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Naomi Watts Builds Dream House with Daniel Craig

Naomi Watts Builds Dream House with Daniel Craig

Naomi Watts and Daniel Craig leave their hotel and head to the set of their new movie, Dream House, in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday afternoon (April 20).

Naomi will play the neighbor to a couple (Rachel Weisz and Craig) in a quaint New England town. The couple discovers their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her two children.

Others pics include Naomi in New York City last week with her two sons Sasha and Samuel.

FYI: Naomi is using her phil&teds stroller!

10+ pictures inside of Naomi Watts building her Dream House with Daniel Craig

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daniel craig naomi watts dream house 01
daniel craig naomi watts dream house 02
daniel craig naomi watts dream house 03
daniel craig naomi watts dream house 04
daniel craig naomi watts dream house 05
daniel craig naomi watts dream house 06
daniel craig naomi watts dream house 07
daniel craig naomi watts dream house 08
daniel craig naomi watts dream house 09
daniel craig naomi watts dream house 10

Credit: WENN, Anthony Dixon, Gardiner Anderson, Carlos Vila, Sean ONeill; Photos: INFdaily, Bauergriffinonline
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  • oh no!

    what is that thing daniel is wearing on his head??

  • to 1

    knit cap.

  • Amy

    A beanie…his hair is probably crazy long right now. I like him with the beanie

  • ++Logan++

    i like her, she always dresses cool and casual when out with her family

  • Mendel

    Dan looks as if he is saying ‘just don’t ask me about Bond…’

    I think he suits the beanie. He suits caps and hats as well. Maybe it’s still cold in Toronto. Weather check call to DiH? What’s the weather like in Canada right now?

    The pics of Naomi and her kids are lovely.

  • kaybee

    The knit cap suits him? LOL. I can’t decide if he looks like a little old man or a turtle.

  • wtf?

    He looks ill. :(

    But great to see no ring. :)

  • guinness

    Hye! thx for leading me here friend… what the smurf is going on? I love that jacket on him .. and off (cheeky Mendel-gotcha)

  • Dan’s Dad

    Bond and the next film sad to see it put back again was looking forward to seeing development of story line
    about 12 hours ago from web

  • guinness

    OR…. (sorry-NOT a fan of the beanies…they make me think of the characters I am posting!!) awww… no “sexy”……

  • daniel is hot

    It is kind of a funny picture of him. I am sure JJ could have picked a better picture of the man, but they don’t. Mendel, the weather in Toronto, as per my newspaper, was 19 degrees. Warmer here than there, I even sat outside and read a book for awhile. Back to Daniel, it was not that cold to wear a bennie. Maybe hiding his hair? Hope we see more of Daniel out and about while filming. Turtle – ha ha!

  • guinness

    Hi DIH…. wow. it was warm here today–sore from gardening. ouch! did you go back to the last thread to see what Mendel posted? some good info there, thanks Mendel!!
    quick notes…
    >>>Dan & Naomi are NOT building a house together… she is very cute, correct. Can’t wait to see the movie!!!!!!!!
    >>>OH! yes, he may be hiding his hair–why, I wonder. Those hats attract more attention than his normal hair–and aren’t they indicative to herb smokin’??
    >>>Is this a recent pic? and no ring is good, correct.
    >>>>the article i post from Mendel has a wonderful EYE shot of him… ya know, I think i could faint if he stared at me. really faint from just him looking at me. (whly crap–watch “Men Who Stare At Goats”-i laughed alot!)
    >>>The fans of DC are rallying!! yee haw

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    Dan! Smurf??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Brilliant!

    “I love that jacket on him .. and off (cheeky Mendel-gotcha)”

    Yes, I’d love that jacket on my bedroom floor *grin*

    And if Dan is one of the seven drawfs, which one is he? I am going to be Sleepy now, because it is way past my bedtime…

    to DiH

    “Mendel, the weather in Toronto, as per my newspaper, was 19 degrees.”

    Warmer than here…so why would he wear a beanie? Maybe just because he can? Or is Dan hiding a weird haircut from the world. Maybe we’re not supposed to see it, because it is part of the super secret film plot? ;)
    Most likely, he tried to avoid the paps and thought a beanie would not draw any attention. But he just can’t hide that sexy swagger, and if one is deceived by the beanie, one just has to look at that perfectly formed a*se…

  • lol

    yeah no ring and no-one mentions it?

  • ‘lack of ring’ posted

    poster # 7 mentioned Daniel not wearing a ring, but it is always nice to repeat it! Daniel is not wearing the ring, as usual.

  • jess

    @lol: We’ve seen him without the “commitment” ring several times now. He doesn’t even wear it around the gf anymore!! Some “commitment” LOL!

  • to jess

    Heh! Jess, great comment Jess! Some commitment? It’s more like ‘No and Not Ever’ commitment!

  • herpes?

    Daniel Craig looks like a sick goon. Good luck with James Bond.

  • IMDb rumors

    Stanley Wong?

  • Ali

    I love seeing pictures of Naomi and her children – they are so beautiful. I wonder, is that Liev’s father? He resembles him a bit. She looks like she is absolutely in love with those boys. i would be too.

    I think she’ll make a good team with Craig. They’re both such good actors. Look forward to whatever they do, together and apart.

  • to 19

    @IMDb rumors:


  • to IMDB rumors

    Never heard of Stanely Wong. And the rumor doesn’t state what movie was being filmed or what year, month, etc.. Missing a lot of details.

  • to 22

    @to IMDB rumors:

    No I mean to explain what is Stanley Wong? I dont get it.

  • Leslee

    She is hot

  • alex p

    not the best pic of daniel… he always dresses so nice though.. minus the beanie..

  • NewPic
  • guinness
  • to 26

    old pic from November 2008

  • daniel is hot

    Gunniness, this is what I think he should do on his furlough “Grow a mustache and star in a two-person Broadway show with another out-of-work action star, like, say, Dame Edna.” Not Dame Edna but Hugh and take the play to London. It would be a good excuse for me to go to London and “see” him again. Would you join me?
    It would be nice if he did this:
    “Start a Twitter account and try to amass more followers than SPECTRE” so we could twitter him. What do you want him to do while waiting for Bond 23?

  • to 23

    Stanley Wong is the name of a man (Daniel’s hairdresser) that the poster on IMDB says that is Daniel’s boyfriend, but he doesn’t give any details to back up the story because the site in which he got the story was taken down.

  • guinness

    Hye DIH! Yes! Yes! Yes! I would go with you to London to see him!!!! I loved that article and jj would not post my comments about it…so here goes:

    he should be “jumping out of the cake” judge–only for me and my peeps of course.

    he can visit wine country in May.

    He can visit me.

    He can drop his leather coat on my floor after he visits Mendel (I don’t care about my position in the Queue–just so I am in it!!!)

    He can visit DIH–in the summer…

    He can moonlight down by my river!!!! (the lazenby comment made me laugh OUT LOUD!)

  • guinness

    wow… pictures of the male brain when ……….i got nothin’.

  • Fish & Chips

    @to 23:
    This is just plain mean. Leave Dan alone!

  • to 30

    yeah and the supposedly pic on the supposedly site was supposedly just taken in Hong Kong. Get a grip!

  • guinness

    Mendel–can DIH and I crash at your place when and if Dan does a show there for his “moonlighting” days? We could jump out of a cake.
    —>”And if Dan is one of the seven drawfs, which one is he? I am going to be Sleepy now, because it is way past my bedtime…”
    and Dan is of course, not dopey, not sneezy (albeit some allergies), not creepy(excluding INFAMOUS), nor sleepy, not meanie (cant remember them…), but he is SEXY!!

  • DtM

    To Guinness , DiH and Mendel …..
    If he’s Sexy than I’ll be Horny!

  • daniel is hot

    DtM, we all are, concerning Dan.

  • Wtf

    so he confirmes daniel as gay?

  • re Bond

    Maybe that is why they are looking for a new Bond. Maybe the news is about to come out that he is gay and the producers won’t have a gay actor playing Bond

  • weight

    Daniel apparently is losing weight for the Dream House role. To give the illusion of being “affected” by the tragic series of events for the film’s character.

    Method acting.

  • weight

    He’ll be back for B23 but another? No. He has too after QoS. He wants to leave on a glorious high. Another “CR”.

    Then he’ll walk.

    As for being gay, he’s more bi than anything but that doesn’t even come into it.

  • Welldone

    Everything comes together now.
    Daniel is bi, thats why his relationship with satsuki seems so fake, he made some gay movies, he has gay friends, hes wearing pastel-colourd pullovers and his girlfriend remaind always a little mannish( heike, sats..) If Stanley is dans hairdresser hes always with him, like sats.

  • to jess

    you think maybe he’s trying to tell satsuki something by not wearing the committment ring?

  • bis 34

    Solch ein verärgertes.

  • to 43

    More to do with I don’t want people to think I’m married when I’m not.

  • to wtf

    so he confirmes daniel as gay
    no! how many ways to you need this to be said. daniel is not gay nor has he ever been. this is one man who loves his women. one likely reason the site was taken down is because daniel’s lawyers got in the act. you’d be surprised how many male actors do what tom cruise did. it’s simple, the lawyers give the owner of the web two choices; either prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the actor in question is gay or shut down the part of the site that is giving the false information. it’s amazing how many of these sites suddenly disappear.

  • guinness

    DtM-you topped my topper. Well, if you are horny and dan is sexy, then I will be “frisky”. (tht’s all I got). How’s YOUR ash? Get any? You want to meet us at Mendel’s crib? DIH and I are crashing there when Dan decides to get his butt home and start “moonlighting” at the London theaters!!!

  • to 46

    Because it hit a nerve. The only time action is taken is when it’s getting nearer the truth.
    Being a celebrity he is subject to all gossip, part of the domain nevertheless i suspect it was taken down due to another party’s concern.

  • to 48

    I work in the entertainment industry, I asked a reporter who covers the all the celebs, some they know quite well. I asked this person whether or not Daniel was gay, he said that he did not think so. He knew a guy who worked with Daniel back in England, he said that Daniel was pretty indiscriminate when it came to women, but that doesn’t mean he is not Bi.

  • OMG

    this poster on imdb made up the story just to stir the s.h.i.t.
    Read the other posts of this idiot and you get the picture.
    He also claimed the pic was published in a german tabloid “Der Herzenmeyer” and this tabloid doesn’t exist either. I live in Germany and I know all the tabloids and have even asked my friend who works at Munich airport in the newspaper shop. This tabloid doesn’t exist.