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Shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Prince of Persia' Featurette!

Shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Prince of Persia' Featurette!

Scope out lots of shirtless sexiness from Jake Gyllenhaal in this new exclusive featurette from the upcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

The 29-year-old actor and British co-star Gemma Arterton talk about all the great action in the movie, their characters’ destinies and Jake as an “action figure”. Check it out below –

Jake is also on the May 2010 cover of GQ magazine.

Prince of Persia hits theaters Friday, May 28!

Shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal: ‘Prince of Persia’ Featurette!

15+ pictures inside of shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal

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shirtless jake gyllenhaal 01
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 02
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 03
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 04
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 05
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 06
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 07
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 08
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 09
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 10
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 11
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 12
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 13
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 14
shirtless jake gyllenhaal 15

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  • Kibbles n Bits

    OMG! Jake you are SMOKIN’ in these pics. I cannot WAIT to see you in action in this movie….too bad it’s a Disney movie and not some R or NC-17 where we can see ALL OF YOU!

  • helen

    ok, this guy could definitely leave cookie crumbs in my bed any day of the week. and i can’t wait to see this movie. hopefully, it’s better than that new clash of the titans.

  • nina

    He’s just ….. WOOOOW!! I’m seriously speechless!!
    I’ll go see this movie as soon as it’s out in France!! :D

  • Deedz

    My day just got better.

  • Ricky

    please call me!

  • pickles

    Yes, Jake. I will marry you.

    (dumba** Reese!)

  • Jake G

    are you crazy,
    I never wanted to marry that chinny, bottle blonde beard,
    it was awful enough to do all those stupid photo ops!

  • Emma

    Hi Jakey! *faints*

  • [marie]

    I’d hit it.. :)

  • Joanna

    Normally Jake is smoking hot, but to me he looks to buffed up with dirty hair, not attractive. Didn’t they have shampoo in Persia? Can’t believe Jake sold his soul to Disney and agreed to beard just to get this movie. Guess greed means more than self respect.

  • Persilla, Queen of Desserts!


  • Gaydar alert

    sorry, not buyin’ the hetero thing they’re pushing

  • ouch
  • Infamous

    Yes his body is on point!

  • s.d.

    His body looks just like Leonardo Dicrapio’s! Leo is ripped like Jake.

  • ck_always

    @Deedz: Day? My night is about to get a whole lot better ..

  • slambang

    OMG, yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!!! He is sooooo hot! I can’t wait for this movie!

  • Regina

    Reese you are idiot

  • LOL

    @Regina: Reese Witherspoon was just a beard.

  • Celia

    DAYUM that man is so SEXY!!!

  • ace11

    reese must have got bored with him in the bedroom

    she must be a tough grader

  • That spray tan…

    is such a turnoff. Looks fake.

  • unattractive

    he’s ugly!

  • Rok


  • loyal

    Seriously, he is in his prime! I am going to bed and going to squeeze my eyes together so tightly that my husband of 25 years will look like this fine young man. Wish me luck!

  • Holy Wow

    Boggles the mind!!!

    I approve, Jakey— I approve!

    Keep up the good work, er, exercise… oh, and marry me???

  • Trina

    I didn’t realize the movie was coming out so soon.

  • Boom Shaka Laka Laka

    So HOT

  • jane

    Jesus Christ save me! This guy is the perdition of my soul!
    He is soooooooooooo HOOOOOOOOOOOT!

  • http://cuzimacheater cuzimacheater

    His body says, “Lick me.”

  • http://cuzimacheater cuzimacheater

    “When I think about you …”

  • Lynz Catastrophe

    Oh dear, i think i just had a damn heart attack *breathes heavily* HOLY HELL THAT IS DREAMY!!! I may not be into this kind of movie but im going to see it simply for the eye candy!! *drools*

  • Realistic

    He has a cute boyish quality about him. His body is on point but I wish he had used some crest white strips.

  • Rattlesnake

    that is one fugly face, looks like a barbarian ..

  • Mrs. Robinson

    OMG! Jake you sure have grown into a fine man!

  • ice

    Like the hair, think he’s too muscled up though…prefer Jake a little less muscled I think.

  • Michael

    Love Jakey :)

  • Jessica

    Austin is a lucky guy

  • rospo

    holly christ, now that I saw it, i can rest in peace.

  • Annie

    Holy …… He’s so pretty)))

  • Anna

    I don’t think to much about it myself. I like a man that always keeps themselves in shape, ex. Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr, George Clooney, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds etc. I do not like pretty boys who work out for one movie. That to me is a rip off. They need to look good all the time. Jake must have worked really hard just to get to this point for this one movie. To me that is a sell out.( Gerard Butler is another that lets himself go in between movies.) Jake isn’t particularly handsome either and that stringy hair doesn’t help. The movie is finished Jake – you can get cleaned up now. Yech he’s nasty. There is more to a man than just a body and he will lose that soon enough.

  • sienna

    OMG!!!! Jake is just perfect!!!!!! He is gorgeous, love him <3

  • Jeff

    His smile is just amazing.

  • Registro de Marca

    He´s so cute!

  • Loulabell

    @Anna: A lot of celebs work out for films it’s what they do! Jake was hot and to me gorgeous before this, i don’t think he’s worked out that much. The only film he didn’t look good in was Donnie Darko even though that film is Brilliant!

  • Maarten

    @loyal: Seriously? This guy is way overtrained, I mean look at him: he has no neck! =D

  • hello

    @Anna: Brad Pitt? He’s a freakin mess.

  • Nikita

    Oh my god. Waouaaaah. i love his body.this guy is so sexy. He can have different face. he’s the perfect man. he is sexy, georgeous, nice….Jake marry me

  • sandra

    I can´t wait to see this PoP! My God, Jake is brilliant!

  • Jake

    looks just like KD Lang. Ick. Sorry. Just ICK.