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Adam Lambert Brings His Music Again to GLAAD -- EXCLUSIVE

Adam Lambert Brings His Music Again to GLAAD -- EXCLUSIVE is proud to premiere the official video of Adam Lambert‘s performance of “Music Again” from the 2010 GLAAD Media Awards held at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel on Saturday (April 17) in Los Angeles.

The fun jam is from the 28-year-old American Idol fave’s debut album, For Your Entertainment, in stores now.

Adam also performed one of his album’s other songs, “Fever,” which you can watch here!

Watch “Music Again” below!

Adam Lambert Brings His Music Again to GLAAD
Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Chris Weeks ; Photos: Wireimage
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  • ouch

    behind the scenes footage here:

  • Marilyn

    Thanks for the video. I wish I could have gone to the awards. I love how Adam plays it up for the audience and they loved him back.

  • Rigo

    i LOVE how he bejeweled his ear piece! haha

  • a brazilian fan!

    Hey y´all! if you have a twitter, help us to make @kelly_clarkson´s birthday a trending topic, ok?! All you have to do is tag #HappyBirthdayKC. But if you want to write something NICE to her as well, be free.

  • SamS

    Lambert has an amazing voice. I kind of like this song too.

  • constipated

    - looks like Adam is trying to push one out

  • Britney

    He is hot

  • sizzlingsmile

    Another stellar performance of my favorite entertainer ever! Adam, you rock and you made me want to listen to “music again”. Yes, I love your “eyes, baby, eyes” with or without make-up. I am glad that you made it safely to the UK. Have fun over there in Europe and make sure that not too many people faint after they experience your awesomeness. I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU ON TOUR THIS SUMMER!!!

  • whoopdedoo

    Eddie Munster meets Liberace

  • JJy

    @a brazilian fan!:

    If you had made a comment on the Lambert vid on this site I may have but not now sweetie!

  • http://@iaamfmspid Sherrie Richey

    I’m so sorry that Adam had to waste his extraordinary talent on such a dull group! And I’m LMAO here at the fact that the cameraman at GLAAD of all places just had to turn the camera away from a little man/man touching! Too sexy for you GLAAD? Oh that’s right…I forget…all gay men are supposed to be family men with their 2.5 children sitting and holding hands at the PTA meeting. God forbid there should be a little harmless stage flirting or a suggestion that gay men might actually have SEX! That wouldn’t further the gay marriage movement…or something like that. I certainly hope that someday GLAAD gets the stick out of the collective orifice soon and celebrates the talent and sexiness of its members as well. In the meantime, Adam, don’t waste your time. I hope my gay sons take a page from your book and celebrate life and all its joys, and aren’t afraid to express their sexuality as well.

  • Marlo


    Great comment! In an article the other day the British press mentioned how hot Eddie Munster was in his day! A sex symbol! Glad you feel the same!

  • AFox

    @Sherrie Richey:


  • reverse psychology

    Adam has no talent………….(.what can you do with this one Marlo?)

  • Lol

    Umm I love Adam but you already posted this JJ, are you feeling ok…?


    I can’t freaking believe he’s in my City :’)

    UK interview:


    So far, Adam has got the entertainment media of 7 countries outside of the US asking why the US is so homophobic. He has answered clearly and with articulation every question about his gayness without bringing it up first. He is not secretive nor elaborative, merely matter-of-fact. He dresses, sings and acts however he wants without regard for political correctness, and never responds to criticism of his choices other than to say he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. He is polite and respectful of even the stupidest interviewers.

    And lastly, he is a strong advocate for diversity which is the most important thing in acceptance and integration of all peoples regardless of color, race, orientation or religion.

  • amazing

    @constipated: @whoopdedoo What a surprise screening your comments, your ISP’s match. Same troll that’s always on his posts, don’t you get tired of doing this over & over again? What are you getting out of it, aside from making yourself look insecure and class-less?

  • MOJQ

    REALLY want him to release THIS —>

  • a brazilian fan!

    you´re right! i totally forgot to make a comment on the video. i´m sorry.
    not because you just told me to do it, but i gotta say he´s an amazing singer/perfomer but sometimes i think he pushes too much. he has a great great voice that sometimes is wasted on some not great songs at all. i think it was because he came out with his record too soon after idol. if he´d waited a little while, he´d come up with some better songs that´d fits better with his voice. to short: great voice, not great song at all.

    now can y´all please tag #HappyBirthdayKC?! Haha thanks!

  • Lol

    My bad. But you could have posted both in one post. You’re always so over-eager to post about Adam you kinda mess up.

  • CPAndrew

    RT: @adamlambert Live chat coming up!

  • ahhh

    @CPAndrew: It won’t load for me

  • OMG
  • Whamo

    If only he could sing in a natural voice instead of trying to do some sort of wierd “voice”…If that is his natural voice then he truly does suck.


    @OMG: I love him! The chat is moving too fast

  • Chat

    @CPAndrew: “Will you ever run for Office?” LOL!

  • OMG

    I’m posting from my dad’s account ILU Adam!!!!!!!!

  • Leila
  • Jada

    Omg LOL at his British accent!!!


    Gah, he is just so genuine and charming and endearing and well spoken

  • riceberries

    God he is so awesome.

  • lava

    If only more singers today could sing and entertain this well at the same time. Looks, talent, charm. He’s the whole package ya’ll.

  • JTyler

    Gone, finished……………anyone record it?


    @JTyler: It will be up on Youtube shortly :) I’ll post the YT link here once it is.

  • Allyoko

    That chat was awesome. He’s so lovely.

  • Jory

    He is amazing i love him <3

  • RB

    That was awesome the Live webchat. I really admire how /laid back/focused/engaged/friendly – NICE he is regardless. So many celebs are up themselves, I know he was just on a long flight because of the Volcano cloud and his entire sched. got messed up but you wouldn’t have even known. He is a fab diva onstage yet such a sweetheart and personable and professional offstage.

  • deeeep

    I love it when he talks about Astrology like that haha.

  • ugh

    @CPAndrew that link messed up my buzznet page but thanks for posting…

  • jeez

    Linking the Live Chat – to this page – on Myspace – via Twitter, will have inevitably caused technical problems on all the sites. In future, keep the LINKS in the Myspace Livechat comments to a minimum.

  • JM

    @Whamo: Natural voice? What’s that then? This dude has a 5 range vocal range – meaning he can hit every note on the guitar. Literally. He has one of the widest registers today so a lot of room to improvise and have fun with notes and tones and textures. Having a register this wide also means the control is extremely difficult, however he has one of the best controls I’ve heard. As a lot of his legend fans said, “Adam can do a lot with his voice”. He’s sang and can sing heavy metal, blues, jazz, pop, soft rock, classic rock, alternative folk, acidic rock, classical Tenor ballads (yt: Brigadoon), ethereal tracks (yt: Broken Open, Voodoo)…what’s his “natural” voice? He has incredibly eclectic music taste and the amount of things he can do with his voice matches that. His colorful album showcases half of his diversity too.

  • mary

    If you ain’t gonna say nothing nice….don’t bother saying nothing at all…..Adam is so down to earth….Adam has an amazing voice and is a great performer. So please stop hating….and start participating on the Glambert Love!!! We love you Adam!!!!

  • mary

    @JM: —- well said JM……

  • Susan

    Adam is Hot, sexy and mega talented! Love his music, every song on his album! What a talent! And you know he is an amazing talent when these idiot posters keep coming on trying to run him down! I mean, really, would they even waste their time if he didnt have talent? LMAO, they look so insecure and silly when they make their dumb negative commens! Like Adam said, For Your Entertainment!! Go ADAM!!!

  • Milli

    Fever is one of the best tracks on the album but one of the worst tracks Live. Sleepwalker is good on the album and blo0dy excellent live with the heavy bass and drums and his voice. A Loaded Smile is quite sleep-inducing on the album but stunning live the way he changes it up and shortens it. Broken Open is just f-n beautiful both ways. I’m interested to hear Voodoo live as it’s one of my favourite tracks. Music Again is good on the album, not toomuch live, but not bad. Soaked is brilliant both ways. FYE is addictive on the music charts but one of the weakest tracks LIVE along with Fever & Music Again. IIHY is addictive on record but one of the most difficult songs to sing live. He needs to release: Voodoo, Fever (despite how weak in comparison it is live to recorded, it’s just an ace song – the male pronoun scares rasio stations tho) Soaked, Sleepwalker and Broken Open.

  • Milli


  • Mari

    Love it!

  • Landon

    Awful. I liked Rock Adam better than 80′s pop Adam.

  • DwayneKan

    For someone so NICE, he deals with so much ignorant SH.IT.