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Jennifer Aniston: Hawaiian Luau Lovely

Jennifer Aniston: Hawaiian Luau Lovely

Jennifer Aniston films new scenes for her new romantic comedy Just Go With It in Maui, Hawaii on Wednesday (April 21).

The 41-year-old actress filmed a traditional Hawaiian Luau scene and was joined by Adam Sandler who also brought his youngest daughter, Sunny, to the shoot.

Most recently, Jennifer, who is aspiring to be a film director, has been promoting her new perfume, Lovalie.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston filming in Maui for Just Go With It

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jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 01
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 02
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 03
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 04
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 05
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 06
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 07
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 08
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 09
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 10
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 11
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 12
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 13
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 14
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 15
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 16
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 17
jennifer aniston hawaiian luau 18

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  • workaholic

    Nobody wants to see her movies:)

  • sickofMANISTONchinchin

    She looks old and uglier than ever. Nothing new.

  • MAC

    Horrible actress.

  • marc

    does someone still care?

  • Lily

    Her face looks fat

  • lola

    I never saw the appeal in her. For awhile she was such a “hot” commodity, on all the magazine covers, hit show. You could tell she had an ego and thought she was beautiful. She just looked like an average girl to me. Now she looks like an average well kept 41yr old. Meaning one that works out and watches what she eats.

  • anne

    Her face is getting fatter and fatter from all the fillers.

  • DR

    Team Aniston!!

  • Cruz

    She is looking rough and little lost..sad kinda

  • Finger is Still in Her @ss

    Lily @ 04/22/2010 at 9:57 am

    her face looks so bloated. maybe gerald’s finger is still in her @ss. she needs to take the finger out to let the air out so it will deflate her bloated face.


  • gale

    gosh she looks rough

    what happened?

  • bet

    Cute and amazing body. lovely.

  • Whamo

    Man I can’t wait for a JP thread. I see a lot of names on these JA threads that tell me to stay out of the JP threads and yet here you are being as nasty as ever to this poor woman who’s done a thing to you. I feel sorry for her to have so many people hate her for no reason…Now ST Angie on the other hand deserves it because she’s a drug addict that presents herself a changed. Call me every name in the book, don’t matter to me at all, it won’t chance the fact this woman is sexier that Angie be a mile! Ol bug eyed veiny head scrawny armed goulish Angie doesn’t hold a candle to this beauty.

  • OMG!

    She looks just like her brother John T Mellick

  • Nicolette

    She is so unfortunate looking in the face. And she wears her hair the same way all the time.

  • LISA

    GRANDMA HORSEFACE Jennifer Anniston. Go AWAY. This Pity-Party for Jennifer Anniston needs to stop. Jennifer Anniston your movies are so boring and pointless and you need to return back to TV like your friends from FRIENDS.

  • Denise

    lola @ 04/22/2010 at 10:01 am ….#6
    I never saw the appeal in her. For awhile she was such a “hot” commodity, on all the magazine covers, hit show. You could tell she had an ego and thought she was beautiful. She just looked like an average girl to me. Now she looks like an average well kept 41yr old. Meaning one that works out and watches what she eats.
    I cosign your comment.

  • Finger is Still in Her @ss

    Whamo @ 04/22/2010 at 10:14 am

    Didn’t you say you are not a MANiston fan when you attacked Angie on the JP thread? Don’t be ashame admiting you are her fan. I know MANiston is shallow & self absorb but that doesn’t make you one.


    Ms. Jolie wouldn’t give a moment of her time to any the low class posters.

    Not ONE minute.

    Mr. Pitt would call you names that would make you cry.

  • anonymous

    she’s UGLY as hell

  • Tara

    LMFAO…..:) Jolie fans are desperate these days…hahahahahahha

  • Karen

    You know I would love to look like Jen Anniston!!! She is classy and I love her movies. She doesn’t take pot shots at Angelina, even though she would have a reason. Why does it always have to be either Jen or Angie?? they are both excellent actresses who happen to do different kinds of movies. I don’t really care for Angie, she seems to contradict herself constantly, but she has had some good movies. I’m sure Jen has her faults too, but I don’t see her doing the type of movies that Angelina does. They are both talented and attractive women. Leave them both live their lives and get a life yourself.

  • kev

    I like Jen but in my opinion she has has her chin widened recently at the botton so as not to appear so pointed. Small implants, injections? Doesn’t matter she’s still hot .

  • Julia

    Who let the dog out?

  • Tim

    Enough of this old cow. I am so sick of hearing about her crappy life.

  • George

    She sure knows how to manipulate her stupid fans into feeling sorry for her. When is the pity party going to end for this aging tabloid queen?

  • Helene

    Lovely? She just looks old and tired like any other 43 year old woman who tans to much and smokes. She looks lonely and sad as well.

  • hee

    only fat smelly pimpled azz lezzies in love with that bag of bones Angie would find this woman unatractive… can think she sucks as a person and an actress, and that’s okay but she is damn fine to look at

  • JenBot

    I am a JenBot. I believe she is just like her character on Friends. She is the girl next store. Her Bambi heart was broken by Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie stole Pitt. Jennifer kept a dignified silence. She did not talk to every talk show and magazine in the English speaking world about her divorce to further her popularity and manipulate her fans. Her movies are wonderful. She is a movie star. I can’t get enough of these romantic comedies. I like that she smokes and fake tans and refuses to have kids. She looks great for 45. I cannot wait to buy her perfume.

  • Helen

    Her face is getting fuller, it does look like she gained 10 lbs all over. (and she actually has a chest now)

    Hmmm if I was in her shoes I would have had a child with Brad way back when they were married. Seriously why didn’t they have any kids? And if she does want to be a mum for real, then do it now while you can!

  • Whamo

    @Finger is Still in Her @ss

    I’m not a big fan of hers by any means. I think she’s a mediocre actor that can’t pick a decent roll for her life, but I do think she’s very attractive. You loons attack her and run her down just as much as I do Angie . Having said that I like to point out the hipocracy from you people. I can’t stand Angie because I believe she’s still on drugs and as nutty and as phoney as she’s ever been and you all buy into this ST Angie syndrome. I’m saying is don’t bitch at me for stating my POV when you’re in here doing the same.

  • bet

    her body is a work of art. Everything is is on place. The ass is propoprtion, the leg is amazing toned and balance out with her body size. the arm is toned and not to much muscle. the sholder is femine. the wais fantastic . Respectbly curvy and sporty a look of body. Very cute face with beutifull smile and gorgeous skin.

  • sonya

    I guess picking on the gender confused children of Angelina’s has got the Angie hogs rollin in their own sh*t. suuuueeeey pigpigpig ha

  • n.o.l.a

    What did he…she…do to her face?

  • Whamo

    Oh Ya, and Skankalina looks like crap on toast these days by the way, I’d suggest she has about one or two movies left in her before she turns to into a total bat and flaps away!

  • http://lola lola

    I think she is pregnant because she has this air of a woman who is sick to their early pregnancy, she is really tired

  • http://lola lola

    She is still beautiful, but she is tired, that’s why I am asking

  • nakedoldjennifer

    yes she is a tired 44yoa woman with a face full of botox and a peak a boo dress that screams desparation
    Jen take a break regroup come back new and improved!

  • Susan

    Who could look at this fit, attractive,healthy, 40 something woman and call her a cow or ugly? You really have to adjust you target of criticism…stick with calling her a horrible actress, phony, self absorbed etc…it’s at least plausible. and doesn’t make you look so irrational and upset. For the record; I don’t think she is a very good actress.

  • 100mph

    Team Miss Piggy…. lmaO!
    BTW! let me get this clear, there are 3 more movies coming out
    1-2-3 )sigh!! sooooo that means she should be ah! 43-44-45
    maybe before they drop..OOooooooooooo! NOoooooooooooooo!

  • Oliver48

    Crappy Life? You should be so luucky!

  • Peter

    Only Americans find this bleach-blonde tart attractive. We just think she looks like an easy ride in the UK.

  • Lumbridge

    She looks like her old Ya Ya in Greece (the one along with her mother, brothers, nieces and nephews that she doesn’t see). Her family is of no use to her because they are not famous enough to be seen with her but ‘friends’ and any ole celeb she happens to be around at the time will all be taken on holiday with her cause it makes her look good….oh and even the press gets an invite but mommy and siblings can all drop dead as far as she’s concerned. She isn’t a warm hearted person.

    She doesn’t deserve publicity and film roles she gets because if she was talented it would have showed showed itself by now

  • http://lola lola

    100mph @
    First learn to count! she’s only 41 years and three films will be shot this year and part of next year

  • Lisa

    I think she is way too old to be playing the sex symbol. Her face looks so bloated like she drinks too much and the fake tanning has GOT TO STOP.

  • Isla

    Go back to your doghouse Aniston and have a ciggie, get some more botox, fake tan and have another drink – you are starting to look like a bloated alcoholic.

  • bet


    she does not play sex symbol. She is playing romatic comedy. In real life she is sex symbol,with out trying hard to be sexy. just being herself. And aslo, there some try to be in every freaking red carpets and movie eventhough thier arm even not able to carry a gun in the moive nor have the body to pull sexy.

  • Lucky Charm

    Oy vey. How much more of this will we be subjected to?

  • 100mph

    #44… Ah!! Yes!! and you being the genius you are, know how long
    each pix will take to make right?!!!… stop trying to be a expert on counting and try to read..and understand … I did say (((((maybe))))
    Jeeezzzzz!! Buzz-Off

  • ellie’

    Jennifer Aniston just always has something going for her..So popular everyone wants to know about her life.. especially people that seem to have so much hate towards her for no reason… Jen is the A-List ACTRESS… accept it already…You go Jen!!!!