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Kelly Clarkson: Purple in Perth!

Kelly Clarkson: Purple in Perth!

Kelly Clarkson dons a purple tee and a newsboy cap as she arrives at Perth Domestic Airport with her parents and bodyguard in Western Australia on Tuesday (April 20).

The 27-year-old American Idol champ is currently under fire for because her concert in Indonesia is being sponsored by a tobacco company – Djarum under the L.A. Lights brand name. You can read the letter from SEATCA (Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance) below!

10+ pictures inside of purple-licious Kelly Clarkson in Perth…

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kelly clarkson perth purple 01
kelly clarkson perth purple 02
kelly clarkson perth purple 03
kelly clarkson perth purple 04
kelly clarkson perth purple 05
kelly clarkson perth purple 06
kelly clarkson perth purple 07
kelly clarkson perth purple 08
kelly clarkson perth purple 09
kelly clarkson perth purple 10
kelly clarkson perth purple 11

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • David

    is that Barney?

  • Mike

    no, it’s 10,000 Princes (singer) with long hair

  • http://j ivanka

    @David: lmao

  • MB
  • MAC


  • Ms Anonymous

    Kelly is amazing, lay off ragging on her.

  • Victoria

    She looks terrible..needs a stylist asap..

  • Ty

    The girl can belt out a song!!!! If she is comfortable with her looks–then everyone else should just leave her alone. VOTE FOR CARRIE UNDERWOOD FOR CMT AWARDS. at THANKS EVERYONE THAT VOTED FOR CARRIE AT THE CMA’S. SHE WON ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR. AGAIN MAKING COUNTRY MUSIC HISTORY!!!!!!!

  • swimmer


    Kelly could give a rats white tail.



  • :)

    For her height, she is not at her ideal weight HOWEVER if she has no health problems and is happy + comfortable, let her be. Every woman’s weight yo-yos, this is how it is if you’re not obsessed with how you look. You can bet the name-callers at their comps are either fatas$es, ugly, or both.

  • alycia

    AHHHKELLYCLARKSON!she is my fave!she is extremely talented.i like the fact that she’s not a skinny anerexic bitch like 80% of hollywood stars are!you go girl!!

  • Jack

    One of the most down to earth, real celebrities you will ever meet. Epic talent, awesome personality, cute girl.



  • blink

    That man is NOT her dad. And she is not fat! I bet if she were standing next to most of these people calling her fat they will look like whales standing next to ms. clarkson. she’s short and has a booty, jealous? flat, boney people are boring.

  • Im really skinny and I still

    think she’s FAT




  • Crapside

    I thought it was Tinky Winky the purple Teletubby! :lol:

  • JARED: Bravo! cuz u don’t lie

    Jared says pretty in (the color the celeb is wearing) most of the times but in this case he couldnt say pretty in purple cuz she’s a FAT UGLY PIG HAS BEEN

  • JJ

    I love how everyone is giving thumbs down to comments on kelly’s weight but as soon as it’s a gabourey sidibe post everyone jumps on the bandwagon bashing her weight and saying all sorts of nasty things and they get multiple thumbs up!! Cmon guys can’t have a double standard. I’m not saying bash Kelly’s weight because people who do that online are nasty malicious people and are probably 10 times fatter and uglier… and i’m definitely not one of those…..but be fair and less judgemental in your comments and actions

  • lucy

    i think kelly clarkson is the best!!!
    i mean who cares about her weight!
    she’s a talented and nice person

  • Becky

    International public health advocates are calling on U.S. singing star and American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson to withdraw tobacco industry sponsorship of her April 29 concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. Join this Facepage to show your support for the health of Indonesian children:

  • Leslee

    She needs some veggies


    I do not like the newsies cap!!!

  • cindy

    Well, looks like Kelly has been enjoyin’ her time off. Now, back to touring. She doesn’t look healthy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has early stages of diabetes?! She’s a petite gal and she looks over weight. I’m a fan of hers, lover her voice and personality.

    She take of her health like Jennifer Hudson. Period.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Kelly looks fine! It’s nice to see a girl who’s ribs aren’t sticking out like she’s one of those starving people in a 3rd world country begging for money.
    And that end of the day she’s got talent to pay her bills! She’s not Jessica Simpleton who needs to use her weight to try and get a reality show or get publicity!

  • KA POW!!!!

    If they weren’t stretch pants they are now.

  • what a dreag

    everything is getting bigger but her bewbs

  • Whamo

    Anyone who gives a thumbs down to calling Kelly a fat ass, is I’m sure a fat ass themselves and have their own body issues.
    Kelly is fat. period. I’m sure the people that are giving the thumbs down were one skinny and pretty as well but they too let themselves turn into a big wallowing tub of fat and now feel that by giving a thumbs down it will somehow make their fat asses somehow more acceptable…sorry ladies it doesn’t. if you can’t see your feet when you stand up you might want to back away from the fridge ( beep beep beep ) put down that cookie dough and get your ass in the gym.

  • widz

    Most concerts in Indonesia have been sponsored by tobacco companies. The concert promoter (in Kelly’s case, Java Musikindo) is the one responsible for finding sponsors.

    I don’t like tobacco companies sponsoring concerts but why is it only a problem when Kelly has a concert sponsored by them and not other musicians, and let me tell you TONS of musicians have had concerts in Indonesia sponsored by tobacco companies like LA Lights and they have never experienced the scrutiny and complaints Kelly is experiencing right now.

    Double standard much?

  • edna

    Hello Rossie O’Donnell!

  • In The Know


  • BlueJay

    Jeez.. what a fat bitch. She knows we can see her right?

  • swimmer

    Well as one of the people who thumb downs the ignorant comments about her weight I have you know that I am not a fat a** and Kelly isn’t either. People who have met Kelly says she is not that fat, is tiny. Back off. You are such an a-hole for the stuff you said, it’s way beyond crass.

  • hana

    proud to be indo, proud to be the indo that lived in perth. but im not gonna watch kelly clarkson, hell nooo. she’s boring

  • Whamo

    @swimmer…you’re kidding me right! She’s tiny? NEWS FLASH…SHE’S A FAT ASS!!!! What you can’t be small and fat? Are you seriously trying to suggest she is not fat? I think if you read most comments from any of her threads you’d realize most people think she’s fat…which makes your ” I’m not fat” comment exaclty what I was getting at. If you don’t think Kelly’s fat then you ARE fat.

  • SaraS

    Look, I am a HUGE fan of Kelly’s. I have all her albums, I think her singing voice is unbeatable, and I’ve seen her live every time she comes to Seattle. But here’s the thing: even I can sense what she’s doing is not healthy. We’re not just talking 10, 20 pounds here… this seems like her losing all control here. It’s not just allowing herself cookies or pizza — it’s like she’s stopped caring ALTOGETHER about what she looks like and her health.

    So I agree that Kelly needs to lose weight. Not just for her career, stage appearance, but also for her health. I wouldn’t ever come on a site and scream “Fat ass!” because that’s cruel and doesn’t help, but it does seem to be getting worse and worse.