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Angelina Jolie Puts Out a Fire

Angelina Jolie Puts Out a Fire

Check out this new still of Angelina Jolie extinguishing a fire from her upcoming spy flick, Salt, out July 23rd.

Phillip Noyce didn’t want the 34-year-old actress doing her own stunts. He told EW, “She was often suspended up to 10 stories high and she’d leap from vehicle to vehicle at high speeds. She doesn’t have to do it, but she has absolutely no fear. Usually when an actor becomes more and more successful, they play it safe. But that’s not Angelina Jolie.”

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449 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Puts Out a Fire”

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  1. 126
    Lulu Says:

    She is a gutter rat!

  2. 127
    LYNN Says:

    Angie doesnt have to do her stunts, but for her fans she give them their money worth. For her fans she take all her jobs very serious. She doesnt mind getting down real dirty if the job is worth it. I am so waiting to see this movie. I looked at changeling again last night and I still dont know why she did not win. There were others in that same movie that could have been nominated as well.

  3. 128
    cho Says:

    Just read this Anuston is like a bicycle,everyone gets a ride she is gross.

  4. 129
    cho Says:

    Anuston with all her millions and she still cannot buy class.

  5. 130
    Katya Says:



    Natalie is not a very skilled actor. Poor choice to play opposite Brad.

  6. 131
    cho Says:

    @Lulu: Read this so funny
    Butler and Aniston=Anisbutt

  7. 132
    dawne Says:

    Breathtaking and Brave Angelina. The Queen of all female actors. Married to the King of Hot. Makes you trolls literally shake doesn’t it??? Your little idol with her trumped up PR and lying life……zip talent on the big screen, noman’s woman, childless, panned by every critic in North America for her continually playing herself…and when you play ‘yourself’ badly…..hey, the gig’s up doncha think? LMAO

    So bring it on, losies, I love watching square heads bangin’ into brick.

  8. 133
    She's always bangin' the brick Says:

    Jolie will bang anything! Nasty gutter rat is true lulu! Even her hair is fake now. hahahhahaha nothing natural about a gutter rat.

  9. 134
    Happy Family=Trolls Agitated Says:

    Salt looks like yet another big hit for Angie- can hardly wait to see it. It’s clear that the pictures of the wonderful & happy JPs have gotten the trolls especially crazy- AGAIN. Manny’s continual failures, esp this latest embarrassment- her pimping perfume- have gotten them insane. Manny is so lame, so d-list- no one wants to smell like that leather-faced loser. She is so desperate to stay in the public eye, look for on DWTS or celeb rehab next.

  10. 135
    cho Says:

    @She’s always bangin’ the brick: @She’s always bangin’ the brick:
    Jennifer Linn Anuston takes it in the pooper
    Like a Trooper.

  11. 136
    cho Says:

    @She’s always bangin’ the brick: Anuston the **** sleeps with every co star she appears in a movie with.All her millions cannot buy Anuston class.

  12. 137
    Elizabeth Says:

    @cho: That is so funny. Hello to all JP fans.

  13. 138
    Elizabeth Says:

    @Gracie: Thanks for sharing so do I did not see this pics.

  14. 139
    whamo is sad :[ Says:

    Gee Whamo, when you were Lena you showed your waiter the threads. In another incarnation, you showed your lawyer. lol
    Of course, we remember you as DHL. snort. Who could forget her.
    Poor sad, lonely whamo. Imaginary friends. Imaginary life. Multiple postings under a variety of names. You’re a big, fat shut-in aren’t ya sweetie? Enjoy yourself, whamo. We all know that this is all you have.

  15. 140
    You go girl! Says:

    Unfortunately, after 40, roles are rather limited for aging actresses in Hollywood.This is the prime time for Angie. I see her making lots of movies in the next five years. Once she turns forty she will slow down. JMO.

  16. 141
    @ Whamo Says:


    It’s been fun, but really, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable on another thread? You have the IQ of room temperature; you make fun of people who can speak more languages than you can; and you lack taste. Really, there’s nothing for you here. You and your imaginary friends would be happier on Jessica Simpson’s thread. Or Rachel’s thread, of course.

  17. 142
    gracie Says:

    New video of Brad with all 6 kids playing in the park. There is also a new thread about Doug Pitt being named as Goodwill Ambassador of Tanzania — Anyone see Angie’s influence here? Brad’s sister adopting in Africa and now his brother being named an Ambassador of Tanzania. This must be a very tight family and work closely together. It also shows the Pitt family have embraced Angie as one their own and love her a lot.

  18. 143
    sharon Says:

    The movie looks great. Can’t wait.

  19. 144
    Bijoux Says:

    I left this message on the Doug Pitt Goodwill Ambassador thread, but I thought I would be appropriate to bring it to the latest Angie and Brad thread.

    Congratulations to Doug Pitt! I have been keeping up with the articles regarding Doug’s water project in Tanzania. I’ve been impressed with all his humanatarian efforts. The Jolie-Pitts and the family of Pitts have gone beyond what I thought was possible with one family. Angie and Brad have done a remarkable job getting others involved. The involved parties are both famous and regular people, like myself. I’m impressed with SOS, Doctors Without Borders, Millennium Villages,Not On My Watch, and Matt Damon’s project to bring water to suffering countries. I wonder if Matt Damon’s water project is in connection with Doug Pitt’s water project. Of course, I cannot forget the support Brad Pitt New Orleans project to make it right after the hurricane. Lastly, the efforts in Haiti are enormous. Thanks to the Pitt Family for everything they have accomplished.


  20. 145
    TRUTH HURTS. Says:

    Tara @ 04/20/2010 at 4:21 pm

    If it wasn’t for Aniston, Jolie would be a reality tv star. Jolie is nothing without Jen. Steal Brad, didn’t help her, hurt her. Adopt kids, who cares…Have bio kids, still no one cares…Bring Aniston into the mix, now you have famous…So you see, Jolie is nothing without Jen.. Forget Brad..He hasn’t been anyone in years…I’d feel sorry for him if he wasn’t so stupid…He pays dearly to this day..
    ——————————————————————————————-How can Oscar winner Angelina Jolie ever be a reality tv star? When Rachel from Friends is a sitcom tv hack. Angelina Jolie was successful before Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt was a movie star before Rachel. That ugly b!tch from tv land is the one trying to ride the mega star train that is BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE.

    When Salt opens in July Angelina will show all haters and gossip mongers how to open a film with 50 million plus opening weekend. The numbers Rachel can only dream about in her 40 year old rom-com career.

  21. 146
    gracie Says:

    Scroll down, some cute pics of Knox and Angie.

  22. 147
    ANGI Says:

    ı love you angii

  23. 148
    dohdoh Says:


    Which is constipated haha X always got that constipated look on her face. Or maybe it’s the look she gave when someone stick a finger up her A ss

  24. 149
    Nice Says:

    The JP family is loved by so many. They were just ooohing and ahhinng on that trashy show The Insider.

  25. 150
    kittensparkles Says:

    Are any of you Jolie lovers male? I thought not. I guess we don’t have to worry who the psychos are. Gay possibly. They are the females that are totally in love and devoted to their crush. Not that Jolie cares. She would turn you all in to the police if she had to hear 10 minutes of your fantasy life you have with her. This level of devotion is beyond any reasonable persons thought process. It is a shame you have to focus on the one person you will never meet unless you start stalking her also. This is unhealthy.

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