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Tori Spelling Talk Show In The Works

Tori Spelling Talk Show In The Works

Tori Spelling is developing a daytime talk show for ABC!

LA Times reports the 36-year-old starlet is looking for a male co-host to go for a Will & Grace vibe. Sasan, anyone?

Tori is the daughter of the late legendary television producer Aaron Spelling. She and husband Dean McDermott have a reality show about themselves on Oxygen called Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (it’s currently airing its fifth season).

WHO DO YOU THINK should be Tori Spelling’s co-host???

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  • Carrie

    She’s absolutely hideous to look at and no one cares about her opinion on anything.

    Perfect talk show candidate, obviously lol

  • Estella

    Gee, maybe one of her guncles. They’re on her show and they’ll have her back.

    I like Tori. I like that she’s made her money on her own and hasn’t asked for hand outs. Even when her father was alive and she went through so many thousands of dollars, she didn’t ask for help. She’s done everything on her own. I know alot of gals are going to come on here and say mean things, but good for Tori.

  • Look in the Mirror


    You should look up the word ‘hideous’ before you use it. Maybe even looking in the mirror might help.

  • Alicia

    A mi me gusta Tori. Es una buena madre y esposa.

  • Deborah Engelstd

    Dean is the best choice! I love Dean, easy on the eyes and spirited sexy

  • Carrie is right!

    @Carrie: I totally agree!!!!!!

  • Carrie

    @Look in the Mirror:

    Considering I have a PhD in English Classics of Literature, I am fully aware of the definition of ‘hideous’.

    As a human being with eyes, I justify my opinion of this talentless tramp.

    And in response to me “looking in a mirror” to find the definition of hideous, I would like to see YOU try, that is if you can get your fat gargantuan arse out of your chair.

  • t

    not trying to be mean, but she needs to figure out her health problem before she figures out other peoples problems.
    she is really thin!

  • Felicity

    the only person she should talk to is a therapist. god, she’s skinny!
    but since you’re asking: I think her co-host needs to be hot AND interesting! otherwise nobody will tune in… sorry.

  • Alicia


    You proved my point. You may have all the wonderful ‘paper’ noting your intelligence, but you’re ‘hideous’ inside. You’ve proven in just a few words that you are indeed a ‘hideous’ person. Calling a person you don’t even know a ‘tramp’ just proves the point that you’re a jealous cow.

    And by the way — I’m 5’10 and on scale 130. Now why don’t YOU get your fat gargantuan **** out of YOUR chair.

  • Look in the Mirror


    OMG! You are a rea jerk! You must lead a very sad life. You were probably a bully in school who dissed other girls because you thought you were hot and they weren’t. Like I said before, you need to look in the mirror because I was right the first time — YOU’RE HIDEOUS!!

  • Look in the Mirror


    Wow! You hit it girl! People who call other people names without knowing them are really sad.

  • Joe

    Neil Patrick Harris. But….I don’t know if I see them gelling. He rocks.

  • amy


    can’t we have a talk show host who isn’t queer! I think Tori’s marriage is just about over!

  • Carrie

    @Look in the Mirror:

    LOL! If you don’t like people being judged then why the hell are you on a celebrity gossip site? Hypocrite.

    Also, your statement
    “People who call other people names without knowing them are really sad.” is also completely hypocritical as you are doing the exact same thing to me (i.e. a stranger)

    I’m not even going to waste any more of my time talking to you as my guess is you’re probably some 13 year old Miley Cyrus fanatic who should be sat doing her homework instead of picking fights with strangers.

    P.S copying and pasting my responses in order to use them as respondant insults just shows who dumb you really must be. I bet you don’t even know what half the words mean, do you sweetie *pats your head*

    My lunchbreak is over now so i’m going to go back to lecturing univeristy students and earning my £100,000 a year. Enjoy however you’re going to fritter away your day.

  • Rocky


    I LOVE HIM!!

  • Look in The Mirror


    You are just too funny! You go back to work and pretend that you’re the best thing since slice bread and I’ll continue to enjoy my vacation reading your posts before I head off to pool and sun.

    Adding how much you earn at your ‘university’ post is just another testament on how very sad you are.

  • Carrie

    @Look in The Mirror:

    Careful while you’re out sunbathing honey, GreenPeace might try and push you back into the ocean.

  • GossipGirl

    I could see a talk show with Mario Lopez maybe?

  • miss infamous

    I would watch a show with her

  • Look in The Mirror


    Just proves what a liar you are! You’re pathetic. You said you were going back to university. I also doubt very much that you earn that much at all. Sitting here with my laptop by the pool and showing your emails to my friends. We’re having a great deal of fun reading them.

    Not to worry about me being ‘pushed’ back into the ocean. I’m a great swimmer and I also have on a drop dead bikini which will make sure I get pulled out very quickly by one of the cute life guards here. Well, off for a dip in the ‘pool’. You go back and try and teach your students something they’ll take with them when they graduate. Gee, maybe you should teach them a saying from the movie ‘Bambi’ — if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’.

  • Rocky


    I don’t like Mario. She needs a gay guy who’s funny next to her.

  • juniper

    A male gay, attractive and outgoing co-host like Lance Bass could work.

  • cassie

    i’m sorry but i have to butt in. this is very troubling. i usually don’t take the comments seriously but this is beyond SICK. you call yourself an intelligent professor? REALLY? omfg you have got to be fuc.king kidding me honey. you are a joke! when you, as a ‘professor’, feel the need to strike back, it makes you seem really defensive and unintelligent. your comments are incredibly immature, judgemental, and downright disgusting. you’re one very angry ‘professor’. you brought yourself down to the students’ levels. very shameful. to get upset over other people’s responses to the extent that you feel the need to resort to idiotic childish ways just shows how immature, classless, unintelligent, and judgemental you are. get a hold of yourself. did it make you feel good to attack people with negative criticism? to proclaim your vocation and the pay you make? newsflash for you honey, we don’t give a big pile of shi.t what you do and how much money you make. don’t think so highly of yourself. i feel so sorry for your students. lecturing them what’s right and what’s wrong when you don’t know exactly what’s right and what’s wrong. hmmm hypocrite much? i thought women with a higher education make them elegant, classy, and intelligent but you proved me wrong and you are none of that. thank god i don’t go to your college. i’m 22 and i don’t know how old are you but i hate myself for stooping down to your level but you need someone to tell you how you’re behaving, it’s atrocious. can’t you just grow up?? be the classy lady you can be and be a good role model you can be for your students? learn to control your anger. please see a therapist or find a better way of dealing with negative criticism.

  • Pandora


    “Considering I have a PhD in English Classics of Literature, I am fully aware of the definition of ‘hideous’.”

    LOL! You’re a joke! One does not need to attain a PhD in English Lit to know the definition of “hideous”, so, if, on the unlikely chance you do have one, you haven’t benefitted too much from it have you? For a self professed academic, a Professor, you certainly conduct yourself in an infantile manner.

  • lUCY

    What could she possibly contribute? Another person who is famous for all of the wrong reasons. There are so many funny, intelligent, interesting women out there. It is totally unnecessary to settle for her.

  • Pixie

    JJ your editors use the word STARLET too losely. Applying these types of words towards ToriS, KateB and RachelB!!!!

  • England

    Doesn’t she look more and more like Michael Jackson???

  • Stephany

    OMG yes please!!!!! i love Tori so much, shes amazing. i would watch no matter what!

  • j.ryan

    @Estella: that might have to do with the fact that her father cut her off completely.

  • Amber-louise

    I like Tori. Wasn’t a big fan when she was on 90210 but watched a few of the shows she had with Dean and read one of her books and found her to be a humorous, caring woman. I hope she finds success in her latest endeavor.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Maybe she should get Kate Gosslin or Jessica Simpson – 2 other losers who will do anything to stay in the limelight!

  • anonymous

    I agree with Carrie! Not only is she hideous to look at, she is the most unintelligent, self-absorbed illiterate in Hollywood! She does not have an insightful or intelligent thing to say about anything and certainly has no idea what is going on in the world outside of her Tori Spelling world. Not only will I not watch Tori, I will boycott all of ABC’s programming if they air this despicable home wrecker on daytime TV.
    PS she embarrassed herself on ellen degeneres the other day talking about her son’s obsession with her nipples. She thinks her classless comments are funny, but she comes off looking clueless and trashy. Again, not a good candidate…what is ABC thinking?

  • Sasha

    The fact that her L is backwards speaks volumes.


    BOMB !

  • longchamp

    she forget how to do the peace sign or something?

  • Sabrena

    I vote for her and Ross the Intern, from Jay Leno’s show. I think those two would be a hoot!!!

    Carry on….

  • Jasmine

    I can’t understand how anyone could stand to look at that fug on whatever other show she whored herself out for, but now this? What is up with people nowadays. People will buy into watching all kinds of nasty.

  • London Girl in Brazil

    she has a druggie face.

  • No.

    What a terrible example for young girls and women in general. What with that mug and scary skinny body what the hell could she talk about that anyone needs to know? Chronic drug abuse?? thats what she sure looks like!!

  • cindy

    BRUNO!!!! Bruno from Dancing With the Stars. He’s HILARIOUS!!!! It would be an awesome duo!

  • Annie


    LOL! Way to vent your own personal issues girl, I bet your just bitter because you would have no chance of getting into college bahahaha!

  • FaithLynette

    {{scratching head}}…for the life of me *SOMETIMES* I wonder WHY ‘some’ of these people [aka: Tori Spelling/Kate & Jon Gosselin/Lindsay Lohan/ Courtney Love/etc... --- to name a FEW!] are STILL relevant and WHO really cares what they doing!?!

  • CD

    @Look in The Mirror:

    oh for gods sake enough already.

  • CD

    you all are soo childish. there is MORE importand things to worry about then this crap!!! act like adults and human beings. go back to your stupid facebook,myspace and twitter and see if you have real friends

  • CD

    you all are soo childish. there is MORE importand things to worry about then this crap!!! act like adults and human beings. go back to your stupid facebook,myspace and twitter and see if you have real friends

  • Jessica

    I like her house

  • Registro de Marca

    she a great actress

  • Maxine

    It’s already been decided that cohost will be her husband Dean.

  • lauri

    comment to the Professor on lunch breakj
    You are a real loser if you have to tout your salary. I would hate my sons to be attend any college/university you taught at. Educated people don’t speak ill of others and well rounded which is you.