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Shirtless Jared Leto: 30 Seconds to Mars Concert!

Shirtless Jared Leto: 30 Seconds to Mars Concert!

Jared Leto goes shirtless while performing with his band 30 Seconds to Mars at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City on Wednesday night (April 21).

The 38-year-old musician continued to rock his pink mohawk but accessorized this time with a blue leather jacket and spiky pants from British designer Lina Osterman.

Tomorrow, 30 Seconds will be performing at the Bender Arena in Washington, D.C.

10+ pictures inside of shirtless Jared Leto rocking out in the Big Apple…

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Credit: Justin Campbell
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  • Dan


  • georgia

    OMG he’s 38, damn he looks soo much younger, lucky genes !

  • Lucky Charm

    Umm, love me some Jared!

  • Cayenne

    He is very healthy! I congratulate him for that!

  • jneen

    OMG! I know i’m gonna sound like a fangirl, forgive me Echelon… but OHMYGOD!!! *swoon*

  • Melody1836

    I went to see 30STM in Paris, they were awesome !
    unfortunately Jared didn’t take off his shirt…
    maybe next time :)))

  • C

    Omg! JJ did you go to the concert??
    IT WAS SO AMAZING. I LOVE the Leto brothers!!


    Shirtless. Yay!

    Mowhawk. NAY!

  • Sigh…


    He didn’t take it off here either. They ripped it off. It’s ridiculous.

  • Lucky Charm

    This man should just burn all of his shirts! He doesn’t need to cover up & keep us from enjoying the sights, LOL.

  • Clare

    38 My Assss !!!! :)

  • Clare

    38 My Assss !!!!! :)

  • lololol

    I’ve found that that type of body is not hard to get. it;s all about your natural metabolism. if it’s in your genetics you’lll have it no matter what you eat. I have a pretty lean muscular body without the help of starvation or even working out

  • lololol

    i had to come back because i feel kind of bad for the fat people. maybe it’s not all natural but i don’t have the taste for fattening food and even when I do it’s not an everyday thing. I eat a lot of chick breast. fruits and broccoli. I rarely eat pizza or other fattening foods. I don’t have the craving for that type of food unless i’m stoned which isn’t often. I think some people have cravings for fattening food 24/7 and they have no control and that is why they are fat.. you don’t even have to exercise ,,,, just eat healthy foods and with time you will see the difference. :)

  • Queen80

    He said once That he likes to eat well, no wonder he looks so great!

  • braulioo


  • http://Website Stella


    No need to forgive! Jared is yummy! *swooing with you*

  • http://Website Stella

    I saw 30 Seconds to Mars in Tulsa. They were amazing. I love this band and if you haven’t gotten their new CD, “This Is War”, pick it up. It’s their best work yet.

  • Lilly

    It’s easy to love this guy one of the most sweetest people I’ve ever met!
    Love 30stm

  • :)

    I think it’s hilarious that the whole Mohawk thing was because of a bet he lost xDDD

  • PR

    He looks good
    i bet it hurts like Satan lol

  • British Latin American

    You have to envy whomever gets to have him in their bed!

  • All Women Stalker

    Thank you. You just made my day. Oh yummo.

  • Alex

    I was at this concert. It was AWESOME! He threw his shirt into a crowd of girls.

  • cooper

    I was there and thank lord I was in the front row against the barricade and I got me a handful of that shit. Really amazing concert and really amazing body.

  • elenaO


    Nah, they did that in Vienna, too with his “Too much pressure” T-shirt but he got a second layer underneath so he wasn’t half naked…..but he seemed to like the energy and the wild people.

  • Judy


  • Pi

    He is good in bed, everytime!

  • catchy

    wtf?! they kinda had their band style.
    and what now?
    this pants? this jacket? pink mohawk?
    what next? maybe cover of some kesha song?
    ugh gross!

  • Coco

    He looks very good..great body

  • Justine

    He is to skinny. Yuck!
    He used to be good looking but not any more :)

  • Leslee

    I love his music!

  • nativenyker
  • Faggot

    I don’t see how him being shirtless makes him any less of a prick. He doesn’t give two shits about his fans so swoon all you want. Freaking guy can’t even do a proper signing at the end of his concert.

  • Lucky Charm

    @ Pi – I wish I had the chance to find out!

  • Alexander

    Where can i find a jacket like that???

  • Alexander

    where can i find a jacket like that????????

  • Yum

    He doesn’t smoke or drink and he says he tries to eat healthy, thats probably why he looks so young

  • josh

    he’s the cutest douch*bag. Should make a duet with Maroon’s 5 lead singer.

  • jerrica

    This makes me want him more, I think I’m going to have to go sex rehab after seeing this sexual pics

  • Siobhan

    Jared, you’re so Hot. Wish I was there….

  • Superman

    The triangle necklace is the symbol of gay pride; he’s making quite a statement here. And he looks smoking hot. You rock it real good, Jared!

  • Alexander

    any idea how can i make a t-shirt like that???

  • Lilly

    someone asked him about the triangl Symbol and he said its one of the oldest symbols and it means air, spirit and faith!!! And it represent the new sound of the band’s new album so cut the crap!

  • London

    Why hasn’t anyone covered the story of the band (30STM) canceling their Charlotte show?? It was all over Twitter last night. ‘Due to illness’, the band is ‘rescheduling’ the show and jumping straight to Miami. He does a show on Friday, Saturday but skips the Sunday show and continues on in Miami, wtf? Apparently last night, he was saying how his voice ‘was beyond thrashed’.

    December 2009, Not So Silent Night.. same story, but he still performed. hundreds of people that bought plane tickets and hotels are livid. To top it off, they reschedule the show at an even smaller venue, The Fillmore! How are they going to accommodate VIP or front row people with a place that has no seats??

  • charlottechef

    Sorry . . . I’ve always thought he was beautiful too. But he’s too long in the tooth to be rocking the fuschia mohawk. Just sayin’.

  • Superman

    @Lilly: Suuure. Air, spirit, and faith. You’re such a tard. Feel free to look it up and see if you can find that ANYWHERE. Then look up the gay pride triangle. It’s everywhere. Obviously, that was said to throw some hope at goober fangurls like you. What a dope.

  • Clare

    First of all the triangle has a lot of meanings like any other symbol and it goes back to hundereds of years..
    second, its the band’s new logo and his brother who is also in the band got it tattooed on his neck does that also make him gay?
    and i believe the pink triangle is what you mean by gay pride?! Feel free to look it up!
    anyway jared once said “you know when you’re really famous if theres a rumor about you being gay..”
    enough said.

  • Pi

    @Lucky Charm: Jared is amazing! WTF about he is gay??? Never ever! I know it for sure! :-)))

  • Schatzi

    Smokin Hot! Should totally burn his shirts. All of them. Immediately! I hope he loses it when I see 30STM in concert. Can’t beat that…2 shows for the price of 1. :)