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Alexander Skarsgard: VMAN Cover Guy

Alexander Skarsgard: VMAN Cover Guy

Alexander Skarsgard looks spiffy in a tux on the Summer 2010 cover of VMAN, on stands April 20th.

The 33-year-old Swede is expected to attend the the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of his new movie Metropia this Saturday (April 24) in New York City.

Synopsis: In the year 2024, all of Europe is united by a vast web of underground railways, populated by an army of downtrodden worker bees. When one such cog starts hearing voices and encounters a femme fatale shampoo model who seems to hold some answers, he finds himself unearthing a vast Orwellian conspiracy in this visually arresting animated noir.

FYI: There are pictures of shirtless Alex lounging around with his bikini-clad girlfriend Kate Bosworth. We’ll hopefully get those pics posted soon!

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  • danae2b

    Oh god! I love Alexander Skarsgard !!!

  • sweetie

    beautiful man and talented actor. :-)

  • true blood

    Nice to see Alex getting more covers.
    Thanks, Jared.

  • Irene


  • Carlie

    I love him but he looks truly ridiculous. What idiot stylist decided to give him porcupine hair???

  • He looks silly :)

    I think they were trying to going for something different and edgy. But it just ended up looking silly.

  • New Jersey Shores member?

    Few are as fine as Alex but here he just reminds me of one of the guidos from MTV’s Jersey Shores. LOL

  • Leila

    Hey, atleast his face still looks beautiful as always, right ladies?

  • MeMyselfandI

    @Carlie: Yeah… gotta agree with you here. He looks HOT as usual but the creatives love him and are on a kick to shoot him high end artistically. Love him though!

  • Liv

    His hair looks a little darker.

  • Guido Mania

    @New Jersey Shores member?: Ha ha I was thinking the same thing! He looks like one of those tacky Italian guidos straight up from New Jersey. Yo, Vinny try soma dis lasagna mama made.

  • Carolina

    Sometimes these artsy farsty magazine people end up going overboard with their ideas and they make the actors and actresses look really bad. They could have styled his hair spikey like this but not so much and not so high up. It looks exaggerated and draws away from his gorgeousness. I also would like to see him with his lighter blonde hair again which looks great on him.

  • I like the beach boy blonde

    Yeah how come his hair has been looking dark lately – like in the Coachella pics? But before he used to look so golden blonde? I wonder if he lightens it or darkens it. The golden blonde tones make him look so bright and happy and healthy.

  • Stacey

    I’m not digging the guido Jersey Shores hair but he still looks cute and hopefully the pics inside are better. BTW also in Miami a lot of Hispanic guys do up their hair like that. So it’s not just an italian thing.

  • Marieme

    Where’s Kate in this shot? Down below?


  • Big hands

    Check out those big sexy hands and long fingers. You know they say the size of a man’s index finger says a lot about the size of his most important body part down below.

  • Phoney Baloney

    JJ when are you going to post these “pictures of shirtless Alex lounging around with his bikini-clad girlfriend Kate”? And if they both did pose for this magazine does this mean they are trying to make it official? Geez I don’t know why he doesn’t see how fake she is.

  • Kim

    @Marieme: I know I’d definitely like to be down below. Unfortunately it’s KB (of all people) who gets to blow on that whistle :(

  • man

    He’s not good looking. I don’t find him hot at all,

  • Emma

    I think this picture would have to grow on me…. its… different!

    As for Kate, least hes happy right? I can’t believe theres no pictures of them kissing yet.

    I miss the blond! Wish they would highlight it, oh well, he still looks hot as Eric in the webisode promos.

  • Veruca

    He actually looks a bit boyish in that picture – and skinnier – at a very quick first glance the messy hair and slimness made me think it was Ryan Kwanten! But super cute nonetheless.

  • Alexa

    He is such a smoking hot, talented actor – but his PR people need to be fired.
    Silly antics at Coachella, some overly metrosexual magazine covers… he’s ruining his image!

  • Coda

    Still a fan of Alex, dispite the gossip…. can’t wait for season 3!

  • Coda

    @Veruca: Your right, he lost the weight I think that he put on for Straw Dogs. I think I read he finds it hard to put it on…. poor guy – NOT. His body is still smoking and toned, especially the poolside pictures UNF

  • Coda

    @Veruca: Your right, he lost the weight I think that he put on for Straw Dogs. I think I read he finds it hard to put it on…. poor guy – NOT. His body is still smoking and toned, especially the poolside pictures – UNF

  • V for Viking

    Love the pic! And I think Alex and Kate make a lovely couple.

  • Emma

    Poolside pictures are out already guys %20291

  • Lena

    People who say that Kate and Alex aren’t a couple are in serious denial. They ARE bf and gf! Not just f/ck buddies or friends with benefits or mediaw/horing as a couple, they are a REAL couple and in love.

  • @29

    @Lena: Umm….yeah, can you say body language?! Definitely something going on there.

    And here:—poolside–4-19-10-.html

    Only friends? ROFL, I don’t think so!
    Alex is a little liar, that’s the way it is.

  • @29
  • Pixie

    Wow saw the pics of Kate pool side with Alex what happen to her rocken bod in blue Crush. She has a boy body flat chest and when she is turned around she has a flat pancake ass.

  • Kate

    Why is alex a liar? The comments he made regarding his status was made ages ago. I haven’t heard anything recent. Shes all over him though, god so would I

  • Sigh

    Alex looks not that attractive in the poolside photos, he looks really phweeny here, really thin. To think I thought he was soo attractive! Ugh! He was suppose to do s.x scenes in TB in that Bod, I quess I will have to go crushing on Steven Moyer!

  • Whynot

    As fans will have a hissy fit when they see the poolside photos!!! But, I still think it is a PR spectacle. They definately know they are being watched people, esp Kate she is even posing in some photos and they are laughing their asses off on how naive everyone is!!!

  • Catherine

    I know americans don’t have the Å letter but when having his name on the front cover I think they could atleast make the effort to spell his name correctly.

    Just because you pronounce it Skarsgard cause you don’t know the real sound doesn’t mean it’s his real name.

    It’s Skarsgård, not Skarsgard

  • Alicia

    Let me just say that I was totally surprised about how post KB has garnered and how many were neg. I really do not post comments but I have to say I do not know what is it about Kate Bosworth that turns me off about her too, for years never liked any of her movies. At this point I would even pefer Alex to be with Paris Hilton than her. Cannot really explain it though. She just does not come across as being sincere, I mean she has been photographed more than Paris at this point!!! She just does not have that likability that most succesful stars have! I still do not know specifically what it is and it is making me frustrated to say the least. It is like those situations when you get a feeling about how a person is and it is not good. Hopefully AS is happy. Wish him the best.

  • TBfan

    To think I thought AS and KB were hot. Nevermind. One look at those pool side photos, of Kate”s flat chest , and flat butt and AlexS shrinking pale physic, so dissapointed…Looking at him I do not see the character Eric and no wonder they passed him up for Thor. Man you have to built up some muscle!!

  • marsy

    you don’t think either of them are good looking? wow…. really wish I could see what you guys and your partners look like – guess you all look like Angelina Jolie and are dating Brad Pitt look alikes?

    Stop the hating guys! jeez!

  • Veruca

    Alex has constantly said that his frame is naturally very very thin and he has to work hard to keep on some bulk – while he looks very slim in the V Man cover, if you look at his Details cover he’s still got some muscle goin’ on. But on a 6’4 frame, anything non-body builder is bound to look slim. Even in the poolside pictures – he’s lying down. Almost everyone”s stomach looks skinnier when lying down. If he were standing up I’m sure he’d look more muscular. And of course he’s pale – he plays a vampire for like 8 months of the year. He can’t exactly be darkly tanned or anything.

  • annalisa

    Okay does Alex and the stylists not realize he is in his thirties not teens and twenties. Only RPatz can pull off that hair. Alex looks like a complete fool. I thought this was a joke cover when I first saw it. Like he was spoofing someone…but no real!!
    And the pics by the pool are so staged. Not saying they are not bf/gf or whatever but she is totally posing and they both know the cameras are there. She is pathetic. X17 just got a video of her coming into Chateau Marmont yesterday and you can totally tell they were tipped off as well. The camera is already rolling near the path where she has yet to appear. Joke!!!
    Really disappointed in Alex!! Staging photo ops, stupid antics at Coachella, dating an anorexic/famewhoring/desperate/homewrecking actress= typical douchebag. More into Sam Worthington or Ryan Kwanten. At least they are manly men who don’t have to resort to that kind of crap. Why so desperate Alex?

  • Just Joanie

    He looks very thin and RPattz called and wants his hair back. lol
    ^^^ I personally like this look better. : )

  • annalisa

    Just saw all the photos from the poolside and why does Kate always look like she has to initiate contact with him. She is always the first to touch, hug, lay on, and he looks completely uninterested in the conversation or her. Not in denial but since they are obviously dating he is acting like an asshole boyfriend here. If everyone is relaxing he is acting passive agressive by reading and not participating. She is posing, grabbing him, and doing anything she can for the cameras. So sad she is like this. I met Sam Worthington and his beautiful gf and they never do this kind of crap. They have plenty of private moments like this and more and guess what….they want to keep them private and not call the paps.

  • Katy

    He looks like a douche!

  • sorry

    He looks ridiculous.
    He looks like Zoolander trying to strike a ‘sexy pose’.

  • Jules

    @Pixie: That’s what he likes, skinny girls. His previous girlfriends were models. Did you actually think that he’d spend time with a woman of average weight?

  • hans

    so many upset ladies… have a dollar…

  • Carmilla

    According to European standards KB is a girl of average weight and very far from being thin as a model. Anyway, her major concerns should be her flabby butt and thighs…
    What about going to the gym, girl?
    About Alex: I agree that he looks like a fool in this pic, utterly ridicolous.

  • Phoebee

    Alexander Skarsgard…

  • kiko

    Perhaps in France, Kate would be considered as average looking woman but not in any other part of Europe. Especially not in Southern Europe :P

    Alex looks OK but the hair is hideous …..

  • zee

    Oh God. This thread started off so well. Get over it. He’s dating Kate Bosworth. Do people have to keep moaning about how much they dont like her and how he’s now a douche (for whatever insane reason) in EVERY. SINGLE.THREAD? We get it already.

    And this staging photo ops thing is all speculation and people keep repeating it as fact. Celebs are photographed all the time and the blogs choose which ones they buy. Obviously JJ gets big hits from Skarsgard and Bosworth posts so he buys lots of their photos. That’s the way it works. For those who keep complaining about how famewhore the two of them are why don’t you consider not commenting or clicking on their posts – less comments may eventually lead to less coverage – and that’s what you really want, right? lol.