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Kal Penn: Robbed at Gunpoint in D.C.

Kal Penn: Robbed at Gunpoint in D.C.

Kal Penn was robbed at gunpoint early Tuesday morning (April 20) while walking in a neighborhood in Washington D.C.

The 32-year-old Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle star’s wallet and other personal property were stolen around 1:20AM, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Kal has been serving as the associate director of the White House Office Of Public Engagement. He’ll shoot a new Harold & Kumar movie in 2011.

Hope you’re okay, Kal!

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  • Sav.

    Aw. God bless him. I hope he’s okay!

  • the african darkside

    Mostly likely a random event. Unfortunately,alot of angry people in america now. Washington dc has a large black and most likely unemployed population,so it don’t surprise me.


  • sillyme

    You blame it on “a large black and MOST LIKELY UNEMPLOYED population.” Wow, what a racist statement.

    I don’t think this has anything to do with the fact that there are a lot of “angry” people. DC’s employment is not as bad as other parts of the country, since Obama has created so many government jobs. And a lot of blacks are being forced out of the city by illegals, young white liberals, and gays.

    What happened was just crime in DC. Nothing new. The only thing new is that the guy was someone who worked out the White House and that’s why it made news. But, I work downtown, at a university, and we hear about muggings all the time from our students.

  • dundies

    thats terrible. i think its best to anticipate these things happening, so that your ready for them

  • dundies

    re: the african darkside

    if that is your logic, I’d hate to hear what you think of Kal Penn. ya know because he’s indian american and all

  • the african darkside

    I’m black. And i’m being honest. The fact is,i don’t know the race of the suspect. But logic dictates,blacks’s unemployment is higher than any other group and washington dc has a high black population. I’m not
    saying all black people are criminals but i am saying black people
    more than likely become twice as desperate in desperate times than other groups.


  • Dog Lover

    I thought Unemployment was down because of President Obama.

    Not according to my friends that were laid off recently but according to news reports.

  • xyz

    He was out and about at 1:20 am; at that time of the night, it could have happened in any big city.

  • shell

    Maybe he shouldn’t of left House.

  • Fax that lie

    I’m sure this thread would die at a drop of a pin – one might even hear it too, if the suspect was found to be white or any other race.

  • Halli

    @the african darkside:

    Someone race has nothing to do with it fool. Does it matter than Kal Penn is Indian? So why should it matter to you what the race is of this robber? You’re a dumb racist and it doesn’t matter that you’re black. Race is on the forefront of your mind. Turd.

  • Ryan

    Glad to know he’s okay, Sorry Kal

  • the african darkside

    “Someone race has nothing to do with it fool”

    All races are capable of the same thing,so to that degree you are correct. But only a fool would coNclude blacks don’t have a higher crime rate. I was commenting on unemployed or underemployed blacks IN WASHIGTON DC,and crime in this economy. Mr penn race isn’t important to my conclusion.


  • Dog Lover

    More layoffs & more crimes will come.

  • happy girl

    my girlifriend who is white was raped by a white person who lived in her neighborhood when she was 15 and left for dead – she was just walking home from school. she was too scared to stand trial against him. any thoughts racists? what color were the nazis or al qaeda? does violence really know color? really? pathetic fools.

  • Iggles

    @happy girl:
    Exactly. Violence is violence. Criminals come in all colors. Some look untrustworthy but the majority are quite good at blending in..

  • julie

    I’m sorry to hear this, there are bad people in all race unfortunately, i hope he’s o.k. that’s horrible, god bless him.

  • Leslee

    I wonder if DC is a safe city, since it promotes a peaceful culture

  • becca

    What an atrocity! I hope he’s not losing any sleep over it.

  • well wisher

    Yeah i hope ur okay Kal!! Feel better

  • happy girl

    iggles: yes they blend in especially the creepy molesters and waste of lives who prey on women. they know how to blend in and if you do not keep up your wits you would never know who they are. and btw, my girlfriend lived in a very quiet middle class new england town. i met her in college and she is only now healing emotionally.

  • um

    “Kal has been serving as the associate director of the White House Office Of Public Engagement.”


    so if you want to be in politics in America just be anything but a white guy?

    What qualifications does he have to hold that position?

    Also if the suspect were white there would be a description of him. If there’s no description given its default that the guy was black. I thought everyone knew that’s how the racist media works now? Gotta keep demonizing white people or Oprah won’t give you money anymore.

  • youwillmissme

    He’s still alive? I thought he already committed suicide… Just kidding :-), glad he’s OK.

  • Rob

    DC has the best job market in the US and among the lowest unemployment rate in the nation…

  • Em

    @um: what kind of logic is that? i don’t see where you get your conclusion that only minorities get government positions when the majority of politicians elected into office are white. and why ask a question you can simply google and get the answer to? Kal Penn attended UCLA and his job description as part of Obama’s administration includes serving as a liaison between the White House and Asian-Americana and Pacific Islander communities. he seems qualified enough for that job. the fact is, no one knows the details of the crime and all this talk about race here is speculation.

    but it’s really disheartening to know that racism is still alive and well today despite how people like you would like to think otherwise. and according to your comment, the media is now racist against white people? that’s laughable considering like politics, the economy, etc. mainstream media is still largely run by white men. also it’s insulting that you would insinuate that minorities only get jobs in government (as opposed to whites) because of some racial/political agenda.

    get over your sense of entitlement. nothing is going to change unless we all respect each other regardless of race.