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Kate Bosworth: Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush!

Kate Bosworth: Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush!

Kate Bosworth totes around her favorite Mulberry “Leah” bucket bag as she talks with a mystery male in Los Angeles on Monday (April 19).

Earlier in the day, the 27-year-old actress and her boyfriend, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, were seen getting some poolside PDA on. So cute!

This weekend, Alex is expected to make an appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival for a screening of hew latest movie, Metropia, but no word on whether Kate will accompany him.

FYI: Kate is wearing J Brand “1043″ shorts in neptune.

More pics at X17!

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  • Halli

    She’s so boring to look at

  • Emily

    @Halli: Yeah

  • nicole

    @Halli: +100
    i used to like her style.. but no more…

  • lola

    ARE YOU KIDDING? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Why don’t you rename this JUST KATE? She must pay you a lot.

  • s

    good god! what’s up with all these Kate Bosworth threads, 90% of the time she’s doing nothing of importance. I usually just skip threads that show her pics but jeez this is ridiculous. Does she have a movie coming out within the next few weeks/months that I’m unaware of? If not, what gives?

  • callusmesdemoiselles

    I think she has great style, she looks great in whatever shes wearing

  • Dex

    You’re obviously being paid by someone of Kate management team, because honestly nobody cares about that attention wh@#e

  • John C.

    She’s another one who’s homely w/o makeup.

  • kris

    Well, she is surely not the only one who has JJ on her payroll…

  • kdots

    I don’t see her appeal except she’s good at linking herself to hot guys. If she didn’t do that, the blogs probably wouldn’t cover her.

  • jdkw

    @kris: Agree, you can tell there’s a whole bunch of them. They all don’t see to be doing anything but we get constant coverage of their daily eating and shopping.

  • Free People

    JJ, is it possible for you guys to write a story about Bosworth without mentioning her rumored boyfriends or is she really that irrelevant?

  • Spice

    Wow! Not only is she in here almost every day but multiple times per day! She really is better known for her daily deluge of paparazzi snaps than for her acting career.

    One thing is for sure, I think this will cure me of my fascination with this site!

  • Mac N Cheese

    Is that a wig? Her hair looks longer.

  • wow

    I don’t think I’m coming to this site anymore either. I don’t have any interest in this useless cokewhore and neither do the majority of people here, I don’t care how much she is paying you.

  • nicole

    This is truly ridiculous!! I am starting to think your site has no credibility. I started coming here because you seem to show a lot of celebs but now it is only Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson several times per day. I am over it completely. What gives? Does she pay you? Are you the only one who mention her this much? Sh*t she IS really pathetic!!

  • Liv

    She has a very square face and not that cute when she’s not made up for an event or wearing more colorful clothes. Cute shirt though.

  • loyal

    Geez, ladies. Got anything nice to say? She is lovely and hope she finds happiness with her new love.

  • American

    Jared used to do the same thing with Katie Holmes. 2-3 posts a day when she was performing All My Sons on Broadway. At least Holmes was working half the time.

  • lola

    @loyal: Loyal, it isn’t about NOT liking her, it is about the fact that there have literally been ten posts about in the past three days- other celebrities were at Coachella too you know..other people are walking around, it has just become evident that the nicest gossip site on the web is now probably also the richest thanks to the fact that he is lining his pockets to support people like this. I’m done coming here too.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..c’mon!!!! …this biiishes career started and ended with blue crush! what the fcuk! ..does she even get work anymore?!? ..ugly big foreheadededed anorexic biish. ahahahahahahahaaa..

  • WTF?!

    Did JJ ride back in the car with her? She’s “caught” doing PDA posing in the morning and now snapped again. Getting bored with this site. Isn’t there a real celebrity you could get pictures of? Someone who actually WORKS or does something other than call paps to take their picture?

  • palvasha

    @loyal: What new love? Looks more like an ongoing booty call. I hope she finds a real man and career. She’s been in the business long enough and should have evolved more as an actress by now.

  • Liv

    Kate Bosworth again? I’m in awe. Maybe we’ll get lucky and get to watch her buying a pack of gum at the 7-11.

  • cute

    Cute face but not a very good body and a terrible, terrible dresser.

  • easy!

    fatties, just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling if you don’t like kb posts. easy!

  • Hmmm

    boring, yawn

  • Lola

    @wow: She’s probably been using some rogaine.

  • Lola

    I meant @Mac N Cheese! Sorry. And I agree with all of you. She’s featured on here daily and she’s constantly referred to as Alexander’s rumored boyfriend or Blue Crush actress.

  • H

    More Kate JJ, thanks.

  • Jonne

    I love Kate but Enuff already! Kate, get a proper job! She lost a lot of appeal after Orlando dumped her in 2006.

  • Oh

    You bunch of idiots.

    Jared keeps posting about her because you haters keep commenting on her. And if she’s so boring and you hate her so much…… Why do you keep reading/commenting on her threads??!!!!

  • L

    @lola: Here’s a way to solve the problem: SCROLL BY.

  • FroFro

    Jared switches back and forth between Orlando’s ex and current. There are times when there is a thread a day on Miranda as well. This month its Kates turn. I like Kate, but I agree with 24, theres no need to see a thread about her doing the most boring of things.

  • Is Alex on True Blood anymore?

    Is Alex even on True Blood anymore? He’s had nothing but free time for about 3 months now, and they’ve been filming the new season the whole time. Did they get tired of his pr antics and lessen his involvement in the show? Of course he’s available to go to Tribeca, it’s not like he has to work.

  • Omayra

    I hate her… anorexic… she is the bootycall girl for the entire state of California… whoever needs to release their stress, she is available plus you will get your 5 min of fame when they take your picture with her! she should just dissapear!

  • Just Don’t know

    How the f*uck do they know what brand/color shorts she’s wearing? Unless her publicist sends that info to JJ. Same thing with the purple bikini in the poolside photos. Gimme a break. BTW, her people should remove those shorts from her possesion. They’re hideous and look awful on her.

  • REM

    Pitts and/or the kids everyday ad nauseum always hanging on JJ. To me, an entertainer is just that, to entertain. I pay their salary by buying a ticket to see what more than likely is a crap movie.

  • Leslee

    Love her!



    The differences between the Pitts and KB/AS:
    1.Both Brad and Angie are considered to be the among the most talented top actors in the world and both have been nominated for or won the most prestigious awards.
    2.Both are considered to world’s sexiest man and woman… time and time again.
    3. Both lend the names/ selves to humanitarian causes. Pitt actually builds housing in New Orleans with his own hands according to Whoopi Goldberg. Yet he doesn’t feel the need to have pap shots.
    4. Brad/Angie are usually shot out and about with their kids doing things.
    5. Brad and Angie do not need to called the payparazzi for staged shots. The paparazzi know that their pictures are worth big money
    6. Brad and Angie are not bottom feeding desperate famewh*res. They’re stand on their talent and bodiy of work.
    6. Brad and Angie are known are the SH*T.

    Btw, I know they’re not perfect and have problems. Jen Anistan…yadda, yadda. They’re still the Alpha dogs that famewh*res and lots of people wish they were.

  • Carmilla

    Always bad dressed!!! Hate those hooker shorts. Moreover, they don’t match with the shirt. She looks slovenly.

  • Vanessa

    This is one girl for whom we should really start a food donation thing … she couldn’t possibly look more anorexic!

    Somebody ought to tell her that food is not her enemy.

  • Renore

    Good point, FroFro @ 04/20/2010 at 8:57 pm. Jared, now let’s see some HOT AND SEXY ORLANDO!

  • PondScum

    @Is Alex on True Blood anymore?: Good grief.. Alan Ball himself (and every article written about True Blood) says Alex is getting a lot more screen time in season 3 because of how popular Alex and the character Eric is. It appears as if your personal hatred for Alex is showing by simply making things up.

  • PastKBfan

    What has happened to Kate Bosworth??? I thought she was over her weight issues and emotional issues, so sad, I used to be a fan of hers when she started out but look how she turnd out. Does anyone remember the interview she gave in Vogue magazine, lets just say she does have self esteem issues. Esp the statment when she said in regards to when she and her then boyfriend James met, how she asked him why did he not walk away because she looked a mess, her response was perhaps he saw potential in her!!! Lame !!!That he could fix her, wow that is pathetic. KB needs to realize that no man fill up that void of she feels!! Kate needs to tak a break and concentrate on getting better as an individual and on her career. She needs to stop seeking the paps, looking sickly thin and moving from one hookup or boyfriend to the next. I hope she can get her act together.

  • TYPO

    “Alex is expected to make an appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival for a screening of HEW latest movie, Metropia” What is HEW??

  • justin bieber

    She’s so boring to look at