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Adam Lambert Brings His Music Again to GLAAD -- EXCLUSIVE

Adam Lambert Brings His Music Again to GLAAD -- EXCLUSIVE is proud to premiere the official video of Adam Lambert‘s performance of “Music Again” from the 2010 GLAAD Media Awards held at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel on Saturday (April 17) in Los Angeles.

The fun jam is from the 28-year-old American Idol fave’s debut album, For Your Entertainment, in stores now.

Adam also performed one of his album’s other songs, “Fever,” which you can watch here!

Watch “Music Again” below!

Adam Lambert Brings His Music Again to GLAAD
Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Chris Weeks ; Photos: Wireimage
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  • Oh hi Kris Allen fantroll

    @Landon: Don’t pretend you were even an Adam fan to begin with. Please.

  • Landon

    I liked him on AI. Mad World and Track of My Tears were awesome. I just do not like the direction he went on his album. I didn’t say anything personal about Adam as a person.

  • how predictable

    @Landon:You liked two of his performances on Idol? LOL. Have you even LISTENED to Adam’s entire album? Just LOL at the Kris Allen fans denying they don’t troll Adam’s posts, look at your UN’s and ISPs!!!! EVERY negative comment here (not talking about the spam ones) are from KA fans!!!!

  • YYYs

    @Landon: Ummm, ok lol. God your comment. What is it with you Kris Allen fans? If I liked 1 or 2 performances from Kris ~ or Allison from Idol, why on earth would I feel the need to come into their posts and suddenly state I dislike their performances? If I’m not a fan, I’m not a fan. Why would I come into their posts claiming I dislike the direction of their albums as I’m in any place to comment? Lmao. I can not STAND Jason Mraz type singers – it would make absolute zero sense to step into their posts claiming “Awful, I liked this Mraz better than this Mraz” “I liked this Jack Johnson better than this Jack Johnson”. Same thing with Bieber, JBros, Kesha – can’t stand any of them. Don’t even bother with them.

    Adam’s a chameleon — a vocal and visual chameleon. Always has been, always will be. He will Never go in one direction – MW and TOMT are one restrained oldie ‘mass friendly’ direction you clearly seem to prefer. He will never box himself and I’m glad. If he did, do you think he’d have this many Legends and non-legends as fans? I doubt it. I personally would tire of one sound. I can’t sit through albums that all sound the same like Iyaz, Scouting For Girls……and are even more dire live, Idk how ANYone can. Same thing every time. That’s why I appreciate someone like Adam who changes it up every time. Without fail. Seeing as you’re apparently STILL not getting it, his style is not for Everyone. It is not generic easy listening designed to appeal to the masses, that’s not his style, do you follow? Accept it, take it or leave it. You can’t leave it, can you? He could easily do tons of heartfelt acoustic performances but he doesn’t Want to. He’s not one-dimensional. Why SHOULD he limit himself? Having said that, JJared for some reason seems adamant on posting Adam’s more ‘flamboyant’ performances only, which I don’t get. He’s done over 800 performances – of all colors, of all styles and all sorts with and without his band, with and without his dancers – but only particular ones have been posted. Funnily enough all the ones Adam HasN’T promoted, have been posted by JJ lol. Is it intentional Jared because people all over the Boards and Twitter are starting to question your stand. It’s getting noticeable, only posting certain Posts, dismissing others, mismatching the Infos, getting a LITTLE irritating. Anyways………..Adam’s album was put together in less than 3 months, went straight to #3 on the Billboards Chart – whilst may I remind you Landon, your boy’s made records for the Worst Selling Idol Winner Album in History. FYE was a remix sampler for all the different directions he hopes to take in the future. Turned out exactly how he described his visions months back – as if a 70s time capsule blasted off into space & you’re watching it through a holographic filter. Varied, vibrant but with a cohesive overall glossy fusion overlay. I’m glad non-Americans are loving it just as much, if not more. There is something so fresh about Adam’s unapologetic defiance of genre packaging that a lot of Americans clearly seem to not understand. When Curt called him “an unintentional pioneer” why do you think he said that? To follow the rules and please everyone only gets you so far. Becoming ‘iconic’ as they say takes a LOT more. You either have teh innate talent and drive and vision, or you don’t. The struggle only makes you stronger. And this reply if for every single Troll who continues to troll Adam’s posts – it’s the same 5 people spread around the site, every single time. What do you trolls get out of this? Spreading hate online? You think it’s going to somehow stunt Adam’s career and make Kris’s sky rocket? And the closet cases, there’s no hope for you. Now that I have FF and can screen comments, it cracks me up how often the same people repost the same hate comments. It’s so sad, all you can do is laugh at them.

  • YYYs

    *as IF I’m in any place to…

  • AfterElton

    Adam Lambert and Rob Halford GLAAD Interview ft. Rob talking about his “Idol Adam”:

  • AfterElton

    [JJ, love the site but what's with the login confusions and pop ups recently!]

    Adam Lambert and Rob Halford GLAAD Interview ft. Rob talking about his “Idol Adam”:

  • Tom

    For future references, next time someone links to a running Livechat link, please log into the CHAT’s specific login ——– instead of posting via that poster’s direct link —– automatically linking to this site —– as the chat is running. Thank you.

  • THIS.

    @DwayneKan: I have mad respect for people like him who handle themselves strong but with class. People who stand their ground in the face of hate and so much badly laced prejudice from all sides. Mad respect.

  • Amy

    Even though he was feeling under the weather, the MSpace chat was so lovely. Sorry Andrew about using your link to login, guilty ;s

  • EQ

    Q: ‘For Your Entertainment’ is one of my favorite albums at the moment, mostly because of it’s diversity in genres. Were you worried that because the album is so diverse, that maybe people wouldn’t get it?

    A: “Thanks! No I wasn’t worried. There really isn’t room for worry in the whole process. For me, I wanted it to be diverse because that’s who I am as an artist and that’s who I am as a listener – I don’t like listening to one style of music, I like to listen to everything. I don’t see what’s wrong with making an album that’s colouful and that goes in a bunch of different directions. I don’t see why that’s a bad thing. I think it’s great – it gives the listener more of a journey and allows me as a performer to go on that journey and take my show in different directions – it doesn’t get stagnant and doesn’t sound the same the whole time…”

  • Faith

    I love his voice and stage presence:) he’s so incredibly talented and i wish i could see him perform live! he really knows how to put on a terrific show!!