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Kate Gosselin's Foxtrot Slammed By Judges

Kate Gosselin's Foxtrot Slammed By Judges

Kate Gosselin dances the foxtrot during Dancing with the Stars on Monday (April 19) in Los Angeles.

It was “movie night,” where couples danced to iconic songs from famous films such as Pulp Fiction and Risky Business. Kate danced to Breakfast Club‘s “Don’t You (Forget About Me).”

“You didn’t really dance, you sort of just strolled,” said judge Len Goodman.

Bruno Tonioli added, “[Your partner Tony Dovolani] could have had more life with a frock and coat hanger!”

Carrie Ann said, “There’s some sort of grace that’s developing and I give you a lot of credit for that. But when I watch you dance, it’s like the Charlie Brown teachers talking. Wah wah, wah!”

After the show, Kate told ET, “I had fun, and [the judges] didn’t seem to notice. It’s starting to creep in a little bit. Tonight, I was trying to hold back horrible emotions … probably not on live TV should I be standing there crying in front of the judges … It’s getting a little difficult. I’m depressed, sort of.”

Watch Kate‘s foxtrot below!

Kate Gosselin’s Foxtrot Slammed By Judges

25+ pictures inside from yesterday’s episode of Dancing with the Stars

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    Is she pregnant? Because she is getting bigger every week.

  • Shopping Kart Gosselin

    She’s so fake. You can tell that her people (TLC) have been coaching her on how to appear pleasant.

  • Kelly

    This show has to be rigged. Honestly, WHO IS VOTING FOR HER?????

  • teri

    I don’t think has the sl.tiness it takes. I couldn’t imagine the jon crap she she to put up with let alone her eight kids. I give her credit remembering her steps.

  • anon

    Wow, TLC must be paying some good money to the websites like JJ and others, as well as other TV shows and hosts for the extra coverage on her. I stil dont get why or what the big deal is. Truly. Dont hate her, just dont see why she’s worth investing millions of dollars of in. Seriously.

  • pp

    - this talentless woman’s ascension into the American public’s consciousness is one sure sign of the coming apocalypse.

  • jean

    I notice that she’s been covering up those big non-athletic legs of hers lately.

  • Cindy

    Best part of the dance(?) was when Tony lifted her from the stage steps down and she kicked her feet like a dog treading water. The instantaneous laughter in my living room could have been heard out on the street. We were rolling.

  • Sharon O.

    If you want to watch Kate actually dance with the stars you are going to have to record it and speed it up at least 2x on playback.

  • Tessa

    We are rolling on the ground every week when she dances. The week she danced to “paparazzi” I was on the ground as soon as I saw her in costume.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    Boo-hoo Kate. This week she blames her precious kids for her poor dancing. Like all good narcissists, she blames everyone else for her problems. It’s Tony’s fault! It’s Jon’s fault! It’s my brother’s fault! It’s my parents’ fault! It’s the paparazzi’s fault!
    Earth to Kate – everyone is responsible for their actions. You have treated the people in your life terribly. You have no talent. Why did you even bother to have the children you are never with?
    I’m sure the kids will survive if you are booted off DWTS. People with brains know you have undeserved millions and don’t need to work.
    Kate is seriously mentally ill. God help those poor kids. Poor Tony. He’s earning points in heaven for this gig.

  • Gabyzoka

    This song sucks. She sucks. Her dress (ew) sucks.
    Why is she on this show, REALLY?
    ‘If you want to watch Kate actually dance with the stars you are going to have to record it and speed it up at least 2x on playback.’ [2]

  • Tara

    I have no idea why she is still on the show…The girl can’t dance at all…I took dance my entire life and believe me she has no talent in that department at all, and never will…She has no groove…If you don’t have groove, you can never dance good…Boot her off!

  • Pandora

    Well, the best part wasn’t the “dancing” (natch). It was the critique! The Charlie Brown “waaaaa waaa” was hilarious and so was the “frock on a coat hanger” analogy! When are they gonna send this **tch packing? I feel soooo sorry for Tony.

  • split

    Part of me wants her off now
    and part wants to watch and laugh

  • kizbit

    Kate doesn’t want to be on the show to “dance”, she wants to be there to stay on tv. Did you see her yawning with disinterest in the pre-dance video? And making fun of how Tony teaches? She is so ungrateful. The look on Tony’s face speaks volumes. He tries to pretend he’s enjoying this trainwreck, but you know he is praying they get booted off tonight.

  • amy

    her book bombed, thats her problem. Fewer than 20 people showing up for her book signings. TLC better get busy, buying those books and paying people to like her!

  • lUCY

    Disgusting hag. The voting must be rigged – there is no way that there are enough losers in the world to vote for her. She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. There is not a single person in her life who is grateful for her existence. She serves only herself, and interacts with the kids only when it serves her purpose. She seems to think that the world owes her for her hard work when the kids were younger. Wake up, selfish loser. It’s called being a mother, and no one owes you a thing.

  • the DQ

    She SUCKS bigtime and has since the first week. Nothing is getting any better. She walks around like a robot and complains about everybody and everything.

    I bet there’s a Vote For The Worst site for DWTS, just like the one for AI. That’s the ONLY reason she’s still there.

  • boba

    It’s very painfull watching her dancing, OMG I fell sorry for Tony since he is my favorite dancer of the show.

  • Paula

    Kate…please…stop whining and crying and do us all a favour…go away!!! Who in the world is voting for her anyway???

  • FoxyRoxy


    I have to agree with you…I want her gone because she can’t dance worth crap…but it’s entertaining watching her try…lol. It’s like you know you shouldn’t be watching, but you can’t help but watch just for laughter…That’s so mean of me to

  • lisa

    I enjoy watching the weird faces she makes while dance/walking . I suppose she thinks she’s showing off her potential acting abilities.

  • KVB

    She has no self-dignity or respect for her children otherwise she would not beg for votes from a segment of society willing to stupidly vote for her. She signed a contract for monies and it doesn’t matter how long she remains on the show to receive it. Give the serious viewers of the show a break tonight as she has spoiled the show this season! This woman had multiple births the first time around and “chose” to have more in vitro (just like Octomom) knowing full well (as a nurse) that she would have multiple births the second time around. I have no sympathy for this male castrating wench. It’s time America release her to the “reality” of being a real mother instead of her delusional pretense. All of those kids are going to need psychotherapy as they move forward in life.

  • xiopio

    She cannot dance to save her life! The whole time I’m sitting there, going, move, do something, PLEASE!!!!!

  • hee

    - whoever is dressing her each week has got to be evil ; )

  • Lucky Charm

    WHY hasn’t she gone away yet? This show is supposed to be DANCING With the Stars, not STROLLING With the Stars! And she’s not even a star anyway, just a reality show attention wh*re trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame.

  • elle

    the media is so stupid thinking that poeple watch DWTS because of Kate. i watch that shows but not because of that woman! i hope she goes home tonight.

  • booboobird

    it’s like watching a train wreck. just can’t turn your eyes away.
    the long blonde extentions and makeup cannot turn a bulldog into a gracious butterfly. if you run all your life in sneakers and flip flops you won’t be able to move in heels. if you don’t have sense of rhythm then at 30 something you won’t suddenly develop it. if you’ve always been a b*tch then for DWTS you won’t suddenly turn into good human being. Kate, it’s time to grow up and go home. the children need you.

  • dawne

    If she could dance even half as well as she milks her ‘kids’ she’d be okay…….but this narcissist fame ho will do anything for fame including ‘using’ her kids and playing the ‘poor me’ card……pp said it best………her ascension to fame is downright scary and so telling of pop culture today………and not in a good way.

    If she is suuuuuch a loving and sacrificing MOTHER, she’d be at home with her kids who are suffering thru a public divorce of their parents………but she doesn’t give a crap……they are merely a gold mine for her.

  • lucas

    @Gabyzoka: bad choice in song and dress for sure. as for the dancing, it was decent. I did have to agree with her comments dissing trying to get too cute with the routine.

    this show is not about being cute or having fun. they are looking at who is the best dancer. Everyone should be focusing first on the technical skills of the dance as it should be done. nail that and then think about spicing things up. Cause no one has been that great this season.

  • Nandy

    everytime she speaks… i feel embarassed for her. it’s like she’s trying to win us over with pity.

    also, here in my country we have a dance with the stars thing (obviously with national stars, not international), and they really learn how to dance! they look professional, and not like.. this. she seems ridiculous even to me, who am not an expert.

  • le’

    She better be out tonight! She is soo negative..don’t know why some women think she needs pity. Kate is a user, sucker for fame, money and attention.

  • Elsa


  • Neorules2112

    Kate is a goddess , would love to handle those fun-bags for a dance.

  • troi

    I found myself rolling into a ball on the couch in total embarrassment for her performance. Can’t remember anyone being this bad. It is a travesty that she is still on the show. But what really got to me was the way she blamed her kids for her performance. She has a nanny for God’s sake. She is being put up at a ritzy hotel with her kids . She has nothing to do but dance and smile at the kids. What a whining, self-serving woman. She is a horrible role model to women every where unless of course you admire women who whine, disseminate, blame everyone but themselves, excuse everything they do that isn’t right or up to par and never owns up to their issues. This woman is truly awful.

  • nosey

    someone pls kick Kate back home where she belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s all gone to her head!

  • Bab

    She always has the angriest look on her face and you can just tell Tony can’t stand her. One would think her dancing would get at least a little better over the weeks, but it’s just gotten worse. Is that possible?

  • denise

    For this no-talent narcissist being on the show this long. YOU HAVE TO BLAME THE MOROS WHO KEEP VOTING FOR HER.

  • denise

    that word should be, ”MORONS”

  • Amber-louise

    ALL of these types of shows ARE rigged. It doesn’t take a genius to know that. She’s kept on solely because her making a fool of herself brings ratings which is why people keep voting for her.
    @ Tessa- I too laughed sooo hard at the Paparazzi “performance”. I just watched on You tube cause my friend couldn’t shut up about it. I can’t believe something that pathetic is considered entertainment. She has NO rhythm and cant even do basic steps. It just looks like she’s walking.

  • a realist

    Tony, I feel your pain. You deserve combat pay for this dance season.

  • boo

    When Tony lifted her up and she kicked her feet….. Holy $hit. One of the funniest things I’ve seen on TV. I hope she doesn’t get voted off because she is so much fun to mock.


    Kudos to SHARON O – you sincerely made me laugh.

    There is NO dancing so, I’ll ignore THAT.

    WHAT was Kate wearing?

    It resembled an elderly Aunt’s bedspread decorated with a glue gun and sparkles?

  • Laird

    The forever, and ever, subtle hints that HER LIFE ALONE is soooooooooo stressful,, ergo, that is why SHE cannot dance, is soooo done TO DEATH.

    Woman, you couldn’t dance or anything else that requires rhythm to save your life. With or Without children.

  • Marieme

    The routine was simply hideous. The woman has a stick up her butt in more ways than one. And I was rooting for her in the beginning! I’m srsly starting to think Tony is sabotaging the performances because even the choreography is awful. How can they rehearse time and time again and she not see how poorly she moves? Mind boggling.

    And injecting how she’s a mother at every opportunity (duh!) is pretty tacky.


    I just watched the video.

    Dear God!!!!!

    This horror of a bore has never heard of “The Swim” dance ?!!!

    Her snarly sarcasm towards her instructor is why Jon is my hero. He put up with THAT for the sake of the children.

    He’s a saint. A SAINT! Tony as well.


  • Tessa


  • Marieme

    And P.S. if Kate was hideous then Jake was vile and barf-inducing. Is that guy pimping himself to Hwood or what? He’s so full of himself I can’t believe. The way he moves is so gross too. Very swishy and desperate. Please let him be voted off soon.

  • marant

    finally she is out of the competition.
    thanks to all the gods!!!!!