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David Archuleta Explains Gay Club Visit

David Archuleta Explains Gay Club Visit

After being spotted at a gay club in New York City this weekend, David Archuleta has turned to his Twitter to clarify the situation!

“Last night in New York I got invited to go and see my friend Charice perform. Mental note to self: always ask where before you go! Wasn’t my kind of place lol, and I had no clue! I guess you live and learn. The upside was that Charice was awesome, and she has an incredible voice.”

“Hope that clears things up!” David concluded. “Been seeing some of the tweets.. sheesh!”

Charice backed David up, tweeting, “[B]ottomline, David just showed his support for me. and i wanna thank [him] for doing that.”

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  • Wishdone

    You can only deny it for so long before it becomes annoying, but the choice is up to him as to when he will actually come out.

  • stephanie

    wow, what kind of world do we live in where you have to clarify why you visit gay clubs? makes me sad.

  • ganymede30324

    OMG, I was in a straight club on Saturday! Now I suppose everyone will attempt to ‘in’ me!

  • WOW

    He seems really defensive about that… like actually WTF. It’s not a big deal, buddy.

  • Jo

    No one cares

  • mickey

    There is no shame in being gay. He should just admit that he is gay. Don’t be like Ricky Martin and be the last one to know you’re gay.

  • iFellytone

    The reason he took to clarifying it so much was because VFTW blew it out of proportion, took an entire paragraph out of context and said that he had come out of the closet.

    I don’t think he should’ve responded though, VFTW is on a very high horse atm

  • http://deleted Jo

    he’s being so deffensive about this whole situation..

    he should be like “I went to a gay club to support my friend’s performance” and leave as that..

    him being so deffensive make’s me believe he might be hidding something big inside his closet.

  • vj

    David Archuleta is awesome~ I love him! And there’s a tiny bit more to it than that. He was responding to hateful tweets accusing him of being gay, and bashing Charice for spending time with him. He later realized that he inadvertently offended a few ppl, so he tweeted that he meant he was not a partying kind of person. (This club is known for being erotic). Alot of ppl, myself included, are not used to~ or comfortable in~ those types of club situations, and it’s perfectly fine to say so. David didn’t do anything wrong, and didnt’ need to explain himself to anybody. I think he handled it exactly the right way. Next story…

  • http://deleted Jo

    or he should have tweeted something funny or witty
    its not a big deal IMO

  • Lukas

    I think its incredible stupid that people are so paranoid that just because you visit gay club or bar to support someone, you’re identified as gay. People are so uptight . If David Archie was in a gay club or straight club, who cares!

  • Vanessa

    Gay clubs are the most fun, everyone I know goes to them–straight or gay. What an idiot, he’s all defensive.

  • IPadigyah

    Straight folks does not hav probs if they go watch ppl they know for a show specially if you are in a group of friends & to think it’s in a high end Manhattan dance/gay club57. The closeted one’s always explains when spotted, it always happens, let go of guilt! hope you comes out sooner, it’s okay look at Adam, Clay & Ricky, you are in a great company!

  • Mike

    He made a mistake why would you even explain this? He doesn’t realize that this makes the situation worst for himself because he’s paranoid and so defensive…

  • err

    Hmm, I think he just wasn’t able to find the right words. I wouldn’t blame him if he did sound a bit defensive. Even I who is a lot older than him, had to reign myself not to respond to the nastiness some of his fan-girls were throwing around at that time. I was surprised how mean teenagers can get nowadays. It is really cyber-bullying. They were tweeting David & Charice obscenities & death threats just because of what they heard/read on twitter.

  • http://deleted Jo

    One last thing
    Taylor Lautner was recently spotted at Bryan Singer’s party, and his parties are mostly attended by gay men in the industry,
    it was on Perez Hilton and other gossip sites, and Taylor L didn’t panicked and defende himself, and guess what? nothing happened!
    I’m comparing them because they’re almost the same age,,

  • Paulie

    Ugh, what a little homophobe.

    The way he’s (over) reacting you’d think someone accused him of
    rape or murder.

  • chronicles

    “So, was David bumping and grinding with some steamy Dominican muscle man? Hardly. David was there with his friend Charice, who performed a dance remix of her current hit single, “Pyramid” at the coveted 1:30 a.m. spot. Reportedly, however, Charice and her entourage, which included David and his old band mate Eli, did do something terribly scandalous after the performance: They went to a local Pinkberry for ice cream.”

  • vj

    So he either has to be gay or a homophobe, is that how it works? Pls read this:

  • AreYouKiddingMe

    He’s not a homophobe Paulie. He’s more than likely gay but afraid to come out because of his fan base.

  • Irene

    He probably doesn’t even know he’s gay himself yet

  • nl

    Unlike “regular” people like those posting their comments here, Archuleta’s twitter was innundated with people hating on him for hanging out with Charice, being at a gay club and then when he finally commented about it all to try to calm some strange fans, he is bashed for that. This kid can not win.

  • Dhen

    yeah makes me feel sad that there are actually people throwing nasty comments both to Charice (who just graced an invitation to perfrom her hit single Pyramid Remix which is hot in the clubs) and David who’s been a good friend supporting his friend. they even left immediately after the performace and went to Pinkberry for some icecream. david is also with Eli, his former band member and now Charice drummer. end of story.

  • michelle

    @Irene: are you gay?

  • Jackson

    You can say whatever you want to. He has been through lots of things in his short life. During Idol, when various rumors completely overshadowed his talent, he showed resilience and perseverance, still maintaining smile on his face. Although he said he is not gay, people are speculating. Gays want him to be gay and straight guys want him to be gay so that he fails. Just watch how he learns and grows. He is much stronger than you think. His book will come out in June, so check it out why he is who he is now.

    One more, read tweets again. He said going to clubs for partying is not his style of leisure, gays or not. Is it hard to understand? For a teen, exotic dance clubs are not a common place to have fun. Especially, Archuleta? He is not a typical Hollywood spoiled brat.

  • Jackson

    @mickey: @stephanie: Ya, fans all over the world poured hate tweets and death threats, especially Charice haters…. He needed to say something. In fact, many crazy fans calmed down after his tweets.

  • sv18

    please, there’s a lot of straights that go to gay clubs! I don’t get how this is relevant. Taylor lautner and Zac Efron went to one too, is not uncommon.

  • Eric Shinn

    Oh puhlease!!! This guy has had more c0ck in him than a chicken!!!!

  • Frankie

    No se porque se tiene que justificar el muchacho por ir a un club gay, cada uno va donde quiere, indiferentemente que sea gay o hetero.

  • Alexa

    Archie is amazing! Its ridiculous that people are taking his views this way. Believe it or not, not EVERYBODY likes going to gay clubs, esp young guys.

    This does not make him homophobic or in denial. He’s a young guy who’d probably never been to a place like that before.

  • Glen

    oh come on!
    what do you want from him?
    he’s just a child! little kid
    he still watches disney cartoon and his best movie is “UP”.
    he deosn’t like to go adult club weather it’s gay club or not.
    leave the poor kid alone!

  • happy girl

    sad for him that he even has to explain. poor kid.

  • villedeville

    Here’s a suggestion to David and everyone else: if you went to a club, gay or straight, just go and enjoy yourself. No need for any explanation or justification. Colin Farrell has been reported going to gay clubs and has been photographed hugging men tightly. He was never suspected or speculated as being gay, and even if he was he never cared.

    And, by the way, credits to David for supporting another misunderstood and often hated performer, Charice.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …he’s gay, who cares?!? no big deal. he can deny it and become the new ricky martin but it doesn’t change the fact we know he’s a little homoo. honestly, he wont even be around next year so expect him to come out the closet soon (for publicity).

  • glambert

    could Adam possibly mentor the boy on this one?

  • Rocky


    ITA! They are the most fun. I guess his domineering father made him clarify. The kid’s a Mormon. God forbid there are any gay Mormons around.

  • Mark

    What an idiot! I know so many straight guys and girls who love going to gay clubs. No big deal.

    Live and Learn, Buddy? You obviously have a long way to go. Good luck.

  • Lucy86

    Please leave this boy alone.

  • athena

    Unfortunately society is closed minded and judgemental. David, no clarification is needed….whether it be a gay club or not, I’m happy you were able to support your friend in her endeavor.

  • Facepalm

    The reason he wanted to clarify was because of his stupid, naive fans. In his @replies the comments were all like this “omg stop making nasty rumors up about david!!!! he would never go to a gayclub on porpuse1!!! you lot are just mean!!! what has he ever done to you!?? nothing!!!!!” (…um…) – “I believe you David!!! Dont listen to the buillies, we know you would never step foot into a place like that intentionally!” (A PLACE LIKE ‘THAT’? nice) “I knew there would be an explanation. You are a pure person David, may God be with you always” (woooooow,) – they just went on and on and on. His fans are awfully sheltered, most of them.

  • wtf

    @Jackson: “straight guys want him to be gay so that he fails” Excuse me? Can you PLEASE elaborate on that?

  • what

    @Glen: “a little kid” David is 19 years old!

  • iPadipod

    Look at his face, look at the movements of his hands during Seacrest interview at AI (& other radio interviews on TY), so gay & happy mormon boy! He shldnt be bothered explaining, the industry knows hes closeted anyway. Charice so innocent though, I’d say gurl stop obcessing on him before you end up looking like a loser, focus on your singing! Your plurk friends says your bro says you are so in love with Archie & calling texting him all the time. If that’s true aint buying your album.

  • BA

    He’s from Utah, what do you expect.

  • Stan

    he is CUTE! but he should not be afraid of being considered gay. he should not have to worry about not going to a gay club….that doesn’t mean he is gay. but if he is, he shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

  • gregr

    gay or straight. Who knows? He ain’t exactly a “lady killer” now, is he?

  • cherylanh

    I believe in David. I will support him now and forever regardless of whatever happens. David, I love you.

  • violet4ever

    Commenters who are ripping David for explaining himself… VFTW made a big smirky deal out David being at that club and spread it around twitter, even though Charice invited him there to see her perform her new single. So David tweeted that he was there to see Charice and that it wasn’t his kind of place. Of course it’s not. He’s almost puritanical. A girly bar wouldn’t be his kind of place either. The vast majority of David’s straight and gay fans know that. But a very few gay fans and several gay non-fans thought he sounded homophobic and were complaining to him on twitter or trying to make a big deal out of it on the web. David also tweeted this to someone @ I have friends who are gay, and they’re great people. Whether they’re gay or not doesn’t change how I think of them. @ I have nothing against anyone, I’m sorry if that’s how it came across. I’m just not into the partying scene lol.. <- stuff his real fans don’t need to be told. At this point it’s just non-fans trying make dirt out of nothing so they can push their own agendas.

  • Vicky

    @violet4ever: David doesn’t visit VFTW. None of that changes the fact that he was overly defensive about something he shouldn’t have been, his father is to blame, really.

  • Jack

    Why is he always either so defensive or SUPER awkward when someone talks to him about gay issues? I remember when after he met Gaga at Z100, the reporter interviewing him was asking him about different audiences and then asked him what he thought about gay rights amongst other things to which he replied, “um……I…..I………I’m……I think…….I don’t really………I…………I don’tthinkthere’sanythingbadabout it.” : | Errrrm Archie lol. When someone asks you about human rights, the answer shouldn’t be that difficult. Why couldn’t he have just given a straight-up normal answer ? It was like someone had accused him of something and he’d just been caught. I think he may have his father’s voice in his head 24/7, sadly. It’s time to grow some independence—- you’re almost 20 years old dude!