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Kate Gosselin Booted from Dancing With the Stars

Kate Gosselin Booted from Dancing With the Stars

Kate Gosselin and partner Tony Dovolani are the fourth couple sent home on Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday (April 20) in Los Angeles.

“I had the opportunity, I’m very, very honored to have been here,” a tearful Kate told host Tom Bergeron. “I love everyone that I met, it was a great experience, and I’m sorry I’m crying, I’m a crybaby.”

She continued, “I had a wonderful teacher and honestly I can not wait to watch the rest of these people perform on Monday nights because they’re all wonderful and they do a great job and I’ve really grown to love everyone. Thank you.”

ARE YOU SAD that Kate got kicked off DWTS???

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Photos: Adam Larkey/ABC
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  • jen

    yay!!! its about time!

  • gabs

    Hell, yeah…

  • ck_always

    Nooo, Kate! The best train wreck goes home. :(

  • Irene

    Man I love Kate. I wish I were her. Instead I am just a sad screwed up dirty middle aged women with a bunch of step kids and only weiners to eat for dinner. I wish it were me on DWTS but the only time I get notice is when I play tonge games with Z or when I slip a can of spam into my bra at the local foodmart.

    Kate I wish Kimmel wouldn’t have burned your shoes. I would have loved to have licked them.

  • t

    surprised it wasnt earlier

  • teamjon- cus kate is 10x worse

    Her kids must be happy… you know, cause they haven’t seen her in a year.

  • Ms Anonymous



    ha ha ha



    Oh, I’m all broken up that she’s gone. Now she’ll do a book tour for her tanking book. A tour that nobody gives a damn about. Boy, it’s tough to be her!


    now who are those mean nasty ass judge going go after??
    watch ya back Pammy!!!!

  • lexy hates bilson


  • kizbit

    She is so oblivious to her nasty, negative attitude. The fact that she had NO ONE there cheering her on tells you that she has alienated everyone in her life and now she’s all alone. I hope she goes home and stays there. Enough of her already.

  • sarafina

    Now go Home and be a Mother…………..

  • Joy

    She should have been gone a couple of weeks ago!!!!!!

  • Paula

    I am dancing with joy!!! And now Kate, stop whining and crying, and return to your million $ home, large swimming pool, nannies, manicure & pedicure, hair extension and all. Oh! and a few trips, all expenses paid by TLC for you and the kids in a near future. Yes, life must be very hard being Kate Gosselin. Ask any “typical” single mother…

  • I will miss the laughs though

    Hallelujah! no more pasted on Grinch smiles and Fred Flintstone feet to look at.

  • the truth

    All are you been nasty like those people at dancing with the stars.Give her a break. What all you going to say when someone you all really like get booted off.? It was just for fun anyway.and she did get paid for doing it.Was really getting to like her. And for that say she was nasty she was not . Its just you got to br tough sometime. But she’s going to be alright. love you kate!

  • Kate Gosselin

    Those damn kids cost me my DWTS title…and now I’m goin’ home to meet up with my old friend Red Spoon and beat some serious butt.

  • Melinda

    She is the most amazing woman ever

  • satan

    GOOD RIDDEN- THE b*tch from hell finally gone. That being is so fake both internally & externally. Pity the chidren.

  • Neorules2112

    Kate cant wait for you to come home , so i can massage your beautiful legs and chest ..

  • Nana

    She SHOULD have been eliminated the FIRST week!

    She is terrible.

    We’re so tired of her playing the “single mother sympathy card”. The absolute truth is, she nagged and nagged at Jon to stay home when the kids were little and she was home (with nannies and her brother, Kevin and sister-in-law Julie helping her). Finally, they believed they could both just live off the paycheck of the show. So, they crafted the story that he was working from home. They BOTH are responsible for not keeping their job options open, as they relied on TLC as their paycheck.
    Now, to see her making the circuit, saying that she HAS to get out there (on TV only) to support her kids and also claiming that she doesn’t know if Jon has any job…is sickening to watch.
    I also have a theory: Her new mantra is to declare that as a “Single Mom” she has to provide….maybe is not so much about earnings, but maybe she is making sure that everyone knows that she is officially SINGLE. However, if she ever lands another husband he will then leave and write a TRUE account of llife with Katie Irene.

  • Nana

    @Kate Gosselin:
    HAHAHA. Wherever you see Kate, you see the “spoon”!

  • Croc tears

    In the post-interview show, Kart said her kids will be sad that they can’t see their mom dance on TV anymore.

    What’s sadder is that the kids rather see their mom on TV than in person!

  • Steve Neild

    Kate cant wait for you to come home , so i can massage your beautiful legs

  • bumpper

    give me a break. she has tried to parlay her situation into everlasting fame. she is a total bitch with the paps. who is she? a reality tv personality. not a celebrity. she’s gotten far more mileage than she deserves. go back to cable and thank your lucky stars you had your 15 (actually more). she is a complete fraud. nothing is real about this reality personality. the bitch part has been in full display from the show and subsequent events after. she feels entitled just like all those fortunate people in the entertainment industry. to even be invited to ‘perform’ on DWTS is the biggest joke of all. i was actually afraid she was going to be kept on eliminating others from the show that were actually good dancers.

  • nadya

    Everyone is saying now Kate can go home to her kids. Hmmmm….

    Tuesday night – Jimmy Kimmel
    Wednesday – Good Morning America
    Thursday – Regis and Kelly

    This doesn’t sound like going home to her kids.

    Those tears she shed? She’s probably devastated taht her tv time was cut shorter than she expected and all those free fake and bakes went out the door. LIfe is going to be booooring now that she has to go home, be a mom, tend to the kids…. until the NEXT show.

  • Athina

    She had a good run on there considering she couldn’t dance. And she made a few bucks to support her kids.

  • Tony Dovolani

    There has got be an easier way to earn a living…..but……….ahhhhh finally …..peace

  • KC

    In order to have a chance at winning DWTS Kate would have had to actually practice. Instead she was in New York promoting her upcoming shows on TLC, attending book signings for her new book, and taking the kids on a trip to Disneyland. If she really wanted to win she would have practiced more. It was a mistake for ABC to even put her in the show.


    Keep your ears tuned, there will be a forthcoming SERIES of interviews telling us WHO to blame for her tragedy.

    So, be kind, it is Not Kate’s fault she cannot dance.

    Read more:

  • Gina Neild

    Steve, just do what you have to do with that whack job, Kate. As long as TLC keeps giving us those $1600 a day paychecks plus bonuses, first class all the way…you can sleep with that witch for all I care! Bring home the bacon Stevo! Better stop roughing up that witch’s few fans at her lousy love letter book tour, cough-cough. They are the fools that convince TLC that she is something. Don’t forget to tell Kate she looked beautiful in her gown the night she went down and that she danced well, what were those judges and fans thinking? Yes, that’s it..Steve.

  • FoxyRoxy

    Hell to the no i’m not sad…it’s about darn time….but I must admit it was fun watching that trainwreck she called dancing…I felt so bad for Tony to have to put up with that hot mess

  • le’

    and Kate CRIED again and again. She should try acting…teardrops are easy for her.

  • Kristin M.

    I’m really sad but I’m also very elated. I mean, she was doing a horrible job, everyone was making fun of her, but despite all of that, she did what she had to do and she did her best. She’s not a professional entertainer, she worked with what she had and she was making a couple thousand for her family.

    I’m happy she got booted off because it was horrifying to watch her mess up every week. I had some hope after her tango last week, but she f-ed it up this week. Hopefully she just keeps raking in the money and the judge makes Jon pay her a sh*tload of money in child support!

  • Eileen O’Neill

    Announcing Kate Gosselin Twist of Khart and Khart makes 8 kids work so she can be famous(and me, Eileen-TLC bigwig, filthy rich at TLC)….TLC’s latest shows to exploit the mentally ill and children!
    Come one, come all sheeple! Step right up to the greatest show on earth, watch Kate meltdown with her big red spoon, used to beat her kids. Watch Khart/Katatonic put guilt trips on her kids for doing our shows lest they have no food on the table or clothes on their back! Watch Kate belittle the children’ s father! Watch Kate flirt but then, cut men to the quick! Watch Kate cry, whine. moan, meltdown, lie, belittle, be lazy, order others around while being lazy, lie some more that she has it so much worse than your average American. She has 8 kids! Eight kids! from her magic uterus, 30 weeks of bed rest! on a 29andhalf week gestation. Tune in now to watch Khart soak the public more! Become one with the sheeple!

  • eliza

    Thank goodness. She should have been gone weeks ago. Her kids are the ones responsible for her “celebrity.” Now she should go home and take care of them. Enough of her appearances.

  • LOLA

    Finally!!!! she was the worse dancer ever!! she sucks big time… I bet the kids are sad to have her home now.. she is MEAN!!

  • Macchiato

    finally !!!

  • Mady Gosselin

    I told her she should have been voted off 2 weeks ago. I didn’t vote for her, who did? PS…I want to live with Daddy.

  • Venom

    About damn time.
    She sucked horribly.

  • ann

    About time!

  • a realist

    Tony is soooo relieved. Now they should pay hin double for that mess he had to endure.

  • Natalie

    She’s OK. I don’t think there should be so much hate for a working mother! At least she is trying to provide for her kids. Much better than Heidi and Spencer, Octomum, Paris Hilton….

  • amy

    I’m really glad she was sent home! Erin Andrews entire dance routine was almost an exact copy of Julianne’s. Even the clothes were similar and the wig was identical.

  • KVB

    It isn’t that she should have been eliminated the first week, but it was arrogant and narcissistic to promote herself in that way and DWTS to accept and give her monies for appearing so ridiculously on that popular seasonal show. I do not believe for a minute the ratings this season were attributable to her trainwreck presence as most people do not want to see a mother of so many children (chosen via in vitro fertilization) appear so terribly in front of millions around the world. Kate Gosselin is delusional and needs psychological help in the worst of ways (along with all of the children). The only difference between she and Nadya Suleman is that Kate Gosselin had better cosmetic surgeons. They (both) speak psychobabble to justify their decisions to have so many children without thinking before hand how they would provide for them for 21 years. Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin need to get back together on behalf of all those children and enter serious psychological and marriage counselling together.

  • troi

    I don’t feel, we as the public, should reward mediocrity whether or not she is a working mother.
    If I may point out, Heather Mills has to be one of the most hated women around and you didn’t see every one who disliked her raving about her getting kicked off (there were a few, but not the amount Kate had). Why? Because Heather worked her butt off and proved she could dance. Whether you like Heather or not she was gracious when the judges gave her comments and scores. She was gracious and didn’t blame others for her failures.
    Kate. Not so much. She obviously thought she was hot stuff. She was without a doubt the WORST dancer that has been on DWTS. There have been other bad ones, but they were gracious about comments, scores etc. They worked hard within their limitations. They didn’t cry and complain and moan about how awful the paps were, how awful it was being away from their kids etc. For God’s sake, the woman had her kids at a hotel near her. She had, at DWTS’s expense, a studio put in her home in PA for her to work and practice in. Just when was she away from her kids for an extended period of time. There are millions of women world-wide who work and would like to have more time with their kids. Do you hear them complaining, crying etc? NO. Because they do what they have to do with grace. Kate does not.

  • Mia

    Someone mentioned at the drycleaners the other day she was receiving all the gigs due to the fact that she’s been sleeping with someone at TLC, and I see above that must be true? With her lack of dancing ability, she must be terrible in bed and the guy non-heterosexual.

  • go away

    Get home and give some energy to those little people you brought into this world instead of always looking to get

  • joy

    Acturally, I’m sad that Tony is gone :(

  • marant


    She had a good run on there considering she couldn’t dance. And she made a few bucks to support her kids.

    few bucks??? $200.000.

  • Nadia

    It’s about freakin time.