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Pax & Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Ice Cream Cuties

Pax & Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Ice Cream Cuties

Two of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s kids — Pax, 6, and Shiloh, 3, — go for an ice cream run on Saturday afternoon (April 17) in Venice, Italy.

It looks like Pax got some serious brain freeze!

The kids were accompanied by their grandparents, Bill and Jane Pitt (proud parents of Brad). They all had ice cream the day before too!

10+ pictures inside of ice cream cuties Pax and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

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pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 01
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 02
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 03
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 04
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 05
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 06
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 07
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 08
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 09
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 10
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 11
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 12

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  • Bobbie

    Aw geeze Louise, not again! These kids are so overexposed and I blame the Brangelina for allowing the paps to take all these pictures. They are such media wh*res!! Cannot stand them!!!! Please just go away!!!!

  • Shawna

    i do not understand why they dress their daughter like that. You wouldn’t even know she was a girl unless they tell you so. I bet when she’s a teenager she will be wearing all pink and frills just to rebel against what they forced her to look like when she was a child.

  • Jo

    I believe Shiloh might be a transgendered child. I watched a show about this. she probably feels like she’s really a boy, that’s why they dress her like a boy and got a haircut.

  • t.m.delafonda

    Hey, how come only the crazies and haters get to be first? If you don’t like to see their pics, go to another thread. You are wasting your time and hatred on CHILDREN who have never done you any harm. AND… Come on, are you really so pathetic that you strike out against children when the person/s who is/are REALLY stepping on your necks is more your own size? That only proves that you are a coward and a bully.

  • jake

    They are just kids. Get a life people and leave them alone. There having fun, eating ice cream, with not a care in the world. We are all kids once. You guys have no right to comment on their lifes.

  • t.m.delafonda

    @Bobbie: @Shawna: @Jo: Punk….Coward….Bully. I bet you all feel so powerful now that you are able to criticize kids from behind a computer screen. I will take it even further, by betting that not one of you are capable of saying any of this to a person’s face or standing up for yourselves against someone who might say the same of you. The internet has bred computer thugs who in their REAL lives are passive little doormats. Sad and pathetic.

  • Lucky Charm

    Aww, so cute. I wish I was eating ice cream in Venice.

  • Dawn

    I think Shiloh dresses the way she does because she wants to take after her big brothers. She wants to be like them which is perfectly normal for a child her age and there is nothing wrong with it. That’s probably why she lost her tooth. She saw they were loosing teeth and probably did something to herself to cause her tooth to come out.

  • AutumnM


    Did it ever occur to you that maybe Shiloh LIKES dressing this way? Young children have opinions too believe it or not. Angelina and Brad WERE dressing Shiloh in dresses and other feminine and girly clothes when she was younger, but as she’s gotten older it’s obvious she DOESN’T like that style, so stop saying her parents are trying to make her into a boy. It’s her choice. Even Brad said that Shiloh loves Peter Pan and wants to be called John. Shiloh is probably just a tom boy who looks up to her brothers, which is why she probably prefers dressing like this because she wants to be like her brothers.

    Bottom line is that there is no harm in what Shiloh is wearing. It’s not innapropriate and she obviously wants to dress like this and she’s lucky to have open minded Parents who allow their kids to express themselves any way they want. She is a happy child enjoying her life. Let her be. She’s just as cute as can be.

  • cee

    Get a life people. They are children. As for paps. Why do they keep taking the same pics over and over. Because they are the JP’s, So don’t blame Brad and Angie and their family for living their lives.

  • pokeman

    @Bobbie: @Shawna: @Jo:

    same name changing troll. don’t look at them if you are so sick of them.

  • busted

    Please same fool changing names. IT waits for a JP thread and pounces. I think the JP kids are in fair company.. Kingston/Zuma, Violet/Sara, Suri, Honor, and countless others who are seen each day.. so please run along an post that crap on their thread.

    YOU are such a freak and way too obsessed with their children and Shiloh in particular.. thank goodness Brad/Angie have good security..

  • marina

    Cute kids! cute is so repetititve, but they are. Pax has such a personality! Shi has … how do you say in English “porte” a certain stance… even as a sporty girl!

  • teri

    Just too cute. Love this adorable family. : )

  • niwatori

    aaaawww perfect kids :) I don’t remember seeing Pax and Shi out and about together…So this is awesome :D Pax is funny ♥ and Shiloh’s eyes are stunning♥ So who cares how she dresses. Mags and haters need to get the hell over her hairstyle and fashion sense. That’s who she is. Or is this gonna take them 6+ years to get over too?

  • anon

    I had the same cut when I was her age…my mom’s idea. I was also a tom-boy and looked up to my older brothers. I had little interest in dolls, dresses or frills much to my father’s disappointment but made for it once hormones hit in my tweens…BOYS. Even as an adult Im still not a girly girl and like my sports and my MAN. The critics who say she’s being made into a lesbian need to give thier head a shake. And she is gay…so what?? Right now Im glad they’re letting her be a kid like my parents did.

  • pokeman

    cee @ 04/19/2010 at 1:04 pm

    if the kids were gwen steffan, halle, jennifer garner, jessica elba or other celebs’s kids they wouldn’t say its PR stunt. it only applies to the JP kids.

  • Whamo

    Let me get this right, people are haters because they have the audacity to ask why Shiloh is dressed like a boy?

    Having said that I think Pax will be the first one arrested out of this bunch, probably for being Angelina’s drug mule.

  • cc

    Good to see the brothers get along.

  • teri

    Let’s just pretend Shiloh is a transgendered child, should we love her any less? NO, we simply adore little Shiloh. She’s a normal child and seems so happy. I don’t understand why you keep changing names and addressing the same thing over and over, seems you have more problems than the JP children.

  • Whamo

    pokeman @ 04/19/2010 at 1:08 pm
    WHAAAAAAA they’re picking on the JP’s Get a life!

  • susan

    Pax and Shi could wear each others clothes, yet they are 3 years apart.

  • dd

    For those people who made or will make negative comments about this kids, I would be afraid of Karma.

  • sara

    Shi should lay off the ice-cream. She’s getting a little chubby.

  • barbie

    Seeing these photos feels like a guilty pleasure. What a wonderful thing adoption is. Shiloh is growing up thinking that having Vietnamese brothers and an African sister is actually an ordinary and natural thing. Thumbs up to Brangelina and all other people who adopt cross-culturally; it’s a brave thing to do. Feeling guilty, as these are children and grand-parents who have not asked to be in the public eye. They should be entitled to freedom from the media, and from such comments, as even I am making.

  • hearts

    Brad’s parents really enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, adopted and not. They love them all that maybe they already forgot which one is adopted and which one is biological. he he
    They are just wonderful people. Brad and Angie are lucky to have them.

  • Tay

    Pax is so cute

  • troi

    You guys that criticize Shiloh’s dress and hair are unbelievable. Maybe she is JUST a tom boy. Many girls with older brothers are. And if she is gay or transgendered SO WHAT? Doesn’t she deserve love no matter who and what she is? You same criticizers were probably the ones that used to proclaim she was mentally challenged and/or autistic, but now that it is obvious that she is not–well, you can’t let a moment go by can you–you have to find something to criticize her for so that your hatred of Brad and Angie can be justified.
    You make me sick. What mean, hateful, spiteful little idiots you are.

  • ghfztzzt

    they are just eating ice cream…….why should they stay at home…they are kids not media… some people have so stupid comments…leave them alone and if you dont want to see them dont klick at the pics!!!
    shiloh is so cute…but i want to see her in a dress

  • Pot

    Yay! I was just on the other thread wishing for some new pics! Maybe I should wish for some more things, lol. Those brain-freeze pics of Pax are so adorable. Also, looks like grandma was cleaning up Shi’s cone. I don’t think Shi was too happy about it! She’s like, “hurry the hell up grandma”! Shi looks delusionaly happy, melting into her ice cream cone, in the 2nd to last pic. What a sweetheart.

  • pokeman

    Whamo @ 04/19/2010 at 1:11 pm

    its not a problem when people ask about why shi wears boy’s clothes. its how many times idiot like you have asked the same sh!t. that’s the problem.

    having said that you must be really fcuking misable & pathetic to said that about a kid. i know. you think its funny right. you love coming on here saying nasty things because you love the attention. well, i will let the other fans give you the attention. this will be my only repond to you.

  • Honestly

    If I did not know who this little one was I would assume: a boy. It really doesn’t matter to me but it’s just my social conditioning, which I never asked for by the way, but it’s part of who I am ( we are).

  • teri

    2nd time…
    I find an adult making such hurtful and racist comments directed at innocent children more sickening. So IYO Pax being Vietnamese scares you? An innocent little boy scares a grown woman? please

  • enrimar


  • N99

    Shiloh is only a child not a woman and should not be looked upon as one. Unlike another celebrity child who I shall not name, who wears dresses almost everday with high heeled shoes and lipstick to the park. Now that’s not NORMAL. The silly comments about transgender are laughable. Shiloh is part Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and will grow up to be the most talked about gorgeous woman on the PLANET and Shiloh may be even be more famous than her mega-star parents. Shiloh is dressed right for her age. Shiloh’s hair will most likely grow back blonder, longer and thicker. For what ever reason, Ms. Jolie and Brad Pitt had to cut her hair because something happened. I’m sure they would have never cut it but Shiloh’s hair was uneven due to whatever happened to her long blonde locks. Shiloh is still a beauty no matter what length her hair is. I believe the silly comments about Shiloh are coming from the low-life, Jennifer(DUMBASS)Anniston fans who are still depressed about a break-up that happened over 5 YEARS AGO so the Jennifer (DUMBASS)Anniston fans are picking on a small child who can not defend themselves and who could not hurt a fly. I hope whoever you are can sleep at night and it makes you feel like a big person because you are a DUMBASS just like Jennifer Anniston and by the way Jennifer(Dumbass) Anniston’s new perfume should be called NORMAN. I’ll let you guys figure that one out!!!

  • getalife

    sara: you lay off making comments to a kid!
    Attacking kids make you low life human being and what gives the right to judge Shilo.
    Shilo is a beautiful kid and you are the one that is so ugly both inside and outside.
    Go find someone your own size to attack instead of young kids!
    They are so pathetic and low life human being .

  • ghfztzzt


    seriously??? you are sick!!!

  • teri

    I bet Shiloh will be every bit of 5′ 10 or six foot. She will be such a stunner.

  • transgender children

    shiloh could be a transgender child, i am not saying it to be mean,i love this family and what they do and how they do it,and if Shi is really a transgender,they manage her quite well,it’s better to let her wear boy clothes and have short hair-cut if this is what she wants and if she really feels she’s born a boy in a girl’s body.
    here is a link about understanding transgender children

  • pkzz

    Unfortunately for Shiloh because her parents are famous people feel that they have the right to project their feelings and views on her but since they know nothing about her except what they see in pictures they think they have the right to judge.
    If when Shiloh is an adult she chooses to tell the world that she is transgendered I would support her but there is no way of knowing how Shiloh feels JUST BECAUSE YOU SEE A PICTURE OF A CHILD YOU CANNOT DECIDE WHAT SHE IS!!
    She has two older brothers and is always being followed by the press she may want to be more low key and free to play in clothes like her brothers wear. In the 70s and 80s.being a tomboy was considered cool there were dozens of movies celebrating the fact that girls can do what they want can now the standard is that little girls should wear dresses and be prim and sexulized way too early. Despite the paparrazzi and all of the attention Shiloh has had in her life she looks normal and happy and I hope that everyone can just decide to let her be a kid

  • gg

    Who were saying this kid is ugly? just look at this pic of her stupid . Isn’t she a cutie? It is her hair that gave her a tomboy look and not the the usual type but she is adorable regardless . She gonna be stunning. Pax is loosing his baby tooth . It looks like he has a permanent tooth growing there. He is not even 7 till november isn’t he? Brother and sister very alike and cute together. Grandma and grandpa is enjoying the time they are spending with grand kids.

  • kimela

    good to see them having fun. shiloh is soooo cutee!! nothing like celebrity kids.

  • pokeman

    you know these haters complain about the things angie did saying she is a bad person. well, look at what these haters write about innocent children. they b!tch about a person not doing nice things and yet they turn around doing it (attacking children) themselves. they are a bunch of hypocrites.

  • teri

    Since Shiloh could talk she always wanted to be called John from Peter Pan, it’s childs play. The parents love all their children and are very blessed.

  • Pot

    I posted this on the last thread, but since I see this thread is already starting out to be a hate fest, I wanted to post it again:

    True physical beauties do not need to be overconcerned with their looks. They have the confidence to NOT make maintaining their looks the most important part of their lives. Usually it is the average looking people that are vying (get it lola-vie, haha) to be gorgeous that are completely consumed with their physical appearance. IMO, Brad is the sexiest man alive, and he will always be one of them no matter how old he gets. I bet he is prettier than every Jen Hag on these threads. He is a beautiful man, whether his hair is light or dark, facial hair or not. And I don’t think there has ever been a more naturally striking woman than Angie. She looks beautiful in natural makeup, long hair, short hair, bangs, dark hair, blond hair, reddish hair. These two aren’t afraid to change up their looks. They are confident in their inner and outer beauty to shine through. Just like Shiloh…she doesn’t need long hair, high heels, fancy dresses, and makeup to be beautiful. You can see both Brad’s and Angie’s features in that lovely little girl. And when you see her candid pics of climbing, jumping, and laughing….you see her inner beauty shining through. The JPs have a lot more important things in life to focus on other than physical appearances. They are teaching their kids to not be vain as well. All their kids have a cool style, but you don’t see any of them consumed with clothes or how they look. Jennifer Aniston however, who is naturally average to ugly…she has to bleach her hair, maintain her tan skin, eat chicken salad every day instead of enjoying food once in awhile, can’t ruin her figure to have babies, wear too short not-age-appropriate dresses, spend $50k on hair, 4 hours a day of yoga…and the list goes on & on. She’s so busy trying to create a perfect physical image so we all will think she’s so much more attractive than she actually is. She doesn’t realise that true happiness comes from family and sharing food and letting go a little to have fun in life. Her life is shallow and empty. She is self-centered. That isn’t beautiful. The JPs don’t need to put forth so much effort in their appearance. They don’t care! And yet, they still are the most beautiful, exciting, and loved family in all the world.

  • getalife

    transgender children & others….
    Sick human being and continue to attack this beautiful little girl that she is enjoy her ice cream with her brother and grandma & grandpa.
    Some of you guys are so pathetic that you have to attack kids cause you cannot go after adults.
    I pray that you do not ever be near to any kids cause your minds are dirty and God help us ….!
    Leave the kids alone and go after someone your own size. Attacking kids does not make you feel superiorty but make you pathetic and a looser.
    Get a life!!!!!

  • t.m.delafonda

    BRAVO ((clapping))!!!!!

  • gg

    I think the frist three posts was written by the same stupid person just by the way they write. These are only adorable children living everyday life like going ice cream with their grammies. You are an idot vile get lost .

  • pokeman

    Pot @ 04/19/2010 at 1:38 pm

    wow! good one. its so true.

  • sharon

    Shiloh is so gorgeous.