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Jennifer Knapp: Larry King Live TOMORROW!

Jennifer Knapp: Larry King Live TOMORROW!

Singer/songwriter Jennifer Knapp will be interviewed on CNN’s Larry King Live TOMORROW (April 23) @ 6PM PT/ 9PM ET.

Last week Knapp, an acclaimed Christian crossover musician, publicly came out as a lesbian. In three weeks, Jennifer will release her first album of original material in nine years.

Other guests on Larry King Live tomorrow include Pastor Bob Botsford (he recently blogged about Knapp‘s coming out) and reformed homosexual preacher Ted Haggard.

WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch Jennifer tackle the issue of homosexuality??

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  • Celia

    What’s wrong with Aiken’s face???

  • Jackie

    I will certainly be watching.

  • Jenn

    Celia…..whats wrong with your eyes.

  • r.

    Not great photoshop on that pic Celia, I agree. Umm “reformed homosexual preacher”? What a crock, you’re either gay or you’re not dude. It’s not something you take medicine for or “quit” like smoking cigarettes. I guess he just went back in the closet? :0P

  • sillyme

    Wow. So, for Jennifer you mention her music and that she has a new album coming out.

    For Clay…we get to hear that he just came out as a gay father. Doesn’t he have an album coming out, too, and an upcoming concert tour?

  • katy

    For certain. He is a wonderful spokesman for gay rights. His speech this year to the HRC in Raleigh was excellent.

  • Ricke

    That’s the pic on his new CD cover due out in June. It was specifically designed to represent old-time vinyl record covers. He’s singing great songs and wow! does he ever sing them. People will hear the voice they enjoyed so much during season 2 of AI. Watch for his PBS special this summer.

  • Mimi

    I look forward to hearing Clay Aiken speak. He is articulate and intelligent and it should be an interesting show.

    Yes, Clay has an album coming out on June 1st and last month he recorded a PBS special which will air this summer. AND, he is going to be on tour this summer.

  • corinne

    This will be one interesting show. Hate Larry but would not miss Clay on this. He’s intelligent articulate and religious. Glad he is willing to discuss such a personal issue. Truly its nobody’s business and hope the show keeps its conversations on the high road. Oh wait. This is Larry we’re talking about.

  • Isabelle


    Didn’t you know that this site is anti-Clay and pro-Adam.

  • Sooze

    I’ll be watching (although I’m sure my blood pressure will rise).

  • Luluasst

    looking forward to intelligent discussion; clay is becoming quite the advocate lately – good for him!

  • lulu

    Agree with sillyme. Clay not only has his 1st album with Decca being released on June 1, but has also taped his special on PBS.
    Ted Haggard reformed homosexual? Noooooooooooooo.

  • Mimi

    I am looking forward to seeing Clay Aiken on this show. He is articulate and intelligent and it will be an interesting show.

    Too bad you didn’t mention Clay’s new album that drops on June 1st. And what about the PBS Special he taped last month. It will air this summer. AND, what about the tour Clay is on this summer??

  • penguin

    I watch anything Clay is on. I would rather hear him sing but concerts and new CD coming soon. Yea!!!!!!

  • Diane

    I wouldn’t miss the show.

    Clay is very smart and articulate and a real advocate for the causes he believes in.

    Jennifer and Clay have a lot in common besides being gay. They are both from the Evangelical Conservative Christian Culture and had to overcome a lot before they came out.

  • Oh please

    Oh please you can’t be a reformed homosexual, you are or your not. I’m interested in hearing what they all will have to say. It’s about damn time people woke up and excepted the fact that gay people have the same rights as straights, we are all equal. And dude you need a fact checker, Clay Aiken has a new CD coming out June 1, tour with Ruben Studdard this summer and a PBS special.

  • KJ

    You have a great point there sillyme! When will they ever just concentrate on his music . His voice is perfection . I cant wait to see and hear him on tour! .

  • Amused

    I’ll tune in to see what idiots like Ted Haggard and that preacher who isn’t homophobic or hateful but things gays are sinners, have to say to make themselves look foolish. Ted Haggard is the perfect example of the hypocritical self-hating right-wing “reformed” gay who is likely still getting it on the down low. Just accept you’re gay, Ted! It’s ok! It’s how you were born. My guess is Clay Aiken and Jennifer Knapp will be intelligent, clear minded people, and the other 2 will come off as raving lunatics. Should be very entertaining!

  • Becky

    Good for you Clay!!! Stand for what you believe!!! I will be watching.

  • Cyndy

    Yes, I will be watch. He is more than willing to education people where it counts. Clay is intelligent and articulate and is able to represent the needs and rights of the Gay community.

    And I agree with you Corinne. Larry King never takes the high road. He needs to work on his own life before trying to under cut others.

    Jarad, too bad you seem to have an agenda, too. Didn’t even mention Clay Aiken’s new CD, PBS special and new summer tour. All you could say is that is a Gay father? There is more to him than that.

  • anna

    I WILL TUNE IN! I want to hear from Clay Aiken and Jennifer Knapp.

  • Jeff

    This will be a very interesting show.
    I hope there will be mentions of the Tried & True CD, his PBS Special and Ruben and his Timeless Tour this summer.

  • Vickie


    Bad shading in the retouch of his new CD cover. They’ve fixed it somewhat. Not my favorite cover of his, but it is what it is.

  • DB

    I will be watching. I had to come to terms with the fact that people are born gay, they don’t “reform” from homosexuality any more than you can reform from blue eyes or freckles. You can bleach out the freckles or wear colored contacts, but you still have the freckles and you still have blue eyes.

  • kallie

    The perspective of Jennifer Knapp and Clay Aiken will be the most relevant and interesting part of this interview. If I never hear another word about the hypocrite Ted Haggard, I’d be happy.


    Looking forward to seeing Clay on this show. He is intelligent and articulate. Wouldn’t hurt if Larry could manage to mention that Clay has a PBS special, a new album and a tour this summer.

  • trimax

    Wenever Clay is on T.V. I will be there watching. Hope they talk about his c.d. release on June the 1st, his PBS Special and his upcoming tour with Ruben.

  • bob

    Ted Haggard a reformed homosexual? give me a fricking break, he is bi sexual and cheater, using male prostitute to cheat on his wife, asshole.

  • Danielle

    I heard a lot about reformed homosexual guys, I saw them now… they are ok.

  • sbleu

    This should be interesting. Will Larry have all on at the same time or will it be different segments? I’ like to see Clay and Jennifer, but could pass on Haggard, certainly.

  • RDH

    I will definitely be watching LKL tomorrow night!! Clay does have a new CD, “Tried & True”, dropping June 1! He also has a PBS Concert taping that will be aired, probably in August. In addition, he is touring with Ruben Studdard on the”Timeless Tour” this summer. As Diane says above, “Clay is very smart and articulate and a real advocate for the causes he believes in”. All of this, plus “THAT VOICE”!!!.
    As for the CD cover picture, it has been tweaked to remove the shadow on his right temple. I agree, it is not my favorite pic of Clay, but, what is really important is the Music on the CD! I was priviledged to be at Memorial Auditorium when the PBS taping occurred. It was truly a “Night To Remember”!!! A one night only Event!!! He blew EVERTYONE out of their seats with his voice & control of the stage!
    American Idol totally missed out last night when they didn’t include Clay in their “American Idol Gives Back” special. There is no other American Idol winner or runner-up who has given back more than Clay!!!


    Im a big fan of Clay the singer and Clay the man…Ill be watching.

  • Allycat

    Just for once, I’d like to see an interviewer concentrate on Clay’s music. So, he’s a gay father. So what. That is so yesterday!

    If this gay issue doesn’t stop soon, only his most loyal fans will know he has a voice and can sing with the best. Larry King, are you listening?

  • Junebug

    Why would you not mention Clay’s new CD “Tried and True” being released June 1st. Research, baby, research.

    I’m sure Clay will be his usual articulate self. Looking forward to hearing both him and Jennifer.

  • A Big Clay Aiken Fan since AI

    As long as Clay Aiken continues to represent himself as a gentleman he is tops in my book and I will support him.

    It is refreshing to have one from the younger generation find ways to entertain his fans without having to strip to do so. He is a real talent from a decent home, trying to live a decent life and I can’t wait to see him in concert again.

    Go Clay Go!

  • A Big Clay Aiken Fan since AI

    As long as Clay Aiken continues to represent himself as a gentleman he is tops in my book and I will support him.

    It is refreshing to have one from the younger generation find ways to entertain his fans without having to strip to do so. He is a real talent from a decent home, trying to live a decent life and I can’t wait to see him in concert again.

    Go Clay Go!

  • JeanRose

    ALLYCAT, you took the words right out of my mouth! I’m also waiting for an interview that is solely abut his music! Didn’t Clay himself say soon after coming out.that his sexuality is only one small part of who he is?

    Just sing, that’s all.

  • jared fan

    Facts are is sin and you can change.. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of friends that are gay and they can be some of the nicest and funniest people around, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong, and i hope they find change and love!

  • Sandi

    I’m looking forward to hearing what Clay has to say. This can be a good program if Larry doesn’t muck it up,

  • terry

    Jared – how about putting up a blog about Clay’s boyfriend Reed Kelly who is stripping for charity? (Broadway Bares) These boys are all about love and acceptance.

  • maryn

    I agree. I just wish someone would focus on Clay’s spectacular voice and good works, and not so much on his sexuality.

    It’s been ages since I have seen Clay sing on TV, and really hope Decca does something other than place him on shows promoting gay rights.

    He will speak well, BUT, it’s is voice that holds my interest, and that of many others.

    His album June 1st will be spectacular, and the PBS special in August will be icing on the cake. I know the Clay/Ruben tour will be successful too. Mention this stuff, and forget the rest!


    How about watching this great speech.

  • maryn


    Nothing! He looks like a 40′s – 50′s singer man, and he has the phenomenal voice to go with it. I think he’s very handsome, as a matter of fact.

  • Diane

    I don ‘t think this appearance is related in any way to his upcoming album. I think the show is going to be about being Christian and being gay.

    Clay will promote his album when the time is right. Six weeks before his album release is to soon for Clay to be making promo appearances. He will make promo appearances that focus on his music, most likely in May.

    I think Clay is appearing on the show because it is an issue he cares deeply about.

  • auntlotus

    Homosexuality, a choice or born that way ?
    Pedofilia, a choice or born that way ?
    Beastiality, a choice or born that way ?
    Rapist, a choice or born that way ?

    If they are born that way, why do we punish pedofiles, or people that engage in sex with animals or rapists. If they were born that way, they are not responsible for the way they think. It’s how they are wired.
    Pedofiles desire to have sex with children, People that have sex with animals desire to do that. People that rape have a desire to do that and have known it most of their lives. Do they make the choice to be who and what they are ?
    You can’t punish the pedofile, the rapist, or those who have the desire to have sex with anilmals if they are born that way and can’t help what they think and feel. So why is it okay for a homosexual to desire to have sex with the same sex just because they say they are born that way ?
    You can’t have it both ways. They are all born that way or they make a choice to do what they do.
    You can’t think it’s okay for some but not for others. You can’t put pedofiles and beastiality offenders in jail if they are born that way and then turn around and give homosexuals a free pass.
    So, is pedofilia, beastility, rape and homosexuality a choice or were they born that way ?

    Think about it.

  • Debbie

    I’m sorry auntlotus, but that is the one of the most ridiculous comparisons I have read.

    I will tune to see/hear Clay but I also wish more emphasis would be put on the music. Hopefully, that will happen “soon”

  • Shandra

    Clay isn’t just a singer, he’s an actor, an author, an activist and a humanitarian. He won’t always just be singing.

  • Carol


    I will be watching tomorrow. I can’t understand anyone who would think someone would pick to be gay in our society. You are born that way and I don’t for a second believe Mr Haggard is “reformed”.

  • Kyrine

    Yes, the media should be concentrating on Clay’s voice and his music. That is what brought him to celebrity.

    Clay does his best to keep his private life private to protect his family. Why can’t Larry King and others understand that?

    I agree with all who say, Clay just sing!