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Pax & Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Ice Cream Cuties

Pax & Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Ice Cream Cuties

Two of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s kids — Pax, 6, and Shiloh, 3, — go for an ice cream run on Saturday afternoon (April 17) in Venice, Italy.

It looks like Pax got some serious brain freeze!

The kids were accompanied by their grandparents, Bill and Jane Pitt (proud parents of Brad). They all had ice cream the day before too!

10+ pictures inside of ice cream cuties Pax and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

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pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 01
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 02
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 03
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 04
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 05
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 06
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 07
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 08
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 09
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 10
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 11
pax shiloh jolie pitt ice cream 12

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  • Alex

    Shiloh is beautiful. I mean it , look at that face. It doesn’t matter if her hair is short or long she is gorgeous thru and thru.

    I think Shiloh is the prettiest little girl in Hollywood. There is no one else who can beat her in the facial looks dept.

    Yep she is a stunner.

  • Karen

    @Oh…how…lovely….: What the heck is a lipstick lesbian? Oh never mind…I don’t really want to know.

  • Elizabeth

    @Alex: So agree with you. She is so stunning. Her pictures jumping was so adorable that’s a happy….don’t anything just happy jumping and happy with her siblings. Her pics wearing the brown was so cute….can’t get over . Compared to all celeb. kids not bec. I love Shi but to be honest she is so pretty, cut and original….hmmmmm she’s just weaing ordinary clothes…..let s wait till she wear dress or skirts ohhhhllaaalalalalalalala. Hello to all JP fans

  • kittensparkles

    Are any of you Jolie lovers male? I thought not. I guess we don’t have to worry who the psychos are. Gay possibly. They are the females that are totally in love and devoted to their crush. Not that Jolie cares. She would turn you all in to the police if she had to hear 10 minutes of your fantasy life you have with her. This level of devotion is beyond any reasonable persons thought process. It is a shame you have to focus on the one person you will never meet unless you start stalking her also. This is unhealthy.

  • Jen the HAG

    kittensparkles @ 04/20/2010 at 7:06 pm

    and why are YOU stalking the fJP fans ? The level of attention you gave to us the JP fans is beyond reasonable. It’s a shame really to focus your attention to us JP fans you will never meet and PLEASEEE stop stalking us.. You’re obsession with the JP fans is UNHEALTHY!!!

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    You are so right kittensparkle is a stalker and a very unhealthy person.

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  • Pac Man

    You’re very creepy, #301 and #303.

  • REM


    You post the same comments over and over again, so I’m pretty sure you got your message across. But what I’m curious about is how old you are. You always say “pick on someone your own size” over and over which I haven’t heard since I was in grade school, but I’m pretty sure they still say it today. Also you never post during school hours and never seem to stay up late. The gist of my comment is this – if you’re a child, get off the computer, read a book, play outside with your friends and get some fresh air and exercise.

    If you’re an adult, you need counseling and medications. There is something that is not quite right with you. You made 7 almost identical comments on this thread alone accusing people of either being pedophiles or child abusers. Protecting children and sticking up for them is admirable, but when it’s done in the manner you use, you defeat your purpose and become just as sick as they are.

  • http://nil deanie

    Beautiful photos of Pax & Shiloh who also belong to the two very famous Hollywood couple;Brangelina.Ha…ha…very glad to have ever to watch these lovely pictures.God bless the Brangelina’s family!

  • sue

    what a beautiful, cute kid shiloh is!

  • zen2

    Beautiful to see, they are cute and happy children!

  • zen2

    Sorry Sue, I intended to mark finger up and not finger down. Sorry one more time!

  • Kelly

    knox looks so big…

  • Kuky

    Ty JJ ;)

  • elsa

    Wow! I have not seen any celeb kids who can wear a zipover and a plain plaid pants and make it looks like she is modeling it . . . Shiloh is just oozing with supermodel persona . . . it is good for Jolie-Pitt to let her dress very simple. I can imagine how she could knock out any model super model kids or adults if she really dresses up!

  • Jokergurl

    Brad’s dad just looks like he would cuff and stuff the first paparazzi guy who decides to get too close to these kids. Anyone who says mean things about these young children should really just go play in traffic, there’s just no excuse for that, they didn’t ask for famous parents, or millions of dollars, they’re just kids being kids.

  • sunnie

    Oh my….she’s is such a little DOLL BABY….so stinkin’ cute!!!!! :)

  • lillian

    I think shiloh looks like mini brad with angie’s lips… its amazing how genes work… cute kid by the way

  • boston61

    fugly ugly SPOILT ugly miss fits children :( too bad for them :(
    well even if they get bullyed on the playground.. at least they have these freaky jolie-pitt loving fans :p
    I think Brad and Angelina will split up soon.
    sucks for the children.

  • what


    transgendered child???!! wtf?? young children cant think for themselves as far as being transgendered,gay,straight,etc!!! you make it sound like she has a brain of a 20year old who can make her own frikken decisions. her parents DRESSes her!!!!!!!