girl stuck between puberty. I think she looks disgusting she does not have the body of a real woman, she is just long an lean???


    this nose is back omg is this what anybody calls a naturally pretty girl pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease give me a break look at that profile and whose looking at her or going after her nobody nobody cause they hate her and thank god shes not in NYC and never ever ever wear your hair pulled back with that beak of a nose omg what a hasbeen

  • Peggy Sue

    Well Bridget did it with her kid, didn’t grab someone else’s and claim it to be 100% hers. Not that I care for Bridget to be honest, but she doesn’t come across half as insecure as Gisele does.

  • Peggy Sue

    Well remember Gisele happily claimed John as 100% hers…. so I really don’t think respecting the biological mother means much to either Tom or the wife. In any case, it’s only a matter of time before Gisele gets bored and dumps Tom’s sorry ass. Tom’s hot ,but hardly what I’d call a keeper.

  • helen

    all the hate is actually laughable

  • lisali

    Gisele.. beautiful as always.

  • http://Pam Pam

    Going to the gym is why she could not go to the Bostom Marathon with Tom. Tom supports her and her family but this selfish witch can not do the same for Tom’s family.

  • miri

    @ Pam She has work and a Baby. Its not good for a little baby to fly very often

  • http://Pam Pam

    Did not stop her from flying all over Europe.


    shes a sl-t and a nasty wh-re her kid wont know whos she is soon

  • gig

    Even her hairstylist looks more feminine than Gisele.

  • ++Logan++

    Dear Gisele,

    Can i have your figure once you’re done with it?

    Thanks :)

  • barbie

    Really awful comments here about Gisele. On her comments about John, well the biological Mom should be grateful that a stepmother loves her son. The alternative (that Gisele could have been resentful and hateful towards her stepson) would be FAR WORSE!
    From reading her interviews, I find Gisele to be a nice person. Decent, hardworking, upholding morals and with a strong emphasis on her family. These are good traits that should be admired, not hated.

  • comic

    heres the haters back with all their nasty comments. get off your behinds once and for all and take note from gisele! maybe then you to could be bankin 35 mill a year. LMAO.

    damn id like to look this good after a workout! you girls probably hit the club and dont even look half as good, in your dreams.

  • plasticisugly

    oh girls you know Tom or Leo would not want your ugly average asses so get real. Tom did not try to date lima lol, what because they were at one VS event together, that Gisele just so happened to also be at???? mmmhmmm stfu losers. oh yeah also matt dillion was there for a photo op with miss lima, so did he want to date her too? LMAO too funny.

  • freaks

    oh my the freaks constantly bringing up that B woman, you know you are probably not even mothers, LOL and are just a bunch of jealous tween 13 year old haters (the way you talk implies that anyways) but here is what REAL women and mothers think of gisele!

  • toofunny

    Justjared you should really think about changing the site name to just haters. more fitting and sounds more catchy actually!

  • marcy

    shes so pretty, love her supermodel cheekbones and supermodel straight white teeth.

  • chipmunkfatface

    woooo hate her or love her, Gisele’s got a fan club! woo hoo. just like the most famous celebs, they have lovers and haters, gisele is an A lister yep yep.

  • blegh

    not with the dumb vs model comparisons again, they are all overrated. Isabeli fontana and raquel zimmerman are the best. along with gisele. those kmart models cant hold a candle to their beauty,uniqueness or modeling talent. different strokes for different folks I guess, i never saw anything pretty about them. ever. they are not even famous in brazil, their own country, how sad is that! haha (the kmart models)

  • yay

    yay workout and hairstylist, I smell another mega big shoot coming on, wooo hooo. haters, you love it lol

    sorry your models dont keep you occupied enough because they cant get much work, that you gotta spend so much of your time on someone you find “disgraceful” wow you should never get THAT bored. i pity you!

  • supermodels

    gisele,cindy,linda,claudia,christy,naomi,kate <3

  • lolz

    Gah you haters are giving me a perfect visual of the width of your asses sitting in your chair right now. not cool! lol

  • tomlovesgisele

    Tom Brady groupies go away! Gisele didnt cause him to suck any more or less. Its called age. and no he will never marry you! lol get over that. way over it. and Lima/Bar/Alessandra fans since you find it so adamant to stalk gisele and despise her at every waking hour of the day, I got a suggestion: go look at them! how hard can it be. last time I checked I dont look at people who dont interest me. grow up.

  • townsend

    josie gross-ee cracks me up. did you schedule your cheekbone and chin face liposuction surgery yet? honker did you wax your foreign mustache yet? did you take a bath to get that hideous foreign smell off of you yet? what was that? no money because you sit on justjared all day stalking “ugly” people? awww well maybe gisele can lend ya a few, shes loaded. wont be nothin to her.

  • doutzen

    doutzen is the only pretty vs model lately. the others sound and look like tards when they speak. really unattractive to me. Gisele’s english is really good though. She seems the most educated when she talks. Izabel Goularts wasnt too bad either. the others, dont know what their damn excuse is, but it pains me to watch them talk. teeth hanging out from all different angles getting stuck by their upper lip and what have you. dont like them at all. doutzen is a true beauty and speaks good english. same with gisele. f*** the tards.

  • anonymous


    First of all, Tom only went to Boston for a day or two. Its not good for Benjamin to fly that much.
    Second of all, Tom and Gisele spend a lot of their off-season in LA with John, and Tom’s family lives close by. So I’m sure they spend a lot of time with his family, whereas Gisele only gets to see her family a few times a year because they live on another continent.
    How can you say she’s not supportive? She moved to Boston and spends most of the year there to support Tom and then spends most of the off-season in LA so they can be with John. Its only fair that Tom go with her to Brazil once a year.

  • iconsoficons

    On April 11, 2008, a black-and-white photo of Bündchen, shot by Irving Penn, was auctioned for US$193,000 (£96,000). The picture was one of dozens from the collection of Gert Elfering that were sold at Christie’s International in New York. In all, the auction tallied US$4.27 million and included pictures of Brigitte Bardot, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Carla Bruni. Bündchen’s picture reached the highest price in comparison with the others. Bardot was the second with US$181,000 (£90,000)

    beat that she is an icon and most wanted. (outside of her 5-7 haters on jj anyways, lol)

  • anonymous

    Oh my god, I actually laughed out loud reading most of these comments. The hatred must be eating you people up from inside, huh ? “she has a big nose,” “she looks nothing like she does in her modeling pics,” “she loves her stepson too much” blah blah blah…its too funny.
    Let me tell you something, no matter how horrible a person you think she is, or how “ugly,” whatever she’s doing is more meaningful than sitting around in front of the computer and bashing people you don’t even know.
    And the funniest part is, you guys waste all this time and energy hating her, but she doesn’t even know about you! Believe it or not, she doesn’t go on Just Jared every day to see what people wrote about her and then cry. Nope, she doesn’t even know about any of this hatred and just goes on living her (seemingly) perfect life.
    Try and get that thought through your shallow and negative minds.