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Jennifer Aniston: I'm Going To Direct

Jennifer Aniston: I'm Going To Direct

Jennifer Aniston takes a break on the set of Just Go With It on Wednesday (April 21) in Hawaii.

The 41-year-old actress is hoping to step behind the camera and direct her first feature film. “I have a project in development I’m going to direct,” she told WWD. “After you get enough movies under your belt you sit back and go, ‘What’s next?’”

“It’s getting to a time where creatively I want to turn in a different direction,” Jen added.

Jen still has three other movies to work on that are scheduled for release in 2010 and 2011.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston on the set of Just Go With It

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286 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston: I'm Going To Direct”

  1. 1
    Helen Says:

    Who wears a black sweater in Hawaii??? It’s always warm there!

  2. 2
    Beautiful Says:

    I like that photo with her hand under her chin, and in close-up. Best of luck..

  3. 3
    Kim Says:

    Jennifer has an ugly face but her legs are great!

  4. 4
    bellebeesting Says:

    I don’t think that’s a sweater, Helen. Good for Jen for spreading her wings a bit more creatively. All the lil brangieloons are critical of her because Brad once loved her–maybe still does–but she’s certainly gone far for someone they describe as ugly and talentless. Could it be they are completely wrong about that too? lol

  5. 5
    MANNY Says:


  6. 6
    MANNY Says:


  7. 7
    leslie Says:

    She’s getting really annoying.

  8. 8
    MANNY Says:


  9. 9
    MANNY Says:


  10. 10
    paraabe Says:

    she should take a break. she doesn’t look tired or anything I just think that 2-3 movies a year is too much

  11. 11
    queenkimba Says:

    courtney cox is so much hotter, beautiful and talented than maniston is. i will never unstand why she got the spotlight on friends and not cox, oh yes wait. i do know, duh brad pitt!!

  12. 12 Says:

    check this above link manipulaton.

  13. 13
    wow Says:

    She is a bad actress and now she wants to direct! WOW!

  14. 14
    haaaa Says:

    Has MANgie directed yet?

  15. 15 Says:


    check this above link for the example of manipulation and favorable image creation..

  16. 16
    I luvs Angie Says:

    No red blooded American male is calling that (Jen) ugly…..only fat smelly pimpled asz lesbos in love with Angie the insect…….hee

  17. 17
    aha Says:

    Yes, Courtney Cox and also Lisa Kudrow are much much much funnier actresses. I’ll pay my hard earned money to see them at the movies but NOT Jennifer Aniston.

  18. 18
    Who do you want to save.. Says:




  19. 19
    happy girl Says:

    LMAO!!!!!! WTF???! so wait the thinking goes: i suck in every single movie so now let me go suck at directing every single movie???? help us all.

  20. 20
    happy girl Says:

    serious question: who is giving her career advice? who is letting her do all these bad movies? seriously. why??!

  21. 21
    n.o.l.a Says:

    Her direction will be a mediocre as her acting.

  22. 22
    daffodil Says:

    Jen looks Fab Good Luck In Everything you do.

  23. 23
    Evie Says:

    Why she always has the same look in every film she acts?

  24. 24
    Melinda Says:

    I just love how confident she is!

  25. 25
    ken Says:

    she’s gorgeous!

  26. 26
    Neorules2112 Says:

    Sweet Legs , would love to put my head between them ..

  27. 27
    Lumbridge Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA…’when you have enough movies under your belt”. She thinks in terms of quantity because the quality of her films is very, very poor because of her mediocre acting and genre, namely romcoms.

    Directing means having a certain level of understanding and as her acting is very poor, lacking in depth I’m not quite sure how she is going to direct….I guess the films she ‘directs’ will be mediocre just like everything else she does or says.

  28. 28
    Lurker Says:

    She is so predictable, after being slammed by critics for the past few years, now she is taking a break from acting to directing. Yeah. Jen craves the attention, she would love to be this big movie star and win an Oscar, after all she neglected her husband for that elusive career, now she is working away from acting. Oh Jen how do you sleep at night?

  29. 29
    Courtney Says:

    directing isn’t easy especially if your not trained for it as she isn’t. But then again some stars that weren’t trained as directors have succeeded at it Robert Redford who even won the best picture oscar for ordinary people or Joanne Woodward who was nominated for an Emmy in the 90 minute special catagory for Come Along With Me granted the latter learned from her husband who had by that point successful directed her three times one of which had led to one of her academy award nominations something Jen will never acheive because she doesn’t pick the kind of films that get recognition from the motion picture academy

  30. 30
    donna Says:

    creativity? hahahahah what movie were your character creative? they all the same to me! give it up jennifer, we are so tired alreadi

  31. 31


    If the skeletonlina is able to hold the gun, it is wonder Jen can act and direct a movie.

  32. 32
    Whamo Says:

    To all you haters out there….When there is a Angie thread you all freak out about people “hating” on her and yet most of the comments on a Angie thread are positive. When I come to a Jen thread most of the comments are negative from the same people who freak out on you if you say somthing bad about Angie. You are all a bunch of hypocrites!!!

    Anyway Jen looks sexy as hell. Too bad she can’t act a lick but she’s still ten times sexier than your donkey faced brother kissing, blood wearing drugged out soon to have a flop movie Skankalina!!!!

  33. 33

    If the skeletonlina is able to hold the gun, it is no wonder Jen can act and direct a movie.

    Read more:

  34. 34
    Vanessa Says:


    Agreed ……Everything she does is MEDIOCRE

    All her movies are MEDIOCRE

    and the directing will be a JOKE

    Leave this planet Aniston !!!

  35. 35
    gale Says:

    Who said this woman looks 30.. she looks her age.. nothing wrong with that.. but she does look her age..

  36. 36
    100mph Says:

    Well!! as a #1 stand-up proud hater* .. Ha!! I can not wait for her
    directorial debut, it should be quite a hoot… for cast and crew..
    I know I will enjoy another embarrassing venture in the life of Old*
    Prun-Face….Yes!! from the looks of these head-shots it is definitely
    time to get the hell from in front of the camera, is it my imagination or is she getting uglier every day?? maybe she had a bad batch of
    Botox or some thing….. Me think her face is shifting daily.. WOW!!
    what a MUG!! ) : a mug only a mother would love Oooo! I forgot.

  37. 37
    lil Says:

    Botox all over

  38. 38
    Gisele Says:

    Fools and ugly

  39. 39
    saira Says:

    Wow! Another movie with Jen in cut-off jeans and wavy hair. Shocker.

  40. 40
    jillyro Says:

    Yikes, these are really not flattering pics of her at all. For someone so desperate to look young, she really looks her age here (and an unflattering 41 at that). There is now way her PR team sanctioned these pics because they’re awful, she looks rough.

    I agree she has nice legs, but such ugly feet, so veiny.

  41. 41
    Leslie Says:

    she’s beautiful

  42. 42
    Whamo Says:

    Helen @ 04/21/2010 at 7:03 am
    LOL …Skankalina that’s who! she only wears some some sort of ghoul.

  43. 43
    Tara Says:

    “Thank you JJ”..I love the way that was written..She does have enough movies under her belt to be a fantastic director..She has the skills, the respect, and the ability to do almost anything in this business..lmfao at you Jen haters that think you rule this blog, and have convinced yourselves that you can tarnish her perfect reputation..Keep it up though, it makes for some great laughs…:)

  44. 44
    ellie' Says:

    Your so naturally pretty in these pics… Of cause you can direct ,, you can do anything you want.. your so intelligent beautiful, classy.. I would love to see a movie you direct.. It would be great…
    You Go Jen!!!!

  45. 45
    dawne Says:

    Well, I was tired this morning, but this belly laugh got my mojo goin’…like most narcissists she just can’t go away and get outa the spotlight and do something for which she is gifted…….like tanning 24/7. Maybe she and Kate Gosselin will become besties, cuz they sure suck on the spotlight like newborns on a tittie.

    This woman has absolutely no shame. Panned for acting, no prob, I’ll just become the next Clint Eastwood. Even Brad hasn’t turned his hand at directing. Few are good at it and the smart talented actors know that and choose not to litter the playing field. No wonder she is alone. Mayer was right…..she’s still in 1998.

  46. 46
    100mph Says:

    #34 Ooops!! (should be) *Old Prune Face*… aka … Fug*

  47. 47
    chin can't act Says:

    she’s going to direct. thank god. less hope we don’t have to see her face as much or not at all.

  48. 48
    um Says:

    I’ve never thought she was attractive. Nice body? Sure. But when she was on friends and all over the place you could tell she had quite the ego and thought she was hot. I don’t think she’s anything special. Looks like a typical “healthy”, meaning she still watches what she eats and works out, 41 year old.

  49. 49
    chin can't act Says:

    she might have a nice body but that face is not young. her face looks older from all the sun she has been getting.

  50. 50
    aha Says:

    Kate Winslet, Kate Blanchett, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock are actresses having creditablity to direct.
    Jennifer Aniston would direct sucky movies.

  51. 51
    The Beatles - Act Naturally Says:

    They’re gonna put me in the movies
    they’re gonna make a big star out of me
    We’ll make a film about a girl that’s sad and lonely
    and all I gotta do is act naturally

    Well, I’ll bet you I’m gonna be a big star
    might win an Oscar you can never tell
    the movies gonna make me a big star
    Cause I can play the part so well

    Well I hope you’ll come and see me in the movies
    then I know that you will plainly see
    The biggest fool that ever hit the big time
    ]and all I gotta do is act naturally

  52. 52
    BBfan Says:

    Good she’s realizes she’s reached her limit on what she can do in front of the camera. If she wants to try directing , she’s got the money, connections and time to do so. Its not so easy but if it doesn’t work out, she can move to something else. because of her money and fame she’s got the luxury of trying different things until she finds what she’s truely good at. So go for it and if it doesn’t pan out — MOVE ON!!!

  53. 53
    xyz Says:

    Of course she wants to turn in a different direction since all of her movies are bombing. I bet Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorsese are shaking in their boots!!!!

  54. 54
    Me too Says:

    that always baffled me too, how Jen got all the movies whilst her Cox is the hotter one

  55. 55
    Karen Says:

    Good for Jen. She just keeps on succeeding in every aspect of her life. She deserves this. I think she will be great at it. I swear everytime I see the girl I can’t believe she is 41. She looks maybe 31 or 32. Now Jolie, she looks 45 or 46. Yipes what a scrawny ugo Brad traded down for. I am sure he kicks his self in the butt everytime he sees his one & only love having such a great time in life. He use to have that. I’m sure he must miss it. It would not surprise me if he tries to horn in on Jens directing talent. I have seen Brads dierecting talent and Jen needs to stay away from any advice he has for her. He’s not the brightest bulb on the tree. Congrats Jen! Have fun with it!

  56. 56
    bet Says:

    love her, I will get what ever she does. Gorgeous woman.

  57. 57
    BritBrit's Wig Says:

    oh gawd. Yuck. What a ugly looking woman. She ever look at her herself in the mirror ,yeah she does and thinks I am so talented and pretty that I should be an actress. Can’t stand looking at her saggy man face.
    Attention seeking fame wh#re needs to get the f#ck out of hollywood. This b#tch is below average looking and yet commands millions for her sh#tty flicks. Someone needs to slap her to make her see that she is not talented nor pretty and should leave hollywood.

  58. 58
    LOL Says:

    HA HAHAHAHAHAHA this woman is too funny! Honestly. directing ???? guys remember she once thought she Jennifer Middle aged Aniston could play a bond girl, bwahahahahahah.

  59. 59
    Is she on drugs?? Says:

    Now that Drew Barrymore a much younger talented smart actress has directed a movie this hag thinks she can do it too, LOL
    I can’t wait, that’s all i have to say, LOL

  60. 60
    Sasha Says:


    LOL, i know. She’s so deluded!!

  61. 61
    Lulu Says:


    Ha hahahahaahahah
    u are so funny

  62. 62
    sickofMANISTONchinchin Says:

    Photo of her smiling with her hand on her chin only makes her look good is because she is HIDING her Long-ass chin! She is quite FUGLY to look at. She has a nice body but that’s it . Certainly doesn’t make up for her homely face.

    She’ll probably direct shitteous movies now instead of acting in them for a change. Nonetheless, they’ll still be crap. She is so boring and uninteresting. I hope she reads this blog.

  63. 63
    lol Says:

    Love Jennifer! Man, Angelina must really pay well for the same people to continue to go on Jennifer’s thread hating. It has been over 5 years years. Loonies know wonder you love Angelina so much you are mentally unstable too! lol! Jennifer is having the best revenge a well lived life! While the Loonies are still at the carnival!!!

  64. 64

    She really is holding The Golden Ticket!!!!! Kudo’s Jen!

  65. 65
    bet Says:

    Not only has it all, She is on the top of the world. no one can take her down. A lot working hard to bring this woman down, She told them “lolavie” laughing at life. She told them kiss my ass.

  66. 66
    bet Says:

    Not only jen kicking ass, She also tell then on other word kiss my ass.

  67. 67
    bet Says:

    ” be true to yourself and everythign will fall on it place” Indeed true.

  68. 68
    LILLYB Says:

    I will never understand if you hate an actress why you people waste so much time posting on her threads?

    Anyway she is lovely, and seems to be a lovely person. I don’t think I have ever read anything negative about her…on the other hand the whackjob actress that so many people here idolize…LMAO

  69. 69
    lol Says:

    @sickofMANISTONchinchin: so you attack what a person can’t change or what makes them them! wow, let us hope you are not a parent or anyone with any authority. love jenifer and her chin! by the way angelina has had 2 nose jobs, a chin job and lip injects go back and look!

  70. 70
    Question for the jen haters Says:

    If jen has no talent and hasn’t done anything above a tv sitcom, then how is the girl worth over $110 million with money steady rolling in now more than ever? Remind you, she made all that on her own. Not riding the coattails of anyone else like Jolie does.
    Anyone? Anyone?

  71. 71
    lol Says:

    @saira: wow salt another action movie with angelina and disguises! lol!

  72. 72
    Chinnifer's old nose Says:

    Saw that chin off. Damn that thing is getting bigger and bigger.
    Hag needs to hide behind the camera,not stay in front of it and ruin everything .But ,her movies would be crapolla anyways if she some how manages to direct a movie.

  73. 73
    bet Says:


    There is nothing negative about this woman, but there a lot media try to squeeze something over nothing. That i do not understand the mistery behinde it.

  74. 74
    Chinnifer's old nose Says:

    lol @ 04/21/2010 at 10:17 am

    Mannifer has had two nose jobs and a chin implant and still manages to look like she belongs under a bridge.

  75. 75
    lol Says:

    @bet: so true! the bounty hunter has already made over 100 million therefore paying for itself. too bad people can’t be happy for others continue to live in the past. no matter what angelina will always be the other woman… brad was legally married… you can’t change facts! you can add too however facts remain the same therefore these angelina fans can’t let go of jen even though it has been over 5 years! jennifer has moved on, jen’s fan have moved on. (even though i feel for the children – could care less about angelina or brad one way or the other) have a nice day!

  76. 76
    lol Says:

    @Chinnifer’s old nose: continue to childish remarks! lol!

  77. 77
    lol Says:

    why are my comments waiting moderation when sick of maniston chin are plain hateful! 61 &66!

  78. 78
    Chinnifer's old nose Says:

    lol @ 04/21/2010 at 10:29 am

    Mannifer really has had cosmetic surgery done to her face.

  79. 79
    wildcataz Says:

    Ha Ha.She is going to direct a movie…that is so FUNNY…

  80. 80
    bet Says:


    a moive make that kind of money, for some misery reason, meida try squeeze nagative to ward her. Ok that thing is passed , finshed , completed, but for some reason their fans and i am sure thier idols themself, want people to give them legacy for their action,. It passed let move on, no one is going to give them legacy for that, and no one get for it too, that part i do not understand.

  81. 81
    lol Says:

    @xyz: get real! the bounty hunter has already paid for itself and promotions now on the profit side! yes, jennifer had a couple of movies that didn’t do well but so has angelina jolie! a mighty heart – out of her element! and changeling did better overseas! look at matt damon green zone 100 million and hasn’t made 35 million in the US yet! or the same director as bounty hunter – fool’s gold with kate hudson and mathew! didn’t do well! or Two major stars Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock in All about Steve cost to make 15 million only made 37 million! Julia Robert has had movies not do well as well as Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and other. Some times hate doesn’t mean facts! GO JENNIFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 82
    bet Says:


    the thing after five years this bashing does not stop. i am sure both of them excpect some kind legacy for it. That is the problem she is facing. But i think she does not consider it as problem at this time. She just live her life as far what life take her. No one can conlrol life, to certain extent controll yourlfe, but there are thing you can not control in life, except to ignore it.

  83. 83
    Selena Says:

    Wow…it’ll probably be a really good film. Might even win a few Oscars, Best Director or Best Picture…

    …NOT! *rolls eyes* My money is on another god-awful ‘rom-com’, another fauzmance with her co-star, and another set of lip-fillers and botox by this time next year.

    Cynical? Perhaps. But then when has Maniston ever given us reason not to be?

  84. 84
    lol Says:

    @Chinnifer’s old nose: i am sure and so has your girl! so why keep it up! makes one wonder if you haters are getting paid. how and why can adults keep hating on a person’s looks for the sake of hate? unless there is another motive? seriously after a while shouldn’t a person feel small…

  85. 85
    lol Says:

    @Chinnifer’s old nose: i am sure and so has your girl! so why keep it up! makes one wonder if you haters are getting paid. how and why can adults keep hating on a person’s looks for the sake of hate? unless there is another motive? seriously after a while shouldn’t a person feel small…

  86. 86
    lol Says:

    @bet: i think you are right! proud of jennifer! she keeps moving forward!!!

  87. 87
    bet Says:


    Again it is media trying hard to squeeze nagative toward her over nothing. i do not undertand the mistry behind it.

  88. 88
    bet Says:


    that is the only thing one should do ” be true to yourself, everything esle will fall in it place”

  89. 89
    lol Says:

    @Selena: i dont’ feel that way ! so you hate and feelings are because of jolie if you are honest otherwise you wouldn’t be invested in the negative on a person who you don’t even know and as a female be happy that another female is showing promise behind the camera!

  90. 90
    Jen Fan Says:

    I agree with question to haters. Brad & Jolie are worth $300 mil combined (mostly Btads money) with most of it held up in property. They will have money problems in the future. Jen & brads split was easy financially because they always kept their money seperate. Jennifer is by far the winner in this sick triangle. She came out unscathed. She must be doing something right if she is set to direct now!

  91. 91
    chin can't act Says:

    lol @ 04/21/2010 at 10:41 am

    you are right. angie did have some movie didn’t do well but it got great reviews & recognitions. TBH got double negatives. you might think the movie made back the money but if you are studio exec. who invested money in a movie you wouldn;t have said that it made money. these executives just don’t want a movie to make a few millions they want to make a lot. in your eyes BH did well but not in the studio executives’ eyes.

  92. 92
    Caroline Says:

    WOW..she’s aging & getting bloated.
    Untalented & chubby & fuglier= less tix sales

    why doesn’t she go back to TV wherre she belongs. People laugh at her when each flop comes out.
    She piggy backs on talented men or cute dogs, that’s not her acting.
    She is so frig boo-oring!

  93. 93
    Lucky Charm Says:

    Has she finally realized that her acting career is just about over now? Maybe she’ll win an award for directing, only it’ll be the Razzi.

  94. 94
    lol Says:

    @chin can’t act: comedies don’t make what actions movie make – they just don’t! however i understand what you are saying but don’t totally agree. will continue later as i have got to go to work. have a nice day.

  95. 95
    Dawn Says:


    It boggles my mind. I can’t stand Hilary Duff but do I go into all the threads about her that are posted here? Nope.

  96. 96
    Dawn Says:

    She said she has a project that she wants to direct. That doesn’t necessarily mean a movie.

  97. 97
    chin can't act Says:

    Jen Fan @ 04/21/2010 at 10:57 am

    she is doing something right alright. she is doing every one a favor by not showing her face in front of the camera. thank god. unfortunately, people still have to see her ugly face 3 more times before she goes behind.

  98. 98
    her face is 41+ Says:

    The tanning and smoking is showing its effects on her face, her skin looks rough. She looks her age plus in the HI sun, maybe she needs to reconsider the use of Botox or the like as she is no young thing anymore. Her feet in particular are horrible looking and I don’t understand that except that it may be genetic, she always shows them off in the wrong type shoe. And all the yoga in the world won’t keep age from happening. She is at the point for many that it is either the body or the face, and for her it is the body. Good hair color and extensions won’t mask a sagging face forever.

    Sigh, I am her age and frankly I am tired of seeing her act like a PYT, I accept and embrace my age why won’t she? She is not a cute girl as some of you seem to see her, she is a fully grown, edging into middle age woman, and there is nothing wrong with that truth. The 40′s are empowering and a time of great exploration and she is looking and running backwards which is asinine.

    She appears to be just an extension of her Friends role in all these lame rom coms for years. Her acting coach is there in HI with her as always, and why does anyone need an acting coach for 20 plus years. Why does she accept the same role after role without a break, this I do not understand.

    Well either you can act or you can’t, and she can’t. No matter how loudly some here bray that she can. And good directors have talent and empathy and command which she lacks, I see this as a fail like her acting.

  99. 99
    Dawn Says:


    Her next movie is an indie called Buttercup with the director of Whale Rider and North Country. She mentioned in an interview about her new perfume.

  100. 100
    her face is 41+ Says:


    That is the movie she said she is going to direct. Now what is the truth of the matter, direct, co-direct, or just act in?

    The truth is out there somewhere.

  101. 101
    Dawn Says:

    @Jen Fan:

    Um, I really doubt that if Brad and Angelina broke up, they will have money problems. They are both smart people. I am sure that some of their money is tied up together but I am also sure that the have themselves very well protected if they were ever to break up.

  102. 102
    Question for jen haters Says:

    Ok haters, you have had over an hour to answer one simple question. Seeing as you stalk jens topics 24/7 you would think you could answer the question presented to you instead of repeating the same lame crap that no one buys over and over again. What are you scared of? The fact that jen has been more of a success than your nasty idol? Yeah your scared. Finally something the haters can’t seem to come up with an answer for. Take all the time you need. I know the truth is hard to swallow. hahahahahahahahahaha

  103. 103
    bet Says:


    why someone one with six kids under age they will broke up?. If they broke up, they will mark thier selfish spot for the second time in history, I am sure for that reason alone, they will not break up and another part i do now about thier life i can not judge. This is jennifer Aniston thread, let stay on current even or jennifer aniston. otherwise we are going to see Jennifer Aniston raped by media again and again and again.

  104. 104
    john Says:

    Oh no.. her face is really telling she is 41. I don’t think Jenny lwant that..

  105. 105
    the observer Says:

    LILLYB #65

    “I don’t think I have ever read anything negative about her.”

    Do they not have the internet or mail delivery on your planet?

  106. 106
    bet Says:


    If they break up before those kids reach age 18 , definitely they will mark in history as selfish person, for that reason alone they need to stick it together.

  107. 107
    denise Says:

    She is very unfortunate looking.

  108. 108
    bet Says:

    the obserever

    You can not squeeze nagativetly out of a perosn who did nothing wrong. but somehow some medias are squeezing hard to pull stunt of negative out of her.

  109. 109
    chin can't act Says:

    lol @ 04/21/2010 at 11:07 am 0 @chin can’t act: comedies don’t make what actions movie make – they just don’t! however i understand what you are saying but don’t totally agree. will continue later as i have got to go to work. have a nice day. ____________________________________
    you can’t compare Changeling & AMH to comedies. both movies are deep subject matters. Look at the below.

    TBH opened 1222 theaters more than Changeling. Changeling budget 55 mil and Worldwide: $113,020,256 Widest Release: 1,896 theaters.
    TBH is an action/comedy. The budget 40 mil and so far Worldwide: $99,070,733. Widest Release: 3,118 theaters.

    AMH budget 16 mil worldwide $19 mil and opened in 1355 theaters.
    Love Happens budget 18 mil and worldwide 35 mil. Opened in 1922 theaters.

    Comedies usually do better than drama & actions (as you said) do better than comedies. Considered that Angie’s movies were drama and opened in less theaters I still think Angie did better than Aniston. Plus these two movie got great reviews & acting recognitions for angie.

  110. 110
    Clare Says:


    That’s not true. Whilst I do prefer Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Aniston, that’s not the reason I dislike JA. Not all of us on here are Brangelina loons!

    I used to really like Jen. The reason I dont is because she has given me NO REASON to since Friends. It wouldnt annoy me if she wasnt the ‘Nations Sweetheart’ and all that…but she is the most over hyped person on the planet. People seem to love her…and WHY?

    She’s NOT Rachel Green – that is why people like her. If you watch an interview with her – ANY interview – you will see that she is cold, unfunny and quite frankly boring. Her acting was fine in Friends – after that, its been mediocre at best.

    THIS is why I dislikes her now. Because she is the most undeserving ‘actor’ of her time. She doesnt deserve to have fans, because she does nothing TO deserve them.

  111. 111
    Idiot Bet Says:

    bet @ 04/21/2010 at 11:33 am

    You need to shut up because every time you open your mouth it not only doesn’t make sense it also sounds really stupid. WTF! God you are so stupid. I am ashame for Jen for having you as her fan.

  112. 112
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    Oh look it’s rachel green

  113. 113
    Dawn Says:


    Bet, if Brad and Angelina broke up, it wouldn’t mean they are selfish. Staying together just because you have kids is. If Brad and Angelina started to fight but agreed to stay together for the kids, then that is selfish because that tension is eventually going to affect the kids.

  114. 114
    Julia Says:

    She has been brilliant at manipulating her fans emotions to support her crap films and now her desperation scent – why not direct a crap movie that her fans will also support?

  115. 115
    gg Says:

    locavie, Kids doesn’t hold a relationship together if they do to a bit extent It is love and fatih that keeps them together. They both have enough money ,they can get up raise their kids with out being togheter very easliy.
    She is his soulmate. They have been through so many things for love and love always prevail.

  116. 116
    CD Says:

    Who give a sh8t. I could care less. i have seen ENOUGH of her.

    she makes me sick

  117. 117
    bet Says:


    then again on decided to bring six kids under age five, then again one should be able to contorl thier imostion and able to be civilized for the sake their kids and be together for the sake of thier kids not for the sake of themself. After all they are the one who bring six childern in thier life is that?

  118. 118
    CD Says:

    what a *****

  119. 119
    bet Says:


    there is no such a thing of happly ever after, there is always problem in relationship weather you have family or not Then if one does not have the strength of contorling some problem that one face in relationship, then you should not bring six underage kids in life. The only way to face this problem is to be strong for the childern sake and face the problem ,. Other wise they will mark on the history for messing up thier childern life. So stink it together for childern sake.

  120. 120
    sickofMANISTONchinchin Says:

    My biggest hope is that Aniston READS these blogs about her.
    #104..I concur with what you said. She really is VERY UNFORTUNATE LOOKING. To be can’t help what genetics did. There is only so much plastic surgery can do. In Maniston’s case, there is minimal hope for improvement.

    She can’t act. She can’t sustain a love relationship. She is very self-centered . She dresses and UNDRESSES like she is not a middle-aged woman. She needs to act her age and stop whoring her body for attention.

  121. 121
    Goodbye, Rachel Green Aniston Says:

    Another Aniston McMovie.

  122. 122
    bet Says:


    still why one is dicussing obout two people to break up. Not one of them said they have problem. Why do’nt worry about your own relationshiop than someone else.

    of course they are people who rais kids while they are seprate, But it is rare to see people spit with kids six underage. My opnionn is they split they will a mark in history selfish people. For that reason alone they need to stick it together. You decide to bring six kids under five, then should know you are there for long hole.

  123. 123
    Lucky Charm Says:

    @ bet – First, Maddox is 8, not 5. Second, if parent’s can’t get along and the relationship is over, it is much better & healthier for the kids if the parents didn’t stay together. It is selfish to stay in an unhappy relationship & make the kids even more miserable.

  124. 124
    chin can't act Says:

    Question for the jen haters @ 04/21/2010 at 10:19 am

    most of that money was residual from friends. she did ride on brad’s coattails. could you name any box ofice hit on her own before she met brad? best of luck to you for finding one. she was successful on friends but it doesn’t mean she did well in movies. she hooked up with brad. they became the golden couple. she got offered to do movies (supporting because she couldn’t carry a movie on her own) with jim, ben, & vince. do you really think if she wasn’t half of the golden couple they would have offer her movie roles. brad was a movie star. chin was a t.v. star. courtney cox is a better actress than this chin but since she wasn’t married to brad her movie career didn’t continue to do well. courtney went back to t.v. I do wish courtney could do movie. I would rather see courtney in movies.

  125. 125
    bet Says:

    lucky charm

    no my mom and my dad have some times problem, but they stick together, and all shall pass. Why should a grown up ass man or woman will show thier kids their problem, You never heard of of being civilized.

    Do ‘nt think they will mark in history as selfish person , if they split up having all t his kids under age?. specially what what the image they went to send,. So for that reason alone they need to stick it together.

    It is very rare kids with kids with six under age will split,. Unless one is stupid you can not bring six kids underage in life without knowing that you are there for long hole. I am sure branglina are not that much stupid. They know they are there for long hole. they bettter stilck together, otherwise will eat them alive.

  126. 126
    bet Says:

    if they split we are going to laugh at them for thier decistion, then they know it and they better stilck it together for the sake of the childern and the media hype they creat around themself…

  127. 127
    I don't see her appeal! Says:

    Well, after all that heavy PR the Bounty Hunter has made almost $100 million worldwide and still showing. And there is still the DVD sales to come. Her PR team sure works overtime. Hope she is paying them well.LOL!

  128. 128
    LILLYB Says:


    I honestly think these people must have some kind of motive for this. I go into AJ threads, just to see comments. All positive, JA fans don’t even post there. Yet, in these posts it’s all crazy AJ fans…u can tell.

  129. 129
    Idiot Bet Says:

    bet @ 04/21/2010 at 12:12 pm

    the country where you are from the parents stay together even when they are misable for the shake of the kids but not many couples do that in this country or other countries. this is not call selfish. its call life is too short. look at demi, bruce, & ashton. bruce & demi are divorced and managed to raise their beautiful kids together. brad & angie can do the same & so are many other couples. if or when angie & brad do break up i am 100% sure they will put their kids 1st. brad & jen didn’t have a nasty divorce. what makes you think brad & angie will when there are kids involved. even if brad & angie are no longer a couple they will always be good parents to this kids.

  130. 130
    LILLYB Says:

    Seriously why do you head cases spend so much time in JA threads?
    What are you threatened of? it’s not like you are married to Brad Pitt and should be insecure of JA. I mean I (and most intellegent woman) know JA is the far superior woman, but Brad Pitt is really notihing to brag to mom about. Actually since he has been with AJ he is fugly as hell…no seriously UGLY.
    But again, why waste your energy here? Go do some good in the world, like “your” so called saint does.

  131. 131
    bet Says:

    idiot Bet

    i taught you love branglina. what happen? why wish that to happen? i am confused here?

    Bruce and Demi went on and let thier kids grow up in private before they split. kids need to grow up to grap the situation. not at age five, one , two , threee years old. Utleas kids have to be 16 years old. Then need too stick together for stake of thier kids.

  132. 132
    Trying to act sexy LOL Says:

  133. 133
    Maria from Texas Says:


  134. 134
    bet Says:

    idot bet

    i did not say anthing about nasty split. You said it. I said they better stick it together for the childern stake. Otherwise we will eat them alife. There is no such a thing bring kids underage witth out knowing that you are there for long hole.

  135. 135
    Idiot Bet Says:

    bet @ 04/21/2010 at 12:38 pm

    you have a reading comprehension of a 3 yr old. I said IF or When. I didn’t say they will break up. good bye. got to go.

  136. 136
    lucy Says:

    LOVE HER!!!

  137. 137
    Maria from Texas Says:


  138. 138
    bet Says:

    idiot Bet

    and also, i did not said my mom and dad have miseabl life. i said in life there is some times a probelm. One should be able to handle those problem. I am sure branglina do not live miseable life. they may be have problem, but it easy to handle that problem for the sake of kids.

  139. 139
    bet Says:

    Idiot Bet

    the one who realy worship thier relationship, i am realy supprise you talking about it. ah now we know who are here wishing for them to split, then again creating a war about it.

  140. 140
    Dawn Says:


    Comments in AJ threads are not all positive. A lot of people in those threads hate on JA in AJ threads. They are obsessed.

  141. 141
    gg Says:

    @bet: The only thing that will be required from them as a couple is to raise their kids properly, when they do that no one call them selfish if they choose to break up. You have 6 or 1 child the rule is the same.
    Selfish is when people do selfish things like JA did. Wanting him to stay in unfullfiling relationship while refusing to do his wants and got busy chasing fame . Then when he said Idos, cry about it and make his life difficult and make it a way of staying relvant.
    I am talking to you because I am bored not because I think you deserve it. You assumption is like loca. This is my last one .

  142. 142
    Nandy Says:

    well… I guess she is gorgeous.

  143. 143
    bet Says:


    wow i did not know the whole lo onies are the one who wish them to split. Ok what is wrong one wishing them not split for the childern sake? forget the selfish part? What is wrong with my statment of me not to split for the childern sake? We are talking about childern sake, . We are talking about childern who are on earth , who are already exist trying to protect thier feeling than a grown up ass man and woman feeling and thier happnies. You should not worry about Jennifer Aniston she did not creat kids, you should worry about the one already created. the parent responsibltity to take care of kds feeling before thier happnies.

  144. 144
    bet Says:

    Do think the world will laugh at them if they split, come on after all they creat all this hype around them .? I mean they should live up thier hypes. otherwise we all will laugh.

  145. 145
    chin can't act Says:

    gg @ 04/21/2010 at 1:16 pm

    I agree. Brad was 40 when they broke up. Does this hag expect him to wait another 5 years? There’s nothing wrong having a career and & children. Many actresses do it. This hag is obsess with fame & her body. That’s why she is willing to work so hard to get that body so people would keep on talking about it. She doesn’t want to fade away. That’s why she chose her career over having a family. Although, there’s nothing wrong with chosing a career over family but she shouldn’t have led brad to think that she wanted a family.

  146. 146
    Louise Faghy Says:

    HAHA her face looks like she has had fillers, looking more like sharon osbourne every day. She canot act and nobody in hollywood takes her seriously. Angie aint directed but thats probs due to lack of time, called having a family…aniston wouldnt understand and needs to fill her life with something. She is a sad individual.

  147. 147
    Whamo Says:

    There is no use trying to talk sense into these loons, believe me I’ve had many arguments with these rabid sick people.
    It’s funny how they have no problem ripping Jen but god forbid if you say something about ST Angie. On one of the other threads one of these lunatics actually sugessted she was going to call the FBI because someone kept slamming Angelina…THE FBI for pete’s sake.
    I just shake my head.

  148. 148
    To Bet Says:

    You are so obsess with Angie & Brad. You keep telling people to move on and that you are not concern with B&A but you always managed mentioning B&A on every threads. Why do you have to mention them? So what if the haters do. Do you have to? Are B&A that important to you that you have to mention them. I guess so. If you love Jennifer so much why don’t you just talk about her and not mention B&A. Do B&A worth your time? I believe they do. How come you don’t just focus on talking/defending your Jennifer and forget about B&A? You want to know why? Because you want to keep this triangle alive. I read your posts (although I don’t understand them) you always (never failed) to mention B&A. My conclusion. You love B&A as much as you love Jen. That’s why you keep this triangle alive. I dare you, double & triple dare you not to ever mention B&A only Jennifer. It will never happen. You love B&A too much.

  149. 149
    xyz Says:

    Didn’t Brad give her a ton of money in their divorce settlement?? She didn’t make all that money on her own. (Best money he ever spent; he was happy to dump her.)

  150. 150
    bet Says:

    to bet

    Now you accuse me branglina lover. I mean with all the hype they creat around themself, it is very hard for anyone to avoid them, speciall thier fans are saturated here. I mean who can avoid the world most over hyped couple in history.

    They better tight thier sit belt for thier childern sake , then need to be in it for long hole. There is no such a thing bring six childern in short time and then you are not there for long hole. otherwise the world is ready to laugh at them. i am just tryin to help your idols out.

  151. 151
    bet Says:

    To bet

    all of you saturared here, yet when someone is talking about your idol in a good way. You still got frastruated.

  152. 152
    To Bet Says:

    bet @ 04/21/2010 at 2:07 pm

    Bet, its not that hard to avoid. B&A are not cocaine. Its not an addiction but maybe it is an addiction for you. You just don’t talk about them. What’s so hard? You just don’t post about them. Jennifer has to deal with their crap (according to you) everyday. So, if Jen can avoid talking about them I am sure you can. If what you said about Jen is true you should take her advice and not mention B&A. If it isn’t hard for Jen, I am sure its not hard for you. Jen is your role model. Maybe you should take after your role model. Don’t tell me its hard. The bottom line is that you just can’t not stop mentioning B&A because you love them. The end.

  153. 153
    LILLYB Says:


    They don’t even know how to write a sentence that makes sense, so how can I take them seriously? lol
    I don’t understand how they can write such vile, disgusting things though about a human being who did nothing wrong? I guess I don’t understand how we as woman can possibly be on the side of a woman who got involved with a married man? That would be like being on the side of the ***** that Sandra B”s husband cheated on. Again, I will say the same thing what negative thing has there ever been about JA in the tabloids, I mean seriously NEGATIVE?
    But, you can not argue with people by all rationailty who sound like they are tolal head cases.
    I personally have never wasted my time seeing an AJ movie, b/c I can’t stand her. I went into one of her threads once and got slammed b/c i deared to say Shiloh was so pretty, yet I didn’t comment on other children. Yet I was a hater. lol

  154. 154
    liz Says:

    You can try but you’ll never get to put Aniston against Cox! They are super friends!

  155. 155
    Mdh Says:

    Who started as a Tv-actor, went on to spaghettiwesterns AND a film with a orangutan “Every Which Way But Loose”? The answer is Clint Eastwood, guess you´ve heard of him?! Lot of Oscars and prizes since then!
    So I say You go girl Jennifer Aniston! I root for you!

  156. 156
    bet Says:

    To Bet

    let forget about over the two over hpyed couples. let talk about any relationship. And kind of relationship with under age kids should stick it together for the sake of childern. I think any kind of parents should stay together until the age 16 for thier childern sake. any kind person who bring childern utleast six or seven or eight should hold on the poll for the long run. I am not going to bring them, promise, but i want to talk about subject of family with a lot of kids need to be strong to the end.

  157. 157
    bet Says:

    to bet

    i love the subject of sticking together for sake of childern, can we talk about the subject. forget about them.

  158. 158
    Whamo Says:

    LOL There is no rationalizing why they freak out.
    Having said that after the first time I got ganged up on for saying something innocent I now let them all have it both barrels. I remind them that not long ago she was wearing blood vials, kissing her brother in the most inappropriate way as well as her heroin use. For some reason they don’t like that:)
    Anyway say sane…oh and get ready for the “you are the same person” response I usually get when I find a like minded person.

  159. 159
    REM Says:


    LMAO!!!! OMG, I would be so embarrassed making a statement like yours since the ange lie na wears nothing but black and even goes as far as dressing the females of the bunch in black. And that includes every place they visit.

  160. 160
    chin can't act Says:

    LILLYB @ 04/21/2010 at 2:23 pm

    You are comparing brad to Jesse James. How many women came out saying Brad treated on Jennifer? Could you name them all please? Their marriage didn’t work. So what, so are many other marriages. They end it amicably. Angie didn’t stole Brad. If you don’t believe Brad or Angie, believe your idol. She said there he didn’t cheat. Now, i know you will argue saying Jen was being nice that’s why she didn’t want to admit that Brad cheated. Well, that BS. Also, its too bad if she doesn’t want to admit that brad cheated. You and other Chinistons fans just can’t get over the fact that Brad left Jen. They were the golden couple and it breaks your tiny little heart that their marriage ended. So, you just keep on insisting the Angie stole Brad and Brad cheated just to make you feel better & get some kind of justification to satisfy you & other haters that Angie is a bad person. Well, i got news for you. There are many, many, many women who have done worse than Angie. Until you have 100% prove that Brad cheated and/or Angie stole Brad anything you say is all crap to me & to other JP fans too.

    As for why we like Angie is because she is a good person. Yes, she was wild child & did all these crazy things but who didn’t. JD trashed a hotel & partied like crazy but he met the right woman had children & it changed his life. If he could changed, why can Angie? Oh! I guess we are back to the cheating again. Because you believe she broke up the golden couple. Just because a young person did some crazy sh!t when they are young it don’t mean they regret it. We were all young once. People change. Maybe you don’t believe people do change or deserve a second chance but I do. Angie didn’t just changed over night. It took her gradually a few years and she is continue to change for the better.

  161. 161
    bet Says:

    Some critics bash Kick ass for its graphic volience action. Yet some are try to protect it by bring Girl vrs Boy defence. Bull this is not girl ver Boy thing, It does not matter even if 11 years old boy did this , it still the same . Kids should not be pretend to do this kind thing , the same as they are not to be seen doing sex on the screen. and also, there is nothing about empowring girls becuase you did over voilent moive on screen. there is a lot of reality of empowering thing women than shooting kicking and splashing blood on the screen. bull to all of you.

  162. 162
    bet Says:

    Do anyone think becuase Tom Cruis does good in action moive make him more powerfull. It just mean he is good at it. By the way no one does it like him. No this has nothing to do about empowering . There is a lot of thing women can do to empower themself than kick each other on the screen. what a bull statement.,

  163. 163
    Whamo Says:

    # 160 chin can’t act @ 04/21/2010 at 3:12 pm

    “As for why we like Angie is because she is a good person. Yes, she was wild child & did all these crazy things but who didn’t.”
    Excuse me but I’ve never kissed my brother like that, wore blood around my neck and did a whack of coke and heroin like this whack job, but she get’s some kids some good PR spin and now she’s ST ANGIE. Give me a break. She scrawny like that because she’s still on the dope!
    The woman is a crazy as her fans..let them have her I say. I’m no Jen super fan by any means but at least she comes across as a nice person not like the ice queen who other actors have said they are scared sh it less to be around her because…..well she’s a whack job. Do you really think she gives a crap about you loons? She wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire, unless of course there was a camera there. In which case I’m sure she’d pull out all the stops.
    See you crazies suck me into this evertime I read this site. I just have to point out how INSANE you all are.

  164. 164
    truth is Says:

    what? she wants to be a director yet she always had her acting coach in tow. well, maybe she will direct dogs in the movie. only dogs listen to her not human especially guys they will just pee and poop on her and run

  165. 165
    LOL Says:

  166. 166
    bet Says:

    women empowering has nothing to do with jumping and kicking on the screen,. Women can not change herself to man by nature. There are certain thing women can not do in nature like one can not have heavy muscles like men. Men has more ablity in jumping and kicking and have more natural force than woman. that is nature you can not change nature. Becuase a woman want to be more like a man in character has nothing to do with empowering.. Empowering women has to do something that they deprivated from doing like voting, have equal right at job place, have thier voice heard. having a bigger postion at work place the same level like men.

  167. 167
    bet Says:

    truth is

    that is what empowering woman means. Something by nature women can do ,but for some reason few women does it. That is part of empowering women on the work place.

  168. 168
    Question for jen haters Says:

    @#124 ~ I thought i heard a thumping noise coming from my computer monitor, and then I read your comment to my question. You must have been banging your head against your monitor for a long time because that was some of the most lame load of crap I have read to date. You still could not explain why Jen is worth over $110 million with money flowing in as we post. Brad did not give her a dime when they split. They kept their money seperate for a reason. So they could take what they earned on their own if they split. Jen did just that. She took her own money and hit the road. Smart girl. Seriously, that was all you could come up with? Don’t you know how to Google something before you make such a fool of yourself trying to make your nasty idol seem as wonderful as Jen. That will never happen. Come back and answer that question when you find the intelligence level I am on. I can’t tolerate that kind of ignorance. Sorry it is beyond me. When you have something factual to say, try again. Otherwise hang it up..I left all your haters speechless on that one..I love

  169. 169
    chin can't act Says:

    Whamo @ 04/21/2010 at 3:44 pm

    I didn’t do the thing she did either and so are many other so are you going to ridicule her for the rest of her life for doing that. Also, I didn’t call her St. Angie. Don’t get me mix with her fans. I don’t believe she is a saint & never said she is. To me she is just a person who is in the entertainment business that I like. To me she is some one who was on a self destructive path but found herself when she adopted her son. Because she was exposed to seeing the conditions of other countries when she filmed TR & BB she have decided to do someting about it. That’s when she started to turn her life around. I was never her fan. I am a Brad fan. I did think she was crazy & wild when she did those things. But as I say before people change. Every one deserve a second chance. She didn’t murder any one. She didn’t raped any one. She didn’t molested any one. She was a lost young woman. Even Angie admitted she was wild & did some stupid things. She even said she was self destructive. She didn’t deny those things she did. Also, she didn’t make out with her brother. She kissed him on the lips. Please don’t exaggerate. When she adopted Maddox that’s when things changed for her. If she was still wild & crazy woman, she wouldn’t have ended her marriage with BBT. She realized that the life she used to live will not be good for her son. That’s why she ended the marriage. So, she started to gradually change her life. Let me remind you. This is before Brad came into her life. She didn’t started to change when she met Brad.

  170. 170
    maryrowery Says:

    she does look 41 here, oh yes

  171. 171
    bet Says:

    chin can’nt act

    that good, everything end up to herself advantage. Good for her, so what else jen fan can do to imporve her living condition.

  172. 172
    bet Says:

    chin can’nt act

    ok your story tell of a bad girl she changed to good girl. may be she can be empowering to you kind of people. But i never have problem before nor i am not a change person, i want to stick with Jennifer Aniston.i love to learn from her empowering life. is that a crime ?.

  173. 173
    chin can't act Says:

    Question for jen haters @ 04/21/2010 at 4:05

    urrgh~ dude, i didn’t say brad gave her money when they got divorced could you post where I said that? don’t bang your head too hard when you search for that. i said she ride on brad’s coattails that’s why she got a movie career from marrying brad. without brad she would have a so, so movie career. she wouldn’t have make the 110 mil she did now. she was rich from friends but wouldn’t have a movie career to make her richer if it was for marrying brad. if you want another lame post. read this one.

  174. 174
    bet Says:

    Empowering woman means, something women deprived from doing in society but becuase they are women not becuase force of nature not allowed them to do. Women empowering means something society not allowed you to do, not becuase you are fighting against a natural process force you from doing it. When you changing women place in society that the time you empower women. Not becuase one fighting force of nature.

  175. 175
    X Says:

    @LOL: thanks!

  176. 176
    Go The F*@k Away Aniston! Says:

    Enough of this woman!! Her 15 minutes is way overused and the general majority are sick of seeing her every year promoting these dumb ass movies!! She needs to take a MAJOR public break. She has been in our face every year since stupid “Friends” ended and her divorce has kept her in our face whether you want to see her or not!

    She claims she don’t care what people think of her but yet she all knowing of of how people are talking negatively about “One-Way jen!! She is such a fraud!

  177. 177
    REEVEN Says:


  178. 178
    Correction Reeven Says:

    Angelina gets $20million plus backend/royalties.

  179. 179
    Lucky Charm Says:

    Question for jen haters @ 04/21/2010 at 4:05 pm

    Well, since your question has been ignored and not answered, I’m going to give it a try. Jennifer was on Friends for 10 years, and by the end was making $1 million per episode. She’d been collecting residuals until just recently, which is why I think she decided to put out a perfume (to make up for the lost income from Friends). She makes 3-4 films per year (she had 4 lined up as soon as Friends was done). Also, she had been involved in Plan B Productions until 2007, so she was probably receiving an income from those movies, too. She has not amassed her $110 million fortune on talent, just the good luck to be on a hit long-running show (which it still would have been even without her) and married to an A-list actor. Without either or both of these events, she would be just another actor you always see in movies but have no clue who they are.

  180. 180
    REEVEN Says:


  181. 181
    Maria from Texas Says:


  182. 182
    megan Says:

    omg jen has so many haters. yes we know everyone loves angelina, yes we know angelina is a saint, yes we know angelina’s forehead bug eyes and lip wrinkles are the most beautiful, yes her twig flat a** body is the greatest, yes her drama movies are the best acting ever,blahblah blah. jen does not deserves all this hate. I personally dont like either one or think either one is the greatest of actresses. (angie moveis bore me to death) but at least jen has some charisma and personality. angie is so weird and dry in personality. never cared for her or her movies. Id watch jen movies anyday!. you all say jens movies roles get boring, but how come all of angies are all the same? i doubt she could ever be charming in a romantic comedy like jen can. that woman has no personality.

  183. 183
    L Says:

    there’s a fine line between confidence and delusional…. if she thinks she can direct a feature film, then she’s the latter…..

  184. 184
    more FWB... Says:

    she is cute

  185. 185
    ann Says:

    wow! absolutely gorgeous!!!

  186. 186
    fyi Says:

    People should stay in relationship only if they are happy not because they have kids . If you are not happy you can’t make anyone happy. He wasn’t happy with his former marriage , he got rid of her because of it after he give it a time. But getting rid of her didn’t exactly worked cos she is still milking it in her passive agressive manner 6 years and counting.
    No one laugh at breaking up, except the hens. Brad and Angie won’t be milking it for 6 plus years. The only thing people with brain will expect them to do is to raise their kids in a good way.
    The reason manison hens say this is cos they don’t have no choice. They can’t accept the real love Brad and Angie have as a reason for them staying together. It the same with the tabolids because that will be like dissing Manison to them and accepting she was not wanted by Brad and there won’t be no more association Drama. Guy didn’t want girl he left . Shes dating a lot guys . He is in relationship since then. No Drama , no money to make of it and no relavancy via assocation.
    Brad and Angie are together mainly for love their relationship is time tested and withstand many abuse from tabolids, Maniston and her hens. If it wasn’t love, it would have ended by now . How many men come and go for maniston in the past 6 years while Brad and Angie going strong. A LOT OF THEM.
    ” the fablous at fourty something ” is still lonely talking about trying new path of life at 41 . She think she is young…

  187. 187
    Winnifred Says:

    Attention to the Publicist & Agent of Manniston—-You both NEED to READ all this comments. Seems like you’re not doing your job to improve your client’s image & career. Anniston’s acting is a BIG JOKE and now she wants to DIRECT.. another BIG JOKE. LOL
    She needs to fade away with KATE GOSSELIN. STOP torturing us…the people.. she’s a wasted space on the screen and in the tabloids.

    ENOUGH ALREADY. Please retire and enjoy the $$$ you
    took from the movie goers.

  188. 188
    Lucky Charm Says:


    Yes! I completely agree. And you can add Heid Montag & Octomom to that ragtag group of tabloid Should-Never-Have-Beens.

  189. 189
    to megan Says:

    Jen is not charming in romanic comedies Jennifer garner, Jennifer aniston, Reece ect are..Jen was only good at friends and many people still think she Racheal. Bounty Hunter was the worst movie . I got free ticket and went to see it. She is not funny , she wasn’t intersting, her damp hair , stoned experssion-less face made it boring than it is. She has no range . Angie show a lot emotion in her movies .She has range. You can tell the reason why big directors worked and want to work with her when you see her in character. Maniston exist with PR. They are doing a good job getting her work but with her horrible choices she will always b a girl who was good at friends.

  190. 190
    ann Says:

    I’m sure she’ll be an excellent director! GO JEN!!!

  191. 191
    Ssshii_baby Says:

    She is delusional…that is why she proclaimed after her emmy win, that the Oscars was next! LOL! She gets more delusional as she gets older..She wanted to be a Bond Girl..HAHAHAHAHAH..and now, she thinks she can direct? BWAHHHHHHHAAAA!!!

  192. 192
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    ANALSTON!!hhahaha *props2 whoever coined it* she is truely a cockaroach! bisshh never goes away..well, atleast her UGLY mug will be behind the cameras…

  193. 193
    Marieme Says:

    It’s official: She’s working with Satan. Probably sleeping with him too.

    There’s no other explanation for this unholy invasion of fug in our culture. Can’t think of one reason why this talentless speck of a woman should be allowed to direct an entire film.

    Oh and I love the reasoning too! Implying that she’s done it all in front of the cameras already! Oh my sides! ;D

  194. 194
    anonymous Says:

    She’s like the boy who cried wolf. She is all talk and no action. Just another thing she plans to do and will enver do.

  195. 195
    to megan Says:

    @to megan: it was meant jennifer lopez not jennifer aniston.

  196. 196
    bet Says:

    to megan

    you are confuse Diva to charm. Or you confuse Charm to media H o.

    utleast i will give Jennifer Lopeze for orginality of Savage meida H o at one time, until the media drop her big ass like thier is no tomorow. Let see how her moive is going to do after we see her poster in the mall for almost a year. Hh.

  197. 197

    BET IS TRYING TO CHANGE THE TOPIC FROM UGLY MANISTON TO Brad and Angelina talking her “break-up” Crap.

  198. 198
    kittensparkles Says:

    Are any of you Jolie lovers male? I thought not. I guess we don’t have to worry who the psychos are. Gay possibly. They are the females that are totally in love and devoted to their crush. Not that Jolie cares. She would turn you all in to the police if she had to hear 10 minutes of your fantasy life you have with her. This level of devotion is beyond any reasonable persons thought process. It is a shame you have to focus on the one person you will never meet unless you start stalking her also. This is unhealthy.

  199. 199

    Don’t waste your breath responding to BET!
    Her only purposes is to get you off the topic of UGLY JEN!
    Notice how she is concentrating on changing the topic.
    She does this on every thread when people tell the truth about ugly, talentless JEN.
    She is the only one on this Thread!
    There are no other Jen fans here.
    Bet plays many roles.
    She pretends to be illiterate and talk like a fool so she can post under many other names and speak perfect English..
    You have been exposed BET.
    It is your cover so you can post under other American names, as a man, as a woman,etc.

  200. 200
    kittensparkles Says:

    I beg to differ. I’m sure there are just as many Jen fans as they are Jolie fans. It’s just that the Jolie fans are freaks.

  201. 201

    Hey Winnifred -
    ANALSTON’s agents know she can’t act and she certainly cannot direct….
    They are taking her money and making a great big fool out of her but she does not care because all she wants to be is EXPOSED!.
    No other actress in Hollywood is as dumb as ANALSTON! She made lots of money when she hooked up with Brad, but now that he dumped her and kicked her under the bus…..she sells herself anyway she can. Her PR people know this and will gladly take her money and let her keep making an ASS out of herself.
    Just look at those pictures of this aging bimbo! Those pictures tell the whole story!
    Keep taking her money Huvane…….she is too stupid to realize she is being used!

  202. 202
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    @KittySparkles, Analston certainly doesn’t care for her fans..You people make her skin crawl!!

  203. 203
    Maria from Texas Says:



  204. 204
    kittensparkles Says:

    Yes the freaks do make her skin crawl, but fans who do not devote everyday going to a website to sing her praises and can see Jolie as she really is do not bother her. I should know.

  205. 205

    I see Whammo is here as well.
    She spends most of her time on the JP thread talking her insane head off attacking the JP children and making a complete ass of herself.
    Please do not respond to BET or WHAMMO! Just thumb them down and keep the topic on UGLY MANFACE JEN!

    BET and ELLIE. all that is left of the paid Jen hags. They play multiple rolls and spend all their time on other threads bashing Brad and Angelina.
    These are the two JEN HAGS employed to post all day long.
    Don’t waste time trying to communicate with these two idiots.
    They are here ONLY to change the topic to Brad and Angie when the TRUTH about hateful JEN becomes too much for them to bear!
    ANALSTON probably monitors this thread (since she is an avid Tabloid reader) and goes ballistic when the truth about her is told.

  206. 206
    kittensparkles Says:

    I also know Jolie can’t stand the devoted masses of crazed fans that think they know her personally inside and out.

  207. 207
    The Lonely Emblem Says:

    She is stalking Brad and has a big ego.
    She wants to direct like her ex husband. She also think she is the new Katherine Bigelow now that she knw that Oscar will never be her realirty as a lame actress en route to hasbeenhood.
    What an egomaniac moron ! She is a total zero as an actress and directing is much more ‘intellectual’ than acting. How can that braindead stupid woman even think of directing when she can’t even think thoughts straigt ? No bimbo direct with success ever. Hey as bimbo as they are they know their limits. Only egomniac cr*tins with massive mass of air between the ears have that audacity.

    After the perfume, what an insult to the profession !

  208. 208
    kittensparkles Says:

    Both woman are in a business were they are on display to a certain point. But this crazed devotion is sickening to them. They are human and can’t have a moments respite without being hounded. And if you think Jolie thinks oh goody I have obessed fans she doesn’t. She thinks why don’t these crazed women leave me alone. Why do they have to fawn over my children like pedophiles.

  209. 209
    Lumbridge Says:

    chin can’t act @ 04/21/2010 at 11:59 am #124

    Question for the jen haters @ 04/21/2010 at 10:19 am

    most of that money was residual from friends. she did ride on brad’s coattails. could you name any box ofice hit on her own before she met brad? best of luck to you for finding one. she was successful on friends but it doesn’t mean she did well in movies. she hooked up with brad. they became the golden couple. she got offered to do movies (supporting because she couldn’t carry a movie on her own) with jim, ben, & vince. do you really think if she wasn’t half of the golden couple they would have offer her movie roles. brad was a movie star. chin was a t.v. star. courtney cox is a better actress than this chin but since she wasn’t married to brad her movie career didn’t continue to do well. courtney went back to t.v. I do wish courtney could do movie. I would rather see courtney in movies.
    And add to the above that she likes the man to pay because she thinks that’s how it should be…remember the fuss over John Mayer not allegedly paying his way and how awful it was for her to have to dip into her meagre savings of 100mil. Add to this that she does not open her purse to charity but gives her old purses away to charity after she’s done with them. Add to that that people spend big money on their families (she hasn’t had to buy a house for her mum because she cut the ‘disease’ out of her life). Add to that people spend lots and lots of money on their kids…she buys gold lease for doggie. Add to that she gets paid for films she churns out non-stop not because they will get any critical acclaim but to fatten her purse.
    Agreed about Courteney…you could have easily put her in the doggie film and it would have still made the same money because the doggie book fans went to see it (thought it was a pile of rubbish).

  210. 210
    to bet Says:

    @bet: At least that girl did it with out being a disease to her exes. When Ben A. dumped her, she went on and got a man for her self ( even if he is not attractive and has 3 kids she didn’t stuck herself there she started living) and told him bye. JA in the other hand going on to be a disease , after she got dumped. Even Elln said she won’t do pity parting… only your jennifer did that.
    About the movie… JL is carrying the movie by herself you can’t compare it with the fake romance promoting way of JA movies. When JA carrried a movie by herself, we know what happend to managment and love happens, both bombed.
    I care less about Jennifer lopez but she is certainly better than Jennifer Aniston.

  211. 211
    ty Says:

    She should pay her hairdresser, makeup artist and doctor everything they want. Because without her hair, good makeup and shots to fill in those lines on her forehead she looks FUG and no where close to 30 like her fans like to say. She looks every bit 42. I won’t go into the hand and feet (which are darker tan the rest of her body.)
    So funny when she saw the camera, she started touching her hair. LOL same thing she does when she tries to act sexy on film.
    Aniston made her money because of luck. Luck that Friends became a major success. She is not any richer than Courtney Cox. Courtney has a furniture line, skin care line, production co that produced Movies and tv shows and stars in movies.
    Now that the syndication money will be reduce considerably. Aniston is doing perfume because she needs the paycheck that being a spokesperson for this perfume. Because she does not get paid that much for her rom coms and these roles will be reducing soon regardless of how many times she shows her legs and nips.
    Oh I am going to direct soon. It’s in development. LOL LOL. Call me when the movie actually gets funded.

  212. 212
    truth is Says:

    @Mdh: honey, don’t put Clint Eastwood the same level as Jen. yes, they both started on tv but they are totally different, Clint is smart and talented actor and Jen has zero talent, not smart and crazy/mentally retarded just ask her therapist/psychiatrist for 20 yrs. ah! don’t worry asking her, she passed away 2 yrs ago probably someone try to stop her from telling the truth about Jen. crazy people can do anything.

  213. 213
    kittensparkles Says:

    Every actor in the world do what they have to to get noticed. Angie started her award winning performances on television as did Jen. Jen just found the perfect role for herself in a long running sitcom. Angies chose another direction. Both valid choices. Does it make one person better than the other. No. Without Gia I don’t think Angie would have found the sucess she has. Jen found her sucess with Friends. Neither actresses have had total sucess in the movies they have chosen. But they have found enough that they are both looked at first for any movie that is about to be produced. All this is about is one marriage failed another is on shaky ground and you think defending the one you like will make it work for her. Fans do not control the inner workings of a relationship. They can make it harder for the couple if they put them on a pedastal. After all they are human beings and deserve to live their live without having to prove it is working to fans. That is what the fans do to Angie. She feels like she has to show you her kids when she doesn’t want too. She is harrased by her fans to show her family or something is wrong with the children. Maybe she just wants what everyone wants privacy to work on her relationship. Why do you think she leaves the states. She does it to get away from the fans that won’t leave her alone. Jen is the same way. How would you like it if every single thing you did in your day was picked apart. I think you all seem to forget these are real people not your superheros.

  214. 214
    Media is Tired of Jen Anuston Says:

    While promoting her new perfume (and its accompanying ads with her sitting naked on a rock), Jennifer Aniston gave an interview with Women’s Wear Daily in which she announced her new show-business plans: to direct a film: “After you get enough movies under your belt, you sit back and go, ‘What’s next?’ It’s getting to be the time where creatively I want to turn in a different direction.” The divergent plans of shilling a new fragrance (which will compete on the shelves with Just Me by Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s eau de parfum) and becoming an auteur seem to cancel each other out in terms of high/low aspirations. And yet that very imbalance seems sadly appropriate when it comes to Aniston, whose career, ever since Friends ended in 2004, has been marked by wind sprints from fluffy rom-coms to prestige indies and back again, all the while never able to find a happy medium in which audiences truly embrace her.
    Aniston’s recent films, The Bounty Hunter and Love Happens, fall into the standard romantic-comedy pit that she’s been swimming in since she headlined in Picture Perfect in 1997 (remember that one? Yeah, neither do we. Oh, wait, we vaguely recall Jay Mohr playing the hunk, but that can’t possibly be right). Both of these films had middling box-office performances; as usual, people’s interest in the movie was inversely proportional to the interest in her personal life. Her fans got more worked up about her off-screen relationship with Gerard Butler than her onscreen one. Reviews were terrible for these films, but then again, when she tried prestige indies like The Good Girl and Friends With Money, she got good notices, but audiences still didn’t care. The only films that really have worked are The Break Up, which, with her relationship with Vince Vaughn, was the perfect melding of film and personal life, and Marley & Me, at which people only politely put up with her just so they could get to the dead dog.

    All this “What do you people want from me?” confusion may be what has driven her to flail out into so many directions. You don’t like me in Rom-Coms? Well, then, I’ll make you a perfume! Not into that? How about I become a director! And if those don’t work, I’ll design skateboards, then get my masters in literature, and then I give up! It’s hard not to sympathize with what seems like a frantic desire to sit anywhere except in her accursed designated sweet spot: looking sad on the cover of People magazine.

  215. 215
    bet Says:

    To Bet

    Total different people. Jennifer Lopez is the same as your idols, she cheat on husband and wife, and she desperately want the public to give her legacy for it, the same attitued like them . I will give credit again for her to be orginal of wanting public to give her legacy for it.. and aslo, I tought Elin is going to dump Tiger. accoding to you guys Jen is dumped, so total different topic.

    let not bang her to the wall a woman for telling the truth. Do’nt we need woman to tell it as they feel. not to be fraud to the public. Do’nt we all get imotional over something some times. it human nature.

  216. 216
    bet Says:

    to bet

    let not bang a woman to the wall for being human.

  217. 217
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    Yes, we do ADMIRE&RESPECT her. NO REAL Angie fans ever calls her a “saint”…funny ..its the HATERS who always label her that…talking about superheros…there is one delusional Analston fanatic in here, who appointed herself the SUPERHERO…who serves and protector her “hairness” from the mean JP fans…BWAHHAAAAAAHA!!! You have your dyslexic village idiot, BET..Bi-Polar ELLIE, who wishes rape fantasies on an innocent child..Man! this is actually the first time I can honestly say I feel sorry for ANALSTON!BWAHHHHHHAAHAHAHA!!!

  218. 218
    Ben Says:

    She is beautiful. All these insults are from ugly worthless people who have no interests or hobbies, except to insult Jennifer.

  219. 219
    bet Says:

    Ssshhii baby

    honey your idol produce a moive that exploite littel childern for profite sake. and you are accuse me of bashing kids. honey not my attitued. i aint born like that.

  220. 220
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    protect not protector…many more mistakes but I’ll give you little nitpickers something to do and correct the mistakes for, you something else to say besides, “sexy legs! nice nipples”.hehhehee

  221. 221
    bet Says:

    Ssshhii baby

    by talking about it yourself you are fantasies about it.. You got problem indeed. That is not a good sighn.

  222. 222
    kittensparkles Says:

    If you do admire and respect her why don’t you make her happy and quit trying to force yourself into her personal family problems. Do you want people harrassing your children. That is what is happening when you praise the fact they are out and about. If you had to have pics taken everytime you went out wouldn’t you be a little annoyed.They are not in the states and soon they will be on their estate away from the maddening crowd. This is their reality not yours.

  223. 223
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    If you want to blame someone for “exploiting”..take it up with her parents…Obviously, they find nothing wrong with her ”acting”. and establishing herself as and action star…They’re thanking Brad for giving their daughter an opportunity to show her KICKASS talent! Thankyou Plan B…hahahhahha

  224. 224
    anna Says:

    @MANNY: SHE’S A HOMEWRECKER?!?! I think you’re a bit confused..that’s Angelina!

  225. 225
    bet Says:

    ssshhii baby

    what about using a word rape together with childern. Do’nt you think yourself have a problem by writing the sentence itself?

  226. 226
    kittensparkles Says:

    I understand how they feel. No matter the subject it always comes down to their looks or personality. The fans are the ones who create the drama not them they just have to live with it and explain it to their children. If you think talking mean about Shiloh is right I feel sorry for her as I feel for someone talking hate toward Jen. It’s just not right and no amount of hateful talk will make it right. I do believe this board is a lost cause. You have no humanity left for anyone.

  227. 227
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    Honey, I do not force myself into her personal family problems..Thankyou for your FAKE concerns,though… JP’s are smart people. They know what comes with the territory of being A-list SUPERSTARS…They’re not going to hide and lock-up their kids just because you HATERS can’t handle seeing a HAPPY LOVING FAMILY.
    Sucks to be you!

  228. 228
    mona Says:

    she is looking older and rougher every year…..she will need more than her hair to cover her face in 5 years….she has to accept the fact that no amount of surgeries and botox can make her beautiiful

  229. 229
    julia Says:

    @chin can’t act: you can say that angie was self destructive and that she did niothing wrong and that she changed after adopting, that is, if you consider drugs and sleeping with a married man nothing worng, whatever..but jen NEVER did anything wrong she was aways I don’st get why people hate on her so much, especially people on his site…it shock me! I guess it’s jealousy! haha

  230. 230
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    NO!! The fans did not create the drama…You can thank your idol for opening up the can of worms, when she cried alligator tears in the Vanity Fair…when she was trying to court the public’s opinion…too damn bad she dragged it out for sooooooooo damn long…it backfired on her!!!

  231. 231
    aseret64 Says:

    MY GOODNESS, JEN, BE AN ACTRESS (learn to act) FIRST BEFORE GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL (becoming a director). You are not in the same league of Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford or Mel Gibson, who became actors first before becoming great directors.

  232. 232
    bet Says:

    Ssshii baby

    honey there is no one go out clean cut on public for cheating on wife look what happen about Sandra. it does not matter weather you get imotional about it or not. The only problem in Jennife Aniston case them acting as if public owe them a legacy for thier actcion. that is the only different.

  233. 233
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    HAHHAHHA Bet…as much as you want to turn this thing around. We both KNOW the truth don’t, we? Sorry…I know you what to defend your dear bi-polar Ellie…but she really is messed up in the head…don’t worry about her…you should concentrate on your learning disabilities.

  234. 234
    bet Says:


    some how their idols think pubic owe them some kind of legacy for thier action.some how they think they are different than others who got bad treatement for the same action. The ony way they get thier legacy , if overwhelming fans bash Jennife Aniston.

  235. 235
    bet Says:

    Sssshii -baby

    the only truth that i know is you use Word Rape in the same sentence with childern. That is not good sign.

  236. 236
    Ssshhii_baby Says:’re right..Nobody comes out clean for cheating…in this case, there wasn’t any cheating…That is why your idol comes out looking like a BITTER OLD HAG for her crocodile tears…

  237. 237
    bet Says:


    honey your both idols come out publicly and admit it. what more you want ?.Do you want them to tell you to you personaly or send you mail with stump on it for approval.

  238. 238
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    Really? They both admit, when? I will apologize and even promise to go see your idol’s movie, IF you can give me real PROOF…I know you suffer from dyslexia but, I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Prove me wrong, PLEASE!

  239. 239
    besane Says:

    Here is a spot-on article on NY mag:
    The Unfortunate Symbolism of Jennifer Aniston’s Perfumer and Auteur Career Goals

    While promoting her new perfume (and its accompanying ads with her sitting naked on a rock), Jennifer Aniston gave an interview with Women’s Wear Daily in which she announced her new show-business plans: to direct a film: “After you get enough movies under your belt, you sit back and go, ‘What’s next?’ It’s getting to be the time where creatively I want to turn in a different direction.” The divergent plans of shilling a new fragrance (which will compete on the shelves with Just Me by Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s eau de parfum) and becoming an auteur seem to cancel each other out in terms of high/low aspirations. And yet that very imbalance seems sadly appropriate when it comes to Aniston, whose career, ever since Friends ended in 2004, has been marked by wind sprints from fluffy rom-coms to prestige indies and back again, all the while never able to find a happy medium in which audiences truly embrace her.

    Aniston’s recent films, The Bounty Hunter and Love Happens, fall into the standard romantic-comedy pit that she’s been swimming in since she headlined in Picture Perfect in 1997 (remember that one? Yeah, neither do we. Oh, wait, we vaguely recall Jay Mohr playing the hunk, but that can’t possibly be right). Both of these films had middling box-office performances; as usual, people’s interest in the movie was inversely proportional to the interest in her personal life. Her fans got more worked up about her off-screen relationship with Gerard Butler than her onscreen one. Reviews were terrible for these films, but then again, when she tried prestige indies like The Good Girl and Friends With Money, she got good notices, but audiences still didn’t care. The only films that really have worked are The Break Up, which, with her relationship with Vince Vaughn, was the perfect melding of film and personal life, and Marley & Me, at which people only politely put up with her just so they could get to the dead dog.

    All this “What do you people want from me?” confusion may be what has driven her to flail out into so many directions. You don’t like me in Rom-Coms? Well, then, I’ll make you a perfume! Not into that? How about I become a director! And if those don’t work, I’ll design skateboards, then get my masters in literature, and then I give up! It’s hard not to sympathize with what seems like a frantic desire to sit anywhere except in her accursed designated sweet spot: looking sad on the cover of People magazine.

  240. 240
    bet Says:


    wait i will stumb and mail thier sentence for your approval. ha ha ha

  241. 241
    too real Says:

    @happy girl:
    this comments pops up when she has a string of bad movies.
    she did the same when people were getting tired of her and she pretends to reinvent herself.
    she said she directed when in truth the one who directed was her feind and she signed the check which allowed her name to be place on the credit.

    you know how jens cycle goes
    first the movie premiere with a prelude of romance couple rumors
    then comes the oh so subtle reference to her ex who by the way left five years ago jen..move on
    then she talks baloney about loving her life through one side of her mouth while saying shes lonely with the other side.
    then of course there is the fake maternal side that shows up.’
    lastly when her movies bomb she retorts to saying she is going to direct.

  242. 242
    lol Says:

    @xyz: brad didn’t give jennifer any money! jennifer made as much as brad! jen made 1 million per show on friends.

  243. 243
    lol Says:

    @xyz: brad didn’t give jennifer any money! jennifer made as much as brad! jen made 1 million per show on friends.

  244. 244
    lol Says:

    @Ssshii_baby: why do you care? hate to hate…how much do you get paid to post from angelina. for real as adults why continue … do you think angelina is nothing if jennifer is doing great? both ladies can be equally as good in their own rights! i feel sorry for people stuck in the past.

  245. 245
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    LOL@lol!!!! can’t come with anything, so you wanna say I’m a paid poster….I’m getting paid more than you are..everybody knows what a CHEAPSKATE ANALSTON is…need proof? Ask, BET…bisshh can’t even pay for her education. After all the long hard hours she put in. Defending her to no avail… bwahhhahahhahaha!!

  246. 246
    pls Says:

    @bet: she is not telling the truth she is using it to stay relvant. Non of her friends or even her say he cheated. They just want circle around with it while spreading rumours all that non existance tabolid covers. She just wanted a war between her and angie and to turn the world against Angie the fools bought it she successed.
    Real women like Elin, Reece,I am sure (Sandra will take the high road as well) they won’t do a jennifer Aniston . No woman with her own thing do that. No one is humilated as much as them but these women are relevant in their own terms and have guts that is the difference. Jenny the victim is the only one who don’t want to get on with her life

  247. 247

    Maniston, the expert at wrecking relationships. NO man has stayed with her in the last 5 years.
    Who is she going to blame now that all the men she tried to trap ran away from her?
    Who wrecked those relationships Analston????
    What woman will you blame now because you have not been able to keep a man for over FIVE long years?
    Let’s hear you start whining about that. Who stole all your men away from you Jen Analston?
    Renee took one, Butler fled, Paul, fled, John prefers to kiss men after having a boring relationship with you. John said you were a DUD in bed. But we know that is not the only reason they all fled.
    You are just a boring old hag stuck in 1998 as Johh said.
    Relationship wrecker…….thy name is JEN ANALSTON!

  248. 248
    emma Says:

    This is my first time posting comment here. My oh my. This place sure is the loons’ central. Many thumb ups for comments which diss Aniston and thumbs down (low rating – comments cannot be seen) for praises to Aniston. haha….losers! Oh yeah, please make me a champion…gimme those low rating, …so this comment is hidden but then people will clik in anyway out of curiosity. Loons are losers and dumb!!

  249. 249
    SALTedChicken Says:

    loons say Jen is getting older and showing. Angelina, being 7years younger than Jen, must cover her whole aging body and put on 2inch make up to make her look decent before photoshopped. Must hurt loons that Angie, again….being much younger than Jen, cannot go anywhere in shorts showing her chicken legs. Ouchhhh!!

  250. 250
    Jen's hairy Chinny chin Chin Says:

    Why is Jen’s face looking so bloated and swollen lately ? Has she had work done? Jen stop with the BOTOX before your face explodes.
    Your face looks awfully fat and out of shape. Jen did you do chin implants? You are really starting to get that “matronly” face look and your body looks fat and matronly as well.
    You’d better think about getting your eyelids lifted. The older you get the fatter and rounder your face is starting to look and your eyes are starting to look like slits.
    Girlfriend you are looking OLD!

  251. 251
    Jen's hairy Chinny chin Chin Says:


    Here is some good advice for you Jen.
    Please go talk with Halle and find out how she keeps her face looking so young. She’s 43 years of age and she can pass for your daughter Jen. You look far older than Halle. You look at least 49.
    And talk about a body! Halle had a baby and still has a better body then you do Jen. At least Halle’s booty isn’t hanging down on her thighs like yours Jen.
    And why can’t you get a man and keep him? You attract weirdos like Ellie and bet but you can’t attract one decent man. What a hame!

  252. 252
    Ssshhii_baby Says:

    “Without Gia I don’t think Angie would have found the sucess she has. Jen found her sucess with Friends. Neither actresses have had total sucess in the movies they have chosen. But they have found enough that they are both looked at first for any movie that is about to be produced”
    Boy! You really are delusional like your idol…correction…Without TALENT you won’t be successful, let alone WIN an Oscar. Yes, Jen is rich from Friends but successful as an actress, I think not..You need talent for that.. another correction…Angie does get looked at first. Even movie roles re-written for her..your idol on the other hand. Didn’t she have to audition for the dog movie? Feel free to correct me, if I’m wrong..Oh btw, did she get that call yet, to be a Bond Girl? hahahhaahhaha

  253. 253
    mona Says:

    only reason the bounty hunter did not tank so bad is because of gerry butler, the movie would have done worst like management and jen’s other stinker love happens if not for him

  254. 254
    lola Says:

    jen looks like and older and uglier version of heidi montag

  255. 255
    dohdoh Says:

    She’s going to direct where the but t plug goes like this photo….

  256. 256
    Jessica Says:

    She gets more beautiful

  257. 257
    bet Says:


    ok you said she did not tell the truth. I taught she did not said anything about cheating. They the one who talked about it.

    i do not believe Resee story, something fishy about her.

  258. 258
    bet Says:


    and also, where is the law written that said women should not be emotional about something that they feel bad about. I admire her not hiding her emotion.. . I think for taking a high road, everyone is taking high road , no one is knoking the door of anyone. only in Jennifer case thier fans are still keep knocking her door.

  259. 259
    Question for jen haters Says:

    #179 ~ That was a lame as it comes..You tip-toed around the question as always. Jen made her money honestly, not riding the coattails of anyone. She can still hold her own to this day. You all took way to long to answer as you stalk her topics 24/7..Admit it, you had no idea how to answer the question..I understand..There is nothing Jen has done other than be successful all on her own..You couldn’t come up with a anything, which I already knew you wouldn’t..Now Jolie on the other hand, any money she has made over the last five years was from pimping out her kids pictures..Jolie & Brad have not had one successful film since they started their affair..They will never get the recognition for another film as long as they keep telling lies and begging for attention..Ok, your Question for the day:; Other than using the word “uncool”, what has Jen done wrong to derserve hate? Now don’t go making fun of her gorgeous hair & legs..You can’t sell that crap when she is on the cover of very respectable magazines looking almost perfect, naturally perfect..You can use the stupid names you call her, well because I understand that is the immaturity coming out in you..Now remember you must gives facts like Jolie did..Facts Jolie put out there herself. You know, french kissing her bio brother, wearing blood viles around her neck, getting tats on her hoochie and bragging about it, knowingly going after many very attached men..You know, things like that, that are facts, not crazy jealous crap just because Jen is more popular than the Jolie/Pitts..Ok, I have a busy day today..Again take as much time as you need to come up with something clever..I won’t bet on it..It will be lame and you really won’t be able to say much, but give it a try anyways…Check back later…:)

  260. 260
    oh really Says:

    @Question for jen haters:

    It’s quite clear, Question for jen haters that no answer given will satisfy your request.
    However, it is well known that Jennifer’s father was a legendary soap opera actor and that her Godfather was Telly Savalas. Can you honestly tell me any other way that this woman got into Manhattan’s Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts? It wasn’t because of talent, because one of her acting coaches at the school basically called her acting a joke – which she herself said on the Letterman show when promoting Marley & Me.
    Like it or not, she has used family connections to get into the business, just like many others. She never had to completely struggle and she definitely did not have to rely on her talent to get there, or else, we never would have heard of her. If her father was not an actor and she didn’t have family connections, she wouldn’t have made it out of small town America, because she’s too average looking, too boring, and is not a great actor.
    Also, you asked about her money in relationship to her riding her coattails. The fact that she was John Aniston’s daughter is what ultimately began her career on television. She went from sitcom to sitcom, until being lucky enough to land on Friends – a show that went on to make huge amounts of money. It’s not a secret how much the cast members were paid in the final seasons, however, much of her $110 million is DUE to the royalty checks that she has received over the years and not by way of any talent she actually has. Right now, her fortune is split between royalties, endorsements (such as SmartWater) which she received as a result of her popularity as an actress on Friends and her overexposure in the media because of her split with Brad, and the fact that she does so many film rolls in one year. In a year or two, you will find that she is no longer one of the top wage earners in Hollywood, as her royalty checks dry up and her endorsement deals all but disappear because her popularity is waning.
    She has ridden the trail of her now defunct marriage into the ground and has, ultimately turned what sympathy the public had for her, into people wondering why she’s still whining that “Brad left” five years after the fact. She has a charmed life and yet doesn’t do anything with it. She’s RUDE to her fans, to the general public, unless you have a camera in her face, and even then, she’s less than polite. I’ve not heard ONE positive encounter about her that wasn’t on a film set in front of several people as witnesses. However, I have heard many encounters of many others in the business (and have had my own) with people with actual talent who are actors or musicians that are nice as can be to their fans. She, herself said, she can tell when people are using their phones to grab a quick shot of her and how she hates it – and rather than embrace her fans, she wants the posed paparazzi shots she and her agents set up. That way, she can ensure that she’s properly made up and that she and her agents have control of the shots sold to agencies.
    So, no… this is not a woman who has struggled for years to develop her talent and has made it on her own. Her whole career is based on two things: her role on Friends, which she obtained because she was John Aniston’s DAUGHTER and her marriage and subsequent divorce to Brad Pitt. If she had made it on her own, you’d have an impressive resume to flaunt and a depth of characters to explain away to anyone questioning her “talent”.

  261. 261
    Lucky Charm Says:

    @ Question for jen haters @ 04/22/2010 at 9:58 am

    No, I wasn’t trying to tip-toe around anything. I was trying to be civil and polite by just stating facts & leaving emotions out of it. Jennifer has made a career of being “Brad Pitt’s wife”, which IS completely riding his coat-tails. Angelina wanted her career to be based on her talent, not her father’s name, which is why she dropped Voight from her screen name. If Jennifer had not had the luck to be in Friends, then her net worth would be extremely diminshed and not worth nearly as much as it is currently. Honestly, if she had married and divorced Tate Donovan, would anyone really be as interested in her?

  262. 262
    Question for jen haters Says:

    Blah blah blah..It is not who you sleep with (Jolie), it’s the respect you earn in the industry (Jen)..That has nothing to do with the fact that Jen is one of the most famous “A” listers out here..She did not earn her money stricktly off of friends..You are right, your answers are not good enough for me, because you cannot admit to yourselves that Jolie ruined her own rep.. Jen had nothing to do with that..She never even fought to keep Brad..She never whined to anyone publicly..So you see, your hate should be reserved for when your idol pulls another one of her unscrupulous stunts and you are all going oh crap, she’s at it again..I don’t expect much from Jolie fans because alot of them have the same values & morals as she does..Jolie has never taken responsibility for any of her actions..Why should we expect the same from her fans..The movie will be a bomb as always and you will all have some kind of lame excuse as to why it failed..Can’t wait to read those comments..Have a great day..No more questions if you can’t be honest in your posts..:)

  263. 263
    Lucky Charm Says:

    @ Question for jen haters @ 04/22/2010 at 4:02 pm

    Umm, first Jennifer has slept with more people since her divorce than Angelina has her entire life. Second, Angelina has a lot of respect from people in the industry, directors like Clint Eastwood want her for their films. Jennifer is making a movie with who again – oh, that’s right, Heidi Montag and Brooklyn Decker. Third, if it wasn’t for being on a tv show called Friends, Jennifer would NOT have been famous. And for your comment that “she never whined publicly”, I don’t know what you call interviews, magazine articles and tv talk show guest appearances, but alright, maybe that’s not public in your world. Lastly, Angelina is not my “idol”, that is reserved for my mom & dad. I greatly admire her, which is NOT the same thing. She has a very full life with a lot of different interests, which is a good thing. And she has always taken responsibility for her actions, something a lot of people, famous or not, have a hard time doing. And for the record I don’t hate any one.

    Since you seem to be one of those know-it-all people, who probably have no real friends, nothing anyone else says will infiltrate into your head. You are not worth any more of my time. Looking forward to hearing your drivel on another thread, I’m done with this one.

  264. 264
    AutumnM Says:

    I guess three flop movies in a row will make anyone want to change direction, huh? Well whatever it takes I guess. Whatever the reason, it’s good that Jennifer finally sees that she’s stuck in a rut acting and career wise and needs to branch out and do something different.

  265. 265
    AutumnM Says:

    @Lucky Charm

    Right on! Totally agree. That poster is CRAZY if they think Jennifer Aniston is a more respected actress than Angelina Jolie. What world is that person living in? Seriously. I swear Jen fans do not live in reality. It’s one thing to be a fan of someone, but don’t sit there and straight out lie about your fave actor to make them look better. What big time respected actors has Jen worked with? Where is her Oscar? Where is her Golden Globe? Jen has NONE of this and most likely never will, as she is basically known for being Rachel Green on “Friends” and always will be. The TV girl will NEVER be a movie star like Angie. Angie’s worked with respected, well known directors, has countless accolades, including an Oscar and Golden Globe, among others. What does Jen have?

    Please. Jen fans should really stop comparing the TV girl to Angie. Angelina has more respect, acclaim in the movie industry and world overall than Jennifer could ever hope to have. It’s a battle Jen fans will lose every time. Jen cannot measure up to Angelina in any way. Not in timeless, classic beauty or sexiness, not in accolades, not in humanitarian work, not in personality, NOTHING. Angie makes that woman look like a joke in comparison.

  266. 266
    bigbob Says:

    her perfume is called ***** it out

  267. 267
    We'll take it Says:

    Jens topics get over 300 & 400 hits. Good or bad, we’ll take it. That just means that whether you love her or hate her, you are still interested in her. Afterall she is the most famous actress in the industry at this time. Keep the hits coming. When they stop, then we can worry. CHOW!

  268. 268
    AutumnM Says:

    That’s all well and good “We’ll Take It”, but too bad all the hits Jen gets on Justjared doesn’t translate into big box office numbers as she’s had three flops in a row.

  269. 269
    Jack Daniel's Says:

    she’s freaking hot!

  270. 270
    andy Says:

    i want to know how does one direct when one can’t act, i have always wonder that, BECAUSE THE LADY CAN’T ACT! has no talent, can’t even pretend crying. can someone please tell me.

  271. 271
    andy Says:


  272. 272
    andy Says:


  273. 273
    andy Says:

    @Lumbridge: YA i thought that was very funny, when you have several movies under your belt! WOW I AM STILL LOL!

  274. 274
    andy Says:

    @Courtney: how do you compare robert redford and joann woodword @Question for the jen haters: coattails wtf does that mean and jolie does not need to ride anyone, like most of jen men ride it and leave it, run as fast as you can!

  275. 275
    andy Says:

    @Courtney: I am sorry but how can you even compare Robert Redford and Joann Woodward to Jen OMG that is an insult to them sorry!

  276. 276
    andy Says:

    @Tara: We are having a great laugh and no one needs to tarnish her, she is doing a great job of that!

  277. 277
    andy Says:

    @Question for the jen haters: worldwide, of that 40 mil for making, less then 70 mil paying out actors and what not, what the hell do you make for profit, maybe that is way she knows acting is not in her favor right now, so like a fool OH LET ME DIRECT BECAUSE MY BELT WILL FALL, CAN’T CARRY ALL THESE MOVIES. WHAT A JOKE SHOULD I LAUGH NOW!

  278. 278
    andy Says:


  279. 279
    andy Says:

    @chin can’t act: I LOVE IT YOU SAID IT WELL, I AGREE just because she did crazy stuff when she was young, haters think she is still crazy, but lets take JA was she not America Sweetheart? DO YOU STILL THINK SHE IS A SWEETHEART, after she dated Vince, jump onto Meyer, then Gerald, man i can’t name all the men she has been with after Brad, THE WOMEN WENT WILD! Wouldn’t you say she has changed, now tell me what is the different between Angie and Jen?

  280. 280
    andy Says:

    @Whamo: Hey, you suck yourself into overtime, it takes a loony to know one, AJ does not read **** like this it is only us that creates and reads ****, AJ is in her right mind, she very loving, has compassion, and that is why let me repeat why Brad will never leave her, JA will sucks at everything, grow an old bag, haters and lovers will continue to create and read ****! So call yourself insane! LOL!

  281. 281
    andy Says:

    @bet: You said what? We are in 2010 women proved themselves many years ago, do you live on this plant because, their are many woman dying right now by their own mates, fathers, brother, boyfriends and getting away with it, what rights did they have, nothing a movie will change, so please come back to earth and face reality.

  282. 282
    andy Says:

    @Question for jen haters: I have a question for you, during friends their were times when Jen nipples were seen NASTY, my question to you is IS THIS HOW JEN EARN HER MONEY? OR BETTER, WAS IT COLD OR COOL TO SHOW YOUR NIPPLES FOR RATING? NO, MAYBE EVEN BETTER, I NOTES I EARN MORE IN CALIFORNIA! OH ABOUT THE HARD NASTY NIPPLE SHOWING THAT IS A FACT!

  283. 283
    uh huh Says:

    It doesn’t help that Jennifer is constantly talking about Mr. Brad Pitt. She has been separated from Pitt for over four years but obviously has yet to move on. Earlier this year Aniston told Hello magazine, “I will love Brad for the rest of my life.” Jennifer’s is so infatuated with Brad that she reportedly screamed out his name during sex with John Mayer. How can you compete with that?

    Drop his name
    Push it in and twist the knife again
    Watch my face
    As I pretend to feel no pain
    JOHN MAYER – Heartbreak Warfare lyrics

  284. 284
    jen's fan Says:

    I wonder the day that won’t be any fight between Jen and Angie fans!

  285. 285
    anal Says:

    Sandra handled a bad situation with grace. No pity party with me, no scream in the river, no signing team me shirts, no making it a big deal than it is.
    I don’t think she will be talking about him constantly for the next five years and I don’t think her PR will be about him from now on. She won’t stalk his children and those women he was cheating on her with or any woman he will end up with. She is starting her new life and try to really moving on. Since nothing will be feeding it the tabloids will give it a rest and move on too.

  286. 286
    bet Says:

    Jennifer Aniston does not use anything to deal her problem she face at the time, she deal with it while media wa crabliing on her and to this day still crabling on her. I give her again for this a statue.

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