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Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Olivia Munn Right Over

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Olivia Munn Right Over

Olivia Munn opens up to Details magazine for its May 2010 issue (with True Blood hunks Alexandar Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten and Stephen Moyer on the triple cover). Here are some snippets from the 29-year-old host of G4′s Attack of the Show:

You have 55,000 Facebook fans. Do they miss you when you don’t check in? I’m in a good place with my fans. The last time I visited my fan club in Austin, we all played red rover.

That sounds like a bad idea. Someone’s going to cop a feel. Yeah, but you know, if they’re going to come out and take a day off work to meet me in the middle of a park and they can manage a boob brush, I say, “Good for you, my friend.”

Read Olivia‘s full interview at!

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  • omfger

    Jared just stop it. You always reading people’s tweets and such is creepy and borderline stalking. I means seriously people like you are the reason she doesn’t visit her forums and blog like she used to. I used to think you were about HIlton, you’re actually worse than him.

  • lindsay

    get her off my screen! she’s ugly && she think she’s important. i have no clue who she is except when i visit your website. she’s becoming the next rachel bilson without the OLLLDDD tv show she used to be famous for

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..i get the feeling that she’s going to fcuk, suck, and blab her way into a few mins of fame.

  • infamous

    I dont think she is ugly but I dont like that picture

  • Ms Anonymous


    Do you kn ow him personally? No, you do not. So leave him alone and don’t come to his site if you don’t like him.

  • Whatever…

    Why is she on this blog AGAIN today??? NO ONE CARES ABOUT HER, NO ONE KNOWS WHO SHE IS AND NO ONE WANTS TO SEE POST AFTER POST about her!!!!! Seriously Jared, what’s the scoop here? Is her publicist feeding you info on a bigger client in exchange for posting on this troll? It’s the OLDEST PR trick in the book.

  • Stacy

    I luv her

  • Andrew

    Olivia Munn are my fav posts! I love seeing a post and going “can’t wait to read all the comments of people going off about it!” makes my day haha

    I saw Olivia on Jimmy Fallon and she was completely different to her air head character on AOTS (which is obviously scripted) I think she is smart, nice and not a fame seeker as you all think she is.

    Case in point she made fun of herself having only small roles on Date Night and Iron Man, a person who is serious about being a famewhore wouldn’t do that.

  • sara

    i don’t get this girl appeal at all. she is not even pretty…

  • omfger

    @Ms Anonymous:

    Did you read what i said. I used to like his blog but he’s become worse that Hilton. Unless her tv show pilots gets picked and does well, no one will care.

  • offtheproperty

    She’s just one of those things.

  • Mel

    She tries to copy Megan Fox’s image of being the brunette, funny “comic book nerd” (even though females couldn’t give a crap less about comic books).

  • B

    She’s on here so much because she’s part Asian. JJ LOVES to post about celebs (even celebs that NO ONE cares about, like Maggie Q) simply because they’re Asian like him, or in Olivia’s case, part Asian.

  • laura

    @B wow way to be completely offensive AND off base.

    1. Maggie Q is a legit actress. She should be reported on and he’s not saying anything that isn’t going into actual print media and other celebrity blogs/forums.
    2. Jared still posts about Miley. Who is a racist little sh*t AND all the asians hate her, so really JJ’s not getting any love on this point.

  • B

    I’m just saying it like it is. Yes, JJ posts about lots of celebs all the time, like Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth and manho’ Gerard Butler BUT the reason he posts so much about Olivia Munn, Maggie Q and even that guy from Lost is SIMPLY because of their ethnicity/race. That’s just the way it is.

  • Bradley


    That in fact has alot to do with it. But if he thinks by posting about her makes people care it doesn’t. It has the opposite effect.

  • helllo

    @omfger: wtf. he’s a celeb blogger. he writes and posts about celebs. and twitters are public for us to see if we follow them. that’s not stalking. get out.

  • Yep..

    @B: I think you’re right about this. There seems to be a lot of us who have noticed this promoting of Asian celebrities that is going on here.

  • shaar

    so JJ used said in a previous post that “her movie” Iron Man 2 will be out soon, so I assumed she had a role in it only to find out it’s only a cameo?!?! WTF?!?!? Has she been in ANYTHING????? She’s no actress, she’s an ASPIRINGactress, big difference JJ!

  • shaar

    so JJ said in a previous post that “her movie” Iron Man 2 will be out soon, so I assumed she had a role in it only to find out it’s only a cameo?!?! WTF?!?!? Has she been in ANYTHING????? She’s no actress, she’s an ASPIRINGactress, big difference JJ!

  • http://mymagdotcom Danny

    Olivia is killing it with the mags this year. I still think mymag is the best.

  • Patch Anna

    Ok im out now.