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Angelina Jolie Puts Out a Fire

Angelina Jolie Puts Out a Fire

Check out this new still of Angelina Jolie extinguishing a fire from her upcoming spy flick, Salt, out July 23rd.

Phillip Noyce didn’t want the 34-year-old actress doing her own stunts. He told EW, “She was often suspended up to 10 stories high and she’d leap from vehicle to vehicle at high speeds. She doesn’t have to do it, but she has absolutely no fear. Usually when an actor becomes more and more successful, they play it safe. But that’s not Angelina Jolie.”

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Photos: Andrew Schwartz
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  • kriss


  • suspending belief

    She can barely hold the prop . Skeletina has no muscle tone. Hardly a heroine.

  • get real

    I’d really love to see an action/thriller with Angelina juggling the raising of 6 children, making meals, cleaning, giving energy, playing, making sure the kids get to and from practices. Now that would be something to see, and maybe the kids would be slightly more proud of her than watching a lame stunt of her in some crappy moneymaker Hollywood movie.

  • mousse

    I begin to feel it as a compliment when I am clicked away as a SO CALLED “negatif comment” on an Angelina Jolie topic. Just because I have an different opinion to the (blind) followers and fans of AJ who cannot see for instance that woman is very anorexic.
    Go ahead, enjoy yourselves and click untill you’re satisfied. it won’t stop me from posting my opinion.

  • dark angel

    the profession says a lot about the personality of people… jennifer aniston is funny and romantic and angelina jolie is aggressive and violent …
    ————————————————————————————————– yeah right… in REAL LIFE, Angie is a humanitarian, a loving partner and a caring mother whereas your idol is high maintenance, loving her manager, her friends and… her dog.

  • cee

    Gog you are WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

  • yep

    I really do enjoy watching the scruffy JP dogs scurry around scratching and digging using the the Thumbs Up/Down trying to cover the scent of others that disagree. Comical.
    If you truly admire someone, others opinions never matter, only your appreciation of them.

  • get real

    Even haters would have a much better opinion of Angelina if she announced; ‘ No more movies for a period of time, I’ d like to take a little time off and raise my family ‘, instead she cranks ‘em out one after another. She could at least do more independent films so as not appear to be so damn greedy and show a bit of respect for her profession.

  • dianad1968



    Mentally strong is an understatement when it comes to Angie, especially with all the slander and lies she has had to put up with for the past five years. The woman could run a country.

  • anon

    Yeah the fire that’s been on this blo lol!!!!!

  • dianad1968



    I agree with you, and I wish other fans will do the same. Just “thumb down” the posts. They thrive on attention and chaos, let’s not accomodate them.

  • lurker

    It was good to lurk with no one responding to the trolls. Someone did and even copied the troll/hater post. Ignoring these haters is the best and if you please, do not copy the haters post. Thumbing will not be effective if you copy the post. There seems to be one only who keeps changing names. Good morning fans and stay on topic and just IGNORE the hate and you will be happy all day. Back to lurking…that’s me.

  • eliott

    She’s a complex woman. Loving, compassionate, beautiful, courageous and badass.

  • angel

    ı love you angi

  • true

    Angelina Jolie is dazzling Beautiful,attractive,pretty,handsome,good looking,alluring,charming,delightful,appealing,engaging,winsome ravishing,gorgeous,stunning angelic,beauteous,exquisite,graceful,lovely.personable,radiant,ravishing,stunning,striking,excellent,exquisite and fascinating.This is why Aniston and hens hate her.Angelina is all Natural.Jealous,Aniston is a sham has misleading appearance the fake blue eyes,Brown hair dyed blonde a fake,not Genuine as Brad Pitt found out and dumped the OBLIVION DUST.

  • true

    Aniston fans are very Jealous like Aniston. Troublesome to others but a Torment to Themselves.

  • true

    Competent and self confident person is incapable of Jealousy in anything like Angelina Jolie.Jealousy like Aniston and her mental fans
    have Neurotic insecurities.

  • true

    Aniston and her fans hate Angie and children.Hate is Fear of Others(like Angie and Babies)

  • aseret64

    @Kat: if thats the case, the X is 89 years old bwahahahaha bwahahaha Jen is the actress with only one facial expression bwahahaha bwahahaha

  • true

    Aniston is Simply and Clearly that she is of No Self Value.

  • aseret64

    @Kat: if thats the case, the X is 89 years old bwahahahaha ….the X is the “actress” with only one facial expression bwahahahahaha

  • true

    Jealous and Envious People like Aniston and her fans always bring down the Curse they Fear upon there own head.

  • Richard P

    Go Angie! ,i love you

  • true

    Aniston Jealousy is pure Ignorance being Selfish instead of Selfless.

  • haha

    @get real:

    Like your hero, the dancing Kate Gosselin? bwahahaha!

  • Passing Through

    # 124 BOOK WILL BOOST SALT COLLECTIO @ 04/20/2010 at 6:53 am
    The release date for Morton’s book was actually given last year when he announced he was writing it. It’s always been set for August 3rd. As soon as Sony announced the Salt release date St. Martin’s Press announced the publication date of Morton’s book. So Morton will be piggybacking the promotion of his book on Angie’s promotion of Salt. Just call him Mr. X. Famehos are famehos. Expect to see a lot of Morton starting the first or second week in July…maybe even the last week of June. St. Martin’s is going to hype this book like mofo.
    Is there a chance that the book will increase ticket sales? Sure, but there’s also a chance that people will be so sick of hearing about Angie that it will adversely affect ticket sales. St. Martin’s doesn’t give a shite if the movie tanks – as long as the book sells.

  • true

    If Aniston was brought up by a Good and Respectful Mother who gave people chances to change Aniston would be less likely to Hate.Aniston cannot even forgive her Mother who gave her Life.

  • gg

    #48 Tim Gunn

    It could be because you were in the other thread talking about the book as sane and mighty and when as soon as her action pic posted you called her lovely. I don’t the problem is whether she is lovely or not because any fan knows .Angie is lovely and really sweet . The problem is what you said doesn’t seem sincere .

  • love B&A

    Love Angelina Jolie.You go Girl.You are doing good and Beautiful as ever.

  • getalife

    Last night I was trying to get the Jolies fan to help make a request to Andrew Mortan to wrtie biagrophy on : Lalovia – The Awesome Journey of Jen Ansiton … find out her latest project of life- Perfume Lalovia (is that her real perfume)

    Angelina already have 10 books written about her and the TABLOIADS still writes for her everyday with the same story.

    She is evil and poor brad cannot get out of the relationship!

    You who hates her continue writes about her day in and day out!
    Man, Angelina you have the power and all anyone do is have a picture of you just say your name: ANGELINA and – people will come alive!!!!!!
    Kudos to you Angie and keep living your wonderful life (kids, brad and your work in un)

  • love B&A

    @getalife: BRAVO !!!

  • gg

    I can’t wait for salt. Go Angie.

  • gg

    I don’t think

  • moron JP fan

    yuze ur all Jell Us of Angie

  • Celia

    That’s not just any fire extinguisher. She looks awesome! I can’t wait to see this movie!!

  • teri

    I don’t care what others think, I love Angelina.

  • Passing Through

    # 58 get real @ 04/20/2010 at 9:26 am
    ROTFLMAO. Oh yeah, loser…Angie’s really cranking out the movies…
    2 in 2006 – 7 weeks
    2 in 2007 – 17 weeks
    0 in 2008 – 0 weeks
    1 in 2009 – 15 weeks
    1 in 2010 – 9 weeks…so far
    Wow. She’s worked a whole 48 weeks out of the last 224. Since you’re math challenged – that’s 4 weeks short of a full year in the last 4 years and 3 1/2 months. Whew. She’s a marvel. I just don’t know how she does it. I got tired just adding up the numbers…

  • truth is

    @get real: oh really?you will be the first one to complain that she’s using her family for photo ops.

  • getalife

    I was laughing at one of post last night saying :

    Angelina gets free passes and they are sick of it!!!

    So thats why I doing Jen Aniston cause if they trashed Jen Aniston she will become famous instandly.
    They could write about her relationships with how many men and faking it for publicity now that would be so much interesting…..
    Jen’s new project of life – her perfume that will make everyone smells nice-clean – ( I would love to read that ..)
    Just a suggestions….???
    What do you think?

  • Shut-UP

    Well said PS!

    Boy she sure works up a storm! I mean with us ordinary people who have to put our kids in daycares and go to work a minimun of 52 weeks a year and she still beats us at 48! Wow—- call the po po! she a horible mother, I tell you horible! How dear she work so much!

  • Passing Through

    # 80 getalife @ 04/20/2010 at 11:07 am
    The thing about writing X’s bio is that you can cover her life in about 10 pages. She doesn’t go anywhere or do anything remarkable. Once you talk about her neuroses, the way she uses and fvcks over people (including Brad, Angie, Tate and whoever else got in her way), her PR scams, her coke, booze & weed habits, bulimia/anorexia/same-boiled-chicken-&-romaine-salad-for-10-years, lesbian hookups on the QT, hatred for her mother, guilt-tripping her father, ignoring her siblings, tanning, ocean screaming, unusual affection for her pooch, barren uterus & lies about wanting children, money-grubbery, crappy movies, crappy shitcom, nipple tweaking, hair and body obsessions, love of too small bikinis and teeny bopper red carpet gear, hypocrisy, and, natch, her long-term financial support ofthe Meh-hee-can economy – correction Los Cabos economy because that’s the only place the ho goes in Meh-hee-co – WTF are they going to talk about for the next 340 pages?

  • truth is

    @James: i believe if you don’t understand violence you won’t understand peace

  • Passing Through

    After I added it up and came out with 48 weeks in almost 4 1/2 years…all I could think was, “Fvck! I worked 50 weeks JUST LAST YEAR!” LOL. Trolls are so stupid. The other stat I was going to inclued was the fac that Angie’s made roughly $90MIL in those 48 piddly weeks – that comes out to $1,875,000 PER WEEK! Some sign my ass up for Angie’s over-worked life – PRONTO!

  • Whamo

    Look how bony her finger and wrists are! She DOES NOT look very good here. I wonder what’s making her so unhealthy looking?

  • estelle

    @Passing Through: 10 pages huh? you are giving her too much pages…I was thinking of front and back cover with a brief introduction.

  • gg

    Brad and Natalie will be a good blend . Don’t you think? They would make a nice romcom people likes to watch.Since Angie didn’t “stole” Johnny , Brad won’t be “stolen” by Natalie Don’t you think ? lol

  • getalife

    Passing Through @ 04/20/2010 at 12:15 pm
    Love your post and I am laughing my head off cause its so funny how some of these Jen’s fan are so dumbed that there is no logic and intelligent gose into there comments.
    They hate Angelina to the passion because she exist in this world: And all Angelina have to say : KNOW YOUR RIGHTS !
    (thats logic and intelligent)
    What about Jen? passing through: can say one or two words about jen?

  • African Girl

    Of course she does her own stunts! She IS a professional.
    Can’t wait to see this movie

  • estelle

    @Shut-UP: Actually we are beating her, we worked for 50 weeks PER YEAR on an average, while it took her FOUR AND 1/2 YEARS to catch up to us…..48 weeks huh?….doing my math here and I’m ahead 177 weeks……Angie, you are slagging here……we are not happy, but appearantly so are the trolls, they are also unhappy because you are working WAY TOO MUCH??????….WTH?

  • ola

    She’s a fr**king man, what do you expect!