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Alexander Skarsgard: Spiky Hair Hotness

Alexander Skarsgard: Spiky Hair Hotness

Alexander Skarsgard rocks a head of super spiky hair for the 18th issue of VMAN, on stands April 20th.

The 33-year-old Swede is featured in the cover story, “True Blooded Star.” Photog duo Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin captured the pics and Michael Philouze styled the shoot.

Alex is expected to attend the the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of his new movie Metropia this Saturday (April 24) in New York City.

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alexander skarsgard spiky hair 01
alexander skarsgard spiky hair 02
alexander skarsgard spiky hair 03
alexander skarsgard spiky hair 04
alexander skarsgard spiky hair 05
alexander skarsgard spiky hair 06
alexander skarsgard spiky hair 07

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  • LoveSkars

    Gorgeous man! Love the bedhead! YUM!

  • true blood

    He looks good.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • jen


  • cupcakecammie

    Lol, he looks like he just got electricuted with his hair like that..
    nonetheless, he’s haawt!
    ..and somehow he looks waay younger than he is..
    We swedes have great dna ;)

  • Lauren

    gorgeous :)

  • OHVamp

    Love him. The camera loves him and creative types love to go wild with him. These are great shots of Skarsgod… even if I don’t get the wild hair. *grins* Thank, JJ.

  • nicole

    Sorry but he looks like a damn cockatiel bird!!! Whoever styled that hair should be slapped three times. He really is no longer hot to me after the Bosworth debacle and he overall doucheness at Coachella and just in general. Where is more Sam Worthington?

  • Response

    Sam Worthington has too much talent and is in demand! He actually values his privacy and does NOT have the need to have the paps on speendial he lets his talent get the attention!!!

  • Sigh

    Alex to cue from Leo Dicaprio, there are rumors he and KB hooked up but ultimately he was smart enough to let it be a one night stand and did not allow them to even be photographed together!!!

  • vanessa

    why must kate bosworth be brought up..there is nothing about her in this article so please don’t mention her name…on the other hand alexander looks sexy even with the crazy hair

  • The Comedian

    @cupcakecammie: AHHH !!!

    You’re damn right ;-)

  • lake86

    i love you alex but i’m getting a little sick of seeing you. go hide out until TB starts.

  • MB
  • Callie


  • VILF

    Not even the over styling can hide his hotness.

  • Katie

    The entire photoshoot is so… Zoolander. ROTFL. He looks ridiculous.

  • what a


  • Hot Swede

    Damn, Alex is truly one hot Swede!

  • Skarsgardelicious

    Yummy, more pics for my Alex file. It’s getting hard to chose which one to put on my desktop!

  • amy

    he looks beautiful!

  • Skarsgardelicious

    @Response: Sam Worthington has talent? ROFLMAO

  • Britt

    he looks good! glad to see he’s getting more recognition in the magazines!

  • Jessica

    I love this, he has striking features!!

  • Askarsfan

    That pic of Alex in the white T-shirt is too hot!

  • HOT

    Holysh!t that guy is H O T

  • phoenix

    “Well Hello”

  • Nicole84

    He has the same expression in every picture. The hair makes him look younger but stupid, it reminds me of Zoolander.
    I’m not a fan of this photoshoot.

  • sarah

    damn he looks freakin hot with his strong arms showing in the white shirt pics

  • V

    hot! tall and delicious looking

  • adaire

    haha love the boy band hair – he always looks so hot

  • jess


  • karey

    im lovin the pics.. he looks hot and i agree with v especially with the white shirt

  • namie

    Alex: “I’m single. The only women in my life is my mother and my sister.”
    LIAR. Alex was already dating Kate when he said that (and had been for a while).
    I understand that some actors feel they have to lie about having girlfriends to stay popular with their female fans BUT when the truth comes out they still look like liars. Just MHO.

  • Caprica

    hot! can’t wait for june 13th

  • Piotrek

    Is he wearing hair extensions? I wouldn’t think he has enough hair for a do like that.

  • Acey

    He is channeling Sawyer in a couple of these.

  • LAWL

    He looks good when you can’t see the bags that are 90% of his face.

  • eva

    @namie: hi JAMIE!!!/Nicole… LOL

  • Darn It!!!

    Edward Scissorhands, Part Deux!!! LMAO, Alex I think you need to sue those people for making you look like a fool!!! There is nothing cute about these pics. It takes away from his natural beauty.

    I think I will pass this one up..

    He Looks N O T!!!

  • level


    Yeah, is that the Blue Steel look?

  • hairluv

    This is his best covershoot to date – except for the hair! But at least in some shots it has a bedhead look to it.

  • Just disappointed

    Good pictures, Great photographers!

    Too bad you (alex) think you’re so much more intelligent than people.

  • Pixie

    Response is right, It’s obvious that Sam Worthington has talent, he has worked with Director James Cameran in one of the biggest movie of the year and perhaps the century. His other movie went to number one in the box office. It seems that he does let his talent get the attention, he has no need to pimp himself out to the press. Not really a fan of him but I cannot denie him that! I know you AS fans do not want to hear this but AS works on a TV show, he has not really landed a big movie role that has garnered acclaim. It sad that he has to resort to making PR stunts. But, perhaps he has no interest in being a succesful A list actor and came he to the States for the glitz and glamour and hollywood scene then leave go back to Sweden and start a family who knows!!

  • zee


    Sam Worthington is cast in all these big movies because he has the action hero look, obviously has FANTASTIC agents and because Australia is apparantly becoming a big market for HW movies so they are starting to hire more australian actors (Chris Helmsworth and his bro for example) in movies.

    Sam Worthington couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag. His landing movies has NOTHING to do with acting talent. And that’s movie critics’ consensus as well. They could have cast dancing monkeys in the parts Sam Worthington played in the movies he’s been in and the movies would still have made the monies they did. When Sam Worthington opens a small movie on his own strength i’ll be convinced of his star power.

    Am not trying to disuade you from your “Alex is now a famewhore” route but lets be real about Worthington.

  • Electricity gone awry

    Normally, I think AS is HOT! But these pictures suck. His hair is horrible and the same stupid Zoolander model face in every pose. I can’t figure out why the vast majority of his pics show him seriously scowling. He has a beautiful smile. Guess he’s not feeling very happy lately. Hmmmm, wonder why?

  • Veruca

    Don’t love the hair, but dude gives good face (and body). I’d fire the stylist from the shoot, but IMO it’s obvious the guy worked as a model when he was younger. I love the picture with the hand and the thumb in the mouth, as well as the one where he has a bit of a ‘wtf’ face going on (must have seen his hair). Rowr!

  • annalisa

    Sam Worthington can act! Just b/c he doesn’t flounce around getting stupidly emotional doesn’t mean he can’t. Uh b/c he is a MAN!! A real one. Who actually likes p*ssy in real life and that is huge turn on for women when they go to the movies. He has the AVATAR trilogy, he did Clash, Terminator Salvation, two yet to be released Miramax films, Dracula Year One(Vlad), and the Candidate and now he is set to be the next BOND!! Hello, payrolla!!!! Someone thinks he can act and those are the ones making the decisions and whose opinions actually COUNT!!!! And let’s be honest Alex is not all THAT great of an actor. He has about two facial expressions before he starts to look maniacal or goofy. He is sexy SOMETIMES but there is something soft and strange about him at times and his “mystery” is actually turning out to be that he is a LIAR and a hypocrite. Can’t see him being an action star or a leading man. Voice too soft too. Sorry but with Sam what you see is what you get. And after the whole bosworth and paparazzi thing he is a douche-y turnoff.

  • Becca

    The pictures look ok.. I want alex to grow out his hair again and have it that blondish color like in true blood..he looks so much hotter like that

  • GreenCAT

    Love ya Alex! Can’t wait to see you as Eric in True Blood! :D

  • Hailey

    askars looks gorgeous! A bit too artsy but gorgeous nonetheless