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Suri Cruise: Birthday Cupcake Party!

Suri Cruise: Birthday Cupcake Party!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
threw a cupcake decorating party on Saturday (April 17) in Los Angeles to celebrate their adorable daughter Suri Cruise‘s 4th birthday.

Sprinkles supplied the sweets — four dozen unfrosted cupcakes plus frosting (vanilla and milk chocolate). That’s a lot of cupcakes for Suri and her friends to decorate!

Suri‘s actual birthday was on Sunday (April 18). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SURI!!!

Last year, Suri celebrated her 3rd birthday with a big trampoline bash at her family’s home in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Enfoque; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • planet wacko


  • Charlene


    Did you get a call directly from Cruise’s publicist with this garbage Jared?

  • go sox

    I’m sorry, but what is Katie wearing? She looks Amish. She is FAR too pretty and young to be dressed like that.

  • missy

    @planet wacko:
    What’s so bizzare about decorating cupcakes? Sounds like fun for a 4 year old.
    I hope Suri had a happy b-day.

  • dee

    Ha, she’s born a day after victoria beckham’s birthday…lol ; – )

  • oh dear

    Something strange about the pic, photoshopped to put the two together?

  • troi

    Isn’t this a picture from when tommy was filming in Spain? Isn’t that her flamenco dress?

  • missy

    yeah, it’s an old photo. Jared just used it , since there are no photos of the party.

  • SOS

    I don’t know if that picture is from her party but that child should not be carried around all the time. Four-year olds are perfectly capable of walking on their own. Look at Shiloh, Violet, Kingston, etc. They are simply a strange family.

  • melanie

    hii. i love this family , i love the suri is very cute and Stylish. LOVE YOU SURI , KATIE AND TOM (L).

  • Tay

    This pic is from Spain, last year. They don’t have pics of the party, obviously it was private.
    Suri is cute and they look like a happy family. Don’t know why people are so paranoic with the Cruise family.
    His religion may be ridiculous but christianism and all religions are full of ridiculous believes. Leave them alone.

  • Pac Man

    You’re right, #3.

    Why, #9? She’ll die or something. What’s your problem? She walks all the time anyway.

  • ace11

    Martians are allowed to eat cupcakes?

    did tom fly in UFO’s and other aliens also?

    2 whack job parents..suri is in trouble

  • FM

    wait.. where r the other pictures!? we need proofs. :)

  • Tay

    @FM: There are no pictures. Why do you need proofs about a 4years- old girl life? You are weird.

  • LuckyL

    Jesus Christ. she looks like she came straight out of an oppressive Puritan village (Kate Bot) and the poor kid looks like a pinata.

  • hmm…

    why didn’t tom just fly to ny? if they were in l.a. i bet tom wasn’t there. he and kate really hate each other now.

  • 48 Cupcakes!

    Suri ate 1 and Katie ate 47

  • Alex

    Lol Pacman is here sounding like one of those recordings with a quick reply and no emotion in his words. Then, Next Number.
    This must be his job for the cult and you better believe pac man’* has to make Tommygurl sound normal at all times no matter how stoopid his stoic alien numbered replies are.
    Awwee Paccie why do you care if Katie the robot looks amish ?
    Huh?.. it’s not your fault that the aliens told her she had to dress funny that day. Next Number…Currie oops i mean Suri looks like a blooming flamenco dancer.
    if she keeps up her fancy footwork with those glass high heels she will dance her way to Vegus before she is 18.
    Whooo!! yayyyy!
    Happy Birthday Suri! You really are a darling child . When you get out of the cult you are going to love this world. Xenu has no say.

    Get Ready Paccie You can jump in anytime. Tommygurl’s boys will give you a few clips in the ear but you can take it. MAUHH.

  • Tom’s Missing

    It doesn’t actually say that he was there. He hasn’t been around Suri since the Super Bowl.

  • Lydsey

    I think Katie and Tom are separated. Think about it. When was the last time they were seen together. Plus why did she have to fly all the way to LA? She’s working in NYC and was here today (Monday). Why didn’t he fly to NYC? He’s not filming anymore and his movie doesn’t come out till June. I think there will be an announcement after his movie comes out. Thats my opinion,

    Plus, NO PICTURES, NO PROOF. Jared can say anything he want. That does not make it true. He doesn’t even give a source!! Sorry Jared, but who the hell are you? Either give a source or show pics, otherwise its NOTHING BUT GOSSIP NOT FACTS.

  • Jaded

    Why does Katie look like an Amish ministers wife in this photo? I don’t care about whether they are breaking up or if this is an old photo. She looks plain ridiculous.

  • the truth

    Hope they haven’t broken -up .And haven’t been together lately. Nobody said anything about rachel and hayden broken-up and they be separated all the time. That’s the one you suppose to be saying something about..But you ‘re right no21 that haven’t been seem together lately.If they have you will hear something about it.And about rachel and hayden too.But i hoped Suri had a happy birthday!. JJ been having Katie and Suri posted all this month. enough!

  • lUCY

    I am highly doubtful that that kid has friends. Is Tom paying for that, too?

  • anza

    poor little kid,always with crazy adults!!!!

  • emma#2

    Of all the nice pics JJ had to show the worst of the bunch, as he often does with the Cruise family. I doubt the A mish people wear short shorts, as that outfit had.
    Sounds like Suri had a fun birthday, thankfully without the helicopters hovering above, taking pictures.
    I for one, like how Katie wears experiments with different styles.
    I imagine you all wait in anticapation for a Cruise- Holmes thread, to start bashing , so pedictable!
    Even if they do seperate, or are seperated , or whatever, why does it surprise you ——-everybody else has seperated, she has never been married before, it’s Hollywood remember, you have to be married 2-3-4 times ,it’s the norm!

  • Hey…

    Hey- Just cause they put out a release and said that a party was celebrated in LA, that does not necessarily mean that it is True! Please! These ppl. Lie about Everything regarding their lives, why not about a 4 yr. old’s b-day party. They are weird, bizzare, and absolutely creepy… Katie sold her soul and her child’s soul to Cruise and the Cult for fame, fortune and wealth. I find her so pathetic and have absolutely Zero Respect for her.

  • @emma#2

    A college student you should know that separate is not spelled seperate. It has a rat in it — like sep-a-rat-e.

    Won’t attack your grammar because this would be way too long for everyone to endure.

    If you are going to preach to us all, please learn to spell and use proper punctuation and grammar.

    P.S. JJ does not post the most awful pictures of this family. Photo agencies put prices on them with the best costing the most. He posts what he can afford.

  • @ Emma

    What is your problem?? I wasn’t “bashing” by saying I think they are separated. I was just stating my opinion based on what I’ve seen. Get a f*cking life and stop lecturing everyone. You’re no better than anyone else. You’re probably a bit*h about every other famous star. People like you usually are. Heres a news flash: Tomkat is not perfect and JJ is full of it regarding the birthday thing. Its just gossip.

    You should get together with Pac Man. You two would make a lovely couple. You’d be like Hitler and Goebbels telling everyone what to do. LMAO.

    Now STFU

  • emma#2

    JJ , has good pics, but always chooses the worst . No no, the idea is to generate more negative comments, from negative pics, because he knows that you just wait for the opp to be sour pusses.

  • notafan


  • teeheee

    Just look at those faces! I bet there are some big tantrums in the Cruise household, and I don’t just mean from the nursery.

  • Stacy

    she needs a sibling

  • slambang

    How many of these “friends” were children her own age? My guess is not many.

  • Pac Man

    What makes you say that, #17?

    I don’t work for TomKat, #19.

    I don’t care how Holmes dresses. I’m simply agreeing with that person.

    If they were seen together more, you’d just say that Cruise was being overprotective and keeping an eye on Holmes, #21. There’s always some catch-22 when it comes to TomKat. Holmes probably had some time off and wanted to be with her stepchildren and in-laws and other friends to celebrate her daughter’s birthday.

    This ‘no picture, no proof’ reasoning is incredibly stupid and stubborn of critics.

    Why do you doubt that, #24?

    You’re a moron, #27.

    Why do you disbelieve that such a party took place, #29? It’s being reported everywhere and there’s no reason why this would be made up.

    She already has two, #33. And how does anyone NEED a sibling?

    Why would you guess that, #34?

  • Christy

    Look closely – check out the earrings! 4 going on 40!

  • packiewackie

    Yuck! WHO cares about this 4 year old brat that still wears diapers and STILL drinks from a bottle. Actually, I feel sorry for her- having two wackos for parents!

    Oh, and PacMan…..don’t have a hissy fit. LOL

  • carole

    Aren’t there better and more pictures of Suri’s party? Kate and Suri don’t look very happy.

  • Austyn-Elizabeth


    Actually Kingston is carried all the time too. And i don’t see any thing wrong with it. Maybe if she’s five and still bing carried around. But there is nothing wrong wrong picking up you’re child if height wise they are still small. Unless the child asks not to be. Like once they turn seven, then it’s a lil weird.

  • http://nicolekidman Alice Cutie

    Yes,Katie is crazy but Tom is better even if he is a scientologist.May be Suri is often upset because of the PAPS.?

  • Margaret

    Looking good together..

  • Margaret

    I like them…

  • patchcrack

    Intresting facts, are you sure?

  • justin bieber

    Unless the child asks not to be. Like once they turn seven, then it’s a lil weird.