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Kate Bosworth: Goodnight Moon with Leslie Mann!

Kate Bosworth: Goodnight Moon with Leslie Mann!

Kate Bosworth has joined the cast of Elgin James‘ semi-autobiographical drama, Goodnight Moon. (Elgin started a street gang in the Boston area before ending up at Sundance Screenwriters Labs.)

Synopsis via THR: Juno Temple and AnnaSophia Robb play young girls who find themselves in trouble after they run away to Los Angeles and hook up with skaters and street kids.

Leslie Mann plays Juno‘s mom, a woman who works at a secondhand clothing store but whose best years are behind her. Kate will be Leslie‘s sister.

Chris Coy will play an opportunistic, sociopathic street kid, and Kyle Gallner is a skater; both use the girls to run a scam that goes bad.

Production for Goodnight Moon begins Sunday near California’s Salton Sea before moving to L.A.

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Credit: Richard Young, Ian Daniels; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • miss infamous

    Kate is so thin!

  • Ali

    Jesus Christ, finally the girl got a job!


    Another straight to DVD movie. The KB kiss of death will bury it. Let’s see The Warrior’s Way aka The Laundry Warrior premiered in LOndon March 2009. It must have been so bad the buried it, since it had no American debut. Straw Dogs wrapped in Aug/Sept 2009 but will “premiere” in Sept 2011. Two years ofter it wrapped?? It it was any good , it would be at Tribeca this year. She was replaced by Sarah Michelle Gellar in “Veronika Decides to Die”, some of the sites still list it as one of her projects. Most recently she was replaced by Christina Ricci in “After Life”. Which has freed her up to walk about aimlessly to be “papped” for JJ posts. Really, this is the 12th or 13th post for this “actress” in a week. Does she reall pay that well?

  • feed her please

    what next actor will she hook her self to to make herself somewhat known..

  • lake86

    it’s actually amazing how a relationship can make you relevant and get you a job.

  • nicole

    Well, well, well look who got ANOTHER craptastic film to do!!! Hahaha…straight to DVD!! The only thing that might save it is Leslie Mann. Go ahead Kate, but it won’t help with your craptastic reputation!! That is signed, sealed, and delivered. You should have thought about your actions little girl!!

  • lake86

    also, i thought she was going to Japan for Lost Girls and Love Hotels? I wonder is she bailed on that ebcause Askars is heading to Sweden for the summer. something is up.

  • CuteChef

    Here we go…our first KB “story” of the day. I knew it was only a matter of time.

    I guess the script Alex was reading by the pool the other day wasn’t for one of his projects, he was reading it TO Kate for this craptastic one.

  • Ali

    I wonder if Skarsgard is charging her commission

  • anonymous

    @CuteChef: I know right…… Atleast he didn’t mention AS in this post but you have to wonder when the next “story” about the two of them will surface.

  • CuteChef

    Yeah, but he still had to mention her with a bigger name. And not just include Leslie Mann’s name, but also a photo. Hell, why doesn’t he just include Judd Apatow’s name in there too?!

  • ??

    Why cast her? She doesn’t know to act.


    She didn’t bail , the director that she got supposedly is busy doing other more important projects. She’s not even the lead in this movie, she’s in a supporting role. Wow! In four short years she went from starring in “Superman Returns”, to a bit player. Not by choice like some talented actors, but because that’s all she can get. BTW, “The Girl in the Park” played in limited capacity in England but never debuted in America. It also went straight to DVD. She’s batting a 1000. She was probably the “biggest” name that Elgin could get,. that’s why she was casted. She’s not getting any younger and those looks are fading fast; 27 year olds should not have such large lines under her eyes and should not have to be botoxed or freshened so often . Alexis Bledel is 28 and still looks like a very beautiful teenager.
    KB will hold unto the ASkars gravy train as long as she can; without him she’s just another washed up “starlet” and even JJ wouldn’t mention her….no that’s a lie , she’s such a good paying client. Get ready for another slew of the KB/AS “private” moments, he’s going to TheTribeca Film Festival in NY this weekend and maybe he will finally walk the red carpet with her. Let’s see if he can land a punch.

  • The Warrior’s Way


    The Warrior’s Way is an independent movie and they have been looking for distribution. It hasn’t premiered anywhere sofar but there was a press screening on April 19 2010. Apparently a trailer will be online soon according to

    I’m looking forward to this movie!

  • The Warrior’s Way

    The Warrior’s Way (formerly Laundry Warrior) Part 5 News by Jang Dong Gun, Kate Bosworth

    According to the Korean news, the trailer of The Warrior’s Way has finally been shown at the press conference of Blades of Blood on April 19. According to the production company, the movie will be shown in the summer this year with a worldwide release and in the US, it will have 2000 screens.


  • adaire

    I’m a not a fan of KB, but I dont get all the hate. She is far from being a fame whore. Fame whores are the Lohans and Hiltons. JJ is really the only blog that posts anything about KB; maybe they know each other?

    Someone should start eating and get a stylist.

  • Jumper

    Sorry JJ, no matter how many time you “accidentally” promote KB in your website, I will still not see her movies. She’s a crappy actress, and that’s enough for me to ignore her.

  • tiger

    I don’t understand why this girl is receiving so much coverage. There are no new pics and it’s rare to see this site post this much about a B-List actress when there’s no new photos to accompany the story.

  • Adon

    I love the bikini pictures of her on egotastic. She needs more meat on her bones but still looks good in a bikini.

  • beautiful couple

    @adaire: No, she’s not in the Lohan/Hilton league but most fame whores aren’t. That’s scraping pretty low. Jared and KB must have sort of professional relationship because Jared has gotten scoops other sites haven’t and always seems to know more about her than the other blogs. Unfortunately, it makes his blog look very biased and takes attention away from more accomplished actors he could be posting about.

    I think if this girl worked on her craft and stopped trying to cultivate the paparazzi attention so much people wouldn’t find her as annoying.

  • Ocean

    I can’t believe how much her body’s changed from Blue Crush. She looked healthy in that film. In the new pics, she looked like a pre-teen boy. Sad how she’s dieted herself away.

  • Mac N Cheese

    Leslie Mann is the lead in this film, JJ, not the girl from Blue Crush.

  • Gail

    OMG Kate is a BMW=BODY MADE WRONG!!!

  • who?



    @The Warrior’s Way:

    Apologies. I misread this article from February 2009 that it would have it’s London debut in March 2009 , but that never occurred.

    Kate Bosworth in The Laundry Warrior
    3rd February 2009 |

    Kate Bosworth’s new starring role in fantasy action film The Laundry Warrior.

    nowBuzz up!The Laundry Warrior, starring Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush is set for release in UK cinemas next month. The Fantasy/Action film, written and directed by Sngmoo Lee tells the story of an Asian warrior who hides in a small American town. There he meets Lynne, a circus knife thrower (Bosworth) and Ron, the town drunk (Rush) who both have powerful secrets. The film is produced by Lord of the Rings producer Barrie Osborne so expect epic CGI-tastic viewing

    According to katebosworthonline it was supposed to premiere in August 2009. That didn’t happen. It was the same for “The Girl in the Park” and now I read that “Straw Dogs” was looking for a distributor. Wat the heck is going on? Why won’t anyone distribute these movies?

    Anyway , it’s good to know that the well known and highly influential Korean news says that Laundry Warrior will be distributed soon on 2000 screens in America. Those guys are great!! They managed to scoop Variety magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Entertainment Tonight, E! News and all the others. This time it’s sure to premiere worldwide.

  • Story

    Bosworth looks strange now. Shame she’s reduced to supporting roles but she can’t really carry a film or indie project. They even used an older photo for the article.

  • Kate’s hot


    LOL at you bitter women, men do find her hot:

    “Kate Bosworth isn’t exactly the most well known or popular actress around, but she looks pretty damn good in a bikini so I have to put her up on the site for you perverts. Honestly, I don’t think I can name one movie she’s been in and I don’t care because that ass is all the credentials I need. I bet that thing could get her backstage at a Bon Jovi concert without any hassles what so ever. Impressive”

  • The Warrior’s Way


    Well, why wouldn’t the Korean news have info about a Korean produced movie? The press conference took place in Korea

  • villa

    @Kate’s hot: That dude also finds Heidi Montag hot:
    “Here’s Heidi Montag hosting some event and finally she’s putting those big fake boobs to work in a bikini. I knew it was bound to happen, I just wish we didn’t have to wait this long. Anyway, I’ll never say anything bad about Heidi or her douche husband again. Those funbags get Heidi a lifetime Hollywood Tuna clemency. Enjoy.”


    @The Warrior’s Way:

    Did I say they didn’t know what they’were talking about? No, what I said was that they scooped the major US entertainment news. That’s all. Since you seem to know what you are taking about., do you have a premiere date? ? The other dates came and went.

  • Kate’s Hot


    Well, isn’t nice to know that men appreciate women of all shapes and forms?


    @Kate’s hot:

    Except for her face she looks like bait from “To Catch a Predator”. I’m sure that some men find her desirable.

  • always

    @Kate’s Hot: What both of those women have done to their bodies is disgusting. Dieting themselves to excess (Kate) and all that plastic surgery (Heidi). Both looked better and healthier with their natural figures.

  • minnie

    ease up with coverage of this girl please. just cause she is going out with alex. stop it.

  • Kate’s Hot


    Well everyone can’t look like Gabourey Sidibe

  • yeahright

    @Kates hot
    Yeah I quess they like a flat chest and a flat pancake ass. Chick needs to get her ass to the gymn and tone up!!!

  • Retro

    @Kate’s Hot: No they can’t since she’s morbidly obese and they also can’t look like Bosworth since she’s severely underweight and seems to have lost all muscle tone.

  • eva

    @Ali: that ish is funny. You crazy!!! LMAO

  • pastKBfan

    People like I said what has happened to Kate Bosworth that now she is not even getting lead roles. She has serious emotional problems and it is evident in that Vogue interview she had about a year ago when she talks about how she and James met. She is still going at it and the photos from Coachella and poolside disturbs me. She is NOT going to find happiness in the arms of a man, she has to be happy with herself first. What has happened in her chidhood that has her so F… up. I mean didn’t she live a life of privelage. At least Lindsey Lohan we know her family is messed up, but who knows what happened behind KB family doors. Was her mother a stage mother?

  • eva

    @Kate’s Hot: that was a low blow, not many women look like Gabby, just like most don’t go to the extreme of looking skinny as hale like Kate, sould be interesting to see what your doofus nerd azz looks like behind the screen. Jerking off to yet another KB pic? Jerk? Kate looks unhealthy as much as Gabby looks unhealthy, both extreme. You can’nt make us like Kate if we don’t want toooo…bhwaaaaaa!!!

  • Ms Anonymous

    OMG AnnaSohia and Juno Temple in the same film? Freaking wicked.

  • anonymous

    @AMAZING: Maybe that was the whole reason behind the Coachella spectacle to gauge the public’s reaction to them going public with their relationship before they walk the red carpet for te Tribeca Film Festival and the other upcoming True Blood Events. Either way I think it failed epicly for both of them because he still hasn’t admitted to anyone that they arein a relationship.

  • Kate’s Hot


    Why is it a low blow? Gabby did that to herself as well, didn’t she?

  • Ms Anonymous

    LOL @ people who vote my comment down, well excuse me for focusing on other cast members!

  • adrienne

    every other actress must have turned the part down…

  • http://JustJared irish

    Hey filming starts SUNDAY in California…will that be the handy excuse if AS does not bring her to Tribeca after such bad press /feedback associated with Coachella?(four days of making an idiot out of himself?) We’ll know soon enough!!!!

  • adrienne

    @Kate’s hot:
    who are u kidding? she looks god awful in a bikini!



    I don’t think he’s convinced he’s in a relationship. From all the pictures from last weekend, Kate is the one initiating all the touching…he responds sometimes. Except for the hug they are never in close physical proximity. C’mon a girl kisses your hand and you keep drinking your beer? Really?! She lays her head on his stomach, he keeps reading his script. Reall!y? Kate has no problem holding her girlfriend’s hand as they walked across the fields…those two apparenlt like to hold hands as I’ve seen in other shots. Not inferring anything but they’re little too old for that. But then again, maybe it’s just me. The ridiculous shot of a very drunk/stoned KB on his shoulders is not as intimate as her lying on top of him as she did with James Rousseu, with whom she had no problem holding hands or cuddling at Coachella last year. KB and James looked like real couple who were really into each other. The old crap argument that they are on the DL with AS because of what OB’s crazed fangurls did is BS. It never stopped her from continue to showcase her romance on JJ or any other sites. AS should not care what anyone thinks, but from his juvenile behavior, he obviously does. Funny, still no solo date pictures. Perhaps, they’ll be papped through the window (artfully candle lit) of some intimate Italian restaurant in NY sharing a bowl of spaghett…then they’ll both start slurping on the same strand and they’ll…you guys know the rest. We all saw “Lady and the Tramp”

  • The Truth tells all

    Now we finally know what kind of “acting job” Kate ‘s range of “talent” is qualified for.
    Check out today’s Eon line. “The Awful Truth”column !
    There’s no doubt about Nelly Fang now!
    But to the best post-ALI # 9 above ^
    The question really is “Who should be paying Who the commission”?

  • anonymous

    @AMAZING: I totally agree with everything you’ve said. They can’t be on the DL if they were at Coachella together and how are you a couple if you always go on group dates??? I think the situation between them is juvenile and I agree that I don’t think AS has really committed to the two of them exclusively. And the displays from Coachella don’t seem to relate to the fairy tales that were all being touted during the award show season of how he couldn’t stand to be away from here and would look at her from acroos the room and have to go to her jst to touch her and give her long kisses. Why didn’t we see any of that this past weekend?????