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Angelina Jolie Puts Out a Fire

Angelina Jolie Puts Out a Fire

Check out this new still of Angelina Jolie extinguishing a fire from her upcoming spy flick, Salt, out July 23rd.

Phillip Noyce didn’t want the 34-year-old actress doing her own stunts. He told EW, “She was often suspended up to 10 stories high and she’d leap from vehicle to vehicle at high speeds. She doesn’t have to do it, but she has absolutely no fear. Usually when an actor becomes more and more successful, they play it safe. But that’s not Angelina Jolie.”

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Photos: Andrew Schwartz
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    Always lovely.

  • love

    Go Angie!

  • Yep

    I believe it . She is a strong woman both mentally and physically. More power to her.

  • luvangie4ever

    Love her! I’m really looking forward to watching this movie.

  • Yep

    @TIM GUNN:
    Go away. Angie is truly lovely. But when she wants to jump up and do stuff she does them. She is T H E G I R L.

  • Angies fan

    I am looking forward to see Salt when it comes out.

  • Elizabeth

    We are all set (whole family) to see and support Angie… always. Way to go Angie. Hello to all JP fans

  • Cheery

    She’s so kickass :D

  • jenz

    i’m sooo looking forward to this movie! Angie kicks ass! she’s a great actress with a lot of emotional depth!

  • Mia

    She looks horrible here.. and it’s not like you’ve never seen her in an action movie.. it’s just that it’s ANGELINA JOLIE.. blablabla


    She’s the only one that can pull this off.

    A mother of six and still looking sexy!

  • Sanne

    That movie is a must see. Angie kicking ass? HELL YEAH, I’m so there!! :D

  • jen

    Yes, she’s a real dare devil. She should play it safe as she has 6 mouths to feed… how irresponsible!

  • Mega


  • ebmo

    I cannot wait to see this movie!

  • sundus

    love her toughness!~!~!
    love angie!~!~

  • Atleast

    the “other” naked in towel selling perfume..

    how desperate is that ?

  • http://hotmailaustralia roger

    Go Angelina, your the best.. But please be careful as we want you safe and sound.

  • Is This JOLIE? Gun Looks Heavy

    The gun looks bigger and heavier than her own weight ,,


    Good she is covering that forehead, skeletonlina,,


    She does not look, that she can lift a real, that big, gun. Must be holding one of her chlldrens’ plastic toy gun.

  • mousse

    Well said.

  • teri

    I love watching her movies because she does all her stunts. Love it. Her stunts are all gone through and safety is always top priority.

  • lisa

    I just love our Angie.. and most actresses would love it if they could be considered for these kinds of roles. Not even going to waste time on the nutcases that run to her thread to make a negative comment. YOU ARE OWNED>.

    She is not putting out a fire.. she is blasting a window.. Why don’t bloggers do the research on these small facts. Watch the trailer.

    I and all the fans can’t wait for SALT.. the best part is the haters will rush to watch it to.. they can’t stay away from our Angie.. LMAO…

  • shuratia

    I love Angie!!go my girl!you’re the best!!take care..

  • teri

    I’d be a scaredy cat clinging to a wall ten stories up.

  • teri

    Does anyone know what her scariest stunt has been?

  • teri

    I’m guessing her scariest stunt has been Angelina falling out of a helicopter, of course with a safety harness but still quite scary.

  • teri

    Can’t wait to see SALT, looks amazing.

  • amalia

    @amalia: why is this awaiting moderation?

  • Marilyn Macey

    So looking forward to watch this movie, Angie will be stunning, sexy and daring. It opens July 29 in Malaysia, check the release dates for other countries as they vary.

  • teri

    In Wanted she was leaning out of the car shooting, which would be really hard considering she’s frail and oh so weak, lol. Didn’t she also jump over a bridge and land on a semi? Just trying to stay on topic and not giving into tards this thread. : )

  • niwatori

    HOLY SMOKE she looks greeaat! She’s just amazing. Can’t wait ♥

  • angi fan

    super woman

  • bubu

    great job angie, go on… e love you and we’ll support you as always, you are great actress, mother and human… god belss you and your loving family

  • barbie

    She’s thin, but definitely not skinny. And thin people can be very strong! Looking forward to SALT, I’m sure she’ll be great in it.

  • niwatori

    wow some idiot is going through the comments and thumbing down fans’ posts. LOL Angie ooowns you.

  • phool




  • James

    This photo shows a ridiculous image. It looks almost like a cartoon clip. Also, how can UN cast such a woman as representative of peace? All her movies are about violence, revenge, killing for self-justice only.

  • Kat

    34? noooooooo 59 year-old actress !!!!!!!

  • Jaliah

    Her action movies are so entertaining and she’s is so good to watch I guess she prefers to portray women that are fearless as opposed to a limpy lettuce leaf character in romcoms who is a side kick to the male star.

    I love it even more that she isn’t all muscled up…she uses the inner power like Jet Li which is about mind strength over matter.

  • hmm

    Not sure how it’s “new” I saw this pic in EW when it came on Saturday. You act likes it’s exclusive.

  • Jaliah

    I am going to try not to feed, by responding to, the weak minded parasites that come to feed on this thread because that way they will die or migrate to the thread of ‘the mediocre, whiney one’ where they belong as they are just as whingey whiney as she is.

  • LOL

    What is she holding? A plastic pipe ?! She looks so pale and fragile ..

  • liz

    why is she so ugly???


    she’d leap from vehicle to vehicle at high speeds.————————

    No wonder, she is expert to leap MAN TO MAN…Vehicle to Vehicle would be easier..


    Dear YEP,

    Converning my No. 1 post and your No.3 arguing response.

    You are demented.

  • Gog

    the profession says a lot about the personality of people… jennifer aniston is funny and romantic and angelina jolie is aggressive and violent …

  • ROSA

    she is so beautiful