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Kim Kardashian: Let's Get Real About Periods!

Kim Kardashian: Let's Get Real About Periods!

The Kardashian ladies are speaking openly about their periods and breaking down barriers about the taboo subject of menstruation as part of U by Kotex’s new campaign.

Kim and I were both with [brother] Rob when we first got our periods…it probably scarred him for life!” Khloe wrote on her blog. “He can pretty much handle anything now — he’s totally going to be that husband buying tampons for his wife.”

“I [was] so excited to participate with Kim and my mom in a series of videos called ‘Getting Real’ with U by Kotex,” Khloe continued. “We answered girls’ questions about their periods, and shared some fun personal experiences of our own.”

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  • Sasquatch

    Khloe’s a super plus

  • MAC


  • Melissa

    I cannot WAIT until her 15 min are up! It happened to Paris, it will happen to her for sure. Tic toc tic toc

  • Carrie

    I really don’t see why periods are such a taboo subject. I mean, every woman has them. It’s absolutely normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

    I can see the Kardashian’s motive for doing this, but if they really want to do something for a good cause they should perhaps pick a charity or something a little more relevant than just periods. It’s not exactly breaking news in the world and if girls do have any questions, there are relatives, friends and countless resources in magazines and the internet.

  • sarafina

    More $$$$$$$$$$$ all because of a very normal bodily function in a Women……………..

  • sarafina

    @Carrie: My comment is right below your i totally agree with you…….. Its all about the Money..

  • Dawn

    They are just doing this for more publicity. And Kim continues to wreck her face with plastic surgery.

  • Rocky

    Like they really care? Another ‘gig’ Mom got them, I’m sure. When is this family going to go away? The disrespect the tall one and the older one have for their mother and that the mother tolerates it, makes me sick. If I had a daughter use the foul words these two use, she’d be walking around with a dislocated nose. Trash comes in all colors!

  • Whamo

    Great, there goes breakfast.

  • Whamo

    Great, there goes breakfast

  • wtf

    Hey Jared, it’s bad enough it’s Monday… why must you post a bunch of fugs & hags. They’re rubbish!

  • Laura

    Khloe is so fugly

  • Dog Lover

    None of them are beauties.

  • Whatever

    I like the orange fat one least.

  • de

    These Kardashians women are such wh*res.

  • blah

    These women will do anything to stay in teh spotlight

  • Liz

    How many of you commenting have had a menses. Many mothers do not talk to their daughters about this subject. I applaud them for taking on this issue. Thank God for my Mum giving the facts in an intelluctual manner with no if’s and or buts. I knew more at the age of 8 than most know as a teen. She told me back in the late 60′s.

  • barbie

    I’m actually happy that someone is publicising this horrible thing called periods. It’s an affliction on women for a very large part of their lives, and yet, it’s not talked about openly. If it is, it’e either as a joke (usually at the expense of women) or as a disease. Men usually have absolutely no clue what a women goes through. We pretend everything is fine at work, even though we have terrible cramps, blood-soaked knickers and the mother of all headaches. It’s a subject worthy of being openly discussed, even if it is by the Karshadians.

  • mousse

    Uh? Since when are periods a taboo subject?

  • Dreads

    I applaud them (even though I’m not a fan) for talking about this taboo subject. I freakin’ HATE periods. I totally agree with you @barbie: #18, you’re so right. Men have no idea what we women go through. It’s so painful. They think it’s okay or we’re exaggerating but NO, it’s very painful. We have to make this subject un-taboo. Every woman has it…..well, except if she has some problems, it can happen, I have a few girlfriends who don’t have it and it’s not a good thing since it may cause them problem to get pregnant…..Anyway, even if I don’t like those Kardashian girls that much or they do this for the $$$, they’re doing something good…

  • Giselle

    Oh please! This is not a taboo subject and these days, information on the subject is everywhere. The Kardashians are hardly performing a selfless public service for all women everywhere. Neither of them are role models……….It’s just a weird world we live in when we celebrate mediocrity like this. Neither is known for much except a sex tape, “reality show” and showing up to/endorsing the opening of a fridge door.

  • proudofit

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  • proudofit

    Khloe is a fat ugly fat lipped cuntless ho
    20 boxes up that bushy hole

  • Realistic

    The entertainment world is continuning to go down the drain. No creativity, no passion for the art of your craft, no orginality in acting, writing and music, plus no substance is really leaving a stupidfied and dumb down culture. There needs to be a relaunch of a new crop of people with actual talent. Some of these people are tired.


    This woman has raised an entire family of bad mannered, loud mouthed Paris Hiltons. Mr. Jenner seems applaled, but lacks the spine to fix his own household.

    I watched this show once and could not beleive the levels of bad manners that were reached as these spolied, ignorant, dependent 20+ children rudely speak to their parents and SHOP for a living.

    There is NO VALUE on education or work.

    Each of her children are set out to make money attracting the paparazzi and accomplishing absolutely nothing.

    This is the WORST parenting I have ever encountered.

  • Stacy

    I luv them all

  • faith87

    I think this should have been her statement instead:

    “I [was] so excited to get my paycheck for a series of videos called ‘Getting Real’ with U by Kotex,” Khloe continued. “We answered girls’ questions about their periods, and shared some fun personal experiences of our own.”

  • ++Logan++

    I thought this was cute.

    It is aimed at young girls and it is uncomfortable for your whole family to know you got your periods, and they are making it feel like it is okay and natural and nothing to be embarrassed about.

  • T

    Damn, is there anything these chicks won’t do for cash?!

  • Cora

    Do these girls have ANY class? It is very obvious Kris Jenner is a skewed mom: she lets her daughters talk so rudely and in such a crass way to her, Khloe had DUI after DUI, Kim with her sex tape scandal, Kourtney with her psychotic boyfriend, its like one problem after the other! From the show, they are all so self-centered and so shallow…as long as they look decked out from head to toe, nothing else matters. Why, Kris doesn’t even let her husband use his own money! She is very controlling and she has turned all of her daughters into attention-seeking famewhores, ESPECIALLY Kim. I don’t know anyone who is more self-obsesssed than she is. When Reggie won the Superbowl with the Saints back in February, she took over one and interview and said, “I’m here to totally support his career and it worked…I guess I have to quit my job from now on to be with you 24/7 to make sure you do well right?”

    UM, WTF?

    First of all, what job? Aside from designing a perfume, Kim is not an actress, a singer, an athlete or a designer… she’s famous for taking pictures and having a sex tape, and being on a reality show.

    They should take some notes from a class act like Lauren Conrad, who is not fame-seeking, does not pretend to be higher than she is, is grounded and not loud and obnoxious and annoying, and has turned her reality TV time not into Playboy and scandal, but a NY Times bestselling book series/movie deal!

    These girls are a disgrace, I’m sorry…AND NO GIRL SHOULD LOOK UP TO THEM!

    Look up to girls like Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel, Lauren Conrad: girls who have more inside their heads besides what NARS lipgloss to buy or what push-up bra will make their boobs look the best or whether to pose in MAXIM or Playboy this week.