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Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Greene: Nylon Cover Girls!

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Greene: Nylon Cover Girls!

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene pose with Youth in Revolt actress Portia Doubleday in this shoot for Nylon magazine’s Young Hollywood issue!

Here’s what the ladies had to share:

Vanessa, on shopping with Mary-Kate Olsen: “I love her! I used to be in her fan club!… When we were in Montreal, we’d go shopping and she’d take me to vintage stores and I would literally just follow her around being like, ‘Help me! What do you look for? Please tell me. Give me your shirts. What’s your shirt secret?’”

Portia on life after Youth in Revolt: “I would still rather do well in class than book a job. That’s the honest truth.”

Ashley, on Twilight paparazzi: “I know their cars. But there’s always people sitting outside my house. I put my own security system in my apartment because you have to worry about people getting a little too obsessed.”

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Photos: Marvin Scott Jarrett
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  • jjeenniiffeerr

    nice! v looks amazing. :)

  • Josie

    oh Ashley you don’t have to worry about anyone getting obsesed you talentless whore, as for the other two nobodys, one of which i have never seen before in my life – why are they on a site for celebs?

  • Josie

    and the blonde girl in the middle looks really insecure and intimidated…rookie.

  • Mike

    i didn’t recognize her with her clothes on. i wonder if she shaved that venus fly trap down there

  • Z&V Fan

    They all look great but love V’s clothes most.

    @Mike: Why do you have to bring it up? Get over it already it was long time ago!

  • nathalia

    vanessa beautiful and lovely

  • Celia

    Who are they and why are they relevant??

  • suzy

    v is too cute.

  • Jess

    Idgaf I love Ashley Greene

  • unbelieveable

    Because you took the time out of your day to come in here and comment about them that’s why.

  • Andy

    Vanessa looks so pretty.

  • Dreads

    Ashley Greene is the most gorgeous of all.

  • Christine

    aww they’re all cute <3

  • EMMA


  • old lady here

    Pretty girls. I have heard of the one going with the elf like looking boy, and the Twilight movie, but really have no clue who the are, but the are very pretty girls, all three of them.
    From this pic I would say the one with the pink and white striped shirt with jean shorts on is the cutest. Best of luck with Hollywood girls!

  • Interruptions

    The one in the pink striped shirt with the jean shorts, didnt she have a scandal, and didnt the one in the pink dress have one too, what about the middle girl did she have one? hmmm?

  • lars

    they have clothes on? has the blond released nudie pictures of herself on the web yet?

  • Sam

    VANESSA is the most gorgeous

  • birdie

    Congrats to all three of these girls, and what’s going on with their future projects. I’m a big Vanessa fan but all three are very pretty girls.
    The look like they could be “Charlie’s Angels”.

  • old lady here


    Well do tell what these young girls “scandals” are. Old Lady here hasn’t heard much about the Disney crowd. Please, Interruptions, some good gossip might make them interesting to me,lol. Do tell.

  • sj

    Ashley and Vanessa are gorgeous, talented girls. People make mistakes. Buil a bridge and get over it. Never heard of the blonde

  • http://justjared wynette

    i’m only interested on vanessa she’s the most talented, beautiful and interesting the two i don’t care the idiots who say bad things about vanessa are idiots

  • Carol

    Vanessa is gorgeous

  • ++Logan++

    Ashley and Vanessa are STRIKINGLY BEAUTIFUL. They have sweet pretty faces. Really gorgeous girls. The middle girl is just another blend-in blonde.

  • jazmin

    All girls are pretty. I love Vanessa and can’t wait for her movies. She’s just stunning.

    Thanks for posting.

  • BOJI

    Lovely talented Ladies! I have to say this, those of you still obsessing about those very private photos taken, Shame on you! You must have been oggling them. Go take a cold shower or stop viewing those pics, says much of you, doesn’t it?! They are decent girls, whatever you say. What about those actors and actresses who act naked in films and simulate s e x. You can see just about everything. Does this make it acceptable and in the name of art?! Hypocrisy is all I have to say.

  • kgg

    Geez, what’s up with this thread? For a minute there I thought I was on the Perez website. What’s up with you judgemental losers? I’m sure you have some skeletons in your closet that maybe we can expose. If you don’t like the people featured on this thread, then move along….next! That’s what’s wrong with the internet, it’s become a breeding ground for slime who love to put down on someone else to try to build themselves up…..there’s a reason those teens were arrested for cyber-bullying. Now you have a chance to redeem yourselves and say something nice for a change or if you can’t manage that, then nothing at all.

  • http://j ivanka

    vanessa is the prettiest

  • Tata

    All girls look great!!! but sure Nessa is my fav)))

  • Megz

    Vanessa looks really beautiful; I love what she is wearing.

  • susan1

    Three lovely young ladies,Vanessa is my favorite of course i really,really love her stlye beautiful.

  • vh only

    Vanessa should be the one in the center.. :D she’s the most gorgeous..

  • Bee

    They all look cute, can’t wait to read the article!

  • mykamicks


    Your purpose is keeping old issues and stinks with your psychological and mental conditions. Move on, its bad dear.

  • ellen

    vanessa hudgens is a joke. little miss disney nudie who stinks. everything she’s been in since hsm has been a bomb.

  • roadhouse

    Why does V wear clothes at all. Talk about roadside trash.

  • curiosity

    V is gorgeous. All girls look great.

  • honey


  • Leslee

    Wow, so hottness

  • patry91

    some people are so stupid! seriously move on people! vanessa looks gorgeous! thank JJ!

  • patry91

    some people are so stupid! gosh..people move on! vanessa looks amazing! thanks JJ!!

  • agatha

    nobody deserves insistent and annoying people!
    it seems that the critics here of going live
    the vanessa’ve apologized already proved that and a wonderful person and has to see people who ensistem ridiculous.
    vanessa the best cover girl.

  • vfan

    Woah, V looks hot. She is the prettiest out of all of them. :)

  • Malia

    As usual, Vanessa looks great. She has a very photogenic face.

  • heather

    V and Ashley! <3

  • maeli

    love gorgeous baby V

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ ellen, and Roadhouse, GROW UP!

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ ellen, and Roadhouse, GROW UP!

  • Bliss

    @Interruptions: She doesn’t really look like that. She looks more like a 26 year old in real life but here she looks 15. That’s odd that they would make her look younger. She looks more like a mom in real life, lol. A pretty-ish mom.

  • Karen


    You are right. I have never understood how people bypass the nudity and sex simulation in movies where the actors have CONSENTED to be filmed that way where the audience will see them doing things that can make even those who have see it all uncomfortable. Yet a picture from someone’s personal and private life which was suppose to remain just that are used to insult and demean that person for the rest of their natural life.

    Hey, I have a picture where I am in pigtails when I was little which embarrasses me and I don’t want everyone looking at it. If someone stole it it would be wrong because it would be violating my privacy and taking something that does not belong to anyone else but me. SO, the same goes for something that is more intimate. It is all wrong when someone’s property—which the pictures were of Vanessa—are STOLEN and then to putting salt in the wound people use it against her. She is the one who has been wronged. Some people ought to get a brain and learn to use it. May the same kind of thing happen to them some day if they can’t get a clue. Experience is the best teacher.