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Rihanna Swings Bat at Car

Rihanna Swings Bat at Car

It’s batter’s up for Rihanna!

At one of her concerts last night (April 21), the 22-year-old Bajan beauty took a bat and swung at a car at the Dome venue in Marseille, France.

On Monday, Rihanna was hospitalized are injuring her rib after performing in Zurich, Switzerland.

Tomorrow, Ri will be performing at at Frankfurt/Main in Festhalle, Germany.

20+ pictures inside of Rihanna swinging a bat at a car…

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rihanna swinging bat at car 01
rihanna swinging bat at car 02
rihanna swinging bat at car 03
rihanna swinging bat at car 04
rihanna swinging bat at car 05
rihanna swinging bat at car 06
rihanna swinging bat at car 07
rihanna swinging bat at car 08
rihanna swinging bat at car 09
rihanna swinging bat at car 10
rihanna swinging bat at car 11
rihanna swinging bat at car 12
rihanna swinging bat at car 13
rihanna swinging bat at car 14
rihanna swinging bat at car 15
rihanna swinging bat at car 16
rihanna swinging bat at car 17
rihanna swinging bat at car 18
rihanna swinging bat at car 19
rihanna swinging bat at car 20

Credit: Eliot Press, Fame Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Afrika

    Cannot sing, cannot dance, has no stage presence and lacks charisma in general.


  • Jo

    Marseille is da best city in the world =D

  • T Pain

    Didn’t Lady Gaga get up on a car and smash the windshield with a bat at the Grammys last year???

  • gaboi

    strange girl.

  • who?


  • riri

    cant wait til RIHANNA comes to NYC!

  • sal

    no gaga did it on oprah!, but i guess since rihannas doing it with a bat, then shes a little original, yeah not rlly


    @T Pain: Yes, Gaga has did this already. Gaga did this on the Oprah show. On the Oprah show, Gaga had a real car and Gaga smashed the windshield. On the 2009 American music awards, Gaga smashed bottles on the piano and took her microphone and smashed through a glass mirror box to get to her piano. Rihanna is a Copy Cat but she did give Gaga props by saying she loves Gaga, but some like Christina Aguilera, Fergie and others won’t even acknowledge Gaga when it’s clear these artists are stealing from Gaga. Gaga is so sweet, that she does not care and it has not phased her. I think Gaga gets a kick out of these artist’s copying her because at the 2010 Grammys she had a chorus singing. We want the real. The REAL Gaga .

  • Mook

    @gaboi: That’s a man.

  • http://google toni

    don’t like her.

  • jem

    I’m not a fan of Lady Narcissist by any means, but Rihanna seems to be copying a lot of her performance elements, like smashing the car, and the outfit is almost completely the same as the outfit Lady Narcissist wore for the Grammy’s, the green one. Then she performs at one point quite elevated from the ground, on some platform. Lady Narcissist did this as well….I guess all the creativity gets lost, when you no longer make good music, but just have to market yourself basically.

  • dl

    Lady Gaga also had mannequins on stage, and so does this chick.

  • oasis

    She is played out. Get us some real celebs.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Christina has been working on her album for years, she’s not stealing from GagMe in any way. Nice try.

  • hmmm

    Her wig looks like it’s falling off.

  • jingles

    I love Gaga and X-tina. RiRi is cute but she can’t sing.

  • ambi

    I think both Lady Gaga and Rihanna got the idea of smashing up a car with a bat from Michael Jackson’s Black or White video.

    I don’t think Rihanna is ready to be headlining a tour. The whole set–props, costumes, etc.–looks cheap and ugly. Don’t get what she’s going for….

  • Cisco

    Those costumes are ugly.


    @Ms Anonymous: I know CLOWNFACE Christina has been working on her WHACK album for 2 years but are you forgetting about the greatest hits album, she released at Target a year ago and CLOWNFACE Christina Aguilera was clearly Copying Gaga’s hairstyle at the time and really trying her best to immulate the outfits Gaga was wearing but Christina did not even come close. I love how Gaga switches up her style. I was hoping that Gaga performed last on American Idol so she did not give CLOWNFACE jump on the bandwagon Christina Aguilera any Ideas for her appearance on American Idol at the end of May. Gaga will be on American Idol May 5th.

  • Tay

    Please! Michael Jackson smashed a car on his Black or White videoclipe. He also used a real car on his tour, while performing this song.

  • Trinity

    Glad she’s feeling better but she really needs to learn how to sing. She can only rely on stage gimmicks for so long.





  • fresh

    Too much of this one.
    Her label must pay well.

  • whatever

    Hope she stays in Europe.

  • tim


  • whatevah

    Michael Jackson smashed a car first. Not Lady GaGa or Rihanna. Just saying

  • MCH

    Um, how about Carrie Underwood who did this in “Before He Cheats” videos and then had multiple backup dancers beating 4 wheel drives at some award show she performed it on??

    Or maybe she is channeling Bald BritneY?

  • Sheryl

    Who cares about her?She can’t sing,she can’t perform and she is talentless.She’s ridiculous and pathetic,a nobody.
    I really hope she goes away from the media one day or soon.She’s ugly,looks like a tranny,is talentless and is annoying.I can’t stand her ugly face or her man’s body.She’s a loser.
    I don’t like her too.She’s an annoying parasite.

  • dara

    doesnt matter that christina has been around for over a decade or whatever she says, doesnt mean she hasnt been biting off gaga since gaga stormed the music scene. and every interview she gives about the whole copying controversy, she gets way snarky and defensive. haha she doesnt like hearing the truth! as for rihanna, so sad. this outfit outfit is a complete ripoff of gagas when she performed with sir elton john except its not green and gagas shoulders were higher. other than that, identical. but true, at least rihanna admits she looks up to gaga. style over the years is just everyone being inspired by each other. but the difference between good style and biting is trying to make that style your own when you are inspired. christina wont even admit she knows if gaga “is a man or woman” when its obvious to everyone else shes been biting off her. at least be honest.

  • LeviKlein

    She his so overrated! The woman cannot sing or dance and somehow some people manage to call her a “groundbreaking artist”. There’s no talent behind the image her people are selling. She brought nothing new to the table, the same annoying nasal voice and the insufferable arrogance. It’s a shame.

  • Jen

    forget Rihanna copying Gaga, even though she is (Gaga smashed a car on Oprah and all artists are copying what Gaga is doing because that’s whats in) but in general they are both copying Grace Jones and Michael Jackson. It is so sad, no originality whatsoever.

  • teeheee

    Oh GOD. She’s such a twat.

  • Nobody’sBusiness

    what is that man doing in a girl’s bodysuit???

  • Oh Please

    rihanna is a copycat without a brain and a mind of her own. talentless, tranny-looking famewhore. can’t wait until she is washed up back on the beaches of Barbados.

  • ++Logan++

    Well lots of people seem to love her performance when they go and watch her in concert

  • xxx

    Eww.. will this nobody just disappear? She doesn’t write at ALL, she can’t sing at ALL, she can’t dance at ALL, she doesn’t choreograph he own shows/videos at ALL and on top of all that she’s arrogant and actually think she’s good and talented and better than everybody hahahah how pathetic.

  • hola

    Her career needs to end asap


    Did everyone forget that Britney Spears did this for real several years ago?

  • jon

    all you people need shut up about gaga. she ain’t the only person in history to bust a car on stage or do half of the stuff she does. gaga this or gaga that! its only two years and people are putting everything on this bitch as if shes the most original person in history. i like rihanna but seriously she ain’t no gaga. gaga is a copycat of the 80s she ain’t got nothing on originality!

  • Me.

    LOL, is funny see how haters always read Rihanna’s news… strange people. Anyways, Rihanna looks so nice, that tour seems to be amazing.

  • waffle bowl

    @dara: It matters because all the way back in 2007, before anyone knew who Gaga was, Christina said her next album would have a futuristic, bionic sound. She performed at the 2008 VMAs looking like a futuristic superwoman, when Gaga still had yet to break the scene. So, no she did not rip off Gaga in any way, and people should do their research first before claiming otherwise. Gaga stans are hypocrites, they don’t like it when you point out that she is not original in any way, but they love to act as though every artist out there is copying Gaga, because according to you guys, no female artist before her ever dyed their hair blonde or wore weird outfits or made electropop music. Britney, Beyonce, Christina, Gaga, guess who they all cite as influences? Madonna. And along with Madonna, there was Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox, Grace Jones, and Cher among others doing the exact same thing these tricks today are doing. Nothing is original these days, and I’m pretty sure if Gaga didn’t exist, Christina would’ve put out the same album because she has older influences to draw on. Gaga didn’t invent sh*t, so stop acting like she did.