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Cate Blanchett: New 'Robin Hood' Stills!

Cate Blanchett: New 'Robin Hood' Stills!

Check our these brand new stills of Cate Blanchett as Marian in the much-anticipated epic action-adventure Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe as the title role.

“Robin and Marian don’t get on at all when they first meet,” says Russell. “But there’s a latent kindness to both these people — they find it in the most unlikely place.”

“There’s a game playing that goes on that’s hopefully quite delicious for an audience to watch,” adds Cate. “There’s a buoyancy that exists between them.”

Robin Hood releases on May 14.

15+ pictures inside of Cate Blanchett and Russell Crowe in Robin Hood

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cate blanchett robin hood stills 01
cate blanchett robin hood stills 02
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Photos: David Appleby, Greg Williams
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  • anna

    Do we really need yet another Robin Hood movie???

  • George

    A geriatric Robin Hood & his aging maiden. Gee. I can’t wait. Speaking of aging maidens, it looks almost as good as the Bounty Hunter – which totally sucked by the way.

  • Ismail

    Yes Anna we did!

    After the shitty kevin costner film .. We really needed a realistic epic version!

    Besides, this one looks awesome .. I mean come on! It’s RIDLEY SCOTT!

  • Jen

    I ,for one, can’t wait for this movie. I think Crowe and Blanchett will have great chemistry together.

  • Josie

    This does not look good.
    First of all they’re both too old to play robin hood and marion, it’s ridicoulus.
    Second…it’s just not believable.
    Wow, hollywood really needs to stop putting Cate in every role, she is great but this would best serve a younger ‘maiden’.
    And Russel is just totally miscast. yikes.

  • Amy

    I agree Jen. I am really looking forward to this film! You can do no wrong with Cate the Great!

  • Amy

    Actually, Josie, there is no set “age” for the Robin Hood story as it is not factual. I’d MUCH rather have these talented actors in the role than some pretty young thing who can’t act to save her life. So, you can have your Twilight cast, I’ll take Blanchett & Crowe any day of the week!

  • Lydia

    After Robin Hood – Men in Tights (so funny!) this was supposed to be the end of an era. I don’t know about this aging Robin Hood and Lady Marian. I love Cate and she is such a great actress but seriously!

  • Jolly Folly

    Why do Robin and Marion have to be young? Do you criticizing the ages of Crowe and Blanchett think that adventure and love belong only to the 18-22 year olds? I for one can’t wait to see this pairing. Two actors who can actually seriously act! Wow, what a concept–an actor who can actually act! And there are two of them in this movie. Should be great.

  • ftr

    Just for the record, the term ‘Maid’, or ‘maiden’ refers to a pure young woman. A woman who reaches Cate’s age (although I adore her), and remained unwed would not still be called ‘Maid’ Marian. Lady Marian, maybe, but certainly not ‘maid’.
    She IS too old for the character. But they had to go older because of the ridiculous age of their Robin Hood.
    Ridley or no Ridley. Picking someone of Russel’s age and girth was stupid.
    You can’t be dashing, virile and heroic when you are gasping for breath after running up a flight of stairs.
    No thank you.

  • nyob

    Don’t care about the movie, but russell crowe looks hot.

  • Butter_Fly

    Yes! I can’t wait!

  • cubfan34

    Sometimes Cate looks beautiful, sometimes she doesn’t. This film is a doesn’t.

  • mimi

    She is not pretty enough for the role of a beautiful heroine.

  • Ms Anonymous

    bbc version is better

  • gaunt

    Braveheart was waay better. another remake? Come on.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Prettier than you!

  • anna

    @Josie: Well, Sienna Miller was the first choice for the part of Marian. I don’t know why they ended up with Cate. Anyone know? Did Sienna not want the role or was it because of something else?

  • elisa

    they ‘re both great actors but honestly they’re too old for the role it just not believable. they could choose somebody else

  • Clare

    Here is a new concept!
    This is a movie, make-believe, they can do anything they want and cast anyone they choose.
    If you don’t like the remake, Russell or Cate, then don’t see the movie. There are many of us that we see this several times.

    Can’t wait!

  • troi

    YOu know back in 1976, Robin and Marian starred Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn as an aging duo. Got good reviews, audience liked it back then and it made a lot of money.

    Not much is really known about Robin Hood. References appear about him as an outlaw, but not about age etc.

    So maybe he was older. Maybe he was younger.

    I think this will be a really good movie and if it doesn’t appeal to the under 24 crowd, well too bad.

  • sara

    sienna is just too young to paired with russell.
    anyways, i love cate but she doesn’t look good here at all. and the hair colour is not helping either.

  • sara

    *to be paired

  • @20

    But when you are making a movie based upon well loved, very specific, legendary characters, the public has certain expectations for those characters.
    Just as an example….what if Peter Jackson had decided that Hobbits were six foot tall warriors, and that the Elves looked more like the Keebler variety. Using your reasoning, since the characters were fiicticious, he has a right to change anything that he wants. Does that make it ‘right’ though? No. That is being disrespectful to the original author.
    Some people will see this movie and enjoy it. But I won’t be one of them. I’ll stick with movie versions that support the original tone of the book. You know, where Maid Marian is actually a ‘maid’, and Robin is not ready to die from cardiac arrest.

  • Gwyn

    Robin Hood for geriatrics.

  • groundcontrol

    I find amusing the posters who are so intent on defending and hyping this movie that they insult anyone who quite reasonably sees problems with Scott’s casting choices. It’s an amusing form of arrogance and insecurity.
    There actually are film goers who are not young and and not fans of Twilight who think Crowe and even Cate (though I love her) were poor choices for this epic tale. I think it’s pretty clear that Ridley has not enjoyed the success he was once used to and is returning to the Gladiator well again hoping for a big hit. From everything I’ve seen so far for this movie, it is formulaic and not all that interesting.
    The original idea about the Sheriff of Nottingham being the hero or at least a non-villain battling a criminal Robin seemed a much more interesting and novel take on a done-to-death story. I would have liked to see Crowe take on that role.
    Let’s at least hope Robin Hood doesn’t have the terrible, cobbled together script that Gladiator had.

  • aj

    Haterz can suckt it, I cant wait for this movie!!!

  • Amy

    @ groundcontrol: arrogance & insecurity goes both ways. I find it amusing that people declare these actors “too old” for a tale which was INVENTION in the first place. There are hundreds of stories, told in many different ways with MANY different ages of actors portraying them (I believe someone already mentioned Connery & Hepburn in their 40s) so to claim that there is ONE and only one version of the mythic legend is silly. That was my point, apparently you missed it. Anyway, it’s not as if this is a revelation, Russell & Cate were cast a looooooong time ago.

  • Amy


    Oh…and #20, who exactly is this “original author”?

    40 year olds don’t all die from cardiac arrest, jeez that’s such a rude & misinformed statement to make! Judging from this theory, Judi Dench & Helen Mirren should have already kicked the bucket a long time ago! The ignorance of some!

  • Bloodysaint


  • Trin

    Wow ! Cate and Russell are perfect. Great actors and a great director Ridley Scott. This movie sounds awesome.
    Cate is a beautiful brunette !

    And she will play LADY MARION LOXLEY, A WIDOW. NOT MAID.

  • http://293canl c.a.woodward

    if we are talking chemistry and sex I think the scene in Marion’s bedchamber must have come close to the borderline for PG

  • Just no

    The ‘Robin Hood’ tale has been rehashed to death. I honestly can’t see the need for still another. And Crowe might have been suitable for this role circa his ‘Gladiator’ days, but not now. Too much paunch and circumstance.

  • Layne

    We really need THIS Robin Hood movie!

  • Layne

    It was because Sienna Miller can’t act! They went with a real actress!

  • Layne


    I’m 26. Hardly geriatric! And I can’t wait for this movie!

  • *eyeroll*


    Who would you have cast? Zac Efron and Demi Lovato? Oh I know! RPattz! How the bloody hell do you know if Russell Crowe is too old to play Robin Hood?
    Thank God there are still films being made for the rest of us and filmmakers willing to make them. Ridley Scott may not be your cuppa but do not fear, a new Twilight movie is due out soon.

  • jessica

    Yeah the BBC by Robin Hood now that was good. They cast was young but very talented. Hopefully this movie will be good too!

  • RubyTuesday

    After the disastrous film with Costner, this is a refreshing change. It could be worse – we could have Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp do it.

  • Prefer Depp

    Actually, I’d prefer Johnny Depp to Russell Crowe. But I don’t think it’s a ‘quirky’ enough role for Johnny — he probably wouldn’t do it.

  • Kate

    @anna: If Cate Blanchett is in it – YES!

  • Kate

    I may be looking at the wrong pictures, but the stills with this story show me that Cate is unbelievably beautiful. Stunning!

  • Franco

    Wow! I’m amazed at the ageist comments. How about you watch it first and then judge?

  • Lucilla

    I really think the film’s going to be a success. Russell Crowe is a brilliant actor and Cate Blanchett is a beautiful actress. They’re both Academy Award winners too. That’s what makes a film a success. I mean really, studly guys, violence, horses and grown up romance. Its everything i look for in a film. And its Robin Hood. Gladiator was a great epic film, and i think this film will be a good epic. To be honest, i like any movie with Russell Crowe in it. Ridley Scott’s films are the best. I love the images. Russell Crowe looks very studly and Cate blanchett looks beautiful. I can’t wait for this film to hit theaters! 17 more days!

  • Sigh

    Saw this screening a week and a half ago. Excellent acting but alas you do find yourself wondering at the casting choice. Cate is such an excellent actress that she has the ability to convey chemistry even where there is none. This will unfortunately not be the hit Ridley wanted, after all Crowe hasn’t had a hit in years and not likely to again. Ridley looking for the ‘Gladiator’ success’ well sorry Crowe’s time has come and gone. Not to mention the movie goers today that stuff the boxoffice will save their money for Iron Man and the other Big Budget films for the summer.

    The movie was okay, it didn’t keep my attention. It had a few good parts but not enough to make an engaging film. Russel WAS a poor choice and before the snide remarks come in about Twighlight casts and Effron, there are PLENTY of 32-36 yr old actors who could have done just as good a job if not better than Crowe. There were also better choices for Marion out there without trolling the untalented rows of Twighlight, Disney and Nikolodeon.

    Sienna was given the boot because she made Crowe look to aged. So they went with an older Marion to balance him out. That was told last year. For those who can’t wait to see it, you will enjoy it if you are just there for acting and not overall picture and those who have no desire to see it, you won’t miss a thing.

  • Courtney

    Unless this is the romance of Friar Tuck and Matron Marion, I am uninterested.

  • ETaylor

    I’m not sure if Robin Hood would have wanted to go out with someone beyond child bearing years.