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Angelina Jolie Puts Out a Fire

Angelina Jolie Puts Out a Fire

Check out this new still of Angelina Jolie extinguishing a fire from her upcoming spy flick, Salt, out July 23rd.

Phillip Noyce didn’t want the 34-year-old actress doing her own stunts. He told EW, “She was often suspended up to 10 stories high and she’d leap from vehicle to vehicle at high speeds. She doesn’t have to do it, but she has absolutely no fear. Usually when an actor becomes more and more successful, they play it safe. But that’s not Angelina Jolie.”

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449 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Puts Out a Fire”

  1. 1
    TIM GUNN Says:

    Always lovely.

  2. 2
    love Says:

    Go Angie!

  3. 3
    Yep Says:

    I believe it . She is a strong woman both mentally and physically. More power to her.

  4. 4
    luvangie4ever Says:

    Love her! I’m really looking forward to watching this movie.

  5. 5
    Yep Says:

    @TIM GUNN:
    Go away. Angie is truly lovely. But when she wants to jump up and do stuff she does them. She is T H E G I R L.

  6. 6
    Angies fan Says:

    I am looking forward to see Salt when it comes out.

  7. 7
    Elizabeth Says:

    We are all set (whole family) to see and support Angie… always. Way to go Angie. Hello to all JP fans

  8. 8
    Cheery Says:

    She’s so kickass :D

  9. 9
    jenz Says:

    i’m sooo looking forward to this movie! Angie kicks ass! she’s a great actress with a lot of emotional depth!

  10. 10
    Mia Says:

    She looks horrible here.. and it’s not like you’ve never seen her in an action movie.. it’s just that it’s ANGELINA JOLIE.. blablabla

  11. 11
    JP4EVER Says:

    She’s the only one that can pull this off.

    A mother of six and still looking sexy!

  12. 12
    Sanne Says:

    That movie is a must see. Angie kicking ass? HELL YEAH, I’m so there!! :D

  13. 13
    jen Says:

    Yes, she’s a real dare devil. She should play it safe as she has 6 mouths to feed… how irresponsible!

  14. 14
    Mega Says:


  15. 15
    ebmo Says:

    I cannot wait to see this movie!

  16. 16
    sundus Says:

    love her toughness!~!~!
    love angie!~!~

  17. 17
    Atleast Says:

    the “other” naked in towel selling perfume..

    how desperate is that ?

  18. 18
    roger Says:

    Go Angelina, your the best.. But please be careful as we want you safe and sound.

  19. 19
    Is This JOLIE? Gun Looks Heavy Says:

    The gun looks bigger and heavier than her own weight ,,

  20. 20

    Good she is covering that forehead, skeletonlina,,

  21. 21

    She does not look, that she can lift a real, that big, gun. Must be holding one of her chlldrens’ plastic toy gun.

  22. 22
    mousse Says:

    Well said.

  23. 23
    teri Says:

    I love watching her movies because she does all her stunts. Love it. Her stunts are all gone through and safety is always top priority.

  24. 24
    lisa Says:

    I just love our Angie.. and most actresses would love it if they could be considered for these kinds of roles. Not even going to waste time on the nutcases that run to her thread to make a negative comment. YOU ARE OWNED>.

    She is not putting out a fire.. she is blasting a window.. Why don’t bloggers do the research on these small facts. Watch the trailer.

    I and all the fans can’t wait for SALT.. the best part is the haters will rush to watch it to.. they can’t stay away from our Angie.. LMAO…

  25. 25
    shuratia Says:

    I love Angie!!go my girl!you’re the best!!take care..

  26. 26
    teri Says:

    I’d be a scaredy cat clinging to a wall ten stories up.

  27. 27
    teri Says:

    Does anyone know what her scariest stunt has been?

  28. 28
    teri Says:

    I’m guessing her scariest stunt has been Angelina falling out of a helicopter, of course with a safety harness but still quite scary.

  29. 29
    teri Says:

    Can’t wait to see SALT, looks amazing.

  30. 30
    amalia Says:

    @amalia: why is this awaiting moderation?

  31. 31
    Marilyn Macey Says:

    So looking forward to watch this movie, Angie will be stunning, sexy and daring. It opens July 29 in Malaysia, check the release dates for other countries as they vary.

  32. 32
    teri Says:

    In Wanted she was leaning out of the car shooting, which would be really hard considering she’s frail and oh so weak, lol. Didn’t she also jump over a bridge and land on a semi? Just trying to stay on topic and not giving into tards this thread. : )

  33. 33
    niwatori Says:

    HOLY SMOKE she looks greeaat! She’s just amazing. Can’t wait ♥

  34. 34
    angi fan Says:

    super woman

  35. 35
    bubu Says:

    great job angie, go on… e love you and we’ll support you as always, you are great actress, mother and human… god belss you and your loving family

  36. 36
    barbie Says:

    She’s thin, but definitely not skinny. And thin people can be very strong! Looking forward to SALT, I’m sure she’ll be great in it.

  37. 37
    niwatori Says:

    wow some idiot is going through the comments and thumbing down fans’ posts. LOL Angie ooowns you.

  38. 38
    phool Says:


  39. 39
    MARTINBO Says:


  40. 40
    James Says:

    This photo shows a ridiculous image. It looks almost like a cartoon clip. Also, how can UN cast such a woman as representative of peace? All her movies are about violence, revenge, killing for self-justice only.

  41. 41
    Kat Says:

    34? noooooooo 59 year-old actress !!!!!!!

  42. 42
    Jaliah Says:

    Her action movies are so entertaining and she’s is so good to watch I guess she prefers to portray women that are fearless as opposed to a limpy lettuce leaf character in romcoms who is a side kick to the male star.

    I love it even more that she isn’t all muscled up…she uses the inner power like Jet Li which is about mind strength over matter.

  43. 43
    hmm Says:

    Not sure how it’s “new” I saw this pic in EW when it came on Saturday. You act likes it’s exclusive.

  44. 44
    Jaliah Says:

    I am going to try not to feed, by responding to, the weak minded parasites that come to feed on this thread because that way they will die or migrate to the thread of ‘the mediocre, whiney one’ where they belong as they are just as whingey whiney as she is.

  45. 45
    LOL Says:

    What is she holding? A plastic pipe ?! She looks so pale and fragile ..

  46. 46
    liz Says:

    why is she so ugly???

  47. 47

    she’d leap from vehicle to vehicle at high speeds.————————

    No wonder, she is expert to leap MAN TO MAN…Vehicle to Vehicle would be easier..

  48. 48
    TIM GUNN Says:

    Dear YEP,

    Converning my No. 1 post and your No.3 arguing response.

    You are demented.

  49. 49
    Gog Says:

    the profession says a lot about the personality of people… jennifer aniston is funny and romantic and angelina jolie is aggressive and violent …

  50. 50
    ROSA Says:

    she is so beautiful

  51. 51
    kriss Says:


  52. 52
    suspending belief Says:

    She can barely hold the prop . Skeletina has no muscle tone. Hardly a heroine.

  53. 53
    get real Says:

    I’d really love to see an action/thriller with Angelina juggling the raising of 6 children, making meals, cleaning, giving energy, playing, making sure the kids get to and from practices. Now that would be something to see, and maybe the kids would be slightly more proud of her than watching a lame stunt of her in some crappy moneymaker Hollywood movie.

  54. 54
    mousse Says:

    I begin to feel it as a compliment when I am clicked away as a SO CALLED “negatif comment” on an Angelina Jolie topic. Just because I have an different opinion to the (blind) followers and fans of AJ who cannot see for instance that woman is very anorexic.
    Go ahead, enjoy yourselves and click untill you’re satisfied. it won’t stop me from posting my opinion.

  55. 55
    dark angel Says:

    the profession says a lot about the personality of people… jennifer aniston is funny and romantic and angelina jolie is aggressive and violent …
    ————————————————————————————————– yeah right… in REAL LIFE, Angie is a humanitarian, a loving partner and a caring mother whereas your idol is high maintenance, loving her manager, her friends and… her dog.

  56. 56
    cee Says:

    Gog you are WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

  57. 57
    yep Says:

    I really do enjoy watching the scruffy JP dogs scurry around scratching and digging using the the Thumbs Up/Down trying to cover the scent of others that disagree. Comical.
    If you truly admire someone, others opinions never matter, only your appreciation of them.

  58. 58
    get real Says:

    Even haters would have a much better opinion of Angelina if she announced; ‘ No more movies for a period of time, I’ d like to take a little time off and raise my family ‘, instead she cranks ‘em out one after another. She could at least do more independent films so as not appear to be so damn greedy and show a bit of respect for her profession.

  59. 59
    dianad1968 Says:



    Mentally strong is an understatement when it comes to Angie, especially with all the slander and lies she has had to put up with for the past five years. The woman could run a country.

  60. 60
    anon Says:

    Yeah the fire that’s been on this blo lol!!!!!

  61. 61
    dianad1968 Says:



    I agree with you, and I wish other fans will do the same. Just “thumb down” the posts. They thrive on attention and chaos, let’s not accomodate them.

  62. 62
    lurker Says:

    It was good to lurk with no one responding to the trolls. Someone did and even copied the troll/hater post. Ignoring these haters is the best and if you please, do not copy the haters post. Thumbing will not be effective if you copy the post. There seems to be one only who keeps changing names. Good morning fans and stay on topic and just IGNORE the hate and you will be happy all day. Back to lurking…that’s me.

  63. 63
    eliott Says:

    She’s a complex woman. Loving, compassionate, beautiful, courageous and badass.

  64. 64
    angel Says:

    ı love you angi

  65. 65
    true Says:

    Angelina Jolie is dazzling Beautiful,attractive,pretty,handsome,good looking,alluring,charming,delightful,appealing,engaging,winsome ravishing,gorgeous,stunning angelic,beauteous,exquisite,graceful,lovely.personable,radiant,ravishing,stunning,striking,excellent,exquisite and fascinating.This is why Aniston and hens hate her.Angelina is all Natural.Jealous,Aniston is a sham has misleading appearance the fake blue eyes,Brown hair dyed blonde a fake,not Genuine as Brad Pitt found out and dumped the OBLIVION DUST.

  66. 66
    true Says:

    Aniston fans are very Jealous like Aniston. Troublesome to others but a Torment to Themselves.

  67. 67
    true Says:

    Competent and self confident person is incapable of Jealousy in anything like Angelina Jolie.Jealousy like Aniston and her mental fans
    have Neurotic insecurities.

  68. 68
    true Says:

    Aniston and her fans hate Angie and children.Hate is Fear of Others(like Angie and Babies)

  69. 69
    aseret64 Says:

    @Kat: if thats the case, the X is 89 years old bwahahahaha bwahahaha Jen is the actress with only one facial expression bwahahaha bwahahaha

  70. 70
    true Says:

    Aniston is Simply and Clearly that she is of No Self Value.

  71. 71
    aseret64 Says:

    @Kat: if thats the case, the X is 89 years old bwahahahaha ….the X is the “actress” with only one facial expression bwahahahahaha

  72. 72
    true Says:

    Jealous and Envious People like Aniston and her fans always bring down the Curse they Fear upon there own head.

  73. 73
    Richard P Says:

    Go Angie! ,i love you

  74. 74
    true Says:

    Aniston Jealousy is pure Ignorance being Selfish instead of Selfless.

  75. 75
    haha Says:

    @get real:

    Like your hero, the dancing Kate Gosselin? bwahahaha!

  76. 76
    Passing Through Says:

    # 124 BOOK WILL BOOST SALT COLLECTIO @ 04/20/2010 at 6:53 am
    The release date for Morton’s book was actually given last year when he announced he was writing it. It’s always been set for August 3rd. As soon as Sony announced the Salt release date St. Martin’s Press announced the publication date of Morton’s book. So Morton will be piggybacking the promotion of his book on Angie’s promotion of Salt. Just call him Mr. X. Famehos are famehos. Expect to see a lot of Morton starting the first or second week in July…maybe even the last week of June. St. Martin’s is going to hype this book like mofo.
    Is there a chance that the book will increase ticket sales? Sure, but there’s also a chance that people will be so sick of hearing about Angie that it will adversely affect ticket sales. St. Martin’s doesn’t give a shite if the movie tanks – as long as the book sells.

  77. 77
    true Says:

    If Aniston was brought up by a Good and Respectful Mother who gave people chances to change Aniston would be less likely to Hate.Aniston cannot even forgive her Mother who gave her Life.

  78. 78
    gg Says:

    #48 Tim Gunn

    It could be because you were in the other thread talking about the book as sane and mighty and when as soon as her action pic posted you called her lovely. I don’t the problem is whether she is lovely or not because any fan knows .Angie is lovely and really sweet . The problem is what you said doesn’t seem sincere .

  79. 79
    love B&A Says:

    Love Angelina Jolie.You go Girl.You are doing good and Beautiful as ever.

  80. 80
    getalife Says:

    Last night I was trying to get the Jolies fan to help make a request to Andrew Mortan to wrtie biagrophy on : Lalovia – The Awesome Journey of Jen Ansiton … find out her latest project of life- Perfume Lalovia (is that her real perfume)

    Angelina already have 10 books written about her and the TABLOIADS still writes for her everyday with the same story.

    She is evil and poor brad cannot get out of the relationship!

    You who hates her continue writes about her day in and day out!
    Man, Angelina you have the power and all anyone do is have a picture of you just say your name: ANGELINA and – people will come alive!!!!!!
    Kudos to you Angie and keep living your wonderful life (kids, brad and your work in un)

  81. 81
    love B&A Says:

    @getalife: BRAVO !!!

  82. 82
    gg Says:

    I can’t wait for salt. Go Angie.

  83. 83
    gg Says:

    I don’t think

  84. 84
    moron JP fan Says:

    yuze ur all Jell Us of Angie

  85. 85
    Celia Says:

    That’s not just any fire extinguisher. She looks awesome! I can’t wait to see this movie!!

  86. 86
    teri Says:

    I don’t care what others think, I love Angelina.

  87. 87
    Passing Through Says:

    # 58 get real @ 04/20/2010 at 9:26 am
    ROTFLMAO. Oh yeah, loser…Angie’s really cranking out the movies…
    2 in 2006 – 7 weeks
    2 in 2007 – 17 weeks
    0 in 2008 – 0 weeks
    1 in 2009 – 15 weeks
    1 in 2010 – 9 weeks…so far
    Wow. She’s worked a whole 48 weeks out of the last 224. Since you’re math challenged – that’s 4 weeks short of a full year in the last 4 years and 3 1/2 months. Whew. She’s a marvel. I just don’t know how she does it. I got tired just adding up the numbers…

  88. 88
    truth is Says:

    @get real: oh really?you will be the first one to complain that she’s using her family for photo ops.

  89. 89
    getalife Says:

    I was laughing at one of post last night saying :

    Angelina gets free passes and they are sick of it!!!

    So thats why I doing Jen Aniston cause if they trashed Jen Aniston she will become famous instandly.
    They could write about her relationships with how many men and faking it for publicity now that would be so much interesting…..
    Jen’s new project of life – her perfume that will make everyone smells nice-clean – ( I would love to read that ..)
    Just a suggestions….???
    What do you think?

  90. 90
    Shut-UP Says:

    Well said PS!

    Boy she sure works up a storm! I mean with us ordinary people who have to put our kids in daycares and go to work a minimun of 52 weeks a year and she still beats us at 48! Wow—- call the po po! she a horible mother, I tell you horible! How dear she work so much!

  91. 91
    Passing Through Says:

    # 80 getalife @ 04/20/2010 at 11:07 am
    The thing about writing X’s bio is that you can cover her life in about 10 pages. She doesn’t go anywhere or do anything remarkable. Once you talk about her neuroses, the way she uses and fvcks over people (including Brad, Angie, Tate and whoever else got in her way), her PR scams, her coke, booze & weed habits, bulimia/anorexia/same-boiled-chicken-&-romaine-salad-for-10-years, lesbian hookups on the QT, hatred for her mother, guilt-tripping her father, ignoring her siblings, tanning, ocean screaming, unusual affection for her pooch, barren uterus & lies about wanting children, money-grubbery, crappy movies, crappy shitcom, nipple tweaking, hair and body obsessions, love of too small bikinis and teeny bopper red carpet gear, hypocrisy, and, natch, her long-term financial support ofthe Meh-hee-can economy – correction Los Cabos economy because that’s the only place the ho goes in Meh-hee-co – WTF are they going to talk about for the next 340 pages?

  92. 92
    truth is Says:

    @James: i believe if you don’t understand violence you won’t understand peace

  93. 93
    Passing Through Says:

    After I added it up and came out with 48 weeks in almost 4 1/2 years…all I could think was, “Fvck! I worked 50 weeks JUST LAST YEAR!” LOL. Trolls are so stupid. The other stat I was going to inclued was the fac that Angie’s made roughly $90MIL in those 48 piddly weeks – that comes out to $1,875,000 PER WEEK! Some sign my ass up for Angie’s over-worked life – PRONTO!

  94. 94
    Whamo Says:

    Look how bony her finger and wrists are! She DOES NOT look very good here. I wonder what’s making her so unhealthy looking?

  95. 95
    estelle Says:

    @Passing Through: 10 pages huh? you are giving her too much pages…I was thinking of front and back cover with a brief introduction.

  96. 96
    gg Says:

    Brad and Natalie will be a good blend . Don’t you think? They would make a nice romcom people likes to watch.Since Angie didn’t “stole” Johnny , Brad won’t be “stolen” by Natalie Don’t you think ? lol

  97. 97
    getalife Says:

    Passing Through @ 04/20/2010 at 12:15 pm
    Love your post and I am laughing my head off cause its so funny how some of these Jen’s fan are so dumbed that there is no logic and intelligent gose into there comments.
    They hate Angelina to the passion because she exist in this world: And all Angelina have to say : KNOW YOUR RIGHTS !
    (thats logic and intelligent)
    What about Jen? passing through: can say one or two words about jen?

  98. 98
    African Girl Says:

    Of course she does her own stunts! She IS a professional.
    Can’t wait to see this movie

  99. 99
    estelle Says:

    @Shut-UP: Actually we are beating her, we worked for 50 weeks PER YEAR on an average, while it took her FOUR AND 1/2 YEARS to catch up to us…..48 weeks huh?….doing my math here and I’m ahead 177 weeks……Angie, you are slagging here……we are not happy, but appearantly so are the trolls, they are also unhappy because you are working WAY TOO MUCH??????….WTH?

  100. 100
    ola Says:

    She’s a fr**king man, what do you expect!

  101. 101
    hottest couple ever Says:

    Love Angie!

  102. 102
    Anna Says:

    WOW! Look at Angie

    What a cunning stunt…

  103. 103
    Passing Through Says:

    # 95 estelle @ 04/20/2010 at 12:31 pm
    Hey Estelle -
    Long time no talk to! LOL. I said 10 pages cuz I figured they’d need at least 9 to cover her hair obsession. In fact I even have a title – “From Steel Wool To Blowout Queen”. Everything else you could sum up in 6 words – “She’s a neurotic, narcissitic, famewhorring biitch.” The end.

  104. 104
    BA Says:

    Cant wait to see this movie.

  105. 105
    love B&A Says:

    @ola: MANISTON

  106. 106
    estelle Says:

    @Passing Through: ROTFLOL!!!!!! you are priceless PT. I just saw picture of you know who with her usually nips marching forward….or may be upward…

  107. 107
    Gracie Says:

    I have not seen these pics of Angie before.

  108. 108
    de Cosmos Says:

    Watching her stunts in Salt will be like observing a stick insect in motion.

  109. 109
    ? Says:

    What’s this, is Ang doing a commercial for Reynolds Wrap?

  110. 110
    laura Says:

    Is a man why she/he cannot use arms or whatever……..

  111. 111
    Yoco Says: has video of the day in the park with JP kids. Can’t wait for Salt in July . Way to go Angie highest paid actress ($20 million for Salt and The Tourist, mother of 6 and humanitarian( just read her statement on Somalia) What magazine is Angie doing to promote Salt I hope Marie Claire or VF

  112. 112
    Passing Through Says:

    Hey Guli -
    If you’re lurking out there – I sent you a couple of e-mails…

  113. 113
    maria Says:

    always gorgeous and fantastic!!!! take care Angie!!! we love you!!!!

  114. 114
    love B&A Says:

    @Anna: Aniston fans you people need to Help dig below the self esteem,and lack of confidence of your idol the deceptive one.

  115. 115
    Whamo Says:

    @true…you are why we love to come here and laugh…I have a whole office that is laughing their heads off right now because they, like I think you are a wack job. I told them about this site and they refused to believe there are people out there like you. They are now believers! CONGRATS!!

    This post has nothing to do with Jen yet you ramble on and on about her yet if anyone said anything bad about Angie…well good lord you’d be calling them haters and every nasty name you could come up with..

    You are just as much a hater as I am or anyone else. I just don’t mind being called names

    Well go ahead you’ve have about 8 people hear dying to see you go off the deepend, please don’t disapoint us..LOL

    By the way Angie does look like an INSECT and Jennifer is WAY better looking.

  116. 116
    LOL Says:

    @Whamo: @Whamo: LOL You feel better.Aniston, fans and Whamo
    Sure you showed everyone this site.Poor Aniston always comparing her life with Angelina resulting in Aniston feeling Inadequate.

  117. 117
    lol sure 8 people Says:

  118. 118
    toni Says:

    She looks so old.

  119. 119
    Maria from Texas Says:


  120. 120
    EL DIABLO Says:

    I loves your EEnglish Maria

  121. 121
    Maria from Texas Says:


  122. 122
    lsam Says:

    JJ I could hardly wait to see ‘Salt” in the big screen. Hope they are back in L.A. for the premier.

  123. 123
    true Says:

    @Whamo: @LOL: You Aniston and your fans Scrutinize and Judge Angie and kids.Does this make you more Important?No it makes you
    look like self loathing envious Jack Azz.’s.

  124. 124
    Whamo Says:

    Maria from Texas @ 04/20/2010 at 3:35 pm
    First off she’s not my idol but you did manage to make the top three comebacks!! Very Good!

    What’s wrong with Dog Style? You make it sound like a bad thing!
    Love the CAPS by the way…I can ALMOST hear you from here LOL!!
    LOL @ 04/20/2010 at 3:23 pm
    You’re right I lied; there are only 7 of us, me included.
    Perhaps you could be so kind as to point me to the article were GORGEOUS Jen was comparing her life to that of YOUR IDOL Angelina ( i need to eat, and maybe a little ) Jolie? I don’t believe I EVER heard her do some sort of comparison, are you sure you not fibbing a little. I mean her life is better than Angies by all accounts anyway so what’s there to complain about?

  125. 125
    true Says:

    @Maria from Texas: Gracias Maria
    whamo es una puta .

  126. 126
    Lulu Says:

    She is a gutter rat!

  127. 127
    LYNN Says:

    Angie doesnt have to do her stunts, but for her fans she give them their money worth. For her fans she take all her jobs very serious. She doesnt mind getting down real dirty if the job is worth it. I am so waiting to see this movie. I looked at changeling again last night and I still dont know why she did not win. There were others in that same movie that could have been nominated as well.

  128. 128
    cho Says:

    Just read this Anuston is like a bicycle,everyone gets a ride she is gross.

  129. 129
    cho Says:

    Anuston with all her millions and she still cannot buy class.

  130. 130
    Katya Says:



    Natalie is not a very skilled actor. Poor choice to play opposite Brad.

  131. 131
    cho Says:

    @Lulu: Read this so funny
    Butler and Aniston=Anisbutt

  132. 132
    dawne Says:

    Breathtaking and Brave Angelina. The Queen of all female actors. Married to the King of Hot. Makes you trolls literally shake doesn’t it??? Your little idol with her trumped up PR and lying life……zip talent on the big screen, noman’s woman, childless, panned by every critic in North America for her continually playing herself…and when you play ‘yourself’ badly…..hey, the gig’s up doncha think? LMAO

    So bring it on, losies, I love watching square heads bangin’ into brick.

  133. 133
    She's always bangin' the brick Says:

    Jolie will bang anything! Nasty gutter rat is true lulu! Even her hair is fake now. hahahhahaha nothing natural about a gutter rat.

  134. 134
    Happy Family=Trolls Agitated Says:

    Salt looks like yet another big hit for Angie- can hardly wait to see it. It’s clear that the pictures of the wonderful & happy JPs have gotten the trolls especially crazy- AGAIN. Manny’s continual failures, esp this latest embarrassment- her pimping perfume- have gotten them insane. Manny is so lame, so d-list- no one wants to smell like that leather-faced loser. She is so desperate to stay in the public eye, look for on DWTS or celeb rehab next.

  135. 135
    cho Says:

    @She’s always bangin’ the brick: @She’s always bangin’ the brick:
    Jennifer Linn Anuston takes it in the pooper
    Like a Trooper.

  136. 136
    cho Says:

    @She’s always bangin’ the brick: Anuston the **** sleeps with every co star she appears in a movie with.All her millions cannot buy Anuston class.

  137. 137
    Elizabeth Says:

    @cho: That is so funny. Hello to all JP fans.

  138. 138
    Elizabeth Says:

    @Gracie: Thanks for sharing so do I did not see this pics.

  139. 139
    whamo is sad :[ Says:

    Gee Whamo, when you were Lena you showed your waiter the threads. In another incarnation, you showed your lawyer. lol
    Of course, we remember you as DHL. snort. Who could forget her.
    Poor sad, lonely whamo. Imaginary friends. Imaginary life. Multiple postings under a variety of names. You’re a big, fat shut-in aren’t ya sweetie? Enjoy yourself, whamo. We all know that this is all you have.

  140. 140
    You go girl! Says:

    Unfortunately, after 40, roles are rather limited for aging actresses in Hollywood.This is the prime time for Angie. I see her making lots of movies in the next five years. Once she turns forty she will slow down. JMO.

  141. 141
    @ Whamo Says:


    It’s been fun, but really, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable on another thread? You have the IQ of room temperature; you make fun of people who can speak more languages than you can; and you lack taste. Really, there’s nothing for you here. You and your imaginary friends would be happier on Jessica Simpson’s thread. Or Rachel’s thread, of course.

  142. 142
    gracie Says:

    New video of Brad with all 6 kids playing in the park. There is also a new thread about Doug Pitt being named as Goodwill Ambassador of Tanzania — Anyone see Angie’s influence here? Brad’s sister adopting in Africa and now his brother being named an Ambassador of Tanzania. This must be a very tight family and work closely together. It also shows the Pitt family have embraced Angie as one their own and love her a lot.

  143. 143
    sharon Says:

    The movie looks great. Can’t wait.

  144. 144
    Bijoux Says:

    I left this message on the Doug Pitt Goodwill Ambassador thread, but I thought I would be appropriate to bring it to the latest Angie and Brad thread.

    Congratulations to Doug Pitt! I have been keeping up with the articles regarding Doug’s water project in Tanzania. I’ve been impressed with all his humanatarian efforts. The Jolie-Pitts and the family of Pitts have gone beyond what I thought was possible with one family. Angie and Brad have done a remarkable job getting others involved. The involved parties are both famous and regular people, like myself. I’m impressed with SOS, Doctors Without Borders, Millennium Villages,Not On My Watch, and Matt Damon’s project to bring water to suffering countries. I wonder if Matt Damon’s water project is in connection with Doug Pitt’s water project. Of course, I cannot forget the support Brad Pitt New Orleans project to make it right after the hurricane. Lastly, the efforts in Haiti are enormous. Thanks to the Pitt Family for everything they have accomplished.


  145. 145
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    Tara @ 04/20/2010 at 4:21 pm

    If it wasn’t for Aniston, Jolie would be a reality tv star. Jolie is nothing without Jen. Steal Brad, didn’t help her, hurt her. Adopt kids, who cares…Have bio kids, still no one cares…Bring Aniston into the mix, now you have famous…So you see, Jolie is nothing without Jen.. Forget Brad..He hasn’t been anyone in years…I’d feel sorry for him if he wasn’t so stupid…He pays dearly to this day..
    ——————————————————————————————-How can Oscar winner Angelina Jolie ever be a reality tv star? When Rachel from Friends is a sitcom tv hack. Angelina Jolie was successful before Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt was a movie star before Rachel. That ugly b!tch from tv land is the one trying to ride the mega star train that is BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE.

    When Salt opens in July Angelina will show all haters and gossip mongers how to open a film with 50 million plus opening weekend. The numbers Rachel can only dream about in her 40 year old rom-com career.

  146. 146
    gracie Says:

    Scroll down, some cute pics of Knox and Angie.

  147. 147
    ANGI Says:

    ı love you angii

  148. 148
    dohdoh Says:


    Which is constipated haha X always got that constipated look on her face. Or maybe it’s the look she gave when someone stick a finger up her A ss

  149. 149
    Nice Says:

    The JP family is loved by so many. They were just ooohing and ahhinng on that trashy show The Insider.

  150. 150
    kittensparkles Says:

    Are any of you Jolie lovers male? I thought not. I guess we don’t have to worry who the psychos are. Gay possibly. They are the females that are totally in love and devoted to their crush. Not that Jolie cares. She would turn you all in to the police if she had to hear 10 minutes of your fantasy life you have with her. This level of devotion is beyond any reasonable persons thought process. It is a shame you have to focus on the one person you will never meet unless you start stalking her also. This is unhealthy.

  151. 151
    Passing Through Says:

    Pardon me for bringing up X for a second, but this had me ROTFLMBAO. I was just at the Yahoo homepage and their feature story was “What Mean Really Think About Your Hair.” So I said to myself – “I wonder how many examples they’ll give before mentioning Her Hairness?” How many? ZERO! It was in the first example! LOL! But check out what the question was…
    Do you care if a girl styles her hair the same way every day? 71 percent said no. 29 percents said yes. Jennifer Aniston sticks to her signature style, and hey, it works! Check out Jen’s best styles since 1992
    What they should have asked is, “Do you care if a girl styles her hair the same way every day…FOR 15 YEARS!?” LOL! Then they have a link to check out X’s hairstyles since 1992…but they curiously left this one out –
    And then there’s this insight into why X can’t keep a man…
    Hair Up? Or Down?

    Actually, it might be the action that matters just as much as the style! 43 percent of guys said they love watching a girl put up her hair, while 37 percent said they enjoy watching a girl let down her hair. 20 percent said both are equally hot and Leighton’s covered either way!
    Ho never puts her hair up…so she can’t take it down! That pretty much says all there is to say about why men keep running away from her… BBBBWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  152. 152
    Notimpresed Says:

    Who is this girl who beat everybody by her beauty crisena something now she can beat Angie

  153. 153
    Elizabeth Says:

    @LYNN: I agree with you. I also have the DVD and watched it 3x.

  154. 154
    Bijoux Says:

    Greetings JP fans!
    I know that I’ve not posted in a long while, but I’ve got a few observations I’d like to share with you. Viv is a character. She is not comfortable unless she has something to hold in her free hand.
    If she is going to hold on to someone while being carried, she has to have something in the other hand. Whether it’s a cookie treat, a hand of pretzels, or a couple of tulips. It is funny because when she is walking with her grandmother, she doesn’t have anything in her hands. She might have to shadow Zee and have a hand bag or pocket book in her free hand. She is adorable and funny in all sense to the word adorable. This is in fun, but if she had the opportunity to throw one of Knox’s toys into the Grand Canal, she might not look so suspicious of Knox when he was trying to communicate with her in the park pictures. Kids are a riot and you wonder what they’re saying to each other when one is trying to communicate with the other. They are a riot. The grandparents are wonderful and very supportive.

    I love this family and their values. I only wish everyone would be respective of their family’s privacy. I want their security, safety and privacy protected regardless of where they travel.

    One other question. Is Jon Voight running for some politicle office? Why is on so many news shows. I just don’t get his bottom line with his rants.


  155. 155
    HOT Says:


  156. 156
    OT Says:

    SPOILER ALERT Kate Gosselin eliminated from DWTS

  157. 157
    lol Says:

    Oh snap Glee is owned by Angelina Jolie…Even though the show is about Madonna, they had to put AJ’s name in there…Love it. Everyone is owned.

    That Cheeleading coach in telling us why she loves Madonna mentioned a slew of names of women who had to step aside to the greatness of Madonna, (oh please, lol) it was Angelina and then Catherine the Great (who Angelina might play some day)

    Nobody ever mentions Aniston BWHAHAHAHA

  158. 158
    eliott Says:



  159. 159
    Catsup Says:

    Can’t wait to see Angie’s film “Salt’.

  160. 160
    Ana Says:

    Hi JP Fans!.
    Scroll down to see picture.

    This picture of Knox with grammy is just too cute. He is one adorable little guy and in so many pictures he resembles Shiloh, of course Viv does as well, but Knox is so animated and outgoing. He is going to be a little dynamo. Can you imagine – having the Jolie-Pitt genes what this little man is going to be like? Besides being incredibly good looking he is going to be chock full of talent, great ideas and ready to accomplish so much with his life.
    I love how he just MUST see what is going on in the Canal at all times. He is most inquisitive. I think he is going to be very much like Angelian, although Brad seems to have had that very inquisitive nature as well, and still does. He is just too adorable!

  161. 161
    Danny Says:

    Can’t wait to see this movie.

  162. 162
    Ana Says:

    Can’t wait to see SALT!
    I hope it will be a huge blockbuster!
    Love Angelina in anything. She is so mesmerizing on the screen. She can play any character and hold your attention raptly! She has an awesome screen presence and she deserves a big payday. She gives her all to every performance. No wonder so many directors and producers want her in their movies. Johnny Depp wanted to act alongside her in The Tourist and was pleasantly pleased upon meeting her for the first time.
    I love what he said about her…..”She loves her man and her children, and she takes her work very seriously!”
    Angie is the consummate professional.
    Can’t wait to see that movie as well.

  163. 163
    lily Says:

    Angie look so cool in this pic, i think the film is going to be a big hit.
    I love Angie in action thriller flics. No other HW actress can beat her
    in these types of films. Go Angie!!

  164. 164
    Ana Says:

    Bringing my own post over from the Doug Pitt Thread.
    Regarding Brad and Doug’s penchant for humanitarian work -
    I was reading somewhere where Angie said she and Brad are so much alike in so many things and THAT is what brought them together.
    She said neither changed the other when they got together. They are very much one soul and apparently both have been so from birth.
    She said Brad has always been a humanitarian but a lot more quiet about it. So they both have always had that desire to help people.
    I remember Brad said he used to ask his mother why the world was not fair. So from a tender age he was always about “justice.” Angelina, too. How she fought for the principal of her school when he was about to be terminated. I believe that was the story. So they have so much in common deep down. No wonder they love each other so much and work so well together. It is as Wyclef said they are “inseparable.”
    Brad and Angelina, to me, are probably very much just like their twins Viv and Knox – TWINS and Inseparable! And will always be very close to each other. Just like Mr. and Mrs William Pitt.
    The way they are always reaching for each other on the red carpets and when they are out and about. The way Angie rests her head so lovingly on Brad’s chest. The way Brad looks at her and how adoringly she looks at him, the way she has to touch his arm or his thigh when they are in the car, the way he holds her and touches her.
    They just seem to need each other’s presence to feel complete.
    Angie said if any one made a slight change in their relationship it was she because after being with Brad she decided she wanted to have his babies, which was a major step for her because she had previously said she would never have a biological child.
    A few months with Brad and seeing how truly loving he is and what a wonderful father he is to Mad and Zee changed her mind completely and she told him she would like to try. And bang, they were pregnant. And he said he did not feel the time was right until Angie and that she is the greatest gift he could give his children. What beautiful things to say to and about each other.
    These two make me swoon they are so loving and deeply affectionate towards each other.
    I think Brad’s little swimmers were just chomping at the bit, waiting for the right woman to be mother to his children because they made a beeline to her eggs and produced one of the most beautiful babies ever – Shiloh. And the second time around those little swimmers of Brad’s said “we have to make up for lost time and we have to do this twice. We need more little Jolie-Pitts on this planet” – so they did their thing and produced two more gorgeous babies to add to the 4 gorgeous children already in the family.
    And what a beautiful family they have.
    God bless this family with every happy, wonderful, beautiful, eternal gift. They deserve only good because they do only good.
    And God bless Doug and Lisa for being so generous to others who would have died without their help.
    It would seem the entire Jolie-Pitt and Pitt clans have hearts as deep and wide as a humongous PITT! :)

  165. 165
    NHT(Now hear this) Says:

    Did anyone see post 2066 scroll on JJB. It is new. The balcony doors are wide open in Venice and a blond and brunette on seen there. Someone said it looks like Paltrow. It actually looks more like Jennifer. (just kidding). But that would actually be great if they “just got along”. Check it out, see if you know them, I have no idea unless they are nannies or friends we have not seen.

  166. 166
    andamentothat Says:

    Greetings fans.. So many new threads.. Ange looks wonderful in salt and i bet I will watch this movie first day first show.. signing up with fandango to pick up my advance tickets the moment i can..

    I just saw the pics of Knox with Gramma.. too adorable for words.. Knox must love boats.. As Ana said, he seems to have Angelina’s total combo- great looks and curious mind.. but Brad’s attitude of being totally chilled out. This shall make him very desirable when he is older..

    We need a balcony thread again i guess.. and wish vivienne would come out as well…

  167. 167
    BS! Says:

    There is no way the insurance company would let her jump from car to car at high speeds. What a crock of BS. I get so sick of this woman being built up to be some super human. She bleeds like the rest of us.

  168. 168
    lylian Says:

    @NHT(Now hear this):
    It would be typical of Jennifer Deadniston to visit Brad in Venice and make sure that the DOORS on the balcony are WIDE OPEN so that the PAPS can take photos of her inside the house. She probably positioned the paps strategically so that they could snap photos of her visiting the Jolie Pitts.
    Whadya expect of a media HO like Dedn who can spring a pap on her good friend and ex mum in law, Jane Pitt, crash the Oscar 09 presentations in order to perpetuate her bermuda triangle and turn herself into a freak show, invite abcess hollywood to her b’day party? (there are many more instances, but I can’t be bothered typing them up).

  169. 169
    Marilyn Macey Says:

    @Danny: Thanks Ana for the photos, I’m just so amazed that the impact Angie has made on Pitt’s family, everybody seems to follow her path in philanthropy. I do know that Brad’s sister has adopted a child from Africa as well few years back after Brad and Angie got adopted Zahara. I never liked Brad before he was involved with Angie as he looked like he was consumed in the typical Hollywood life but I just adore him now, he truly loves Angie and his kids so much, you just can see it in his eyes all the time. Now, he has become a humanitarian himself and established himself as a businessman with passion for architecture. Angie made him a better human being and he gave her abundance of love she needed in return. This is indeed true love that we often read about or watch in the movies, God bless the JPs and for all the haters out there, this is definitely an unbreakable bond and will last forever, so get over it.

  170. 170
    Passing Through Says:

    # 156 OT @ 04/20/2010 at 8:58 pm
    SPOILER ALERT Kate Gosselin eliminated from DWTS
    The folks at ABC are probably bumming because her drama accounted for their ratings hike. However…the folks at FOX are happy because American Idol will be #1 next week…

  171. 171
    Ginger Says:

    Angie is fearless when it comes to doing stunts. She’s a very strong woman even after having kids!!! I’ll ask for a stunt cause I’ll be too scared to break a nail! hahaha

  172. 172
    briseis Says:

    OT: I just saw Kick-Ass and was thoroughly entertained. Loved it, and loved seeing “and Plan B Productions” in the credits; also loved seeing “Brad Pitt” as one of the producers. I read where Roger Ebert did not like it, because of the gratuitous violence involving Hit Girl. I respect his opinions, but don’t agree.

  173. 173
    Passing Through Says:

    # 165 NHT(Now hear this) @ 04/20/2010 at 10:31 pm
    Jesus. People are stoopid. Flights to and from Europe have been grounded for a few days…and since Putrid was snapped in NYC MONDAY…it’d be a little hard for her to be in Venice on Tuesday. And Her Schnozzness is in Hawaii boring the natives with her latest dud.

  174. 174
    NHT(Now hear this) Says:

    @Passing Through: So true, now any ideas on who they could be, have you seen them before?

  175. 175
    lmao Says:

    Now according to OK magazine this week, Brad and Angelina are to tie the knot.

  176. 176
    gracie Says:

    Brad with 6 and their friends. Scroll down and see. Cute pics

  177. 177
    lylian Says:

    @Passing Through:
    But it could be Jennifer Deadniston. Rome airport is OPEN and the world is round and where there’s a will, there’s a way. BEsides, what’s a volcanic ash plume here and there and a PHOBIA of flying that only seemed to act up when it required her to fly to MALTA back in 2003 gonna stand in the path of true love?
    It’s been 5 years and hundreds of secret meetings and fondlings and promises from Brad that he’s gonna leave Angelina soon to return to Dedn. Dedn can hear her biological clock tick tock tick tocking away. She finally got tired of waiting for Brad to shed his 6 kids and Angelina. She’s flown to Venice to hump him in front of his parents and Angelina and 6 kids and with the WIDE OPEN DOORS in the balcony to ensure the paps are there to record the historic moment.
    I like that image!!

  178. 178
    gracie Says:

    Just read about Micheal Douglas and his son going down for 5yrs so sad. This is a man who had the nerve to bad mouth Angie. All his son’s problems is his fault. He was a bad example as a father and wasn’t there for his son when he was growing up. He was too busy banging hos in diffferent hotels. He was a disgusting dad at a prime time in his son’s life, now the chicken has come to roost. Everyone ways in on Angie’s case, even those who have no right to comment. Angie is a million times better than all of them and it kills them —– They’re all so JEALOUS !!!

  179. 179
    Passing Through Says:

    # 175 lmao @ 04/21/2010 at 12:35 am
    Now according to OK magazine this week, Brad and Angelina are to tie the knot
    I saw that. They haven’t had a B/A cover in months so it’s back to the old standby – the fake wedding. Next week they’ll be on Star’s fake pregnancy train…or have Brad going back to X…

  180. 180
    aseret64 Says:

    @dohdoh: yeah exactly, the constipated look bwahahaha btw, the X should never be called an actress…hmmmmm STARLET maybe……..

  181. 181
    jaliah Says:

    I just had the biggest laugh on reading the Whiney Whinger’s new thread. She’s claiming she will now direct after having had many films under her belt. LOL the fraud has been making rubbish films for 6+ years before that she was on a tv sit-com for 10 WHOLE YEARS. It’s not as if she was in some really well produced weekly drama where she was able to stretch herself she was instead on something that is the equivalent to being a production line worker (apologies) where she knew everything there was to know about the timing of her co-stars and able to play off it easily. I wonder if the other co-stars in the sitcom think she is more talented than they are and that is why she gets all the publicity and rom-com roles? Or do they see that the only difference between her and them is that she married/divorced by the talented moviestar BP? I can just see her goddess circle sitting around saying to her “you can do anything, you go for it girl and show em”. But what they are really thinking is “must keep my job and build her up and maybe if she gets richer I’ll get a pay rise.”

    She is so bereft of talent and depth that I can only imagine her saccarine flavoured version of directing. She will probably have a book in her trailer called “The Idiot’s Guide to Directing.” But because the concepts in the guide are too complicated for her she’ll hire one of her ‘friends’ to translate for her.

  182. 182
    Karen Says:

    Oh great, another movie with her holding a gun that weighs more than she does.Typical Jolie movie. She doesn’t do her own stunts as much as she like us to believe that. If she jumped off a car she would shatter in a million pieces she is so scrawny. Salt will fail just like all the rest of her movies have over the last five years. She was a lousy actress and human being before she met Brad, but since then she has really crashed and burned in the industry. I think the only thing that keeps her in the spotlight is what she did to Brad’s marriage and people are over that. I agree with whoever said that she needs Aniston. Without that scandle, Jolie is a NOBODY!

  183. 183
    Passing Through Says:

    # 178 gracie @ 04/21/2010 at 1:12 am
    The sentence Michael Douglas’s son got annoys the crap out of me. More celebrity entitlement. He was looking at something ridic like 100 years in prison – and he got 5…cuz his daddy wrote a letter to the judge whining on his behalf. If it had been some schmoe off the street they’d have thrown the book at him without even reading the letter.

  184. 184
    Passing Through Says:

    # 181 jaliah @ 04/21/2010 at 9:08 am
    X did say the project was “in development”…which is a round about way of saying,”It has no script and no funding.” She can “develope” projects all she wants – getting funding is the sticking point.
    Personally I’m having too much fun laughing at the prospect of her trying to go toe-to-toe with Tommy Lee Jones in an indie drama to take time to appreciate the humor of her trying to become a director. With the crappy scripts she picks and her crappy acting…can you just imagine how suckified her directing is going to be? Makes me shudder just thinking about it. Oh well…I’ll enjoy the humor of that IF it ever materializes. Right now you’ll have to excuse me because I need to go send Tommy and e-mail and see WTF possessed him to agree to do a movie in which X is his daughter. I LOVE Tommy Lee Jones. Even better…I love Tommy Lee Jones’ THICK TEXAS ACCENT. All I wanna know is – Is X gonna be doing an accent on top of trying to e-mote without playing with her hair, flapping her hands in front of her face, scrunching said face into “cute” expressions, without a skin-tight wardrobe, without expensive hair and makeup and without showing her nips. This shite is going to be classic AND epic – classicly and epically bad.

  185. 185
    dark angel Says:

    If JA is gonna direct and it doesn’t work out… what next for her? It’s better to just go back to TV. But sadly, she doesn’t want to fade away. I shudder to think when she’s already in her 80s and still acting in romcoms.

  186. 186
    voe Says:

    @Karen #182,
    Why so mad? Could it be because you sensed the opposite of what you wrote is true? Do you know that your post was quite funny? It described a certain TV actress more than the object of your abnormal hatred. I can’t imagine her being so angry and hateful as she has lost nothing but “not the love of her life”, yet like her mother the traits run in the blood so it’s hard to rid or suppress. But you being hateful and maddeningly angry for her? One can only suspect who you are, and the name isn’t Karen but perhaps starts with J.
    Salt will be a hit. My son is anticipating it. As are action-movie, good plot loving men. Why don’t you go help The Buttfingered Hunter’s BO, Karen.

  187. 187
    voe Says:

    You’ve got to give X the credit for tenacity. And I think X should have thanked her mother for this inheritance. X has taken this tenacity inherited from her mother and applied it well to her quest for fame in addition to harboring petty hate toward her X. Had Nancy used it on her own career as X’s been doing instead of on raising an ingrate, she could have at least got the satisfaction of accomplished something for herself. Hers is an example of good, moral decision producing ill results.

  188. 188
    NHT(Now hear this) Says:

    I think Jennifer would regain respect in the business if she went back and took real classes at a university, maybe NYC ,on directing before she actually tried it seriously. Or go direct a small play in Greece where her family is. Seriously ,I have nothing bad to say about her but, she has lost her way as an actor and needs to regroup. Go to London, those actors are very versatile and learn her craft. Brad said he wished others could see what he saw in her as an actress, so maybe there is potential there that we cannot see. If there is one more romcom, I will have to say in the words of my southern grandmother, “go, set down somewhere.”

  189. 189
    lulu Says:

    Passing Through @ 04/21/2010 at 9:59 am +1

    # 178 gracie @ 04/21/2010 at 1:12 am
    The sentence Michael Douglas’s son got annoys the crap out of me. More celebrity entitlement. He was looking at something ridic like 100 years in prison – and he got 5…cuz his daddy wrote a letter to the judge whining on his behalf. If it had been some schmoe off the street they’d have thrown the book at him without even reading the letter


    ITA. Douglas’s son is a dealer ! and for godsake, how many young life did that guy wasted or killed ? 5 yrs. is not enough. !

    I think Greed run in Douglas family .

  190. 190
    voe Says:

    OT: I despise men who disses women, so I am not fond of M.Douglass. Having said that, I do not attribute his son’s poorly conducted life on MD. This son is a grown man, has been for many years. He chose the life that led him to the can.
    Parents can only absolutely influence their children through certain ages (under 14 in many cases). Then there are teachers, peers, TVs, etc…coming into the sphere of influence. Also children inherit traits from uncles, aunts, distant great uncles and so on (all in their blood ancestors) too.
    When the JP’s children are adults and reported to have made mistakes I will be one not attribute their blunders to the JP. The JP, like all caring parents can only do their best parenting and have so far.

  191. 191
    Debra19 Says:

    Hey #182 Karen….

    This one’s for you…. this is what NY Magazine thinks of your pathetic loser idol.

    Here’s a little excerpt: ” her accursed designated sweet spot: looking sad on the cover of People magazine.”

    I guarantee you will NEVER NEVER EVER see an article like this written about Angelina Jolie.

  192. 192
    Passing Through Says:

    # 190 voe @ 04/21/2010 at 10:55 am
    Voe -
    I agree that Michael Douglas and his ex-wife aren’t 100% at fault. Yes, at a certain point in a child’s life outside influences replace parental guidance. The stupider your friends are the stupider your decisions are. HOWEVER, and this is my biggest problem, MD and his ex-wife brought up a child who felts entitled to whatever he wanted and was used to getting whatever he wanted. By the time people started saying no to him it was too late. Cameron was a spoiled brat raised in a home full of marital strife, drug use, alcohol abuse and adultery. Sounds like a formula for a troubled child to me. Most teens start using and their parents are completely unaware of it and that was probably the case with Cameron. The problem was – he was probably getting the drugs from his father’s stash!
    IIRC Cameron Douglas has been in out of rehab since he was a teenager – long after his parents’ bitter divorce. His story is the same as hundred of thousands of other troubled teens who turn to drugs because they can’t deal with stress and divorce. He’s been in trouble off-and-on for years so when the family cut him off financially they should have known he’d start selling. They’ve tried interventions over the years, but as the saying goes – you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Cameron is what Robert Downey, Jr. would have been had he not had his talent and his career – and women to put up with his BS – to subsidize his habit. As far as I know Cameron Douglas has never had a career other than being a professional dope addict. Yet another old adage – Michael & Kirk were the generations who made the money and Cameron is the fvcked up son who tried to snort and shoot it all. C’est la vie.

  193. 193
    Pot Says:

    Now that the new Bond movie is in jeopardy…I think it would be great if they scrapped James Bond, and a new studio picked it up and changed it to Jane Bond….starring Angie. Just like she replaced Tom Cruise as Salt. That would be amazing! Women are taking over the world. We’d love to see Angie kicking ass, and a little man candy while she’s at it. Haha, JA wanted to be a Bond girl (yeah right!), but AJ could actually be Bond! How cool would that be?

  194. 194
    Pot Says:

    @ Passing Through, #151. Are we JJ friends yet? Funny pic on #151. If that doesn’t show Jen’s pre-nosejob, I don’t know what does.

  195. 195
    Passing Through Says:

    # 191 Debra19 @ 04/21/2010 at 10:58 am
    This one’s for you…. this is what NY Magazine thinks of your pathetic loser idol.

    Here’s a little excerpt: ” her accursed designated sweet spot: looking sad on the cover of People magazine.”
    Too bad NY Magazine didn’t remember this 2 years ago when they had her pose for THEIR COVER in Dec 2008…making funny faces the same as Angie had done in W 2 months before. It always cracks me up when this people point out how fvced up X is – AFTER they’ve furthered her famehodom by slapping her pic on the cover of their mag.

  196. 196
    NHT(Now hear this) Says:

    @Debra19: That’s radical dude!

  197. 197
    jaliah Says:

    Passing through 184
    NOOOOOOO!! Tommy Lee Jones has agreed to appear with Epsilon (double) Minus…either he has been offered millions or he is a darhm fool.

    Epsilon Minus (also known as semi-moronic) will just use the accent she used in the Good Girl so emoting on top of that won’t be too much of a problem if she just taps into her top notch training in that sitcom.

    But you know the director of the GG had her sitting on her hands and looking depressed and everyone hailed her as a good actress so maybe the director of the indie film will find another trick to make it look as if she can act the way Cameron did with Arnie in his first film…look mean Arnie, look mean.

  198. 198
    NHT(Now hear this) Says:

    @Pot: Since the Brits are taking over the American movies, it’s time for an American Bond. You’re right, and Brad could be Jolie’s Bond Boy. Okay, I’ve had enough fun’ I’m out .

  199. 199
    Passing Through Says:

    # 194 Pot @ 04/21/2010 at 11:32 am
    @ Passing Through, #151. Are we JJ friends yet?
    I don’t think it’s necessary to be “friends” to co-exist. Unless I see my name I’ve just been scrolling past your posts. Frankly I didn’t have a problem with you until you attacked me for being “rude” to the Brazilian Box Office Queen. I’ve been on this site a long time and unless I’m just being sarcastic with the trolls, if I’m being snarky to someone it’s usually for a reason that existed before you got here. I’ve got more stalkers at this joint that X has bad movies under her belt.

  200. 200
    estelle Says:

    @Passing Through: With his wrap sheet he should get 10 to 15 years. Nice to have a rich famous daddy!

  201. 201
    estelle Says:

    @NHT(Now hear this): Oh thank goodness it’s just a joke. I don’t think American actors should do accent…the British are so much better at it. I like Brad Pitt, but I don’t think he can be Bond.

  202. 202
    gg Says:

    I was bored and went to the locavie thread.She said Brad and Angie are together because they have kids, it will be selfish if they breakup. Why it will be selfish? If they are not happy they shouldn’t stay together just for the kids. They can be co- parent without being with each other because their life and wants matter too. Only the same old closed mind people who were saying Brad should have stayed with Manny even he was not happy are saying this non sense. I said that not because I want to see them breaking up hell no. I will be heart broken as though it is my own. I love them very much together and they have been through so many things for love but those things can happen.
    I saw Not Ok cover and they once again did the marriage cover. I go lol but for a minute I imagined how it would be if Brad and Angie decided to get married for real, she in her wedding dress he in his texido they would make the most beautiful Bride and Groom it would be a pic I will love to see.

  203. 203
    gg Says:

    #193 pot
    sorrybut I don’t buy this women taking the world thing and I am a women. I don’t think that is what Angie’s intentions. I don’t like the way you said it at all it is rather provoking . I know you are a fan but I can disagree. James bond is delayed because it due to something else they didn’t say it is scrapped from what I read. I said this not because I care much for bond I did a few years back not now I didn’t even watch the last one.

  204. 204
    gg Says:

    #193 pot
    ok I re read you post again I was too quick to wirte a response. You didn’t said it is scraped but I still didn’t agree with that kind of thing . The NHT girl is using it for another gain . Also, Angie has many men fans, this kind of thing could be a turn off for them. Don’t paint her like that.
    One thing is true there are very few women a script that was orginally written for a man can re- written for them (just in that sense only)Angie is one of them Salt being one.

  205. 205
    Passing Through Says:

    OT -
    I see I’m a day late on this X story bit it cracked me up nonetheless. Soooooooo…I see X has gotten the Pokies out of cold storage…again. The pix at the link below are from the Hawaii shoot for the Adam Sandler movie – you know…the one where she has to share the screen with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Mrs. Andy Roddick – Brooklyn Decker. You know…the TALL, THIN, BEAUTIFUL and YOUNG…AS IN 20 YEARS YOUNGER!…co-star. BBBBWWWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!Because X knows she can’t compete with a YOUNG, firm model’s body, even though Decker’s never acted before, X was feeling so insecure she put the pokies on to try to even up thhe competition a bit more. Good luck with that, X. You’d need to be nekkid to pull that off…and it’s not like she hasn’t been theat desperate in the past…

  206. 206
    Yoco Says:

    @Passing Through: Her posing with the funny faces was New York Times Magazine not New York Magazine. BTW any news on what magazine Angie is going to be in to promote Salt besides EW.

  207. 207
    Pot Says:

    gg # 203 & # 204. Yes, you can disagree with me. But I wasn’t trying to provoke anything. What I meant is that there are now more women in the workforce and more highly paid women than ever before. I’m in business, and I read all the time how the Fortune companies are changing their thinking to market more to women because they are more and more becoming the key consumers and key decision makers. My post was 1/2 serious and 1/2 for fun. I’m just tired of action movies and sexy movies always being catered to men. With Angie’s breakthrough in Salt, it made me think of Bond. I think it would be nice for once to have a female lead action woman with all the men candy…instead of the old-fashioned man as the lead and women as the candy. I just think Angie is the only female star powerful enough to pull it off. I don’t think it would turn anybody off. Men would love to see sexy, kick ass Angie. Women would love to see Angie make that breakthrough. That’s just my opinion. I’m not saying that’s what Angie’s intentions are. I’d just like to see something like that happen. I meant no harm by it.

  208. 208
    Pot Says:

    @Passing Through: Was just extending an olive branch…..

  209. 209
    Pot Says:

    I’ve heard that sometimes when women have breast implants, that their nipples are always hard/erect. I don’t know, but JA should put some band-aids on that shite. It’s nasty! And if she’s purposely doing that with pasties, then she is grosser and more desperate than ever.

  210. 210
    um Says:

    # 165 NHT(Now hear this) @ 04/20/2010 at 10:31 pm

    The second one looks more like Eunica.Angelina’s double.

  211. 211
    hmm Says:

    Maniston is NO 5 for people that should just stop making movies. I disagree about Nicole.

  212. 212
    hmm Says:

    Pot…maniston wears plastic “pokies” under her bra. She was outed in 2008 for doing so. What a loser and fame-ho.

  213. 213
    hmm Says:

  214. 214
    Maria from Texas Says:


  215. 215
    It will tank! Says:

    I can’t wait to see this movie tank..No doubt it will..Everything Jolie touches turns to sh!t..On the other hand everything Aniston touches turns to gold..She is definitely holding the golden ticket..She has men chasing her for dates, money, fame, respect, ageless beauty, talent, charity work, everyone wants her in their movies..Unlike jolie who has a washed up old man for a partner, six unrulely kids, no fame, a bad rep, aged beyond her years, movies that have tanked for years..Yes, Jen is holding the golden ticket now..Eat your hearts out haters..Your idol is done!

  216. 216
    Passing Through Says:

    ROTFLMAO. Gwen Stefani is dressing Zuma in Kingston’s hand-me-downs…and OuttaTouch does a story saying Zuma is “stealing” Kingston’s style. God. Can’t these people ever just tell the truth without sensationalizing it? They’re making it sound like sibling rivalry as if Zuma has the slightest idea – a) WTF he’s wearing; and b) that Kingston wore it first.
    Also, if you want to lose your lunch – in their tabloid wrapup Jezebel has a photo from OuttaTouch of Larry King Frenching his soon-to-be ex…in public…and the world didn’t go dark…

  217. 217
    Passing Through Says:

    # 215 hmm @ 04/21/2010 at 3:19 pm
    Pot…maniston wears plastic “pokies” under her bra. She was outed in 2008 for doing so. What a loser and fame-ho.
    Some of the old timers at this site have known about it longer than that because I can remember us making fun of X and her Pokies back in the fall of 2006 when Angie and Brad were in India. There was a brand called “BodyPerks” and they actually had X as an example on their website! LOL. They didn’t say she was wearing their product – just that X was an example what their product would look like with a tight shirt. I used to whip out that link on a regular basis. Alas, they went belly up sometime last year. Knowing X and Huvane they probably sued the company out of business for using her likeness without permission.
    LOL…I just Googled them and they’re back online…sans the picture of X…

  218. 218
    ELLLES Says:

    There a cheap penguin paperback about B&A being flogged right next to the mags, is that a new one I hadn’t heard about then? By a chas someone or other, obviously unauthorised.

  219. 219
    Passing Through Says:

    # 214 hmm @ 04/21/2010 at 3:17 pm 0

    Maniston is NO 5 for people that should just stop making movies. I disagree about Nicole.
    That list is pretty spot on. I concur about NK. She just needs to start choosing better projects and stop thinking in terms of what’s going to be Oscar bait.

  220. 220
    gracie Says:

    Hi JP fans. Just read my last post on Michael Douglas son, I was half asleep when I posted that and didn’t bother to edit it. A lesson not to write when tired and in a semiconscious state.

    PT, I know what you mean but I was thinking, maybe, if his dad had been there when he was younger, treated his mom with some respect and been a good dad or a good role model, he may have turned out a better human being than the man he is today..

    On Heather Locklear, what has she done to her beautiful face? She is looking more like Joan Rivers. I like her a lot. Why can’t these people age with grace. She has just ruined her once gorgeous face.

  221. 221
    gg Says:

    LOL the dirty old man photos are the funniest thing . I am embarrassed for him. He is too old for any of that LOL

  222. 222
    estelle Says:

    @hmm: ITA with you regarding NK, I like many of her movies, including “Australia” ( I think I’m the only person like that movie..haha) , the rest of the list is spot on!

  223. 223
    trt Says:

    #213: If she were a man, she’d look like someone who’s always got a hard-onnn.

    How can she walk out of her house with a straight face knowing people can tell she’s got fake pokies on?

    However, it would have even be funnier if it was a natural condition. You’d think she’d be embarrassed to have people think she’s in a state of permanent arousal.

  224. 224
    Sarah Says:

    My God she looks so old. WTH happened to her? Wow she has aged something awful. I really never though she could act, but she use to be pretty. If this is what being with Brad did to her I think she should leave him before everyone starts saying “Angelina who”? The movie looks like a bomb. She hasn’t made a good flick in years. I say she retires and stays home to take care of all those kids. She had them, bought them, whatever. She could at least take proper care of them. Nuff said!

  225. 225
    trt Says:

    #215: Surely DELUSION is your middle name!!

    Something you share with your idol? How sweet….LOL!

  226. 226
    Passing Through Says:

    # 224 gg @ 04/21/2010 at 4:20 pm
    LOL. That photo made me gag. Thank God I wasn’t eating…or planning to eat…ever again…

  227. 227
    first and last post Says:

    Re: 184 Passing Through @ 04/21/2010 at 10:09 am
    .Re: “X did say the project was “in development”…which is a round about way of saying,”It has no script and no funding.” She can “develope” projects all she wants – getting funding is the sticking point.”
    I’ll go one step further PT and say her manipulation of the “in development” lingo is it is merely one of her “thinking thoughts” said out loud…contrived posturing without commitment to follow through. This is not the first time she has “announced” she will go into directing. ..a “ten minute” co-directing stint is laughable compared to single handedly taking control of the management and organization and all that entails from beginning to end of a one and a half hour full length movie. She doesn’t want to work that hard at something new because she is out of her element and cognizant of another failure and rejection. She can’t even change her hair style without 24/7 paid professional servicing.
    It’s another ruse to offset the bad BO and reviews starting with Mismanagement through LH and TBH…all three publicly stunk resulting in well known critics to unknown blogs trashing her choices and her acting. Did the ruse of the Kristin Hahn interview with it’s “lonely emblem” debut work?…it diverted attention to her movies temporarily until the next one came out…she’s resetting to a new starting point…game on.

  228. 228
    gracie Says:

    These tabs are so lazy, they should get off their fat asses and go find real stories instead of trying to create one with children —- pathetic. Big deal, a brother is sharing clothes with his younger brother, that’s what siblings do. It is not strange to us normal people. GS is a good mother. I like the way she does her things with her husband and kids. Her kids look healthy and happy.
    PT, is that LK’s wife? she looks like Sharon Stone. Looks like the old timer wants to prove he still got it..LOL !!!

  229. 229
    um Says:

    Isn’t it funny she started talking about directing knowing Angelina is going to direct a document from that book in Cambodia? She sounds so obsessed with Angelina.

  230. 230
    gg Says:

    #226 PT Thank God I wasn’t eating…or planning to eat…ever again…
    haha haha Your crack me up you are fun.

  231. 231
    an oldie Says:

    Maniston can’t do anything by herself. With directing, she is hoping that she can get the help of her friends without having to acknowledge it to the world. Her friends, and even her acting coach can’t act for her, but they sure can help her direct a movie. Another fraud in the making.

  232. 232
    gracie Says:

    Scroll down: pics of Knox and his parents and watch out for the uncanny similarities in their hands and facial gestures. He is his father’s son.

  233. 233
    Elizabeth Says:

    @gracie: Oh gracie that is too funny and . Thanks for sharing…I have to stare at it and really smile and laught at the pics….Knox is really cute and adorable. Hello to all JP fans….Hmmmmm there’s a thread about JA going to take a break and will concentrate of making movies…Hmmmmmmm

  234. 234
    dianad1968 Says:

    Guys one of the clues on Jeopardy tonight was which movie with Brad Pitt did Nicole Kidman drop from and Angelina Jolie starred in. LOL. The Jolie-Pitts are a phenomenon.

  235. 235
    first and last post Says:

    Re: 187 voe @ 04/21/2010 at 10:36 am
    Hi voe,
    “You’ve got to give X the credit for tenacity. “
    Tenacity and stupidity can be interchangeable depending on the criteria’s and rationale one judges to pursue their tenacity. One facet about nippy that is well known…she hates change but due to public outcry of how bad her movies are, of being exposed as a game player with her co-stars and movie promotions, of playing the same role in every romcom is now forced to muffle her humiliation with a tactic dramatically counter intuitive to her basic nature…the question is why is she officially announcing she will go into directing when there are no details to dish out?…great ploy…it’s a diversion first, an afterthought second. Her tenacity is driven by her inability to do anything else, her craving and addiction for media attention to maintain that inherited “A” list standing from her divorce and her reluctance to take on something new which is change. Beneath all this is her tenacity in refusing to recognize, 1. she is not good at acting, 2. her movies fail at drawing respected BO numbers even if her cohorts striding with are well known and established male actors and 3. bottom-line her repetitious fallback manipulations are not working anymore because in her underestimation of the intelligence of the general public she has taken them for a ride too long and the “jig is up.” Tenacity=stubbornness, functioning with blinders, denial with justifications and excuses on why your MO is really working, defiance in acknowledging your addiction to your own downfall like any hard drug, banging your head against a wall because you think/feel it had positive effect in the past. This “tenacity” is her downfall, it‘s intuitively wise to know when to stop but that is a giant leap for someone on autopilot denial…her therapist should work with her PR agent…what a mix-match that is…could be fun.

  236. 236
    reagan Says:

    Angie R O C K’S!
    I cant wait to see ‘Salt’!

    …And now we know she does her own stunts, COOL!

  237. 237
    Pot Says:

    #212 hmm & #217 Passing Through. Thanks for the “pokies” info. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Maybe JA is trying to be a spokesperson for them. Now that her Friends money is running out, she’s looking to do endorsements (uhh perfume). She’d probably put them out of business again! Yuck, yuck, yuck. What goes through that woman’s twisted mind, I’ll never know.

  238. 238
    Pot Says:

    @gracie: Thanks for always sharing such nice pics. #232 is very cute!

  239. 239
    Media is Tired of Jen Anuston Says:

    While promoting her new perfume (and its accompanying ads with her sitting naked on a rock), Jennifer Aniston gave an interview with Women’s Wear Daily in which she announced her new show-business plans: to direct a film: “After you get enough movies under your belt, you sit back and go, ‘What’s next?’ It’s getting to be the time where creatively I want to turn in a different direction.” The divergent plans of shilling a new fragrance (which will compete on the shelves with Just Me by Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s eau de parfum) and becoming an auteur seem to cancel each other out in terms of high/low aspirations. And yet that very imbalance seems sadly appropriate when it comes to Aniston, whose career, ever since Friends ended in 2004, has been marked by wind sprints from fluffy rom-coms to prestige indies and back again, all the while never able to find a happy medium in which audiences truly embrace her.
    Aniston’s recent films, The Bounty Hunter and Love Happens, fall into the standard romantic-comedy pit that she’s been swimming in since she headlined in Picture Perfect in 1997 (remember that one? Yeah, neither do we. Oh, wait, we vaguely recall Jay Mohr playing the hunk, but that can’t possibly be right). Both of these films had middling box-office performances; as usual, people’s interest in the movie was inversely proportional to the interest in her personal life. Her fans got more worked up about her off-screen relationship with Gerard Butler than her onscreen one. Reviews were terrible for these films, but then again, when she tried prestige indies like The Good Girl and Friends With Money, she got good notices, but audiences still didn’t care. The only films that really have worked are The Break Up, which, with her relationship with Vince Vaughn, was the perfect melding of film and personal life, and Marley & Me, at which people only politely put up with her just so they could get to the dead dog.
    All this “What do you people want from me?” confusion may be what has driven her to flail out into so many directions. You don’t like me in Rom-Coms? Well, then, I’ll make you a perfume! Not into that? How about I become a director! And if those don’t work, I’ll design skateboards, then get my masters in literature, and then I give up! It’s hard not to sympathize with what seems like a frantic desire to sit anywhere except in her accursed designated sweet spot: looking sad on the cover of People magazine.

  240. 240
    Shar Says:

    @Media is Tired of Jen Anuston:

    Damn, that article is right on the money!!! It’s like, they read our minds and put it into texts.

    1 question, what’s the name of the site that has this article posted? I want to email a thank you note to them, lol!!

  241. 241
    .... Says:

    Is Brad Pitt still chasing Angelina around Italy? He is looking really desperate lately. I think he was black balled for what he did to steven soderbergh. I’ve read accounts from people who worked on Soderbergh’s version of the baseball movie and they all say Brad got his friend fired. Now look at him. Doing cartoon voice work and desperately trying to hold onto Angelina.

    Tick tock. Angelina left the family. Tick tock

  242. 242
    yes Says:

    @….: Jealous Maniston.

  243. 243
    woow Says:

    Ramey has new Brad pictures in Venice. He looks delicious HOT in white shirt.

  244. 244
    a fan Says:

    @Media is Tired of Jen Anuston:
    Spot on. I am glad more are calling Chinnfer out.

  245. 245
    voe Says:

    HI FALP.
    Like every thing else in life, too much of a good thing can be bad. Tenacity, stubbornness, perseverance, single-mindedness, obsessiveness are describing different consequences of one trait. Aren’t we humans interesting? This is why I often (yes often, not always) love people.
    I think Nippy started out, using her inherited stubbornness that is, to prove her mother wrong–that despite her look she could make it in Hollywood. She succeeded. When she got more famous than her cast mates on Friends for a stupid hair cut she was empowered, thinking her stubbornness had served her well thus will continue to do so onward. Luck (which gave her BP and resulting A-list status) gave her the belief that her thinking and strategy were right on course. So she became quite drunk of her own success and became arrogant. That and her deep rooted insecurity (for no one but self knows the truth behind one’s success) turned her against herself and she went about the media round belittling her luck and to prove that it was not responsible for her success. So the Goddess of luck got tired of her ungratefulness and dropped her (my people’s belief & I’ve found it to be true). She found out her “tenacity”‘s real capability soon enough. But she can’t let her insecurity win — it’d prove she has been a fraud all alone (she has been reading comments here). She had come so close to becoming one of the brightest stars, she thinks so she decided to do anything–director and bad-odor suppressant peddler–to stay in the limelight and hopefully will become the star to spite her luck (the ex).

  246. 246
    brad & angie fan Says:

    Just stop by to say Hello. I can’t wait to see SALT in July.
    All the JP pictures in Venice are awesome specially the twins.
    God bless the Jolie-Pitt Family.

  247. 247
    .... Says:

    Jealous of what exactly? Brad is over the hill 50 + year old man. What is there to be jealous of? Now ryan Gosling’s woman is a thing to be jealous of. Brad is old news. Brad is trying to hold onto to something but it’s slipping out of his old crusty hands every second. He is wasting time chasing Angelina around and making sure she doesn’t cheat on him ( because he’s probably cheating on her). This is Angelina’s Longest relationship and you are fooling yourself if you think it’s gonna last 5 more years. Brad is a man well into his 50s and Angelina is hitting the age women go through mid life crisis. watch out now, she is not going to want to be stuck with him for much longer. Trust me on this one. He should stick to producing but Brad seems to get high off the attention. He needs to be a LOVED actor. He is slippin faster than George Clooney and his ten million BOX Office BOMBS. NEXT comes Rom Coms aka movies for actors not wanted in real movies.

  248. 248
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    well said, Voe..

  249. 249
    voe Says:

    Re: # 192 Passing Through,
    Certainly that was the case. Still the son is a full grown adult, he chose to do / sell drug.

  250. 250
    huh Says:

    You fooled yourself for the past five years, didn’t you? LMAO. Give it up, you idiot.

  251. 251
    mama mia Says:

    The man’s body is smoking.

  252. 252
    Urban Legend Says:

    Is Brad Pitt the Finest Actor of His Generation?

    Apr 18, 2010 Jack Montgomery

    Brad Pitt might be one of Hollywood’s best looking stars, but he’s also starred in some of the most interesting films of the last two decades.

    One half of the most attractive couple on the planet, Brad Pitt’s movie star good looks haven’t necessarily helped him with being taken seriously as an actor. Like Leonardo DiCapprio, being a teenage girl’s pin up in his younger days masked the fact that he was turning out interesting films right from the very start of his career. Then romances with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie provided the media with acres of material and once again took the spotlight away from his screen work.

    However anyone who has followed his career on screen will have watched the rise of an actor who has delighted, thrilled and astounded cinema audiences with some of the most diverse and interesting movies over the last two decades.

    Thelma and Louise (1991)

    The film that brought Brad Pitt to the attention of the world. His amicable J.D. seduced Thelma, stole her money and caused a fluttering of hearts amongst female movie goers.

    True Romance (1993)

    Written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Tony Scott, Brad Pitt’s stoned Floyd was the funniest turn in True Romance and stole the show with his brief cameo.

    Interview With The Vampire (1994)

    Pitt was compelling as the guilt ridden Louis in the stylish adaptation of the cult vampire novel. He proved once again his movie presence wasn’t overshadowed by being in the company of other charismatic actors such as Tom Cruise and Antonio Banderas.

    Se7en (1995)

    With a decent claim for being the darkest, bleakest detective movie in cinema history, Se7en shocked audiences with its stark depiction of two cops on the trail of a psychotic serial killer.

    Twelve Monkeys (1996)

    A year later and Brad reveals his manic side as the insane animal rights activist who Bruce Willis meets in a mental institution during his time travels. It was a mesmerising performance in another unique film.

    Fight Club (1999)

    The film that was the inspiration for a generation. A cult classic whose message is still pertinent a decade later. Brad Pitt’s Tyler Burdon was cool personified with a dash of complete madness. Many men of a certain age secretly would love to be Tyler Burden.

    It’s almost impossible to follow something as ground-breaking as Fight Club and Pitt didn’t try. Instead he spent the next few years making films that, although perfectly watchable, didn’t match the originality of some of his previous films. After Snatch, Spy Game, Ocean’s Eleven, The Mexican, Troy and the sexy and funny Mr & Mrs Smith his career went into overdrive and he started to produce some of his best work.

    Babel (2006)

    A performance that wrenched at the heart in a superb film full of performances that left audiences feeling as though they’d been through the mill. Pitt demonstrated a new maturity as a man impotently watching his wife’s blood drain away in an unfamiliar and primitive country. A scene where he talks to his son on the phone is achingly brilliant and illustrates exactly why he is the best actor around.

    Burn After Reading (2008)

    Pitt showed he was as willing as friend and co-star, George Clooney, to allow the Coen brothers to turn him into a complete idiot. Absolutely hilarious as the gymnasium trainer with more hair gel than brains.

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

    In retrospect, the film might not be quite as good as the critics said it was, but there’s no denying that Brad Pitt’s performance as the young, old man becoming an old, young man is flawless.

    Inglourious ******** (2009)

    Brad Pitt’s character, Nazi hunter ‘Aldo the Apache’ is a genius creation. Pitt delivers his lines with relish, creating a character that lights up the screen with the intensity of a flare gun. Watching him try to pass himself of as an Italian is painful…and as funny a scene as can be found in modern cinema. In one scene Aldo comments ‘I think this might just be my masterpiece’. It might be director Quentin Tarantino telling the audience what he thinks of his own film, but it could equally well be applied to Brad Pitt’s performance.

    Others may argue that Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Cruise deserves the title of the best actor of their generation, but their films just can’t match the sheer diversity and quality of Oklahoma’s William Bradley Pitt.

  253. 253
    pls Says:

    @….: He did mrs and mrs smith when he was in the higest of his carrier, he is great In anything he wants to do. He is Brad and many loves him. He love his girl as she loves him, family is more important than work. He will be with her as she will be with him everywhere. That is called putting family number one. Btw Who is Rayan Gosling’s woman anyway. exactly ! I don’t even know her and I don’t care to find out. So go back to where you come from and let the leaders lead. Accomplished actors like him don’t just jump for the frist script that handed to them they are selective.

  254. 254
    zen2 Says:

    Can’t wait! I like action movie and this film will be better with Angelina.

  255. 255
    lylian Says:

    And yet, and yet, you cannot resist coming on to a 2 day old Angelina Jolie thread ( which in the celebrity gossip years is like 10 years ago) to comment on page 10 about Brad Pitt.
    Dare I say, YOU obviously find Brad Pitt more interesting than I find George Clooney or Jennifer Deadniston. For a start, I certainly would not bother to search out a thread about Dedn or Gerard Butt-ler or George Clooney or anyone else to post 2 days after their threads have hit the front page of JJ’s.
    And have you noticed that Angelina and Brad always continue to keep the attention of LOSIES such as yourself even when their threads are quite quite old in gossip years?
    Whose slipping eh?

  256. 256
    dianad1968 Says:

    I know some fans find Michael K at DListed funny, but he just annoys me to no end. Because everything is so slow on the JP frontline, I unwisely decided to go to his site, and remembered why I hate his site so much. He has a blind item about an actor who supposedly has terrible insomnia, and
    this is affecting all aspects of his life, and even his recent performances which has been criticized. He has supposedly moved out of his bedroom, and because his wife feels rejected, she has moved out with the children. How that is Brad is beyond me, but somehow MK has somehow decided that it is. Brad has received nothing but rave reviews for all of his his last roles since he has been with Angie, and as everyone can see, Angie is in Venice with her ENTIRE family. I swear the gay bloggers are worst than the women bloggers when it comes to Brad, and all I can think is that they want him for themselves.

  257. 257
    Media is Tired of Jen Anuston Says:


  258. 258

    Don’t forget!

  259. 259
    dianad1968 Says:

    ^^^^My above post reads like someone whose eyes need toothpicks to keep them open. LOL. Later

  260. 260
    goopydrawers Says:



    Sounds more like Matt Damon!

  261. 261
    .... Says:

    @pls: you can’t even spell “career” … I skipped your post after the “Carrier”

  262. 262
    .... Says:

    Brad PItt is DUNZO and Angelina will be dunzo as soon as Salt bombs. I have a feeling that her “people” have been telling her to dump Brad because her “CAREER” will be better off without him and as soon as salt bombs Brad will be kicked to the curb. Brad’s career will take a tumble if he’s not with Jolie. he will be seen as the deadbeat dad that he is. He’s not a good actor… he’s decent in SOME of his movies and shiiit in most.

  263. 263
    Gwen Says:

    @Urban Legend:
    ITA with this guy. Brad is the finest actor of his generation.

  264. 264
    ohwell Says:


  265. 265
    pls Says:

    @….: skip coming here all together with you nonsesne.

  266. 266
    LOL Says:


  267. 267
    >>>>> Says:

    @____you just want to make us worked up aren’t ya? is not gonna happen.

  268. 268
    huh Says:

    LMAO Go take your meds.

  269. 269
    gracie Says:

    A little reminder to haters/Aniston fans who stalk Brad and Angie’s thread 24/7. This is what your idol’s lovelife has become in Hw, a laughing stock and a joke. Brad doesn’t want and will NEVER want that butt fingered ho. Too many fingers been there and they’ve all rejected her. Enjoy!!!!
    God bless the JP family and their fans around the world.

  270. 270
    jaliah Says:

    dinad1968 #256
    It has been revealed as Ben Affleck; but it doesn’t matter what the blind is about the idiots will guess AJ or BP because they simply can’t believe that two people who have it all could also be good people and genuinely happy.

  271. 271
    lol Says:

    @gracie: Aniston’s lovers show her respect .

  272. 272
    Passing Through Says:

    OT -
    I was just at Jared’s homepage and saw some pix of JLo at the premiere of her lasted dud. Ordinarily I think JLo comes off as a wee too desperate for attention when she’s on the RC – homegirl coccks her hip to the side so hard she’s gonna need a hip replacment soon – BUT…last night at least her dress (fit her to a T) killed it. The movie probably sucked, but the dress killed it.
    Someone send these pix to X. THIS is how you bring it at a premiere for a sucky romcom…er…not that X is anywhere near JLo in the looks department, but she could at least do something different with her hair!

  273. 273
    Angelina Jolie Says:

    Anorexic Idol!

  274. 274
    Vera Says:

    this picture is ridiculous! seriosly! they could choose a better one!

  275. 275
    Passing Through Says:

    # 230 first and last post @ 04/21/2010 at 5:36 pm
    LOL, FALP! Yeah…girlfriend doesn’t do change well. And she’s always working an angle because the current project has done a great big splat at the box office. X’ll never direct because it’s the ultimate responsibility and accountability. Two things that are NOT her friends or even glancing acquaintainces. When the critics tear the movie to shreds because the directing sucks – she’ll have no one else to blame and will therefore be held accountable for it’s dreadfulness. Homegirl can’t handle that kind of pressure. She’d be looking for a bunny to boil about 10 minutes into the first day of shooting.
    BTW – I meant to say the other day…Did you guys notice how X re-started all this directing talk AFTER it was announced that Angie (and Meryl, too) was going to direct a short film for a project featuring actresses as first-time directors? Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun…someone call Captain Quint! There’s a shark circling the Jolie-Pitts again!

  276. 276
    Passing Through Says:

    # 231 gracie @ 04/21/2010 at 5:43 pm +6
    PT, is that LK’s wife? she looks like Sharon Stone. Looks like the old timer wants to prove he still got it..LOL !!!
    Yeah, that was Larry with is wife. He’s 76 – she’s 50…and he was frenching her like they were 14 and still trying to figure out how to do it. Bleh. When you can see the tongue coming from 10 feet away? Not very subtle, is he?

  277. 277
    lurker Says:

    Good Morning to all the fans of Angie and Brad.

    No new new pics. Bye. Love Knox the cutest boy in Hollywood.

  278. 278
    gg Says:

    No new Brad and Angie news ? It looks like Brad and Angie is enjoying their time. It is nice to see the tabolids harrass them a little less now. I Remember 3-5 covers a week and all were abusing to them. Now they can live their life in peace a little more.
    It would be nice if fans don’t go to Manny threads and taking to her idots. I was bored and went yesterday I refuse to do it anylonger. I check back later

  279. 279
    brad & angie fan Says:

    They have new pictures of Brad in Venice taken Yesterday from ramey.God bless the Jolie-Pitt Family.
    Hi to all the fans around the world.

  280. 280
    New Pixes Says:

    Brad Pitt in Venice

  281. 281
    estelle Says:

    This is my 3rd day at this long arses depositions…….arrrggghhh.

    @Passing Through: My friend and I got to see it last week at a sneak preview ( we got the tickets from those PR people, who parked themselves in front of the movie theater, they give you free tickets for the movie and after the movie, you have to fill out a short survey about the movie). Anyhow, the movie is totally suck! the guy is cute, but we had enough of his taking off his shirt and pant at every other scenes….but if that was Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie…..ahhhhhhhhh….that would be a totally different movie…..hahahaha. ( Well I was dozing off when Jlo was in her second trimester and woke up in time for the water break, so my opinion on the survey might not be all fair), I think this movie is trying too hard to be funny.


    ****spoiler alert****

    There was a scene in the movie when JLo’s boy friend was at the park, he met a young father and they started talking. The father was saying having children is awful, but there is a magical moment that ones will treasure..blah blah blah…the father’s little boy was playing in the sand, this little boy ate some sand and ran to his father, and show his father what he has in his hand, IT WAS POOP! … ( Sound familiar? they stole Zahara and Brad story and put it in this movie) I was like WTH? ( ok, more like WTF). Any how, I’m sure now everyone will go see this movie, just to see that part of the movie. Muahahahahahaha….especially the trolls.

  282. 282
    Gracie Says:

    276 Passing Through @ 04/22/2010 at 9:49 am

    When you can see the tongue coming from 10 feet away? Not very subtle, is he?

    PT, you crack me up. The thought freaks me out..

  283. 283
    Passing Through Says:

    # 284 estelle @ 04/22/2010 at 12:55 pm
    LOL, Estelle. I don’t think the writers stole that poop story from Brad. JLo’s movie was already in pre-prod when Brad was on Okra. Besides – a lot of little kids do that. The J-Ps are just lucky it was dog poop. My mother always liked to embarrass my oldest sister by talking about how difficult she was to potty train – and how my sister would go everywhere but the potty and that my sister used to poop in the corners and then pick it up and bring it our mother so she could throw it away. My decades later and believe me – none of my siblings have forgotten that story and therefore SHE has not been allowed to forget it either! LOL.
    BTW – You are 100% correct – PT will NOT be wasting money to see a JLo flick. The trailerss are awful, so I just multiplied 2 minutes by 45 and came out with 90 minutes of pure torture. BUT…at least her RC dress was cute…

  284. 284
    Urban Legend Says:

    Brad Pitt & David Fincher claim Top 5 spot in the best Actor & Director partnerships ever!

    Notable Pairings
    Seven, Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    What’s The Secret Of Their Success?
    Brad Pitt could easily have ended up with Matthew McConaughey’s career, looking oh-so-pretty in a string of forgettable rom-coms. Instead, he’s always gone for slightly dark, slightly twisted films like those that David Fincher makes – and aren’t we glad he did? Pitt’s perfect features and often underestimated acting chops work so well when contrasted with the depravity of Seven, the anarchy of Fight Club and the, er, wrinkles of Benjamin Button.

    Were They As Good With Anyone Else?
    Fincher made the ace Zodiac without Pitt, and Pitt’s been great in films like The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford. But we’ll still fork over anything they want to charge next time these two fancy working together.

    Best Film
    Fight Club. Hey, if you were going to imagine yourself a rebellious alter-ego, you’d want it to be Pitt’s Tyler Durden, a man so awesome he looks good in a fluffy pink dressing gown.

  285. 285
    estelle Says:

    @Passing Through: Hahahaha! your poor sister…….Oh great, one thing I’m going to look forward to when I have kids of my own.
    I was happy that I didn’t have to pay for it, but very tempted to wack the PR guy in the head with my bag of pop corn for wasting 50 minutes of my life ( minus the time I was in dreamland).

    Have you heard that Porgie is engaged? and is not with African girl …again…hahaha.

    Sorry African Girl. I think this is it, but I saw Ryan Gosling recently, and he has real protential?

  286. 286
    first and last post Says:

    275 Passing Through @ 04/22/2010 at 9:34 am
    “When the critics tear the movie to shreds because the directing sucks – she’ll have no one else to blame and will therefore be held accountable for it’s dreadfulness.”
    Unfortunately the pattern for being the “victim” NEVER ends and she will always reach out to new dimensions to avoid admittance to failure…her camera man was poorly trained, the grip man wasn’t listening to her blah, blah, blah…vomit.
    Re: “Homegirl can’t handle that kind of pressure. She’d be looking for a bunny to boil about 10 minutes into the first day of shooting.”
    What’s her break point to give up her “tenacity“ for humiliation? Oh wait…Urinator and butt finger…maybe she can withstand more than anyone knows LOL. You are so right, her psychological frailty will be put to a test and the public will be bombarded with her interviews by her paid golden goddesses with excuses and more mind games…she’s not smart enough to figure out that her “thinking thoughts” is one of her worst enemies from within…after-all the public is not smart enough to figure her and her PR schemata’s out.

    Your visual put a schadenfreude smile on many faces…let’s see what’s next after acting, producing now directing…make up artist? Costume designer…nah, none of these give her enough status or media center stage. As the struggle to A list for the most deserving is long and difficult, the fall for non deserving A listers is fast and painful…when she fails at directing…could this be the final stage of her downfall??? I say let the games begin…could be a good roller coaster ride to watch, front row seats for die-hard raging “deadend” critics…you, me, lylian, ground control, jill, guli and others who have been on jareds since mid 2005-2006 or so waiting for the next phase and nippy won’t disappoint…which is more schadenfreude?…watching her continue in bad romcom movie roles and getting bashed repeatedly which is now an expectation, no real downfall, just a slow level torture there OR following her attempt to something different within the same professional scope, her failing at that change a third time (aka movie actress to producer to director) to her experiencing a new humiliation…three strikes and she’s out??? Let her game begin…this is more entertaining than reviews of her bad movies.

    As long as nips stays in the entertainment industry, she will always feel competitive with AJ and will struggle to “up” everything about her…that is nippy’s obsession…to offset or mimic who and what AJ represents in deadends mind as her nemesis and forever monkey on her back as long as she, BP and AJ are sharing the limelight and functioning in the same sphere of influence. She’s mentally analogous to a battered woman who with no job skills won’t leave an abusive lover subjecting herself to repetitive degradation aka Nips is so insecure in her own capabilities that threatened by change she can’t figure out that that very obsession is her demise so like most fearful individuals, she remains in her own cage comfortable with the known versus the unknown of change.

    Whereas AJ embraces change and adventure…an attribute that quantifies learning and new experiences, thereby superior judgement in choices that are made and acceptance of differences in people, culture and environments…the core for flexibility in mind set and greater adaptability towards a sustained elevated quality of life.

    btw as most of you intelligent JP supporters have already figured out… it is also the basic premise for Darwin’s theory LOL.

  287. 287
    ? Says:

    Are these numbers for real?

  288. 288
    Registro de Marca Says:

    agelina always the best

  289. 289
    lololol Says:

    @Urban Legend: brad’s pr probably paid for that. Pitt is going to be in over drive for positive mentions re his movie career for the better part of this year. the man is pathetic.

  290. 290
    Jess Says:

    New Pixes @ 04/22/2010 at 12:49 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Brad Pitt in Venice
    Hotness Overload.

  291. 291
    hmmm Says:

    @Registro de Marca:
    The number is bad for a PG13 rom-com. The Ugly Truth rated R was $205 million.

  292. 292
    hmmm Says:

    Above post is to ? #287.

  293. 293
    gracie Says:

    The Insider HD crew discussing and admiring Jolie-Pitt kids fashion sense. Scroll down and watch, nice video. It’s all good stuff. You can tell they admire Brad and Angie.

  294. 294
    lololol Says:

    remember my post when you read how wonderful brad is in his Paid for articles in the coming months.

  295. 295
    busted Says:

    you are an idiot just like the other haters. Brad does not have a PR team, nor does Angie.. they don’t need one. Angie figured it out first.. Then Brad saw the waste in paying someone money to say.. no or no comment or that is not true. They take that money and actually put it to good use.

    I know you and the other nuts want to put Angie/Brad in the same category as the others..but they are in a league of their own.

    Hollywood has never seen the likes of them.. and all the rules and standards have to be changed when you talk about them

    mainly because EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT ANY AND EVERYTHING THEY DO.. OTHER CELEBS CAN’T DO AN INTERVIEW WITHOUT MAKING A REFERENCE.. That also goes for TV shows.. Each gets mentioned all the time..They are the GOLD STANDARD.

    I know it is hard for you and the other fools.. but hey.. big thanks.. you all make sure they stay in the media more then the fans.

    so clapping for you babe..

  296. 296
    busted Says:

    @New Pixes:

    Papa Pitt has that sexy swagger going on.. YEAH I remember Angie’s Changeling interview.. she talked about some Mommy/Daddy time on set..

    Brad had a bit of quality time with his girl.. without the rents and the kids..

    He seems very happy and relaxed.. OK..NOW we understand..

  297. 297
    Passing Through Says:

    # 288 estelle @ 04/22/2010 at 2:28 pm
    Porgie’s supposedly engaged to his Italian ho? Poor AG! ROTFLMAO.
    BTW – I’ll believe it when I see the wedding pix in Peeps. Porgie ain’t marrying anyone – let alone one of his working girls.

  298. 298
    Passing Through Says:

    # 289 first and last post @ 04/22/2010 at 2:46 pm
    FALP -
    You left out producing. X has already failed at that, too. Before she starts at the make up counter, though, she could give that one another shot by producing movies she doesn’t cast herself in and ruin. But, sadly, that would never satisfy her huge ego. She wants to be seen as successful BEFORE THE CAMERA, not behind it. Like I keep saying – homegirl really needs to recognize her limitations, come to terms with them and stop wasting other people’s money – and time.

  299. 299
    lololol Says:

    @busted: Liar. He has the biggest Agent on Hollyweird and he has an agent that doesn’t work as often as normal agents. He is not jolie. Jolie has only had an agent for a few months in her entire career and she had a publicist for 3 days .you should do your research. Brad is with the BIGGEST agency in hollyweird and his agent is the top agent at the agency.

  300. 300
    lololol Says:

    oops I meant he has a publicist that isn’t on the 24 hour clock. he only work for Pitt when Pitt is promoting movies. Angie has Absolutely No publicist and absolutely no agent. Brad has the biggest agent in hollyweird

  301. 301
    Shar Says:

    @Media is Tired of Jen Anuston:
    Thank you so much!!!

  302. 302
    dianad1968 Says:



    Brad and Angie were even a clue on Jeopardy last night. They are indeed the Gold Standard.

  303. 303
    busted Says:


    ASS… no one said he did not have an agent.. now you sound really uninformed. Brad does not use a PR agency..nor does Angie.. Gayer acts as Agent and Manager for Angie..

    Brad let his PR peeps go a few years ago.. SO no I am not a liar.. just someone that speaks the truth… oh and your hate for Brad is really showing.

    Brad does not have a PR team.. and he and Angie use the PR people from the studio when they are promoting. Look at the events Brad attends. RED CARPETS and such. you don’t see handlers with he or Angie.. they do it themselves.

    I don’t need to lie.. I know when other PR people are talking they all comment on the fact that Brad/Angie don’t have any.. and how they would love to represent them..something I think a lot of PR people are scared of by the by.

    and to me a lot of the sh*t posted about them come from these people who are scared their clients will do a Angie/Brad and let them go. That is why so many celebs are using twitter to promote themselves so they don’t have to pay the bucks.

    I think you are the one that needs to do a bit of research.. I have my facts straight.

  304. 304
    briseis Says:

    Can’t wait to see Salt and The Tourist … and Brad’s Tree of Life. I am beginning to miss seeing them on the big screen. Last I saw Brad was August for IB, and Angie was in 2008 for Changeling. That’s way too long ago!!!

  305. 305
    gg Says:

    #299 & #300 lol
    Isn’t some like Maniston has 24/7/365 Pr pigs working for them?
    Brad is a good verstile actor you can’t take that from him. The article is the truth. It suck for you isn’t it?

  306. 306
    lolololo Says:

    @busted: you sound like you are in defense mode. Agents do a lot more than you think. brad is with CAA the biggest firm in Hollyweird and he has biggest agent in the firm. Yeah, lets’s pretend like he’ s not the golden standard for hollywierd. If he was in the same boat that Angie was in i would admit it. but he’s in the luxery hollywoood ellite boat and with no angie in site.

    I am really curious on why he continues to ride Angelina. he could make up lies bigger than the ones CAA already made up that would ruin her if he really wanted to, they would stick because he’s brad pitt and she’s Angelina Jolie.

  307. 307
    gg Says:

    #287 ?
    Thanks to the pr fake show romance it didn’t end up like Misnagment and sh*t happens.

  308. 308
    lolololo Says:

    @busted: BTW, I bet you live nowhere near hollyweird. I bet you’re some mid western-er who thinks Brad is the catz meow because he’s from some redneck county and he made it big time. that somehow translates into You making it big time. listen, I live in Hollyweird and I know a lot more than I’m willing to spill.

  309. 309
    huh Says:

    You live in Hollyweird in your delusion. The voice in your head doesn’t count. Go take your meds psycho.

  310. 310
    lolololo Says:

    @huh: ok if you say so. i should probably tell the people who manage my “delusion” to remove the hollywood sign just to make you feel better. the way some of you behave it’s like no person living in LA would use the Internet. ridunculous.

  311. 311
    huh Says:

    DJ you fool no one. LMAO you idiot.

  312. 312
    OT Says:

    Christina Hendricks — Esquire’s most beautiful woman in the world. LOL.

  313. 313
    Hanna Says:

    She looks ordinary, no way the most beautiful woman in the world.

  314. 314
    brad & angie fan Says:

    @OT: When is this? Angie is the most beautiful woman in the World & Brad is the most handsome man in the world. PERIOD.

  315. 315
    Passing Through Says:

    # 313 Hanna @ 04/22/2010 at 8:40 pm
    She won because her big boobs are real and not courtesy of her plastic surgeon. Turns out there are still men on the planet who appreciate home grown mammary glands as opposed to the store bought variety. Who knew.

  316. 316
    Passing Through Says:

    OT -
    Here’s a great big OUCH for JLo’s massive ego – the predictions for The Back-Up Plan are even lower than a typical X flick. They’re in the $13-15MIL range. Guess she’d better head back to the studio and get to work bring Jenny From The Block back to life…
    On a better note – Bountiless got dumped by the most theaters this week – 894, and is now down to 1,581 screens. I’m sure X is upset because now Bountiless probably won’t get to $65MIL…and Butterfinger is long gone…and took his stinky finger and fan convention with him….

  317. 317
    briseis Says:

    PT: Shouldn’t X be happy though because TBH made over $100M both domestic and foreign? Of course it’s nowhere near The Ugly Truth’s $200M+, but still … it will get her more romcoms, won’t it? BTW, how the heck was Tommy Lee Jones persuaded to appear opposite her in Buttercup? He’s an Oscar-winner, and she’s … well, not. They seem to be on completely different levels!!!!

  318. 318
    Passing Through Says:

    # 320 briseis @ 04/23/2010 at 12:55 am
    Not really. Despite what Sony/Columbia said when it barely took in $20MIL the first weekend – they were expecting that turkey to make $100MIL domestic AND foreign, ie, at least $200MIL worldwide. They pumped a helluva lot of money into marketing that movie. They have FOUR PREMIERES. Nobody has 4 premieres unless they expect the movie to do big box office.
    Also, I really don’t think X will be happy until she has a $100MIL BO as the lead instead of the second fiddle. Remember, she wants to be where Angie’s at – #1 actress on the planet, capable of putting butts in seats because people are coming to see HER, not her co-star. This is why I always say the ho is delusional…and stoopid.

  319. 319
    gracie Says:

    To OT:

    Are you having a laugh or what? That red hair below average looking Christina Hendricks is what she is — below average looking . I have seen more beautiful women in my local supermarkets and in my work place. From all the gorgeous women in the world and they pick that ugly as the most beautiful, they’ve got to be joking. LOL!!
    You and Esquire need glasses and your eyes tested.

  320. 320
    gracie Says:

    New video of Knox and mom.

  321. 321
    dark angel Says:

    @ Gracie

    New video of Knox and mom.
    Thanks for the link.
    He’s super duper cute!

  322. 322
    dark angel Says:

    New article

    I really don’t understand these “people.” If they JPs are outside the balcony… they’re famehos. If they’re inside, the kids are prisoners.


  323. 323
    Elizabeth Says:


    Gracie thanks for sharing…Knox is a knock out….I’ve been checking but no new pics/news. Hello to all JP fans.

  324. 324
    Hmmm Says:

    Brad has been setting up good daddy photo ops but in private he doesn’t spend time with his brood. He is traveling all over Europe while Angelina works and the kids are with the nannies. Only a matter of time before Angelina jolie leaves the poor choice she made. He is not a good father. Soooo sad for Angelina and her kids.

  325. 325
    lolavie Says:


    What the hell made you say that? Are you living with the Jolie-Pitts? I swear to God you haters have a wild imagination. You write anything that cross your deluded minds. Go back to the aniston thread where even her fans are having a hard time defending their idol. LMAO

  326. 326
    lylian Says:

    Wow, you had to SEARCH out this thread to post your nonsense as if you know Brad Pitt’s schedule??

    What a nut job you are – Hmmmmmmm????

  327. 327
    cee Says:

    Things are tough in Aniston land so of course Hmmmmmm and LOL are back to try and create drama where there is none. IT has become a joke when it comes to the JP’s so bring on the back up hens. God Bless Brad and Angie and their loving beautiful family. Wil the Hmmmms and other haters ever get it. Look up FAMILY in the dictionery because you obviously do not understand the Jolie Pitts.

  328. 328
    seriosly Says:

    shes an awful actress…

  329. 329
    aeon Says:

    #328, then don’t watch her movies.

  330. 330
    Passing Through Says:

    # 320 briseis @ 04/23/2010 at 12:55 am
    Briseis -
    After I went to bed last night I realized I’d forgotten to address the TLJ portion of your post. My guess is that TLJ was already attached to the project when X signed on. Who knows – this could turn into another “Wanted” for X. Meryl Streep was attached to that project for a few years – and when her career picked up again with Devil Wears Prad & Mama Mia doing huge box office Meryl dropped Wanted like a hot potato.
    Besides, we all know that just because X says she’s going to be doing such-and-such movie…it don’t mean it’s really happening. Notice how she didn’t give a start date? All she said was “after this” she was going to do Buttercup and she was excited about it. “After this” is subjective. To you and me it means “immediately following”…to X it means “sometime in the future if they can get funding with me attached to the project”. After all, The Boring Girls is roughly 3 1/2 months past its supposed start date that she nattered on about while Pimping Shite Happens in Sept. 2009. The Senator’s Wife is about 5 years past it’s supposed start date. As is everything else she’s claimed she was going to be in 5 years ago. One day TLJ could wake up and tell the producer, “Jennifer Aniston? Really? That was the best you could do? WTF was I thinking when I agreed to let you hire that hack? I quit this biitch!” And the producer is going to say, “OMFG, Tommy! What WAS I thinking? Fvck. I quit this biitch, too!” And then, voila! Buttercup goes down in the annals of history as another great unmade X project. Boo yah!

  331. 331
    briseis Says:

    PT: I was just concerned about TLJ, because I really like him, and he’s at that stage in his career where he doesn’t need to sign up for crappy movies. I was so glad MS dropped out of Wanted … IMO, fugly can star with Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell, and every other comedian out there, but leave the award-winning, serious actors out of her clutches.

  332. 332
    Trash is trash Says:

    Jolie will never make another successful movie again..She needs Jen A to keep her famous..That will not hold out much longer as Jen is rising to the top with each day that goes by..The only thing this drugged out boney crachhead will ever have is Brad Pitt and a bunch of unruely ratty looking kids. Wow what a catch! KARMA PEOPLE KARMA!

  333. 333
    Passing Through Says:

    # 334 briseis @ 04/23/2010 at 10:18 am
    I hear ya. I really like TLJ, too. X can work with any actor I don’t like – and there are tons of them…although I doubt Porgie would ever be that driven to career suicide. Can you just imagine someone pitching a movie with big box office dud Porgie and major box office dud X attached as it’s stars? Investors might was well burn the money to keep the Skid Row bums warm.

  334. 334
    Passing Through Says:

    # 335 Trash is trash @ 04/23/2010 at 10:41 am
    …and stupid is stupid.

  335. 335
    gale Says:

    @Trash is trash:

    You are an idiot.. and your post just shows how pathetic Aniston is. Notice NO ONE IS talking about her and her perfume.. Why?

    Well read your post.. and apply your rants to Aniston.

    Brad/Angie have the life that Aniston claimed she wanted. Then changed he rmind again and again.. Brad nad Angie have both been honest for year regarding their desire for family.

    Karma is at play.. Brad and Angie are together with a beautiful family..

    Jen is where she was 5 years ago.. LOL>.

    Suck on that bit@h

  336. 336
    Jen the Hag Says:

    Trash is trash @ 04/23/2010 at 10:41 am -9

    bwahahahahah the most DELUSIONAL POST of the thread!! The above poster is the reason why MANISTON think she is a movie star ..bwahahahhahahahahahahh geeez JENRETARD should wake up pronto their IDOL is just a wannabe movie star …. she will never attain the MOVIE STAR STATUS OF LA JOLIE.

  337. 337
    Leanne Says:


  338. 338
    Corrie Says:

    (You losers always compare,so I thought I would to. hags.)

  339. 339
    RosaWine Says:

    Embarrasing. she is getting too old for action films. And she always always plays the same old roles.
    And people dont even see these films.
    (She is *not* ‘gorgeous’ get real.)

  340. 340
    wfb Says:


  341. 341
    Butlering Says:

    From urbandictionary

    An ass grope named after the actor Gerard Butler after he was a photo was taken with his middle finger and hand was in & on Jennifer Aniston’s ass.

    Damn, he was Butlering her ass.

  342. 342
    JustaJenfan Says:

    Jealousy is an ugly f u c king thing,Ange fans.

  343. 343
    omg Says:

    she looks so f*cking old..
    That picture looks like an grandma coming out of her house with a shotgun, and saying:’ hey you kids get off mah land!!’ XD

  344. 344
    Hailie Says:

    Looks like a good movie Im going to see it. :)

  345. 345
    truth is Says:

    @seriosly: yes! you are right. we AJ fans knew already that Jen is an awful actress. we are glad you noticed that too.

  346. 346
    JP Fanatic Says:

    I’m, LMAO to all of these haters. Jealosu f*eaks. Ya’ll must me so fcuking ugly to have that much hate.

  347. 347
    JP Fanatic Says:

    Corrie: seriously. I just lose respect to one person I don’t even know. You. You idolize Jennifer Aniston? Puh-lee z. Ugh. *barf*

  348. 348
    gale Says:


    I so agree.. maybe Jen should just stop the hate and her fans and move on…

    You are smarter then most of the hens.. Please post here more often..

  349. 349
    Huh Says:

    @JustaJenfan: why would ange fans be jealous? I’m pretty sure it’s the Other way around. Aniston fans jealous because Jolie is with their male idol. Rotlmfao

  350. 350
    Huh Says:

    @JP Fanatic: I’m pretty sure it’s just one or two pizzed because you idjiots are in anistons thread making fun of her. All of u need to move on and stop the hate on both actresses

  351. 351
    Shar Says:

    Is Trash is trash aware of the fact that X’s last 3 movies didn’t even gross $100 million combined, while Angelina’s last 3 movies grossed over $1 billion. Who needs who again Trash??

  352. 352
    briseis Says:

    Hmmm, let’s compare the last three movies, shall we?


    Management – $2,071,049
    Love Happens – $34,246,007
    Marley and Me – $242,717,113


    A Mighty Heart – $18,935,657
    Changeling – $113,020,256
    Wanted – $341,433,252

    In all of her movies, Angie is the main attraction, even if she wasn’t the main character (such as Wanted). Can’t say the same for fugs, because the dogs were the attraction for M&M. But fugs was the star on whom Management and Love Happens was sold on, and I guess there were not much takers.

    Now for the ensemble acting:


    He’s Just Not That Into You – $178,846,899


    Kung Fu Panda – $631,744,566

    And Angie is supposed to be using fugs so her movies would make money? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA — oh my aching sides. Thanks for the laughs, though!

  353. 353
    Jen Fan 2 Says:

    LOL! These pathetic posts are so funny :) They crack me up. Jen is doing just fine. It is jealousy of Jens skyrocketing fame that is bringing out the sickness in these Jolie fans. This movie is not going to make it. She does not earn much at all these days. Those rumors of her getting 20 mil per movie are not correct. She gets much less now. She always has Brads pull to get her some low budget films (yeah right) as if Brad has pull anymore. Salt is another one of her typical action flicks with a scrawny stick running around with a gun. She can’t pull off a bikini, so the Bond Girl thing is out of the question. She really should give it up and stop riding on Anistons coattails and just take care of her kids. Why get six of them if you are just going to leave them all the time. Brad is there, but they need their mother. I don’t believe much in the tabs, but I do believe she is a terrible mother. Her selfish actions all her life are proof of that.

  354. 354
    Huh Says:

    @briseis: what is the point of comparing them at all? You are just one of the idjiots from both sides that like to use these Actresses to release your frustration. Leave them both alone already. Jeez.

  355. 355
    X is insecure Says:

    @Jen Fan 2:
    The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves. ~

  356. 356
    X is insecure Says:

    @Butlering: Just what her cheap azz deserves.

  357. 357
    briseis Says:

    Hmmm, why do I have to justify comparing the two actresses’ movies to you or any other poster? And please, no name calling … I don’t call anyone “idiots” (well, except for fugly) so please do me the courtesy of no name calling. As for releasing frustration, you are the one who sounds frustrated, dearie!

  358. 358
    briseis Says:

    Post #357 is in response to huh, post #354.

  359. 359
    Passing Through Says:

    OT -
    Was just at Rotten Tomatoes…there’s good news…and there’s bad news for JLO. The Good News is that so far The Backup Plan’s reviews are savage. The good news that it currently sits at 18% Fresh with 11 FRESH and 50 ROTTEN…which is 10% higher than X’s Bountiless which got a whopping 9 Fresh to 104 ROTTEN reviews. So she’s already got 2 more positive reviews than X got! Woo-hoo!
    What’s hilarious about the reviews is that they’re essentially the same as Bountiless. You could just change the name of the movie and it’s the same review – unorginal, dreck, wretched acting, horrible storyline, only women will want to see it, a complete waste of time, not even _________ can save this disaster of a movie…BUT…JLo looks great in her tight-fitting wardrobe and perfect hair and makeup! LOL. It’s like deja vu all over again. The irony is that considering the state of Miramax at the moment who knows if Turkey Baster will even see the light of day.

  360. 360
    jen fraud Says:

    I bet Jen is pretty frustrated knowing that it’s being talked about that Gerard has an STD.

  361. 361
    Huh Says:

    @briseis: I just don’t understand why some fans feel the need to make fun of her so much. Why can’t you just let it go and stop hating these people we don’t even know personally? I mean this for both sides.

  362. 362
    briseis Says:

    Huh, stop worrying about me, or trying to understand why we post what we do. I do not hate fugs, I intensely dislike her because she is such a freaking liar who made my favorite actor Brad Pitt’s life miserable for 5 years, and is still coattailing him. There, clear enough for you? Sheesh, don’t forget you are on a CELEBRITY GOSSIP BLOG. Now get off my back.

  363. 363
    briseis Says:

    Besides, huh, why are you picking on me? Because I am an Angie fan? Read jenfan’s lying rants at post #353, calling Angie a bad mother like she really knows her … me, I post facts and data, and you are calling me out. You know what, GET THE FCUK OUT OF MY FACE. Clear enough for you??

  364. 364
    To Passing Through Says:

    Passing Through @ 04/23/2010 at 2:06 pm +1

    OT -
    Was just at Rotten Tomatoes…there’s good news…and there’s bad news for JLO. The Good News is that so far The Backup Plan’s reviews are savage. The good news that it currently sits at 18% Fresh with 11 FRESH and 50 ROTTEN…which is 10% higher than X’s Bountiless which got a whopping 9 Fresh to 104 ROTTEN reviews. So she’s already got 2 more positive reviews than X got! Woo-hoo!
    What’s hilarious about the reviews is that they’re essentially the same as Bountiless. You could just change the name of the movie and it’s the same review – unorginal, dreck, wretched acting, horrible storyline, only women will want to see it, a complete waste of time, not even _________ can save this disaster of a movie…BUT…JLo looks great in her tight-fitting wardrobe and perfect hair and makeup! LOL. It’s like deja vu all over again. The irony is that considering the state of Miramax at the moment who knows if Turkey Baster will even see the light of day.

    I saw both the back up plan and bounty hunter movies this morning in web. Although they both are not good, the back up plan is way better than the bounty hunter….

  365. 365
    Huh Says:

    @briseis: okay, so it all goes back to Brad Pitt and how she somehow ruined 5 years of his life. the Jennifer fans read your negative Posts on her and blame Angelina, But you just admitted that you dislike jennifer because of Brad Pitt. OKIE dokie then. I am completely confused with both sides. I mean how do you know these things? Very odd. @briseis: To be honest I skipped right over her post. Didn’t even bother reading it because of her name. i guess I should just stop wondering what’s wrong with you people because it’s a never ending cycle.

  366. 366
    lulu Says:

    Jen Fan 2
    Wanted , a low budget ? Salt, a low budget movie ?? and Tourist with the biggest leading actor of our decade , a low budget movie ??? Gimme a break !!!!
    GET a Life you old jealous hag !!!!!

    Jole is getting 20 milion plus backend , whether you believed it or not that’s a fact!!!!

  367. 367
    Get real Says:

    Briseis ~ Your stats are completely wrong. Your numbers are wrong. More desperate pathetic fans that are scared us Jen fans just might be right. Kung fu Panda was animated so all Jolie had to do was speak into a microphone. No talent needed fo that. That is about all the #’s you have right. The money you say her other films made, Jolie can only dream of. lmfao at U..:)

  368. 368
    Jen fan 2 Says:

    You are wrong in everyway possible in your posts. I am glad to see I got a rise out of you though. She does not get 20 million a film anymore. That was long ago. And believe me when I say even Depp will be sorry she was his co-star in his film. It will not do good simply because she is the co-star. I don’t think he will make a mistake and film with her ever again. Lots of !!!!!!!!! & ???????? Did I strike a nerve b!tch?????????????? LOL…

  369. 369
    Yeah right Says:

    Jolie may demand that $20 mil for a movie, but she doesn’t get it. That came to a halt “oh” about five years ago. I agree that Johnny will take a beating for allowing her to co-star in his movie. He will bounce back easily. After Salt & The Tourist fail Jolie will never bounce back. Angelina Jolie who? Can we say Angelina Gosslin??

  370. 370
    Joann Says:

    Everything about her is fake. Her relationship with Brad, her lips, her set up publicity stunts. God knows she is a pathological liar. I heard that she is in such bad health, she had to go get hair extensions. She looks like an old hag in this movie. It will be a box office bomb! She has always told one lie after another and it has finally caught up with her. She had to see it coming!

  371. 371
    voe Says:

    I don’t think BP’s life has been miserable in the last 5 years. Quite the contrary and he said so in his interview. AJ’s life is like BP’s too. They have been quite happy, not perfect so that there is absolutely no bump because no one gets that state, but happy.

  372. 372
    AJ fan Says:

    @Joann: It is sad you can’t admit they are in love and want eachother even after 6 years. She has a very long hair but wears wig or whatever it takes for her work. She doesn’t wear 15 lbs blond extention day in day out, Angie is real as it gets. Her movies will rock no amount of analson bait won’t put it down.

  373. 373
    ladylurksalot Says:

    @Jen fan 2: @Get real: @Yeah right:

    Posting under different names doesn’t make you look any smarter, in fact it makes you look like a jackass when you post multiple times agreeing with yourself. They make medications to help with that disorder. Seek professional help.

  374. 374

















  375. 375













  376. 376
    ha ha Says:

    See I told you Jolie cannot survive without Jennifer Aniston! #374 & 375 has got her panties all in a wad about Jen being so much more famous than Jolie. All the caps and rambling are proof of that. You can always tell when they are feeling defeat. It’s ok, don’t worry Jen will be around for a very long time. Jolie can ride her coattails for a while longer, then she can fade into the woodwork like a cockroach. hahahahahahaha..:)

  377. 377




  378. 378
    Smell that Says:

    That is the smell of defeat jolie fans. Get use to it! lmfao

  379. 379
    Huh Says:

    it all comes down to the fact that brad Pitt fans are nuts. I wonder if he has any guilt at all with the way his fans treat his ex wife and the mother of his children. I don’t think he does. He seems very selfish. I saw the girl from kick ass on Ellen and she says brad told her he has the beard because he wants to go undr the radar. Does he think the public is that dense? What man puts beads in his scraggaly beard because he wants to go UNDER the radar. The beard did the exact opposite and put him in The news at a time that he could have gone undr the radar because he hasn’t been working. I think he has he beard to keep as much attention on him as possible in his downtime.

  380. 380
    he he Says:

    No actually for Brad and Angie being attached with her means being attached with problem.With out the smirk and stating the “stolen” story she can’t make it.

  381. 381
    soi Says:

    Jen Fan 2 is a complete and utter joke.

  382. 382
    ladylurksalot Says:

    Who is this twit who keeps posting all these different rants? Do you really think we can’t tell it’s the same JenHen typing the same drivel over and over? Thumbs me down all you want, it comes down to the same thing- you’re on an Angelina Jolie thread, and this is where her fans come to enjoy posts about her, Brad and their kids. If you want to further X’s career and fame, cart your fat ass over to her threads and wax poetic about her fabulous body and hair and “talent” (snort) Take your tub of Ben & Jerry’s and get gone.

  383. 383
    Passing Through Says:

    # 379 ha ha @ 04/23/2010 at 4:44 pm
    I see someone has been reading too many of Lindsay Lohan’s crack tweets. Contact highs are a biitch.

  384. 384
    Passing Through Says:

    # 385 ladylurksalot @ 04/23/2010 at 5:18 pm
    I think the hen must want me to start talking about X’s looks again. For instance – seen those pics of her rehearsing with Nic Kidman and Adam Sandler? The photos are taken from behind X. Homegirl’s ass is spreading faster than an audience exiting one of her bad romcoms. Not only is is wide, but it’s look flabby and flat. That 4 hours a day of exercise just ain’t cuttin’ it anymore. Time to go back on the coke and boiled chicken on a romaine leaf diet.

  385. 385
    gracie Says:

    New pics from The Tourist set, Angie and JD having dinner in a restaurant or something. Angie looks gorgeous in her red lipstick.

  386. 386
    Passing Through Says:

    OT -
    Was just at Jared’s homepage and now I’m LMAO because Putrid and ScarJo both had on knee length gray dresses at the Iron Man 2 photo call in LA. Guess which one looked better – and her nickname ain’t “Fishsticks”. I betcha her stylist got ripped a new one when Putrid got back to the hotel. The irony is that Angie was wearing that shade of grey back in 2007 at the GGs and critics were biitching that the dress was a drab color. Now you see tons of celebs wearing it. Angie’s a trend setter and she doesn’t care one iota about fashion the way these chicks do.

  387. 387


    Angelina looks GORGEOUS!!

  388. 388
    gracie Says:

    More pictures scroll down and see. Angie looks flawless.

  389. 389
    ladylurksalot Says:

    @Passing Through:

    I try to avoid pics of X, but she still has her hair, right? She may be losing the body, but she’s still rockin’ that, right? Cripes, Vidal Sassoon hasn’t made as much off of hair as a career as this twat. I saw the photos here on JJ with her bloated face, and working in a bar as well, I can tell you, beer bloat is not attractive on anyone. I could go on a week long bender and not look that bad. Whatever she’s doing, it ain’t working. Time to ramp up the yoga sessions to at least 6 hours if she even hopes to keep her “career” afloat.

    Dammit, you got me started!

  390. 390
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    HA HA …stop drinking that dumbwater…who’s coattailing who again?
    The old hag can’t do anything without referencing to her ex..

  391. 391
    gracie Says:

    More pictures from their dinner date.on the set of Tourist

  392. 392
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    Angie looks so beautiful in these pictures with Johnny Depp…While Analston looks like Miss Piggy with Adam Sandler…

  393. 393
    busted Says:

    Ignore the fool posting who is riding whose coattails.. really is that even open to debate. LMAO

    If you notice Angie and her stylist are good at picking trends. without even trying. PT so correct on the gray dress and the blush rose she wore at Cannes.. Note how many others have worn that color since.. the Awards red carpets were full of one shoulder, blush tones and so on.. Angie gets sh*t all the time because her critics want her to be obsessed with fashion.. she is stunning so they want her to worry about the cloths she wears. SHE likes cloths but really does not try to impress she does so without even trying. When she promotes Salt.. Watch they will be watching EVERYTHING SHE WEARS.. it will be on all the blogs.. haters will be out in force to knock her .. but whatever.. Her cloths will be talked about. So lets just see. Aniston wore how many outfits to promote TBH.. who remembers any of them.. Are people talking about her cloths.. NOPE.. But I still see pics of Angie in the leather dress at IB premier.. the blush at Cannes.. the black/yellow at the Baftas and I could go on and on.. NOT to mention the black leather gown over 5 years ago at M&MS.. they are still talking about that one.

    and some fool thinks Angelina needs to stalk X too freakin funny.

    I notice that Amanda S.. wore a dress backward.. and who did her critics mention.. Angie and her blue dress. LOL.. Angie is never compared to anyone.. They are compared to her..

    haters don’t seem to the brains to understand the difference.

  394. 394
    briseis Says:

    PT: LMAO off at your comment about fugly’s ever-widening, ever-flattening behind. Can you imagine the wailing and weeping when fugs realizes her “banging body” will eventually collapse due to aging and gravity? Then what else will her fans rave about? Her hair? Pretty soon the grays will come one after the other … BWAHAHAHAHA!!! What else is left especially since there is very little talent there to begin with?

  395. 395
    Passing Through Says:

    # 392 ladylurksalot @ 04/23/2010 at 5:54 pm
    LOL! Ragging on X is soooooooooo much fun. Because she never has sense enough to stop working she’s constantly giving us new material to work with. She’s the gift that just keeps on giving…

  396. 396
    ladylurksalot Says:

    @Passing Through:

    The gift that keeps on giving? Don’t they say the same about herpes? Hmmm… I see your point. Well played, PT, well played. You have done your research and know X well!

  397. 397
    Passing Through Says:

    # 396 busted @ 04/23/2010 at 6:21 pm
    Man…the critics were brutal to Amanda Seyfried for wearing that dress backwards. And she wasn’t even wearing it backwards. It was made to be worn either way…she just picked the wrong way to wear it! LOL. Then I saw that they brought up Angie wearing that Max Azria backwards. Pretty typical = compare everyone to Angie even when it’s not really warranted…especially since it was over a year ago!
    Also, re: Angie’s RC and interview outfits – Can you imagine how killer that woman would be if she gave a shite about fashion like JLo, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and all those other women who want to design? Or if Angie was an exercise freak like X, JLo, Gwen Stefani, etc? No other woman on the planet would even come close. But…she hates all that stuff and tolerates it because of her job. Those other women don’t know how lucky they are that Angie can’t be bothered with all that stuff.

  398. 398
    Passing Through Says:

    # 397 briseis @ 04/23/2010 at 6:24 pm
    Briseis -
    As I like to say – X ain’t Demi Moore. Yeah, Demi’s spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on maintenance and upkeep…BUT…she started out with better material to work with in the first place! One day last week I was channel surfing and saw Raquel Welch on hawking her wigs or something on QVC. Woman’s got to be at least 70 and she looked about 50. Her face was frozen solid…BUT…she didn’t have that waxy look that a lot of botox gives you. Raquel, like Demi, started out with a good foundation to build on. X? Ho’s foundation was full of termites, ants and roaches.

  399. 399
    Trolls Are Losin' It Says:

    Beautiful JP family gets trollies SO MAD…how can Brad and Angie still be together after all these years…it is so STRANGE how Brad and Angie’s great love, success, and happiness can make trollies so hurt and in turn spend their whole trollish days and trolliish nights attacking the JPs (& their fans)- people they claim to hold in such scorn. Trollies should support leathery old manny- she’s clearly getting more desperate by the hour- pimping perfume- soooo z-list- soon she’ll be attending hotel openings next- oh, wait, she’s already doing that… Here is a sweet video for all the JP lovers (& the trollies, ’cause you know they can’t get enough of B&A & their gorgeous fam):

  400. 400
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    Exactly!! She just downplay her looks. Sometimes I wish she would just go all out…then again..she is already at the top without why bother?

  401. 401
    gracie Says:

    Passing Through @ 04/23/2010 at 5:47 pm +3 OT – . Was just at Jared’s homepage and now I’m LMAO because Putrid and ScarJo both had on knee length gray dresses at the Iron Man 2 photo call in LA. Guess which one looked better – and her nickname ain’t “Fishsticks”. I betcha her stylist got ripped a new one when Putrid got back to the hotel. The irony is that Angie was wearing that shade of grey back in 2007 at the GGs and critics were biitching that the dress was a drab color. Now you see tons of celebs wearing it. Angie’s a trend setter and she doesn’t care one iota about fashion the way these chicks do.


    PT, you’re so right. I was cruising other sites including Lainey and I saw GP, JL and SJ, all wearing similar dresses and I was like, wait a minute, Angie wore something like that some years back, when she, Brad and their kids visited Japan for the premiere of CCOBB and they’re all copying her style 2yrs after she first wore it. When it comes to fashion, Angie is way ahead of them and she wore it better than all of them.

  402. 402
    gracie Says:

    What is it with the Hos fans today? Is their idol’s butt getting itchy for some fingers? She sent her fans over here to disrupt our fablous week coz she can’t find any man to relieve her of her itch. Hey, trolls, here is one for your living room wall, your classy Miss America Sweetheart. Everytime you trolls look at it, I hope it reminds you how classy she is.

  403. 403
    Imitation=Flattery Says:

    Busted- excellent point- it’s not just manny who copies Angie. Even at her young age, Angie is such an icon. Whose gowns (styles/colors) does everybody copy, sometimes yrs later? ANGIE’s. Whose casual style (trenches/boots- black clothes, minimal lines*) does everybody copy? ANGIE’s. The “expert” commentators will try to ignore Angie or boost up others (esp those w/ PR) as better or best, but who does everybody wait for to arrive at any event? ANGIE. Whose outfits does everybody remember- ESPECIALLY the trolls? ANGIE’s. You could, of course, do the same rundown for Brad- they mock the hats/beards, etc, but who are all the guys copying? BRAD! You could expand the copy-catting to interview soundbites by other celebs- it is easy to recognize JP words/phraseology as it comes out of others mouths…heck- even the kids get copied! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it would be nice if more copy-catters would give credit to the JPs rather than just be coatailing or name-dropping in a negative way…well, I guess such behaviors is one way we can see the jealousy!
    Trolls are Losing It- thanks for the pretty video!
    *Latest ex- note Jess A oufit at her press conf yday)

  404. 404
    Ana Says:

    Hello to all the JP Fans!
    Here is a gorgeous picture of Angie by!
    Can our girl get any prettier?

  405. 405
    Ana Says:

    Let’s face it. Brad and Angelina are not only the LOVE icons but also the STYLE Icons of our day and little Shiloh is right there with them.

    I will not be surprised to see some women actresses dressing like Shiloh. That little girl has a style that won’t wait! Everything she wears is eye-catchingly adorable. She can put outfits together that leaves adults speechless and she is only 3 and 1/2 years of age – okay almost 4 years of age. Her fashion style seems to be innate and her posture – impeccable!
    She is as precocious at 3 and 1/2 as Angie was as a little girl. And Knox is right behind her.
    Of course Brad definitely has a way with clothes as well. No matter he wears he always looks great!

  406. 406
    Ana Says:


    Please start a new thread with these gorgeous pictures of Angelina on the set with Johnny Depp. I am certain there must be more of them.
    Thank you,

  407. 407
    gracie Says:

    Angie came first in this week’s celebrity fantasy league leaderboard, SB second. Aniston 4th and Brad 5th etc, according to US weekly.

  408. 408
    Is brad drunk again Says:

    Angelina is working and nannies are taking care of the children. Does Knox even know Brad Pitt? What is the point of Angelina being with Brad if he doesn’t even help her raise the kids. This relationship benefits BRAD’S image more than anything. I’ve said this before but when they don’t know the paparazzi are watching ,,,, the nanies come out. Angelina and the nannies are raising the children.

  409. 409
    Is brad drunk again Says:

    The media is starting to talk about it too. Actually publishing stuff like Brad is traveling europe and using drugs and alcohol instead of raising his kid. And begging his mother to come and help him when Angie sent the nannies away for a week vacation thinking brad could handle the kids on his own. WHAT A JOKE! FREE ANGELINA AND HER KIDS FROM THE DEADBEAT FAKE DADDY!

  410. 410
    juju Says:

    Is brad drunk again

    The only person drunk it’s YOU. DRUNK, HIGH and with SEVERE MENTAL PROBLEMS. Stop wasting your time obsessing with Brad and Angelina and use it to GET HELP!

  411. 411
    pamplona Says:


  412. 412
    juju Says:

    pamplona @ 04/23/2010 at 10:30 pm

    ahahahaha DRUNK, HIGH with SEVERE MENTAL PROBLEMS and with a double personality. Poor thing. Get HELP!
    Before i go i leave a present just for you.

    Enjoy :D

  413. 413
    Ana Says:

    That is a beautiful picture of Maddox and Knox, but X17 is not a JP friendly Site.
    Those boys are looking so happy and enjoying their stay in Venice with their loving parents and grandparents. The picture speaks for itself.

    These almost daily pictures of this beautiful family has intensified the Troll’s pain.
    Why does the hateful troll seek out Brad’s and Angelina’s pictures and their children’s pictures when it obviously causes the troll so much pain? Why does the Troll love to torture itself like this?
    Lylianne, (sorry for the spelling, it has been a while) maybe you can explain.

  414. 414
    hmmmm Says:

    @Is brad drunk again:
    Are you dumb again

  415. 415
    Maria from Texas Says:


  416. 416
    dianad1968 Says:

    Today on my job, I encountered a jenhag, who I didn’t know before was a jenhag. One of my colleagues and I were talking about films and actors who we like and admire, so of course Angie’s name came up, because she knows how much I love and admire Angie. I made a comment about how Angie NEVER says anything bad about anyone, no matter who or what she is asked in her interviews, and my colleague agreed. Suddenly, this other woman who was walking by, heard my comment and asked who we were talking about, and hearing we were talking about Angie, then proceeded to make some catty remark that Angie can’t say anything bad about anyone. Before she can say anything else, I just said ” STOP, don’t even go there” and put a stop to her c*ap. You can tell she is one of the idiots who read the lying rags. She looked at me and just walked away. LOL.

  417. 417

    Here is a present for you Whamo! You think you fool people by using so many different names.
    Only a drunken, mentally ill, s.l.u.t. like Horseface Maniston would let a man stick his finger up her butt while she smiles loving it.
    X17 LOVES this picture of the man face Aniston!

  418. 418
    X is insecure Says:


  419. 419
    Butlering Says:

    An ass grope named after the actor Gerard Butler after he was a photo was taken with his middle finger and hand was in & on Jennifer Aniston’s ass.
    Damn, he was Butlering her ass.

  420. 420
    groundcontrol Says:

    Ana @ 04/23/2010 at 10:42 pm
    These almost daily pictures of this beautiful family has intensified the Troll’s pain.
    Why does the hateful troll seek out Brad’s and Angelina’s pictures and their children’s pictures when it obviously causes the troll so much pain? Why does the Troll love to torture itself like this?
    Troll is experiencing emotional issues.
    Troll has run out of medication and is self-medicating with drugs, alcohol or a big bag of Doritos. Take your pick.
    Troll’s headaches and pain will not stop until Troll releases Troll’s hate, bitterness and envy.
    Poor Troll.

  421. 421
    Jen Aniston the POT HEAD Says:

    @Is brad drunk again:
    Aniston admitted to being a pot head.
    As for Aniston, she isn’t ashamed to be a toker, telling the media “I enjoy it once in a while. There is nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation ? I wouldn’t call myself a pothead.”
    No, Jen, you would not call yourself a pothead. How would you know the difference when you are STONED all the time. But other people who know you call you a druggie.
    says she smokes pot,, Sep. 11, ’01
    “some of the photos he took depict Aniston and current beau Vince Vaughn smoking pot together”,, Jan. 13, ’06

  422. 422
    Jen Aniston the POT HEAD Says:

    Here is some more interesting info on Jen the POT HEAD!
    More recently in December 2005, Paparazzi photos were taken of Jennifer Aniston topless, and apparently smoking weed with Vince Vaughn. While Jennifer is suing the photographer’s ass for invasion of privacy, her lawyers are also officialy denying that she smoked any weed.
    Don’t worry, Jen – your secret is safe with us!

  423. 423
    Passing Through Says:

    Americans suck. They wasted money on a mind and butt numbing shitefest like Bountiless…but they won’t go see Kick Ass just because someone had the audacity to make an 11 year-old girl a hit baby? Geez. No wonder this country is in such deep doo doo. If it had been an 11 year-old boy the NRA would be out there endorsing the movie and high faving people as they left the theater…
    FRIDAY: J-Lo & Joel Silver Pics Both Bomb
    By NIKKI FINKE | Friday April 23, 2010 @ 10:50pm PDT
    FRIDAY PM UPDATED: Sources are telling me it’s shaping up already as a very lackluster weekend for North American grosses before the summer movies really get going. The Back-Up Plan debuted No. 1 but will fall to No. 2 or lower by Sunday. It’s the 2nd straight loser from newcomer CBS Films which kept delaying the release for obvious reasons. Because everyone knew Jennifer Lopez can’t open a movie anymore — except Les Moonves. (Sheesh, she can’t even keep a record label…) And the Warner Bros-distributed The Losers, from Joel Silver’s unsavory Dark Castle, was marketed like a low-rent A-Team — and still it disappointed like most of his pics from that brand. (Please, Joel, put it out of its misery already.) The actioner was #3 Friday but should drop to #4 by end of Sunday. I’ll have more analysis in the morning when I’ll also refine the numbers:
    1. The Back-Up Plan (CBS Films/Sony) NEW [3,280 Theaters]
    Friday $4M, Estimated Weekend $12M

    2. How To Train Your Dragon (DWA/Par) Week 5 [3,665 Theaters]
    Friday $3.6M, Estimated Weekend $15.5M, Estimated Cume $178.4M

    3. The Losers (Warner Bros) NEW [2,936 Theaters]
    Friday $3.3M, Estimated Weekend $9M

    4. Date Night (Fox) Week 3 [3,294 Theaters]
    Friday $3.2M, Estimated Weekend $10M, Estimated Cume $63M

    5. Kick-Ass (Lionsgate) Week 2 [3,065 Theaters]
    Friday $2.8M (-63%), Estimated Weekend $8.3M, Estimated Cume $33.5M

  424. 424
    gracie Says:

    dianad1968 @ 04/23/2010 at 11:32 pm


    dianad1968, you’re not alone. I had some Aniston sympathizers at work — 3 of them in my dept. When NOTW published the lies about the couple splitting, one believed it so much, she bet me $20 and said the paper was telling the truth. She wouldn’t even hear my points. When Brad and Angie eventually sued, Oh boy! you should have seen the glee on my face that day coz the other two came to me and said, Gracie you’re so right. It’s all over the news. The papers lied and the couple are suing. One actually said she was happy they’re suing and was enraged the NOTW could fabricate such lies. The one that bet me $20 was so embarrassed I teased her all day and off course, I won the bet and took her money with pleasure. I bought some chocolate and dounuts for my colleagues with the money. I told them how I got the money and they all had a laugh. She didn’t get mad coz she is a friend now. All 3 are now JP fans coz I showed them what Aniston fans are like and the disgusting things they say about the couple and their children. The real Aniston, how she was humping VV while pretending to be heartbroken over her marriage, how she belittled her husband at every chance during their marrige, How the press covered up her affair with VV while painting Angie as the villain.. The press prejudice. The scale of Angie humanitarian work which you don’t get to see in the papers. A lot of people don’t use their brain, they believe the craps they read until you prove to them the tabs lie and fabricate a lot of their stories.

  425. 425
    gracie Says:

    Is brad drunk again @ 04/23/2010 at 10:02 pm -18

    The question is:
    What is the point of Maniston and her loser fans wanting Brad back with her when Brad doesn’t even LOVE her, called his relationship with her a DEADEND and dumped her stinky ass 5+ yrs ago? I know she is desperate but is she that shameless? Doesn’t she have any dignity at all?

  426. 426
    Gerard's Finger smells!!! Says:



  427. 427
    gracie Says:

    Nice to see these gorgeous pics again. It pisses the Haters off to see these bautiful children of Brad and Angie, it reminds them of what their idol can never have. Brad and Angie’s genes mixed for ever. Hahaha

  428. 428
    busted Says:


    I will not be surprised to see some women actresses dressing like Shiloh. That little girl has a style that won’t wait! Everything she wears is eye-catching adorable. She can put outfits together that leaves adults speechless and she is only 3 and 1/2 years of age – okay almost 4 years of age. Her fashion style seems to be innate and her posture – impeccable!

    Funny.. I have already seen it.. Megan Fox a few days ago was wearing the same outfit as Shiloh.. and so was another actress. can’t remember the name.. I was laughing because I was thinking..Dang that looks like what Shiloh wore..

    but you know it is just stupid.. we see women in jeans and blazers and “men shirts” all the time.. but a 3 year old is gender bending when she does it.. STUPID..

    Regarding one of the post about the haters and the kids.. The children are evidence of S e x.. they are the produce of hot love between these two people. Do you guy notice that any time a story that is positive about the JP is printed (Marriage/pregnancy).. NOPE we fans don’t buy that.. but the haters always scream it is a PR move on the JP’s part.. But a negative story especially about Angie is the truth.. Always the truth.. the run with those and spam the web with the lies.. but any cute story or picture.. (like Brad visiting Angie or them taking a romantic stroll) well the haters scream photo op..

    they need the negative. They hate seeing Brad/Angie in an affectionate way. Hate it because they still want to believe the crap stories of fighting and separate bedrooms. YEAH.. look at Brad and the way he is with Angie..That man would NEVER tolerate separate anythings.. You can see the way he ALWAYS needs to touch her.. he is a goner and now they resorting to attacking his looks.. Like Brad Pitt could ever be ugly or fat or unattractive.. Under that beard is perfection.. always has been always will be.. They still want him and now they are trashing him because another month passes and he and Angie are still VERY much together.. So now the hate is on..

    Such jealous hags.. Brad was never theirs in the first place.. He made a mistake and woke up and fixed it.. Now he has the life he always wanted. so happy for he and Angie..

  429. 429
    African Girl Says:

    Oh my freaking GOD!!! Is that picture with GB’s fingers in JA’s butt hole for real?!!

    Ewwwwww! So much for being classy. Guess all the money in the world can’t cover up the nasty trailer trashness.
    I hope to heavens there she was called out on it. . .enough with the cuddling. Time to call the classless thing out.

  430. 430
    busted Says:

    PT.. Dragon is the only kids movie out.. but I will say I heard that many are buying Dragon tickets and going to see Kick Ass.. my nephew and his friends did that..

    Suck.. KickAss is an awesome film.. really nice that someone actually did something original.. get ready for all he prepackaged crap coming in the next few weeks.. Iron Man anyone. It will make boat loads of money and it will again help other crap action movies like it to be made in the future.. Then the public complains about the lack of originality in films..

    when the public is given something new IT gets trashed and the mini van gets on their high horse and boycott it.. Same group that are doing the most immoral things.. Sleeping around, drugs,.. lies.

    yet they can’t stand a movie with a girl being a hero..

    Hey in the end you get what you deserve…

    CRAP.. and more CRAP.. People never learn..

    Anyway if you have not seen KickAss.. don’t miss out.. worth the money. and you are not going to have to buy stupid glasses to see it..

  431. 431
    gg Says:

    the first Iron man was a good movie it makes it all ok.What is bad is when bad movies like bountiless do as much as they did.
    I too think some kids bought ticket for Dragon and saw Kick Ass.But there were people waiting right at the door checking tickets where i went . then again everywhere can be as tight.

  432. 432
    gracie Says:

    I’m trying to post new pictures of Brad with the 4 older kids and it keeps going into mod. It’s only pics. I’ll try one more time.

  433. 433
    gracie Says:

    Brad with the 4 older kids in a boat and to the park for some kids fun time with daddy. If you click on the link below the pic you will see some more pics, for some reasons, JJ won’t let me post all. I hope this doesn’t go into mod too. Looks like the kids are enjoying themselves.

  434. 434
    gracie Says:

    Wow! JJ I didn’t know that the word celeb g is a banned word here? That’s just silly, to stop legit pictures being shown coz of a site’s name when you create threads for the likes of Otta Touch and its lies is just so lame. Now I know but it still doesn’t make sense to me.

  435. 435
    elizabeth Says:

    @gracie: Thnaks Gracie for sharing. I enjoyed all the pics. especially Shi and Pax waving. Have a great weekends to all JP fans.

  436. 436
    gracie Says:

    More pics and clearer. I have been trying to post these pics but it keeps going into mod. JJ please no mod.

  437. 437
    Angelina dissed Madonna!! Says:

    dianad1968 @11:32 pm

    Angelina doesnt make comments about anyone? Yeah right. Madonna’s adoption anyone? Please.

  438. 438
    elizabeth Says:


    thanks for sharing, lots of those pics I did not see….hmmmm grandma pitt so happy with all her grandkids…I really like all of it esp when she was kissing knox and feeding one of twins. I hope they had a good time with the children

  439. 439
    gracie Says:

    Angelina dissed Madonna!! @ 04/24/2010 at 12:46 pm ==================

    Get your facts right. She didn’t diss Madonna but stating obvious facts regarding rules of law in adopting children from certain third world countries where strigent regulations apply. She is well travelled and well informed on these issues and more experienced than Modonna in that area. She was 100% accurate. That was not dissing someone stupid. If you could put your hatred aside, you can see she was right. Madonna would have saved herself a ot of heartache by going to court to defend her adoption if she had spent some time studing or understanding the laws of the land. I was all for her adoption to go through but she handled it all wrong at first. Second time around, she did it right and that was the point Angie was making. You must follow the laws and regulations of the country no matter who or how rich you are. The protection of the children is far more important than anyone’s hurt ego.

  440. 440
    gracie Says:

    Angelina dissed Madonna!! @ 04/24/2010 at 12:46 pm


    Get your facts right. She didn’t diss Madonna but stating obvious facts regarding rules of law in adopting children from certain third world countries where strigent regulations apply. She is well travelled and well informed on these issues and more experienced than Modonna in that area. She was 100% accurate. That was not dissing someone stupid. If you could put your hatred aside, you can see she was right. Madonna would have saved herself a ot of heartache by going to court to defend her adoption if she had spent some time studing or understanding the laws of the land. I was all for her adoption to go through but she handled it all wrong at first. Second time around, she did it right and that was the point Angie was making. You must follow the laws and regulations of the country no matter who or how rich you are. The protection of the children is far more important than anyone’s hurt ego.

  441. 441
    gracie Says:

    Sorry for the double post.

  442. 442
    dark angel Says:

    @ gracie
    the trolls’ comprehension is non existent.

  443. 443
    queen bee Says:

    The most FAMOUS and most BEAUTIFUL PUCKER the Silver Screen has EVER seen!!!


    jenhag who?…LOL!

  444. 444
    queen bee Says:

    Women in FILM…..a montage of historic women….


    Angelina is at 2:14 after Catherine Zeta Jones, and before Charlize Theron…..(sorry trolls, your idol is not, nor will she EVER be, amongst these STRONG and MESMIRIZINGLY BEAUTIFUL women)….

  445. 445
    queen bee Says:


    Have you seen celebrity couples looking lovey-dovey on the red carpet or in a candid photo and wondered how much is real affection, and how much is acting? Well, with these eight famous twosomes, we think they’ve really got something! Maybe it’s a burning, lusty love — or a quieter, soul-mate kind of passion, but it all looks like great chemistry to us! See if you agree.
    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
    Never mind the rumors about scandals and imminent breakups — there’s no doubt these two have fireworks, and they’ve lasted longer than anyone predicted. Why? Maybe because they’ve got a second
    layer to back up their very obvious physical connection — the “we-make-each-other-better” bond. Besides their passion for each other, Brad and Angelina share such causes as children’s welfare, gay rights, the rebuilding of New Orleans and more. When they put their wonder-twin star-powers together, they become super-activists — and seem to be more in love than ever!

  446. 446
    queen bee Says:


    ….Chloe Moretz from Kick A S S totally gave Angelina and Brad MAJOR props when she was on ELLEN!!! Love that! and she called Angelina Brads WIFE’……here that trolls? the next generation is paying NO ATTENTION to your foolishness! THAT IS HIS WIFE….more of a WIFE than he has EVER EVER HAD!….

    Watch the cute clip from YOUTUBE called “Kick Ass Star Chloe Moretz at Ellen D”…..she is so adorable!…

  447. 447
    queen bee Says:

    @Angelina dissed Madonna

    Here is what MADONNA said about the subject…..WISELY, SHE SAID NOTHING!!….because it was ALL BULLSH IIITT put out by the media DEVILS who are trying to make money!!!….


  448. 448
    Donyas Says:

    Angie is a hot actress!!!!love her and her family!!!!!!God bless you all Jolie-Pitts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  449. 449
    Jasmine Says:

    I feel so bad for Angelina and her family when I read what everyone has to say about her and that includes her extremist fans. Look, I’m a fan. I think she’s a beautiful and intelligent person who does great humanitarian work and I enjoy some of her movies. But you people don’t know when to quit! I feel suffocated reading what you guys write. I really don’t think she gives 2 sh*ts about you guys coming to her defense against a 5-year-old issue. Poor celebrities and what they actually have to go through…I can’t believe people as crazy as you all actually exist…I feel unsafe with you people in this world.

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