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Kate Bosworth: Coachella with Alexander Skarsgard!

Kate Bosworth: Coachella with Alexander Skarsgard!

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard check out the third and final day of the 2010 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Sunday (April 18) in Indio, Calif.

Unfortunately, Alex is cut out in a lot of the pictures. But you can see the back of his silver necklace, his ripped white t-shirt, black jeans and black boots!

Others pictures include Alex the day before pulling up his pants!

Yesterday, Alex had to be restrained by a police officer during Coachella.

FYI: Kate is wearing J Brand “1043″ shorts in neptune.

15+ pictures inside of Coachella couple Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard

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kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 01
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 02
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 03
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 04
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 05
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 06
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 07
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 08
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 09
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 10
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 11
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 12
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 13
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 14
kate bosworth coachella alexander skarsgard 15

Photos: Flynetonline, WENN
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  • w

    Did he wear the same white t-shirt and black pants all three days or did he change in to different white t-shirts and black pants each time?

  • salma

    Those photos of him are from yesterday.

  • twisted

    @w: No, they’re from Saturday. Notice she’s in the blue dress in the photos with him. She wore the white top today.

  • fresh

    She needs to stop with the hooker Skipper doll look. She’s almost 30.

  • who?


  • disgusted.

    Five posts? Five posts featuring this talentless trashbag since Coachella started? I am sickened and embarrassed for this site right now.

  • swedish fish

    Enough of the Beige Hornet.
    Get us some new photos of the hunky Swede.

  • lila

    sorry, but i really dont like kate Bosworth.
    Liked her in Horse Whisperer and 21…but it seems
    she’d rather be photographed at any event for the
    attention now-a-days.
    As bad trying to get attention as Paris

  • Jessica456

    Is it me or is the girl with the black hair Jen Bunny from the Hills?!?!?!
    You can seen her in yesterdays pics and she has a long black dress on when they are sitting on some rocks….

  • Ashley

    Time to burn those boots.

  • Question

    Do you guys know before meeting KB, did Alex has any bad reputation/bad news about him?

  • Ashley

    @Jessica456: Could be, Lo Bosworth was spotted there too.

  • canuck

    Something like this would look cute on Willa Holland but it’s just sad on Kate Bosworth who’s not a teenager anymore.

  • Pete

    Why does this chick wear outfits for a 5 year old?

  • Kitty
  • shoe bunny

    Lose the boots, Kate.
    They DON’T look good with everything.

  • xxbabyxx

    @Kitty: She has a cute pout but she looks spaced out in that photos and her looks like ugly, yellow straw.

  • fashion 911

    Aside from the tie dye dress, I think she’s a terrible casual dresser and unlike the guy using her for FWB, she doesn’t look good in anything. She needs proper styling.

  • Blaze

    KB needs a good conditioner.

  • TLC

    Sorry, I don’t find her attractive although she has her moments.
    Her body looks like a teenage boy’s and those boots she constantly wears are ugly.

  • cute

    Cute girl but she needs to start parting her hair in the center. It’s unflattering to her square face.

  • sixx

    So, he’s hiding today?
    Must have rethought that crotch grab.

  • kaching$

    Any new photos of him dry humping some random girl’s neck?

  • gossip cop

    Has he confirmed the bf status or is that JJ’s spin? Seems more like fwbs thought they put on quite a show this weekend.

  • always

    Nice smile but Kate looks like a boy in a long blond wig.

  • Whynot

    No amount of conditioning will help her over bleached blonde hair!!!
    Hey some said it look like she was wearing a weave to add volume to it!!!

  • Passingby

    Kate stop wearing short shorts you have knobby knees and chicken legs. You look like a hooker waiting for your next ride.

  • Veruca

    He has said that when he was 17 he was put in the drunk tank in Stockholm for a night – not for acting out or anything, but for being underage and drinking.

    This seems to be her best outfit of the weekend, but would look so much better with flip flops or flats.

    That’s definitely ASkars’s back in the white shirt – the height is a give-away. Is it wrong how much it bugs me that he was wearing a brown belt yesterday with his black shoes? Fashion faux pas! and why wear a belt if your ass is going to hang out anyways? ASkars, I adore you, but you’re not a teenage boy in the mid 90s anymore.


    Do they ever go on dates by themselves? They are always with Alex’s friends everywhere they are spotted. It just always seems like a bunch of friends hanging. Even the Arclight sighting seems like a friends gathering. If they had arrived at the movies together , why didn’t she know he was parked on the ground level instead of walking upstairs? She couldn’t have been that disorientated by the paps. Just seems odd. Why is Alex’s shirt ripped? Perhaps it was damaged in last night’s scuffle with the cops; seems like he’s wearing the same clothes from yesterday. Guys.

  • adrienne

    what i dont get is you have so many celebs at coachella, yet these two are the only ones who seem to be photographed? who is kate bosworth really?

  • Wow

    What celebs I mean other than the ones who are actually working,performing there. There are no A listers there. It is obvious that JJ is in KateB pocket. Jamie said from the being that these two losers were going to make a spectacle of themselves there, I am starting to give some credence to what Jamie said. It is a PR stunt.
    I have a feeling it will be all over if and when Strawdogs is realeased! Heard it already had neg reviews same as Gerald Butler and Jen Aniston Debacle!!!

  • Wow


  • green

    love her legs!

  • Passingby

    Let see she is not rich enough too be a socialite, not tall to be a model, not a singer and she is not a successful talented actress. She is nothing but a B list actress who is a poser, desperatly trying to keep the fame by calling the paps on herself. Also it doesn’t help that their are skanky and backstabing homewrecking rumors that have followed her for years. She is just cute but that fades over time, she is what almost 30, there are plenty of talented beautiful women in HW that will take her place!!!

  • Kate

    Please, Kate will not stop bleaching her hair blonde, even if it is thinning out! Have you seen her with brown hair not that special about her and she knows it!!! She thinks she is the shi.. t looking as a blonde waif w defected eyes. If she were truly beautiful she would be her natural hair color!! This women has self esteem issues first with the anorexia then beaching her hair from a lovlier more natural blonde to this over bleached white processed hair that is thinning out!!! Her hair is thin to begin with so it was stupid to over bleach it all the time!!! So once hair is damaged no amout of conditionar can save it.

  • sam

    What does this chick do besides not eat, when is the last time she was in a movie , play TV show commercial anything…. why is she never working.

  • AVA

    she can’t wear those shorts, but Beyonse with her huge thighs can..

  • Change your shirt

    These two have turned Coachella into a sideshow. Water seeks its own level and now that Alex has sunk down and found a fellow famewhur willing to do anything for some pap coverage, we’ll see more crazy from them. Before they leave the festival, they’ll probably get jiggy in front of cameras or Alex will try to get arrested again.

  • annalisa

    completely disgusted by both of them….well, more disgusted with Alex. i thought he was so much better than this famewhoring and showing off for the cameras and the press. kate is always doing this so it is expected of her. when I look at pics of Alexander now he is still good looking but the fascination with him is gone. like I said before I thought he was totally awesome before and so unlike the typical hollywood actor but he has sunk quite low and really has acted WORSE than those that were deemed pathetic before. not a lot of actors want to be seen with Kate B. they may screw her and screw her they have but be on her arm…ha, they wouldn’t even dare add that to their reputation. And it truly seems like Alex is in on doing stunts for the press and tipping off paps. Everyone thought with the doughboys thing it was all Kate’s doing but now it is very apparent that he is on the jig. I can understand Kate having to be like this- no talent at all, anorexia, bulimia, drug issue for years, HOMEWRECKER who backstabbed a friend, low self-esteem, desperate famewhore…you can go on and on. But Alex has talent, good looks, and in the beginning a great reputation as being a really sweet person. I guess that was all show, smoke and mirrors. Too bad really that everyone is viewing him so badly now especially after this Coachella show off they just did (everyday on JJ- come on – there were tons of celebs there) and the final straw going off on a photographer at a sponsored party where he already knew in advanced that the photogs would be there. like the poster said before the celebs get free tickets to these events and all seemed to act decent- except Alex. Wow! I am blown. It especially bothers me b/c I work in fashion and celebs get so many perks and free sh*t to promote something when they could actually pay for it unlike the average person and they are the most ungrateful mean and rude people you could imagine and they look down on non-celebrities, non-actors and non-models. Alex seemed different but I guess that was part of his BS.
    Anyways JJ put more working actors on this site and why so much KB? Everyone is wanting to know why? If it’s about hits then put Sam Worthington, Matt Bomer, Jason Statham, Jake G., Ryan K, whoever and we will make hundreds of comments just to stop seeing posts of her no talent self.

  • annalisa

    And Alex is looking kinda bad in these pics this weekend. Too much drinking and drugs will take your looks away. And the same outfit in two days. Gross. Doesn’t even seem normal anymore.

  • lucy

    @AVA: agree

  • lucy

    she look like so beautiful

  • Hiding Again

    He is so pathetic. The drunk has now shown his true face to the public. He may think he can get away with all this bs but the powers that be in Hollywood aren’t about to risk millions of dollars on a growing loser like him. It’s only a matter of time until he’s back in Sweden permanently.


    JESUS, HER HAIR IS A MESS… Starvation does that to you.. Remember BLUE CRUSH?? She actually looked healthy in that movie. She’s too skinny and looks a hot mess.

  • babymama

    why is everyone such a hater on this site?
    these are two gorgeous people trying to have a normal weekend like couples who date do.
    and if they are using each other – who cares??
    if they party – who cares???

    i think they are amazing together and hope they can make it but it’s hollywood so chances are slim.

  • hans

    damn them for going to a rock festival. damn them to hell…

  • marsy

    people here believe in the rumour they want – the rumours that suit the image they already have of a person. Nobody knows the truth at all…

    And reading all sorts of crap into pictures: suddenly they’re both doing drugs and are alcoholic?? Because they’re at a festival, drinking a few beers??

    And the pap thing: we all know the paps provoke celebrities just to get a reaction, so if you don’t know the full story – why judge?

  • Question

    @annalisa: Agree! It’s sad to see a talented actor like Alex becoming a joke….

  • So what

    Kate’s a cutie and Alex is — O.K. He’s a bit pale for my taste which is why I never thought Paul Bettany or Daniel Craig were especially ‘hot’ either. Only blonde guy I ever really found sexy was Brad Pitt – but only in his prime (in his 20′s – 30′s). I prefer tall dark and handsome dudes myself. I could care less if they’re ‘bonking’ or not – it’s their business not mine.

  • hmm

    he’s just not that into her . . .