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'Keep Kate on DWTS' Campaign Launches!

'Keep Kate on DWTS' Campaign Launches!

Late-night talk show host George Lopez is campaigning to keep the mother of eight, Kate Gosselin, as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

The 48-year-old Lopez Tonight host has said, “America has spoken and Kate Gosselin is still alive! My master plan is working…I tweeted that everybody should vote for Kate and why. Do it for her kids. Do it for her poor partner Tony [Dovolani] and most importantly do it for the United States of America…”

George continued, “It’s your duty America and remember every vote counts and it’s time to keep Kate alive…you are the change we have been waiting for.”

For more on how you can support this cause, visit!

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  • Dan

    Newsflash, Kate Gosselin is not the only single mom in America with multiple kids. Why does this mean she has to have a Hollywood career that she is obviously obssessed with? Maybe if she was a sincere, appreciative person instead of her self-entitled b!tchy way about her, it would be different.

  • oh dear

    George Lopez is looking for ratings. Narcissistic Kate is looking for more attention and money. Both can go to he.ll. The State of PA needs to do the right thing…as I listened to their hearing about child labor laws concerning children in reality. And Kate DID abuse the laws.

    Lopez should have FREE THE GOSSELIN 8! web site.

  • rhonda


    EXACTLY! she’s a horrible dancer and in my opinion, we now know what a female abuser looks like.

  • Anon

    George Lopez supports a child abuser. Boycott his show. Boycott Kate.

  • Mike

    obviously the people liking Kate never seen JK8 from the start

  • New Campaign

    F u C k Kate and same goes to Lopez. They’re both annoying as heck! She’s such a manipulative person and he’s so not funny. They should both be contestants on a show like Survivor and be left on an island for good.

  • Tay

    It’s a joke, people. It would be awesome if someone who can’t dance win DWTS. I love to ruin votings, reality shows, tv games,
    Also, she is so bad that it’s even good to watch her.

  • Barbara

    Shame on you George…I am not watching until she is off the show.

  • moronic america

    So Lopez in mentally retarded. He sucks

  • Ms Anonymous

    He is making fun of Kate, actually. You’re missing the point, Jared.

  • Pandora

    LMFAO! Do it for Tony? Why? Poor Tony drags her around like she is a corpse with rigor mortis set in. The fool can’t dance. The only reason to keep her around is to laugh at her (and really, that’s old now, too). To keep her around is not on the “up and up”, so…it makes a mockery of the whole show.

  • 7

    She needs to be kicked out of hollywood along with all the other no talent reality show losers. Im so sick of them.

    What happened to the people with actual talent getting famous? We need to go back 8 years

  • attention K-Mart shoppers

    How about going back to letting real actors and actresses have a chance in comedies and dramas instead of these cheap reality shows/talk shows that does nothing but exploit people especially children?

    Citizens of America: Stop feeding the rabid narcissism going on in this country.

  • Payson

    kate hasn’t been home to see her children or practice in the basement since April 10th……..GREAT MOM

  • amy

    Having seen a few of the shows Jk+8, I see why Jon left such a miserable, abusive relationship. He did act like boy in a candy store for a minute! If a man went on Leno and demeaned his wife the way this woman demeans Jon, he would be run out of town.

    There must be alot of man-haters out there in order to keep this woman in the limelight. She’s awful, I really don’t understand why anyone would admire her.

  • Lola

    George Lopez is an idiot. Well, not an idiot, because he’s latching on to Kate’s “popularity” for his own gain, but YES, and idiot because he’s just making himself look bad with this stupid “campaign.” Kate doesn’t need this to keep her on the show. She’s already been voted through THREE TIMES. He just looks desperate for attention – and why shouldn’t he be? He’s being bumped by Conan, tried to put on a happy face about that, and now he wants people to forget that humiliation and focus on this stupid campaign. I feel sorry for Georgie boy.

  • Lillianne

    Goodbye DWTS.

  • Nana

    Voting for her would only lead her to believe that she is talented.
    The really terrible thing is that neigher she nor Jon seem to have a grasp that TLC is in the business of causing “conflict” in families for RATINGS. Look at the chopper show, Little People are suggesting tht they might go in different directions now because it brings in ratings, the Little Choclatiers are no doubt encouraged to disagree on the show, etc…The only family that I believe will stand firm is the Duggar family, simply because they won’t put TLC ahead of their family.
    Kate, being a narcissistic, can’t even realize that TLC harped on her testy personality and used her for their ratings. As long as she gets air time, she believes she’s a talented person. Jon, unfortunately ran around once he was sprung from her jail. Still, I noticed HLN and Geraldo last night, dissing him. HE is the one who took the most care of those 8. Now, everying is falling for her tale of “I HAVE to support my kids.” They should look at back segments of J&K plus 8. Remember when she PRESSURED him to leave that gov.t job he had…because it wasn’t fair that she was home and he was at work with other adults? Nevermind that he bathed them all and fed them and took care of them before she got up ea. morning. They BOTH decided to make the “show” their paycheck. I guess he wanted off the merry-go-round; but does that make HER the tough, hard-working Mom now? They BOTH need to get regular jobs and remember that they were just “lucky” that a network picked them up, after she sent out many videos to places, shopping their story of sextuplets around. She is living in a fantasy world. She is NOT the person to give other moms advice, as she hasn’t ever taken care of the kids by herself. Always nannies and Jon. Also, last night she claimed that her bro. and sis-in-law haven’t seen the kids in 2 years, as she’s kept them away. She wonders how they could possibly know “anything” about her kids’ lives lately. Well, we all SAW that after the break-up of their marriage, Jon had Kevin and Jodi over and they reunited with the kids on the Gosselin property. I am so sick of the lies that she is giving the public right now. Just watch the series from a couple of yrs. ago and you will see the truth.


    Lopez IS A comedian.

    It’s a joke. Get it?


    This a huge joke that is Two-Fold.

    The first part is to see how many of America’s moronic reality TV watchers actually follow the advice.

    The second part is to see how many morons can’t see through the joke.

    Naturally, the intelligent simply snicker and ignore.

  • Anna

    @TIM GUNN:

    He’s a joke. GET IT???

    He’s crossing a line. UNDERSTAND?

    He wants a piece of the Kate free publicity pie. COMPRENDE, CHICO?

  • Tay

    @7: yeah I miss milly vanilly, the good old times.

  • Flo

    All the more reason to vote for anyone but her.

  • Jslin

    So many hate her, and yet, so many people keep her alive by voting..

  • Donnie

    GO KATE!!!!!

  • lola

    Wouldn’t it be nice if both Kate and George were off T-V, never to be seen again??

  • Fiona

    She is so hated. I do not know anyone anymore who is not disgusted with her, even some who were big fans of J&K when the show was on. Everyone {almost} sees through her. The problem is that she is believing her own PR now and is getting too many opportunities to cry her crocodile tears and tell her lies. I truly think that she believes them. When you get away with being dishonest, it becomes a lifestyle choice that is hard to break out of. She has benefited greatly from being a grifter and is certainly not going to stop anytime soon. Even though this is meant as a joke, to her it will just solidify her belief that she is a star.

  • gabs

    Q: Do the “stars” get paid for being on the show?

  • Just Sayin

    Kate is a bad dancer and has a bad attitude!!!

    kick her off

  • Ginger

    hahahaha…. I’m never gonna’ watch any of his shows ever again! Sorry, but Kate is a rude mother and an annoying person!!

    She wants everyone to feel sorry for her. Why do you even post these crap up?!

  • miami

    Kate in DWTS ids like William Hung in American Idol? Hung even had a CD. Maybe Kate will have ad Reality show called “Dancing With 2 Left Feet” Maybe Lopez will co-host.

  • Barbara

    @Nana: You are so right about the drama requirement. My beautiful granddaughter made it through the first 2 rounds of selection on ANTM, but could not make it past the reality staff people…they told her she would not cause enough drama for the show.


    To ANNA,

    There is no “line” to cross” regarding a comedian advising that people vote for a reality television personality in a silly dance contest.


    Step away from the television AND the computer and go outside.



    Dear Gabs,

    Kate Gosselin, like Sarah Palin doesn’t breathe unless she is paid.

    They like Paris Hilton before them, and Kim Kardashian now, would NOT appear at the opening of a box, if they were NOT offered a fee.

    However, add $$$$, they will jump a plane to Peoria and literally open a box.


    Contestent/performers earn a weekly fee that gradually increases as the show continues. The longer you remain, the more money you earn.

    The Gosselin creatrure will probably earn about 300k.

  • gabs

    @TIM GUNN:
    Thanks Tim Gunn…(BTW….R U the real Tim???)

  • gabs

    @gabs: @ Tim Gunn…No need to answer the last question. Thanks for enlightening me on how things work w/ DWTS.

  • Stacy

    what a bad mother!

  • lol

    Did you see Kate thanking George Lopez for his support and encourging everyone to vote? Stupid b!tch. I think it is on TMZ.

    Watch the narcissist fall apart on national tv and get fatter while the other dancer slim down and tone up, Kate’s too lazy to practice and it shows. She always whines she’s too busy but the other people have busy lives too, Kate has an army of hired help. TLC keeps puffing her ego and narcissism up just to exploit her and her kids. All about the mega$$$.

  • KVB

    She got paid a lump sum of money so needs to go this week!

  • FroFro

    Ummmm……no. She sucked beyond suck!

  • lol

    Kate Gosselin was all smiles Friday night as she promoted the release of her latest book, I Just Want You To Know, at a book signing in LA.

    And was there!

    Since the reality television mom and Dancing With The Stars contestant in the middle of a tough rehearsal week for Dancing With The Stars, the show crew came right along with her — including her supportive partner Tony Dovolani.

    Wearing a deep purple dress and grey cardigan, Kate came down to meet fans at the Barnes and Noble book store about 15 minutes late (although Radar heard she had arrived at the store early).

    We love Kate at, but we couldn’t help noticing some other slightly diva-ish behavior.

    First up, the signing was supposed to be set up in a sectioned off room in the back of the store. But just before it started, store employees got word that Kate wanted to move the signing to an area out on the floor between the bookshelves.

    Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that only approximately 30-40 people showed up to meet the mom of 8 and have her sign their book.

    Because of the lackluster crowd of fans, the signing only lasted a half hour. But that was apparently enough for Kate, who even before realizing she had no more fans, decided she needed to to take a break — and did so just 30 minutes into the book signing.

    The other comical thing was how Kate’s faithful bodyguard, Steve Nield, kept asking fans who wanted their picture taken with Gosselin not to get too close to her and to instead “stay to the side of the table”. Originally posted on ROL

  • toekneegee

    this lopez is a stupid asshole. you cannot vote for the sake of USA for the worst dancer b/c it is a dancing competition. wtf is he about? what’s the problem of this douchebag?

  • Laura L


    jealous much

  • Laura L

    amen to that

  • Laura L

    and why do so many people take what Kate does so personally? you don’t really know her and yet you have allowed yourself to waste time bitching about her. the less you post, positive or negative, makes her yesterday’s news. What Kate does or doesn’t do does not affect you so just fast forward or don’t watch. Then maybe she will finish milking her 15 minutes and go back to a ‘normal life’ if possible. I know if I was offered a huge salary to dance for a few weeks that would bring me more than three years salary, I’d do it too. Would you rather she start collecting welfare like so many none ‘famous’ people do? You go Kate, make money and don’t waste tax payers money to support your family.

  • gabs

    @lol: Oh, that is sad…

  • CD


  • S D reagan

    I don’t get what the problem is. So Kate can’t dance that well, she’s been busy for a while. She is not the only mother who has left their kids for something (Most working mothers have been in this situation )but people keep bashing Kate for a six week stint of doing something she wants to do. Maybe you didn’t like how she protrayed herself on Jon and Kate plus 8, but from the actions of Jon, maybe she wasn’t just being mean, maybe she had to keep the family on track. Having 8 kids is not easy. As for what she is doing, doors opened and she would be foolish not to take advantage of them for the kids. You go Kate and the best of luck to you, you may not end up on top, but you didn’t quit because of the people who dislike you no matter what you do.

  • haha

    I don’t think Lopez realized how people are so p.o.’d about the history of Kate and her arrogance to pull a joke like this with his faux website. Granted he is thinking of boosting his own ratings, but he has talked bad of Gosselin himself, he even thought her name was “Jane”. Lopez fails to realize along with stupid ABC that people take the competition seriously on who can dance and TRIES the best. Gosselin has gotten away with her “woe is me” whining and crying for far too long, ask the Christian churches she has scammed in the past. Ask all the people that have helped her, only to be cut from the children’s lives. Kate uses the children as weapons and bargaining pawns plus she pimps them out…disgusting.