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Pax & Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Ice Cream Cuties

Pax & Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Ice Cream Cuties

Two of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s kids — Pax, 6, and Shiloh, 3, — go for an ice cream run on Saturday afternoon (April 17) in Venice, Italy.

It looks like Pax got some serious brain freeze!

The kids were accompanied by their grandparents, Bill and Jane Pitt (proud parents of Brad). They all had ice cream the day before too!

10+ pictures inside of ice cream cuties Pax and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

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pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 01
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 02
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 03
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 04
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 05
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 06
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 07
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 08
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 09
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 10
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 11
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 12

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    I know right?? As soon as I read your post I knew we would be accused of evil doing. Now they are going to squak till midnight that we are the same person. Well, gotta go. Stay sane if you can Whamo, but that might require limiting your time on the JP threads.

  • eliott

    G’bye, Oh.. How …Whammy. Remember, don’t hate – integrate!

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    Maria from Texas

    You, my dear, are the epitome of what I was referring to above. One of these you are probably kill one of the JP’s because they refuse to autograph your titt. Calm down babe, smoke a J(en)ayyyyyyyyyyyyy. Ciao!

  • Whamo

    # 151 Oh…how…lovely…. @ 04/19/2010 at 4:54 pm

    LOL… Great minds think alike… Take care:)

    And Elliot…Get a life you big Homo!

  • move along

    ……just grandparents taking their grandson’s out for a treat

  • gracie
  • ccc

    Please DO NOT respond to hate posts.

    I have 8 brothers. The only time I wear dress is on Sundays b/c my parents. I like wearig my brothers old things. They are comfortable and make me feel I am part of group. We as women (I’m sure most posters are) are limiting our gender by criticizing a little girl who is not yet 4 years old. I love Brad & Angelina for allowing their children to wear what they want to wear. My parents are very liberal and believe in individuality yet still make me wear dresses for church.

  • Pot

    @ Whamo.

    Oh quit being so dramatic. There’s a big difference in the lifestyle that Michael Jackson’s kids had to live and the one that the JP’s kids will live. Sure, it’s not ideal to have paps and bodyguards growing up. But somehow I think they will survive. I bet they prefer this than being completely without family in an orphanage. And just how you don’t like being lumped together with others of your opinions…don’t make your assumptions about me either. I come here as a hobby, and have never wished death on anyone. Practice what you preach, and stop being so fanatical.

  • To Whamo

    Whamo @ 04/19/2010 at 4:39 pm

    well, i guess we already know who your parents are. they are wacko. your mom is a skank and your dad is a drug dealer/rapist.

    also, are you reading what you wrote. you are here telling us all this and that. but you are here doing the same shit that we are doing except you are hating. i mean we are fans so we have an excuse & the right to be here whether we worship or not. whether we pay attention to these kids more than our owns. that’s our business. we don’t need you to tell us who we should & shouldn’t worship. you really hate this family obviously but you are here. who’s more fcuk up? it ain’t us for sure. obviously, you love being here. if you don’t love it here, you wouldn’t have wasted your time here.

  • Kiley

    Shiloh origially had a crew cut last fall. Embarrassed by it, she would only wear HATS. There was a quote a couple years ago from Angie that she was going to shave off both Shiloh AND Zahhara’s hair. Looks like she only did Shiloh’s. I feel bad for this little GIRL. At three years old, she has a total lack of parental guidance.

  • Lily

    Could Shiloh be the next Chaz Bono ??? (Chastity)

  • eliott


    Whammy, I think I’d prefer one of your alter egos, ‘kay big guy? Your racist, homophobic, pedophile shtick is getting tedious.

  • Pot

    @ Whamo, #154. Leave Eliott alone. Again, why don’t you practice what you preach? Nice example of your character on that one. Go where you’re wanted….if you can find that place. Wherever it is, I’m sure JA is searching for it too. Enjoy your evening!

  • lil

    For the disgusting trolls here, it must be real nice to live in such a simple world where pink and dresses represent girls and blue and sports-wear represent boys. It must be also real nice to know that just by dressing your daughter the most girly thing you can find, you will surely turn her into a very feminine heterosexual woman. I guess Dick and Lynn Cheney forgot to dress their daughter in girly clothes, for she turned out to be a lesbian. Too bad!

    Yes, forget playing outside…wear your little high-heeled princess dresses Shiloh, just like Suri. Force your daughter to dress like a girl everyone and force your boys to play with guns! This will surely stop homosexuality! You guys are so idiotic!

    Just like there are no homosexuals in Iran because the society prevents them, we in America can do the same!

    Side note: There is nothing wrong with homosexuality. It’s not a choice. It’s not about how you were raised. For most folks, you are born either gay or straight…no matter what your parents do to change you. Got it?

  • villedeville


    Shiloh is a transgendered child because she has a short haircut and wearing pants? Open your eyes wider and you’ll see a lot of little girls who has similar haircuts and attire, even in an ordinary neighbourhood.

    When Chastity/Chaz Bono was a little girl she was regularly dressed in pretty girly-girly dresses and acted and was treated like a little princess, just like Suri Cruise. Not that there’s anything wrong with the way Chaz turned out to be. He is a good person who has done nothing wrong to hurt anyone and he is just living his life the way he feels like it should be.

  • Ginger

    hahahaha… Shiloh and Pax are so funny and cute in these pictures! It’s great they got a chance to hang with their grandparents…. Too darn cute!!

    and it’s just hilarious how the haters get on here so quickly to just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE AND DYING TO LOVE Angelina and Brad and their family… hahahaha

    They are more crazy of fans than we the fans are. hahahaha… It’s sad. I’m sure if they see me, they wouldn’t talk crap about me cause I will split their head open with a toothpick and I have no remorse for those losers behind a computer screen talking junk about a family they don’t even know personally. hahaha

    Thanks, JJ, for posting THESE pictures and not of KATE GOSSELIN.

  • miami

    Shiloh will be stunning like her Mom.

  • cee

    @Whamo: We are sick!!!! At least Brad and Angie are real and honest people. Aniston is a liar and a joke. So keep your obsession with her and leave JP fans alone.

  • getalife

    Kiley-Lily – Whoma- Oh how lovely:
    Wow, you all should be ashame of yourself!
    This is what your parents taught you guys: Belittle and trash kids so you can have feel superiorty and good.
    ATTACKING KIDS DOES NOT MAKES A YOU makes you a looser and coward. (LOW LIFE HUMAN BEING)
    You parents must be so proud of you that you able to attack these kids…
    Shame and shame on you guys!!
    Pick some your own age and stop attack little kids !

  • gracie
  • Mrs. Chancellor

    Both are adorable beautiful children.

  • http://hotmailaustralia roger

    Firstly these children are so cute, secondly to the HATERS if the JP family were what you say, then why do the papp’s always go after them so much, yes because they are liked so much, if not the papp’s wouldn’t bother with them.

  • lol

    That whole family has teeth issues and here they are eating ice cream, lol

  • wow

    Shiloh looks like her mom and dad. A beautiful mix.

  • bourgie

    these kids are growing and growing so tall.

  • goopydrawers

    @jp fan:

    I think at cineplexes a whole bunch of kids bought tickets for HTTYD and then snuck into see “Kick-Ass”. That sucks for Brad and Matthew.

  • why

    Why do fans keep fueling the fire? I know it ticks you off, that’s their only goal, fill the site with hate. I’m sure they’ll still be around but trust me if we all stop talking to them they’ll die off. I blame the JP fans for replying. : (
    I certainly wouldn’t stand in the street and argue with a hard head so why do it here?

  • Shiloh looks mini Chaz,

    Shiloh looks like mini Chaz, Cher’s daughter in this hair cut and style. Cute !

  • teri

    I think it’s great that Brad and Jane made time to visit. They adore those kids and they seem like great grandparents.

  • Love it

    Thanks JJ for these pictures fans appreciate it even if others are rude and nasty,

  • angiefan

    More gorgeous pics!!!!! Shiloh and Pax are sooooo adorable!!! Love Pax’s brain freeze face, so cute!!! And Shiloh is getting more and more beautiful!!! She is starting to look a little more like Angie. Great to see the kids spending time with their wonderful grandparents!!!!!

  • juniper

    I hope Pax doesn’t have a cavity that may be why he is scrunching his face while eating the cold gelato. Shiloh looks so much like Brad the same far away eyes and expressions. The two kids look like they get along well.

  • hoo


    who dat?

  • awwwww

    Shiloh looks like Brad and Angie. She has a beautiful face.

  • getalife

    Shiloh looks mini Chaz:
    You are still here attacking these kids! You should be locked up in jail cause you probably actual hurt them.
    Attacking kids so below any human beings and what a losser you are!
    Shame on you for trashing kids and hope you are never near them cause what comes out from your mouth probably is thing that your acutally do. Attack kids and belittle them!

  • Love it

    Love the new pics of Brad and Angelina.. they were in this weeks issue of Hello, as always.

  • um


  • Princesse

    The children are very photogenic. Too cute. Next year they will look different as they will the year after that. They are babies. It’s a looong time beween now and age 25 when they will have their adult faces.

  • former fan

    I don’t care much for Brad and Angelina. They’ve both gone so far off from what I think is healthy until it’s hard for me to admire them, except for their humanitarian work. I just hope their children will grow up to be happy people. I really do.

  • hmmm

    Stopped by to see pics of the children.They are Beautiful.I see Anistons typical racist skanks fans are here.

  • Princesse

    Shi’s birthday, Mother’s Day and Angelina’s birthday are coming up soon

  • LYNN

    Which one of your personalities will be leaving Whamo or oh… how… lovely….or the other name u used earlier? You know you are one mess up person when you starting warning the jp fans about stalkers. He** I always thought you were the stalker. STALKER,STALKER, STALKER.

  • Orchid

    1 Bobbie @ 04/19/2010 at 12:44 pm
    You can’t stand them, but here you are, first to comment! Get lost!

  • catherine

    Shiloh is going to be stunning. Look the angelic adorable face, beautiful eyes, cute little button nose and her mother’s lips.

  • lurkersville

    Pax is so carefree. Good for him. Shiloh Nouvel looks a lot like mama and like dad around the eyes.

    Check out momgelina in her film debut at age 5 (the film was release when she was 7) in this clip of Looking to Get out. Angelina was a beauty from day one as is Shiloh and Knox and Vivienne.

  • http://justjared deke

    Shiloh is very beautiful. I don’t think she looks like either parent. Just herself. There is a resemblance between her and Vivienne although I think Shi is prettier.

  • busted

    OH please these fools are pissed Brad and Angie are still together raising a cute family. Brad’s parents are visiting his family and that is the bottom line. They hate the evidence of FAMILY in their face.. Let them choke on it..

    Fans should celebrate. All they have is calling a 3 year old baby names.. nothing.. Shiloh is beautiful. Look a the her mother. How could she be anything else. So let’s just enjoy the pictures. We fans have been in heaven since they arrived in Venice. Such great family shots. We only have a few more weeks. Then my guess is the family may be in France for a month or so until Brad starts filming in July and Angie starts her Salt promotional tour. So I hope my speculation is right. They can really have some great private time in France.

    Just saw this..

    Apr 19 2010 5:45 PM EDT
    ‘Kick-Ass’ Creator Mark Millar ‘Very Proud’ Of Film’s Performance
    ‘[Box office #1] is brilliant news for all concerned,’ Millar tells MTV News in exclusive statement.

    “I’m just back from a weekend’s break to find messages from Lionsgate, Matthew Vaughn and various actors on the movie buzzing that we were #1 in America this weekend,” Millar told MTV News in an exclusive statement on Monday (April 19). “We were top Friday, Saturday and Sunday — which is amazing, considering we’re up against 3-D competition with an R-rated superhero movie.

    “It’s also worth remembering that [the film] only cost $28 million after the U.K. tax breaks, and our U.K. and U.S. gross alone is already at $38 million as of last night,” he added. “We’re looking at a very nice profit here and word of mouth is spectacular — the reviews being among the best I’ve ever seen — and so we’re all very proud to find ourselves in this position.”

    While Millar confessed his hopes that “Kick-Ass” could earn ” ‘Avatar’ numbers,” the comic book creator said that director Matthew Vaughn provided some sensible wisdom on the matter: “We were made on a Tarantino budget and should be more than happy with Tarantino numbers.”

    “[Box office #1] is brilliant news for all concerned, and it’s amazing to see a movie at the top of the charts that was rejected by every studio when we pitched it,” he said. “The whole gang are feeling very pleased and, since most of us took deferred payments, pretty relieved, too.”


    The fans wanted it to make 25-30 million.. not the people involved really. but I think all the talk and controversy will cause even more people to go and see it. some because they enjoy a good and original film.. other because of curiosity.. So whatever the case may be.. I think it will get more word of mouth buzz. Plus people are talking so much about it.. FREE PUBLICITY.. and yes it has more then made it’s budget.. All the rest in now GRAVY. And when it hits DVD/Blueray.. and I wish they would adjust the BO.. numbers.. 3D films are going to earn more because they cost more.. Adjust that and KICK AS^ did just that.. Kicked As%..

    So glad for all those involved.. Hope the film continues to do well this week.. I plan on seeing it again.

  • getalife

    former fan: They’ve both gone so far off from what I think is healthy until it’s hard for me to admire them, except for their humanitarian work. I just hope their children will grow up to be happy people. I really do.

    You tell me what is far off ! Yeah right….
    You should be angry at the some of these loosers and hateful people that attcked these kids and trashed them.
    They are the one that you should angry at. You might not like angelina and brad ways but one thing I am sure that if they ever hear what these trolls calls thier kids I do not mind them going after these loosers.
    So please, direct your anger to those who belittle kids and if you do not like Angie and Brad thats okay but not trashing thier kids.

  • lurkersville


    This is Angelina’s first film as a young adult’–0&feature=related

  • gracie

    Renee and BC still going strong. They were photographed taking a stroll in NY —- Hahahaha. Poor Maniston, even with all the extra body work, all the men dump her and find TRUE LOVE with someone else. Men like real women not fakes.