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Esmee Denters Makes Justin Timberlake Feel Old

Esmee Denters Makes Justin Timberlake Feel Old

Esmee Denters talks about being discovered by Justin Timberlake and how it’s changed her life.

“I went from singing my favorite cover songs in the bedroom to going to see his concert and actually meeting him,” Esmée tells ET of her mentor. “I grew up watching his videos and I wanted to be like [him] — I’m a fan.”

Justin laughs, “Oh, man. You just made me feel old.”

“It’s an honor to even meet him and to have him produce my songs and write with me and really give me the attention as an artist,” adds Esmée.

Esmée‘s new music video featuring Justin, “Love Dealer,” will premiere on April 28!

Esmee Denters Makes Justin Timberlake Feel Old
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  • MB
  • Sarah

    I honestly lost track of how many times she said “you know”. I know that English isn’t her first language, but “you know”, she needs to open a dictionary, and “you know”, learn some new words. She’s not bad though. I’ve liked her on YouTube ever since she became a “star” – but she tries way too hard.

  • Marissa

    I’m sorry but i just dont see her lasting much. she seems nice and her voice is pretty good but i dont see a star.

  • kim

    Try speaking Dutch fluently Sarah and then comment. She lives in the Nederlands and is not an American so give her a break. For a young person, that’s pretty impressive.

  • Leslee

    So how many girlfriends does JT have?

  • Faith87

    Whoa she’s not american? I thought she was. her accent is great

  • Serafim

    you know))))))))

  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L

    i absolutley love her, and she definitely has a big voice, she is gonna go far.

    Although i think timberlake needs ot step away from the spotlight and focus on his own music, he has not had an album out since 2006 but you still see him, WHATS THE DEAL DUDE? at least Xtina has the since of leaving and focus on new music, start a family etc… and be able ot come back strong, Timberlake cant do that he is a famew-h-o-r-e.

    However, i do love Esmee and her music.

  • kim

    She’s amazing. Esmée rocks.
    So funny that JJ wrote about her!!

  • susi

    She looks like his mother just different hair! She is so gonna fail!
    Music industrie is very hard at the moment for new artists even the older and talented musiker have problems, and Esmee seems absolutely nothing special or excinting to me. She might have a nice voice but we know that isnt enough and her live singing sucks though and She cant dance. Something like her you can find on every street, i dont see the deal about her! Feel sorry for her but anyway she has a chance to live her dream and say she has tried!

  • patrica

    Always again surprised that famewh0re Timberlake tries to work in every section. His famehunger is really special and he is in nothing really great! He needs to focus only in one career and there try to be good but than would his famewh0ring end and that’s the problem seems. He needs always to show his face everywhere.

  • sas

    Esmee will make it, love her. Currently #2 in the UK iTunes charts with a British rapper btw.

  • tasha

    Sorry why the hell is Justin Timberlake in that video? It would have been better without him on, he looks so stupid and his dancing is ridiculous! Now i dont want to hear that stupid song and anyway not to buy or downloud it! Cant stand this teenagediva!

    She is cute and down to earth.



    i think she’s just terribly nervous. People aren’t born celebrities, this is all relatively new to her. On Dutch tv she’s usually pretty comfortable and confident..
    Anyway go Dutchies! I’m so proud of her. :D

  • Marco

    I think Jt is just pissed that justin bieber chose usher and is now getting well known. he’s trying to recreate that with this girl. either that or he wants to nail her lol

  • Leslie

    i like her music
    and she used to be so cute when she posted her video on youtube
    now she looks like any starlett in Hoolywood trying to be fashionista

  • Peter

    It’s gonna be amazing, I’m pretty sure about that!

  • In The Know

    What makes JT think he can write with anybody? He has the direct help of professional hitmakers even when he gets credit as everyone in the record business knows.

    That shi t Always makes me laugh.

  • 1v1ai

    hahaha they both say “you know” like a million times!

  • mickey

    Awww Justin you’re not old. You’re just lame…and arrogant…and a jerk…but at least you’re not old…yet.

  • yo sista

    And how much did he pay her to say those two words?

  • Priscilla

    Denters is a huge star in her head. She’s been showing diva behavior to the media in her home country. She’s really just a dime a dozen, not all that special, no matter what Timberlake may be telling her. He probably needs a tax write off, so that’s why he invests in her. She should try and actually build a lasting career before behaving like a star. Being humble (for real, not acted for a promo interview like this) is a virtue, Esmee. Think about that.

  • Cindy



  • Betty

    funny his reaction his face with the making him feel old comment …she did make it sound like he could be a lot older.

  • CDL

    @ Sarah; HAHA! Esmee says you know 9 times .. BUT Justin 8 times, she learned from the best.