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Adam Lambert: Glam Nation Tour Dates!

Adam Lambert: Glam Nation Tour Dates!

The dates for Adam Lambert‘s Glam Nation Tour have been announced. There’s going to be LOTS of theatrics, he promises. Check them out by clicking on the MORE tag below –

Fellow American Idol vet Allison Iraheta and Orianthi will open his shows.

Adam will be in Europe these next three weeks promoting his album, For Your Entertainment, which drops in the U.K. at the end of the month.

Watch Adam perform “Fever” below from Saturday’s GLAAD Media Awards!

Adam Lambert Performs “Fever” at GLAAD Media Awards

Click inside to check out a partial list of Adam‘s Glam Nation Tour Dates…

Adam Lambert: Glam Nation Tour Dates!

April 15 – Los Angeles, CA, Staples Center

April 22 – Mansfield, MA, Comcast Center

June 4 – Wilkes-Barre, PA, The F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts

June 5 – Sayreville, NJ, Starland Ballroom

June 6 – Wappinger Falls, NY, Dutchess Stadium

June 10 – Council Bluffs, IA, Harrah’s Ballroom

June 11 – Mahnomen, MN, Shooting Star Casino

June 12 – Prior Lake, MN, Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

June 22 – New York, NY, Nokia Theater

June 24 – Mashantucket, CT, MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods

June 26 – Atlantic City, NJ, Borgata Spa & Resort – Event Center

July 28 – Costa Mesa, CA, OC Fair – Pacific Ampitheatre

August 13 – Bethlehem, PA, Musikfest

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  • Michelle

    Before anyone freaks out, these ARE NOT all the tour dates…just some of them. They’ll trickle in.

  • qu

    these are only partial tour dates – so people don’t freak out like omg he’s not coming to my city…it’s been giving me a headache lately

  • imfallingasleep

    omg, how exciting! lol, jk this guy’s music sucks.

  • EL

    His career seems to be so…mismanaged. He should fire the goons who handle his brand now before it’s too late.

    He has a lot of potential, but this stuff (partial tour dates or not) is so low-rent and is just not cutting it. He’s not breaking through “the clutter” of modern music, and he should be.

  • Leslee

    He’s the best

  • Ugh !!!!

    As smug and slelf-involved as our Ms. GOOPness.


  • Kelsey

    Yay! I’m going.

  • http://Website Stella

    I can’t wait to go to Glam Nation Tour. Waiting for more tour dates to be added but I’m going regardless. I got to see him once live and it was amazing. Adam knows how to entertain.

    Every singer/group starts off with small tour venues and move to bigger arenas when they build a following. I suggest everyone see him now because it will be a more intimate performance.

  • happy girl

    i agree with the person who says he is mis managed. i love adam so much from idol but i feel the album was a misfire and not living up to his out of this world potential. and i think they are trying to hard to keep him in the papers and instead should let him make the album he wants to make. no restrictions. and let him tour as he wants. i don’t feel this is coming from the heart from glambert. and i love him but i may pass on the tour as i think the songs from the album are not as good as his cabaret days or even his days on idol and in theater.

  • lol

    LOL at people or “fans” who think they know Adam better than Adam knows himself. Guess what? Adam is living his dream, and I’m sure he would be completely honest if he wasn’t happy with his music or the way his career was going. With Adam, what you see is what you get. If you don’t wanna see him live, sorry about your life. Oh well, more tickets available for me.

  • Jenna

    The world doesn’t deserve this fierce motherf*cker.

  • p3rp3tu4

    What the heck is this pixazza crap that “get the look” isn’t ever remotely close to what the person is wearing?

  • Diana

    I wouldn’t look out of my window to see him perform, nevermind pay or travel to watch this freak.

  • Ilia

    Very excited, I will be going!!!

  • 1karen

    Such a wonderful song and entertainer… and the size of the stage is limiting; still, with all due respect… dancers so close to Mr. Lambert all the time visually bring him down — he’s so exquisit to a space. Hope the choreography adjusts.

  • JT

    Partial tour dates, because some fans are some impatient mofos. I wish they give the dude time.

    People should let him be, I never seen an artist people foist their opinions on so much. Everybody wants him to be what they want. They all want a piece. Let the guy do what he* wants.Its his life .I kinda admire his tenacity, to stay true to his self, no matter what.

    Then you all set such high standards for him, some impossible to live up to. All idols starting out, have gone this route.

    Honestly their is enough rock on his album for me to enjoy him.
    I like the ballads. and a few of the pop songs.
    I will be going.

  • JT

    Another thing, I hope he does well in Europe, I’m starting to loose hope for Americans progression. For all our modern tech and ideas, we are such a backwards country, filled with such negativity. I dislike living here sometimes, and I don’t even have to deal with being gay. Coming from a open family filled with love, I just don’t understand sometimes on why waste your energy on such things.

    Anyway, good news, at least for me and my sis, about the tour dates in our area.

  • melissa asherman

    this made my night!!! I will definitely be at the sayerville show!

  • happy girl

    heh needs to do more rock and roll. that is what he is good at. stop wit the gaga techno stuff to sell records. his performance with kiss was legendary – he should do more of that!

  • tinki

    I dont think he is wearing enough enough make-up ;)

  • Jermaine

    He’s DOPE. He should release Soaked, Voodoo and Broken Open – didn’t he himself say they intentionally released the more ‘generic’ tracks first on purpose?

  • Bjorkson


  • Kingston
  • grow up

    @Diana LOL, this fierce ‘freak’ wouldn’t even let someone like you inside his concert. It’s ok @imfallingasleep, you can go back to your dire music, as if Lambo gives a rat’s tail about you when he is surrounded by love and color and so many fans and friends in Zeppelin, Slash, Spielberg, Paul McCartney, Steven Tyler, Tim Burton, Demi Moore, JMcHale, Rob Marshall, Muse, Madonna, Cuomo, Selena Williams, Gaga, LPerry, P&Lisa Presley, Stephen Fry, Justin Hawkins, Tegan & Sara, Rob Halfrod, who are you and what are you doing with your life again?

  • deka

    “Fellow American Idol vet Allison Iraheta and Orianthi will open his shows.”

    Orianthi was MJ’s guitarist, right? She’s so badas.s.
    Chuffed for Alli, she deserves this, finally some good news for her.

  • yikes !

    Look at that fat pumpkin face!

  • @yikes

    @yikes !: You forgot to post your picture up

  • Rx

    @ yikes!
    Is he storing nuts (ha) in those chubby cheeks?

  • Ivy

    Him and his band are so awesome and he has awesome music taste: Led Zeppelin, The Stones, Freddie Mercury, Goldfrapp, Muse, Wolfmother, Chic.E, Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie, Beck, I Am X, The Colour, Dirty Mercy, Marilyn, The Doors, Mason, Bob Marley, Madonna, Kings of Leon, Junior Boys, Ratatat, Gnarls Barkley, Drugs, T.Rex, Jaimie Lidell, Dag, The Ark, The Who, The White Stripes, Eagles of Death Metal, Keane, Janis Joplin, Radiohead, Automatica, Angie Stone, India.Arie, Hendrix, Bonnie Raitt, Kasabian, Donny Hathaway, Micheal Jackson, Peaches, LaBelle, Thievery Corporation, Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, Ivy, Scarlett, NY Dolls, Mz A Superstar, Alisan Porter, Mother’s Finest, Sly Stone, Nikka Costa, Chili Peppers, Chic, Funkadelic, The Raconteurs, The Wiz….and the list goes on.

  • Imogen, 23 LONDON

    @JT: I’m sure he will, we adore him here and think he’s fuc*ing brilliant. Love his talent, it’s so dam.n versatile, he can do so much with his voice and his stage pretense is rare . Love his personality, his sense of humor is hysterical and he is sooo warm and sweet offstage. Love his music, love his guts, his brain, his drive to do something different, love his life outlook and endless positivity in the face of hate. He said he would seriously consider moving here, that our people are one of the most “charming” people he’s ever met, loves the architecture and history, and he just said he feels the most comfortable here. I feel sad that his country is so hate and fear-filled and backwards but I love the idea of him moving here. We get him. Every country does, why is America the only one with the problem? Even Singapore with it’s strict -religious Muslim population embraced him, yet his own country are still as stunted as ever? It’s just freaking sad. Can not wait ’til he comes over to London this/next week (Volcano cloud!).

  • wiccagirl2009

    @JT – so true, i can’t believe it myself. But honestly, i’m sad to say that America is so backwards for a first world country. Lots of Bigots about. Some of them had already posted their venom on this site. So sad. DNW bigots. LOL!

    For the rest who loves the mega talented Adam. Continue to love him. He is special and fierce. He has mega talent and deserves to succeed. So go to his concert and support his music. I still believe Adam will be big. Tour schedule is PARTIAL. So wait for the final list.

    Adam Rawks!

  • Mari

    I’m going!!! 0/

  • FaithLynette

    Seeing him recently as a mentor/performer on AI, reminded me of how exceptionally talented/unique/humble he truly is. I would have to say he’s one of the few memorable contestants (I count Bo Bice/Daughtry/Carrie Underwood/Kelly Clarkson among them) that I can actually say “MADE” their season of AI—worth watching and *OVERALL* ~ he is my favorite of ALL seasons, to date! I wish him nothing but continued success ~ he deserves it!

  • Whamo

    There is now way this guy will have any sort of significant cross over appeal. With all the PR he’d gotten on AI he should have rocketed to the top. Instead he misfired with the worst management you could get, a career that is on the brink of imploding all because he want to be too “fierce” I have no problem with his style, I’m a huge Bowie fan and loved his “camp” attitude but Bowie knew when to pull back a bit. This guy will ruin his career before it ever really gets of the ground because he thinks he’s doing some sort of ground breaking “gay” thing. Sorry Lambo but it’s been done before by considerably more talented people.

  • haha

    @Whamo: NO.


    You’re not fascinated, obsessed or merely interested in Adam – yet you click on his post and then proceed to spend your energy and time typing and telling the world about how you’re Not interested? Please! You trolls aren’t fooling anyone. Wait do you actually think he CARES? God, how much more pathetic can you get. Seriously? I have no interest in EG. Pink – if her Tour dates were posted on here, I wouldn’t even bother clicking on the link. It makes absolutely no sense. No question you have internal and mind issues, Psychological studies have already proven people who are unable to draw themselves away from something or someone see something they see in themselves. If only. This man has more talent, class and strength in his little finger than you trolls – or should I say TROLL, have in your bodies and peabrains combined.

  • IVogue

    “June 22 – New York, NY, Nokia Theater”

  • brihova

    “Sorry Lambo but it’s been done before by considerably more talented people.”

    I agree. I hate that we’re treating him like he’s an original when he is just borrowing from people who came before him who did it better.

  • troll

    @TROLLS……. very interesting…….but…….how do you know that I’m not just a masochist who loves to be scolded?

  • troll

    Really? I can’t say masoch*st?

  • Eli

    I can’t get over how much he is copying Bill Kaulitz -.- It is really annoying.

  • InYourShadow


    You forgot to mention Tokio Hotel <3

  • KED

    I will have to drive a long way, but I am going to see Adam Lambert in concert at the start of his career. I believe he will be doing the arena concerts soon and I want to get in on the more intimate performances.
    The most amazing new vocal talent in years.

  • Dorena

    I love Adam live – he is the best!! I am hoping for a Phoenix venue. I’m not a huge fan of his techno songs but I am a HUGE fan of his gorgeous voice and his cd has enough gorgeous to keep me happy.

  • Dorena

    I love Adam live – he is the best!! I am hoping for a Phoenix venue. I’m not a huge fan of his techno songs but I am a HUGE fan of his gorgeous voice and his cd has enough gorgeous to keep me happy.

  • sara

    Whamo, his career is imploding? wow, that’s pretty cool. Imma guess a lot of artists want an imploding career that involves an album that’s sold over 600K domestically, with a single that’s sold a million and hit the top 10 on one format and the top 15 on another, with an upcoming national tour and two covers of Rolling Stone and international success that includes a #1 song in Japan and Canada as well as a p 10 song in more than 10 countries around the world.

    If that’s imploding then I’d hate to see what his career if he were successful.

    Sales doesn’t = mega success. It’s the entire package and Adam is probably the most sought after artist on the scene right now because despite the fact that he’s doing what’s already been done, to THIS generation it’s all new and fresh and he’s not doing it exactly as the others did. He’s inspired by the past not stuck in it.

  • J.Taylor

    lolz Everybody thinks they’re the music experts.. Adam’s WWFM is # 10 on Billboard Top 100 and his Remixes are at #1 on the Hot Dance Singles. He’s doing world wide promotion in all kinds of countries because there is a ton of interest in him. WWFM is on top 10 pop charts all over the world. He will be headlining his own GLAM NATION tour with people opening for him. Everyone who sees him live raves about the experience! Sounds like he and his management are doing a lot of things perfectly.

  • IdolSUCKSLambertROCKShard

    @Ugh !!!!:Who the fcuk is MGoop? & where do you even get your pathetic insults from?

    You KAtrolls are amazing. Fkn amazing. Someone expresses their opinion in a KA post & you all jump on the ONE person as if they’re attcking Jesus & YET you class-less scumbags rush into Adam’s post like herds polluting his posts w disgusting & disgraceful PERSONAL attacks under troll names & then have the nerve to say what you do? Hyocritical much!? It is truly sad & frankly fkn worrying how much discrimination exists against KINDNESS:

    Kris Allen: “Adam Lambert is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my lifetime, oh hands down. honest to God. He is that one person everyone wants to be, & is, friends with. He is so loyal & layered, you can go to him for anything. Really well balanced. [Q. about the House counsellor] Adam held the group together for sure. He was the one we all kinda leaned on & went to for advice. Oh anything man. Whether it was personal stuff or producer & performance stuff. He is just so easy to talk to, & gives amazing advice. Adam has so many words of wisdom, real genuine ones. He’s just an all round great guy. He always makes you feel comfortable, & confident. The best you can be.”

    Lil: “Adam does SO much for you. & never asks for anything in return”
    Meg: “Don’t let his cheekiness fool you, he’s an angel in disguise”
    Lil: *lol* He’s a gem. We all adore him to pieces, you can’t not”

    When ex bigot Michael Sarver was asked who he looked up to he said, “Actually, the coolest person I’ve met is Adam Lambert, as far as teaching me the most. & it has nothing to do with music, eveything to do with character. & not seeing the difference before you see the person, seeing the person first. I have to say if I have grown the most from any certain individual it would have to be Adam Lambert. His heart, his soul is amazing. He always has something positive to say, no matter what we’re faced with, no matter what life throws at him.”

    TJ his bassist: “Omgosh. Adam….is amazing. Seriously, like one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. He…is just…out of this world, offstage….onstage. Man for definite, he is one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met, he’s just amazing. [...] I’m seriously so freaking lucky to be working with this lot, the best of the best. These guys are all at the top of what they do.”

    Doug: “I love working for Adam because he’s such a great guy, what you see is really him. No ego, no attitude, just a genuine nice person. Always has been, still is.”

    Allison: “Oh my gosh, I loooooove Adam. He is a badas.s sweetheart there really ain’t no other way to put it. He’s hilarious & always there for me, I look up to him so much. He’s all about love & fun! Do I gotta mention his voice bruv? Ehhhh lol???!! You know he the headbish, bow down!!! Yea I just love him.”

    Megan: “Adaaaaaam :) Is beautiful inside out. Pure joy. He knows just how to make you feel beautiful, always.”

    Kris Allen’s mom: “Love that kid so much. His heart? Is even bigger than his voice.”

    Katy Allen: “I adore Adam, he is wonderful. Super funny & charming. Such a lovely person, as are his family”

    Kris Allen’s brother Daniel: “Kris was closest to Adam. Allison & Matt too. Adam the most, they were roomates & became close reaching the Final 2. If you don’t know Adam Lambert personally, the mystery is that he’s just a nice guy. Just a chill, really nice, spirited funny guy. Him & Kris are actually V similar. Both laid back dudes who know how to have a laugh & always want the best for those around them. Adam’s a protective, caring figure. He was like a brother to me throughout this experience. Him & his family are so awesome, so amazing.”

    Anoop: “He is also one of the most honest people, & it’s so refreshing to have someone unfiltered like that An open book & because of that, one of the most trustworthy people.”

    Matt G: “Adam makes me LAUGH. He’s such a funny dude, seriously one of the coolest guys. One of those people you don’t mind having around all the time cos his company is always refreshing. He always has at least one thing fresh to say.”

    NMurray Sky News:
    He’s very brave, this young kid – talking openly & publicly about such controversial topics, while remaining faithful to his true self. I told him that will get him respect. He was really keen for a chat, despite the fact that he’d had an early start on radio and had been on TV the night before. I also heard he’d gone out on the town after the show, so I suspect he was in need of some shut-eye. But he was still full of energy & gave 100 per cent of his attention during the interview, really stopping & thinking about the questions before answering them, & being completely honest & generous w his responses. This is truly a rarity in celebrity interviews & much admired by a reporter. All you ask of an artist is for something. Adam gave a lot. More than many.”

  • idontcareaboutuhaters

    well if you don’t like Adam, don’t post anything abusive here… cause you’ll look like an idiot… it’s Adam’s page dudes… and shut ur mouth up if u don’t like him… and also yes, these are just partial…. to all those haters get out of this page, losers

  • Illpayu

    @Kelsey: TAKE ME WITH U! pwaese