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Bar Refaeli's Boyfriend is a Cross-Dresser?!

Bar Refaeli's Boyfriend is a Cross-Dresser?!

Bar Refaeli is looking plaid pretty as she catches a departing flight out of from LAX airport on Wednesday (April 21) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old Israeli supermodel’s boyfriend Leo DiCaprio recently signed to to play FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in the new drama Hoover, directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Dustin Lance Black (Milk).

“We all have these assumptions about Hoover,” Dustin tells E!. “Was he this or was he that? Was he a cross-dresser? Was he gay? Was he as villainous as we all think he might have been? Was there ever any light to him?”

Clint will be the one to decide whether the movie will address the rumors but Dustin adds, “It’s the right time and moment for [Leo] to play this role. It’s the right intersection of his age and his wisdom.”

FYI: Bar is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Jewelry Heart Necklace.

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bar refaeli cross dresser 01
bar refaeli cross dresser 02
bar refaeli cross dresser 03
bar refaeli cross dresser 04

Credit: Matingas/Justin; Photos: NationalPhotoGroup
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  • just me

    Yawn! Seriously Jared why are you posting about this `supermodel` if you don`t even have anything to say about her? Her ( unnecessary ) photos with info about Leo. Leo needs to upgrade in the gf department!

  • Abbie

    Thanks for the new Bar pictures, JARED! It is always a thrill to see photos of Leo’s lovely lady!!! She is such a natural beauty.

  • Ana

    Barfie is flying out!! Yay!! Another month long vacation in Israel maybe?!? She is sooo lame they can’t mention her without mentioning Leo! hahaha! Its like she has NOTHING going on in her life except fcking Leo…and then LEAVING on a TRIP out!! Barfie doesnt live with Leo!!

  • xxx

    So now Leo is getting referred to as “bar refaeli’s boyfriend’ instead of leo… wow…. didn’t think she was that famous ……..

  • prettyinpink

    i hope she is off to do some modeling work she’s been attached to leo alot these past months, i know she needs to spend time with her boyfriend but i miss seeing her modeling pictures. i hope she is going to israel i love her fox campaigns they are always so much fun

  • Ana

    She’s only being referred as that because she has NOTHING else going on for her. Lame a**!!!! Yes Barfie! Leave LA!! She only has fcking going on…

  • i’mdanwatchoutpunk

    haha leo is a cross dresser? but man i wish i was leo, his girlfriend is hott

  • Nicki

    to #3: Very “feminine” and gracious way of expressing yourself… did you grow up under a garbage can? I know it is natural for you to feel jealous towards someone like Bar who is with Leo and has been for the last 4 and a half years. But frankly, you can at least pretend you have some sort of dignity.

  • Monica

    looks like the b*tch is flying out the country!!! Whoopeeee!!!!

  • lol

    The sandwich girl is leaving LA. How interesting! Thank you for boring us, Jared.

  • @8

    Is there any other way to talk about Barf? I don`t think so…

  • keke

    has anyone ever notice that leo never follows her to any of her stuff?!?! Some “boyfriend” more like f*ckbuddyfriend!! Its like he can’t be bothered and doesnt care. Leo really doesnt treat Bar that well.

  • All Women Stalker

    Clint and Leo in one movie? This could be good.

  • joanne

    yaa i like her fox stuff too, bonita stuff is ok i guess. Most of the cool stuff she does is in israel i hope she’s going there too.

  • gratzi

    love that shirt i want it.

  • ironman

    look at how she walk uh huh she know she bad do your thing ma i ain’t even mad. i can make your bed rock.

    call meee bar i love you

  • ++Logan++

    I like her ray ban sunglasses

  • … so now LA is a happy place again! Bye-bye Barfy!

  • xxx

    leo and bar are getting married

  • adaire

    She is gorgeous.

  • @19

    yeah, of course, they are. LOL!

  • jennifer

    I don’t know people, but just because she’s traveling for (don’t have idea where) this doesn’t mean they break up or are going to break? they were together a lot of time since Japan as we know, I’am not saying they are going to last too much or that they are going to marry or that I want they stay together, but I’am gonna say that they spend a lot time without being apart. but people have to work too, and she’s was not working since a long time and Leo too, after all the SI premieres… just saying, don’t get me wrong! I also think they are not mean to be!

  • manyitasmile

    not sawing pictures of leo with hes mom or friends latly.. i no he spend lots of time with theme but hes good at hiding i tink from camera

  • shaar

    I c a lot of hating going on here, can someone fill me in why? did she do/say something wrong? just wondering…

  • boba

    Supermodel???? where???? why can’t I see any supermodel in this pictures???? maybe i’m going blind!

  • ….

    leo dicaprio left LA on the 21st of april to go to an event in new york. neither of them are in LA now.

  • tal

    love her =)

  • fadhy

    Because he and her mother have a ‘business’ understanding

  • European

    Gorgeous supermodel…even too much for Di Caprio

  • french


    They were not together in Japan, she was there just for people say she was with him.

  • So tragic

    Ana/CottonCandy/ etc. So angry, so sad and so crazy. What made yout this way? No love or hugs from your mommy and daddy. Is that why your always full of rage? I’ll pray for you.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I like Leo & Bar but there’s no need to promote him in a post about Bar. If you don’t know what she’s up to – don’t post her picture! Or better yet call her PR folks and ask them.

  • hehe

    Figure normal but only with herrr feet that something is wrong. No luck….,7340,L-3879476,00.html


    Shut up!!! Leo fans…. such a LOSER~ just like your ugly fat leo!

  • hahaha

    Big Mama’s Boy Leo loves Bar! lol

  • LOL

    LEO is no longer HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s way too good for HIM!!!!

  • Observer

    @….: She’s back to Israel

  • Lisa rose

    @Observer: how do you know??? did you see pics of her from here??? please give the link.

  • keke

    @Observer: yes I agree, she went back to Israel. I bet we don’t see pictures of them for a long time as that is the pattern!! Not that I mind, can’t stand her!

  • back in Israel

    where she belongs….

    Barfie is back in Isreal. According to a tweet pic and Barrefaelicious. I don’t care what anyone says this might not be her actual account but its someone that is connected to her. She loves the publicity. This account ALWAYS has the most candid photos of her that you NEVER see anywhere else. How in the world would people get stuff like that if her frirends/mother/herself wasnt leaking it!! Even INSIDE house events???????

    Plus this account said that she was in Miami before anyone else did and now it looks like she’s back in Israel where she belongs!!!

  • Observer

    @Lisa rose: #40 has explained it, it’s based in her twitter account She posted a picture of her and her friends in some kind of concert in Israel
    That twitter account (BarRefaelicious) is real,because it’s connected to a another official models account.
    That BarRefaelicious word makes me feel nausea though

  • Observer

    Oooh, i forgot to posted it before
    Here’s the link
    But if you are restricted you can’t see it

  • Leslee

    Love her body

  • @40

    I`m still not convinced about that twitter account. My vote goes to someone close to her but real? I don`t know… Isn`t it interesting that first there was a tweet from Miami, then the Galapagos photos just before the news came out that Leo was at the G. Islands for a conference. This way everyone knew that the very `private` Barfy was with him.
    Btw according to an article Leo was at that event in NYC ( no photos of him on the green carpet ) but according to a tweet he was in an LA club last night…

  • ahem

    she looks like the more commercial version of gisele. while gisele looks like the more supermodel high fashion version, but I swear they look more alike then gisele’s own twin sister, haha. they could be sisters or cousins. so i dont get when both fans hate on the others. I guess you either like more commercial looking mdoels or supermodel looking models. but either way, they are quite similar and leo thinks so too. lol

  • lol

    Gisele and Barf are similar? Really? In which universe? You say this cheap and low class model is similar to the most successful model in the world? Are you on something? Leo lost his taste in women when Gisele broke up with him and now he is stuck with Barf.
    Someone wrote on a different thread that Barf is just Gisele’s shadow. So true!

  • gamma


    sorry, barf will never come close to the talent and beauty that is Gisele Bundchen. barf will always be “the sandwich girl”, never top fashion model material.

  • Lisa rose

    @Observer: That pic in an OLD pic, it was taken when Bar was in a vacation in Eylat with Tzion Baruch three weeks ago!!! I sew that photo two weeks ago…. its a lie that these pic in new!

  • lol

    yet another tweet about Leo in a club in LA last night. Barf is away and as usual Leo is out clubbing…
    `I finally got star struck last night. Leo Dicaprio was at the table next to ours at Voyeur.`

  • goldie03

    Best news ever!!! I love, love love, Leo!
    All worthy ladies please apply 4 one of the greatest, kindest, thoughtful, interesting,… I am so relieved 4 him & Irmelin!!