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All Britney Spears "Glee" Episode??

All Britney Spears

Britney Spears‘ manager, Adam Leber, is campaigning to get his client an all-Britney episode on the hit FOX series, Glee.

“Do you guys want to see a Britney Spears episode of GLEE?” Adam tweeted.

He then started the trending topic, which he hopes will catch on: “#BritneySpearsGLEE

Ashton Kutcher also has the most followers on Twitter with 4,799,920 followers. Britney is not far behind with 4,762,500 followers. Only a 37,000 difference!

If you care to help Britney dethrone Ashton, start following @BritneySpears!

WOULD YOU WATCH a Britney-themed episode of Glee? The Madonna episode was quite the success

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Credit: Patrick Ecclesine; Photos: FOX
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  • marvel

    The Madonna episode was brilliant but I dont think they should have another themed episode.

  • Freddie

    Most definitely, if only to make fun of it :)

  • QueenOfTrashin

    No, no, no , FOR GOD’S SAKE NO!

  • Marlisa

    Absolutely NOT!! I don’t want a Britney theme episode.. sorry it would be uneccessary.. :D

  • [marie]

    I don’t have Twitter, but I will join if I thought it would stop Britney from having the most followers…

  • JBvanilla

    yeeeeeesssssssss…..they also need to do a MICHAEL JACKSON theme, and then a DIVA EXTRAVAGANZA (Whitney and Mariah)…. now now now…… Especially if they are doing a GaGa themed one ALREADY!!!

  • cf


  • pauperbabe

    ^^^ everyone needs to shuttt the f*** upppp right now, britney is legendary.

    everyone who said no or related to no, needs to die

    because a britney spears episode of glee would be amazing!

  • Nikki

    Madonna got away with it because of how long she has been in the Biz but for the love of everything holy Not a Britney themed episode!!!

  • Jen

    I can understand them using some of Britney’s songs, but an all-theme Britney episode is not a good idea. She doesn’t have Madonna’s iconic status. I can see a Michael Jackson episode, I think a Beatles episode would be a great idea, but not Britney.

  • ana

    10000000x NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    one mono-theme episode is enough for now!
    Britney-epi wiell be jumping the shark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lola

    Britney+Glee= AMAZING!!!

    Va estar increible un capitulo con canciones de Brit.

  • ana

    @pauperbabe: chill out!

  • Venessa

    Hellz to the NOOOOOO!

    I hope they NEVER do any of her horrible songs. Please Glee, you have more class than that!

  • lexa

    no. no. no.
    Madonna….Britney….Madonna takes the cake!
    I will be very upset with glee if there is an all Britney episode.
    Why ruin a great show?

  • http://misshayls21 delfina


  • Venessa

    Did her manager not see the complete diss Glee did of her in this last episode? They clearly think she’s a poor influence on girls (see Emma/Will scene in her office!). Where as Madonna got high praise for being a strong confident woman who fights for equality. Britney is nothing more than trailer trash.

  • Me

    Britney is already a huge icon…. YES THEY SHOULD!

    lmao @ all of those saying Britney is not huge enough!


  • mario


  • fibie

    of course not!! madonna is madonna for god’s sake
    and if they start with britney,then Xtina,miley cyrus……

  • Lilly

    Hell no!!!!
    Madonna is a Diva, a Legend, a music icon.

    Britney is just… Britney.
    U can’t compare “Vogue” or even “Material Girl” with “Baby one more time”

  • Peter

    Would be peeeerfect *o*

  • rpatzfan

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Britney the Queen of Pop!

  • mimi

    SO YESS !!

    I will “Womanizer” “Toxic” “Everytime” “Baby One More Time” and “Radar’ by GLEE !!


  • Diana

    Why would Sh1tney’s manager want and all Sh1tney episode? The whole cast would sing her songs 100x better than she can with her computerized vocals and it would make everyone realize even more how little talent she has.

  • Eddie

    It’s sad that her career is so pathetic that they have to BEG people to try to get “Glee” to do an episode on her.

  • Melanie

    yes please!!!!
    a Britney themed Glee would be phenomenal.
    The concept is brilliant, if Glee thinks their ratings are high now, a britney episode would skyrocket them off the planet.

    Please Glee, get on this!

  • Paulie

    Ryan Murphy chased after Madonna so he could do an episode centered around her music. Here you have Britney’s manager basically begging for the show to do an episode featuring her music. Interesting.

  • dex


    Even Lady Gaga is going to have like half an episode and she’s been around for like two years? I think Britney deserves at least to have a few of her songs featured on the show, say what you want about her but she was the most successful female artist of the last decade

  • Amy

    It’s really pathetic when people beg for something. Madonna songs are legendary. People remember her songs from 25 years ago. Do people remember Britney’s songs form 25 months ago?

  • Jen

    As much as people want to diss Britney and no she is not a great singer and has a lot of isssues or whatever but that girl is a legend, Britney is Britney. Id love to see an episode themed after her, I love all her songs, as well as Gaga, but I think that like someone said, Glee did diss Britney so I don’t know if they’d do it but a Britney episode would be great, she just has soooo much catchy and good songs. As long as they don’t do a Beyonce episode, that girl is too overexposed.

  • facts

    Britney , just like madonna, is in a class all on her own. You ppl are FOOLS to think Britney shouldn’t have her own Glee episode. the ONLY reason they shouldn’t do a Glee episode would because britney is TOO BIG for that show. To the idiots who say Britney’s songs are not classics?/ REALLY? Baby One More Time? Toxic? Oops? Slave? Womanizer? And a few more singles I haven’t mentioned…Those aren’t Classics? Madonna sells out stadiums but she doesn’t sell singles or albums like she used to. She never really charts anymore. Britney CHARTS AND SELLS OUT STADIUMS. You’d have to be a HATER to think britney has no more power…which the majority of you ppl are. P.S. Adam is NOT begging Glee to put britney on the show. he tweeted asking fans if they’d like to see her appear and fans began their own campaign on twitter. mis-information wins again. Fools.

  • marisa

    OMG, YES PLEASE! ironic because i’m currently listening to madonna songs from glee as we speak. loved that episode so much. they DEF. should make a britney episode!

  • Amber-louise

    I tried watching this show once and just couldn’t get into it.

  • Jslin

    Desperate or something?

    I doubt Madonna’s management “tweeted” anything like that. lol

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahahahaa.. the bad thing is.. all her songs are straight trash. the good thing.. they all can sing better than shitney. with all the great artist who ever lived why in the world would they EVER even consider doing anything from HER?!? ahahahahahaaa. comical!

  • Courtney

    Yes please!

  • shaar

    to whoever said that Britney hasn’t been around long enough to have a dedicated episode: So LAdy gaga deserves one and she’s been around for a minute and not britney? Nobody knows where gaga’s career will go, she’s a “right now” singer but Brit on the other hand has been around for more than a DECADE! Of course she deserves an episode!

  • [forgetMEnot]

    I would watch it if they did something like a Queen episode or some famous iconic artist.

  • Karol Lyon

    Nooooooooooooooo never in the life!!! this is going to ruin the show!

  • xHeart

    YESSSSS.. i really really love her.. she’s amazingg!
    p.s. GO GLEE !!

  • Louise

    How pathetic they have to BEG for a Britney episode when the show creator begged Madonna for an episode of her own and now there will be a sequel. Her show got excellent ratings and critical praise and the album is the #1 album in the country. They even dissed Britney in the episode, which makes the begging even more pathetic. Britney’s the queen of nothing except the trailer park. Madonna is selling out stadiums across the globe that’s why she keeps breaking touring records, Britney had to give away tickets in London and other cities for her arena shows under the guise of doing fans a favor. With more shows than Madonna on her last tour, Britney was still easily beaten in gross and in attendance numbers by Madonna who is nearly twice her age. Madonna’s last albums have all been #1 in the US and across the world, even her greatest hits album was a global #1 whereas Britney’s was 20 something on Billboard and something almost as bad in the world charts. Madonna is still selling as much or more albums than Briney globally and more singles than her since Madonna was named the #1 singles artist of the decade. Christina was #2 and Briney was like #10, after Clay Aiken, lol. Madonna was also the most played artist of the decade. She is the Queen for the past three decades for many reasons. None of Britney’s songs are iconic, they are disposable and replaceable.

  • Marianne

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Madonna episode, but I don’t think the show needs to have special theme episodes all the time, you know. I’m sure they’ll probably do a couple of her songs, which is fine, but not a whole episode.

  • Monty

    whoever (among the commenters) suggested the beatles, now that’s a great idea. a big NO to britney, but if glee ever does go that route with britney, i hope they do it sometime in the far away future because to have another ode-to-a-music-icon themed episode soon (as in within the next couple of years) is pushing it; it would be excessive. they have to keep the show fresh and original with ideas.

  • Marianne


    I’ve heard the girls (plus Kurt) are doing Lady Gaga and the Boys are doing Kiss. And from what I’ve heard its only 2 Lady gaga songs (Poker Face, Bad Romance) Hardly an entire episode dedicated to her.

  • one a season

    They should do honor one icon a season.

  • Toni

    They are already doing a Gaga episode so they might as well do an episode full of Britney, but if they do her before Michael gets an episode, I will no longer watch this show. I’m still mad they did Madonna before Michael. Don’t get me wrong Madonna is talented and has been around for years, but they shouldve started with the biggest pop icon of them all then went for Madonna. All I know is there better be a Beatles and definitely an MJ episode if they already did
    an all Madonna episode.

  • No Biggie


    How is this scenario any different than the one they just did with Madonna? Madonna is legendary, but she is not great vocal talent.



    GO BUY FLOPTINA’S SINGLE AND STFU!!!!!!!! Floptina is at number 66 right now on itunes Bahahahahhahahahhahahahaha