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Jake Gyllenhaal to Paparazzi: Calm Down!

Jake Gyllenhaal to Paparazzi: Calm Down!

Jake Gyllenhaal tries to get the paparazzi to simmer down while leaving a medical building on Friday (April 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old actor showed off his shirtless self in a exclusive video featuring clips from the upcoming feature film, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Jake will likely honor Persia‘s producer Jerry Bruckheimer and his remarkable body of work at the “A Cinematic Celebration of Jerry Bruckheimer” event on May 17 in Hollywood.

FYI: Jake is wearing Burberry Sport gun metal grey aviator sunglasses and Billy Reid footwear.

10+ pictures inside of Jake Gyllenhaal leaving a medical building…

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jake gyllenhaal paparazzi 02
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Credit: Agent 47; Photos: WENN
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  • Mary

    Is it just me or does he looks ill?

  • Carol

    Jake looks so cute !

  • @1

    Maybe they are trying to find a cure for that massive noggin.

  • Michael

    @Mary: It is just you :)

  • Prince Jake

    9th May 2010
    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, London UK premiere

  • jane

    Jake is very pale and needs a lot of sun! Come to Rio, baby!

  • the_boyfriend

    lol @ mary, i’m pretty sure it’s just the light.

    what do these celeb’s do at these ‘medical centers’, we’re always seeing them coming and leaving..

    anyway, he looks good, the hair, the shades, he’s slowly getting back whatever it was Reese tried to kill so that’s good.

  • @@@

    Did someone like his sunglasses? I don´t´.

  • mm

    He is not handsome.

  • sam

    Please, guys, risk the name of Reese because she was past . Thanks God!

  • sam

    I think he is handsome. The trouble is taking pics without light (or a lot), angle, etc.

    Even top models like Gisele need a good job in the pics to be goodlooking!

  • Ali

    This offices in this area of BH (Bedford Drive & Roxbury Drive) are filled with medical offices, dermatologists, dentists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, lawyers, accountants, publicists, and the like. Just because they say it is a medical building doesn’t mean there are just medical offices in there. No way to know where he is going in the office building unless someone saw him going into a medical office. I don’t know how these guys handle the onslaught of photographers when they are just trying to go about their day.

  • Jerry

    I agree with Jake. The paps really do need to calm down.

  • sasha


  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    not handsome

  • jjj

    The flashlights are all up in his face

  • se

    Jake Gyllenhaal comes from Nazi Prizon or Auschwitz with this kind of hair!

  • normal guy

    He is never a good looking man. I don’t see the appeal at all.

  • paps on call

    why do people like this guy? he’s boring and fug.

  • me

    And I’m sure that everyone here that is saying he is ugly all look like Angelina and Brad. What a joke. Let’s see how beautiful you all are.

    Exactly what I thought.

  • Jenna

    Jake’s looking much sexier now than that steriod/Popeye look he has for Prince of Persia. So Jake has to keep paying lip service to Jerry Bruckheimer, the man he slept with to get this stupid Prince movie. Guess he will have to keeping paying for that bad decision.

  • Vera

    @sam: Bad, showmancing past! YUCK
    Good luck with PoP, Jake!

  • There’s Something About Jake

    Jake is talented, funny, handsome and sexy!

  • Not really

    Never thought Jake was handsome. He has quirky irregular features. Nevertheless, I used to think he was cute in a ‘dorky ‘ sort of way. Not so much now though. With maturity he’s lost that ‘lonesome puppy-dog’ look that made him kind of appealing.

  • pickles

    If someone put a camera right up in your face you’d look pretty distorted, too. Jake is gorgeous! I love him. Him and Johnny Depp are my husbands! People who say Jake is fug don’t know what they’re talking about Fug is Russell Crowe. Inside and out. But Jake is beautiful inside and out.

  • Mia

    I wanna marry him *-*

  • Br

    Gorgeus as always…. Team Jake forever…..

  • iza

    he look too thin

  • pop

    bad sign for Prince of Persia
    the studio is so worried about the movie that they are making a huuuuuge production out of the LA premiere
    the are ‘honoring’ Bruckheimer’s career (which isn’t even CLOSE to being over) like it is a lifetime achievement show
    they are tying in POP with the original Pirates
    they are going to be showing The Curse of the Black Pearl, with introduction by Orlando and Jack Davenport, with the POP, LA premiere
    it’s like they are hoping that some of the success of that series will help support this new one
    looks desperate to me
    or maybe it’s just Bruckheimer trying to in some way involve the person he REALLY wanted to play Dastan
    everyone knows that Orlando would have been a much better Prince, and everyone knows that he was offered a lot of money to play the part
    Bruckheimer can deny it all he wants, but he is a smart man. and a smart man would have offered the part to the actor who is actually athletic enough to play the part, and one who looks believable holding a sword. not to mention that Orlando has a much better ‘look’ than jake does for the role. Orlando can look very exotic (like he did in Kingdom of Heaven). Jake looks as exotic as white bread

  • Jimmy

    He looks odd. No makeup on and it shows. Face wrinkles, etc. Nose too wide. I wonder why he needs a check-up? Test for HIV or something?

  • Annie

    love, love, love him)))

  • i

    i agree, he’s not handsome he’s F@#$*? SEXY AS HELL!

  • se

    Jake gyllenhaal wouldn”t like spend lot of money with his own hair.
    Come on!!! He has lot of money! It isn”t good for a Hollywood actor spend a little money for his own apearence!

  • Lohan

    Did Austin give him something itchy?

  • MAN


  • girly

    He is sexy anyway! I want him!

  • Judy-Judy

    Jake’s hair is short because of a movie role he just finished. Hasn’t had time to grow out yet. A little info. before bashing would be appreciated.
    The cameras are right in front of him…the most beautiful person in the world would not look good.
    Would like to see some of the people who are so critical of him (and who like to lie about him) work on the movie sets he has worked on. He works harder than any of them would even dare to try.
    Also some of the comments made about him should be made face to face with him or with the actors and directors who have worked with him. First of all probably not do it and if done you might not like the reaction you would get from them.

  • Julie

    By the way if anyone has seen the Prince of Persia character in the video games he has those muscles. If Jake hadn’t built up to look like that he wouldn’t look like the character.
    The Director who has known Jake since he was a child said he was the first person he thought of when casting this movie. He told Jerry and Jerry said o.k. They did look at others but this was their choice.
    A little info. about what people are talking about wouldn’t hurt.

  • Julie

    By the way if anyone has seen the Prince of Persia character in the video games he has those muscles. If Jake hadn’t built up to look like that he wouldn’t look like the character.
    The Director who has known Jake since he was a child said he was the first person he thought of when casting this movie. He told Jerry and Jerry said o.k. They did look at others but this was their choice.
    A little info. about what people are talking about wouldn’t hurt.
    (excuse if this is a double post not sure if this got through the first time)

  • n

    Jake is talented, funny, handsome and sexy!

  • @38

    Suuuure, he was the first person he thought of. Suuuure.
    The young actor, who just happened to be making movies with the producer, and who just happened to be THE young actor for period pieces, who has TONS of experience working with swords, horses and blue screen, not to mention a fan base twice the size of Jake’s, and a much more believabvle look for the film was NOT the first choice???? Even though there were too many rumors to be ignored that this same young actor turned down a staggering amount of money to be in the film?????
    You believe that this guy who had never held a sword, and who looks whiter than white with his bland facial features was the first choice???? Sure, of course. When you think of exotic, strong, brave, sword weilding Persians, who else would come to your mind but Jake????
    Sure, believe what you want.
    But Jake was their second choice, AT BEST.
    Don’t kid yourself.

  • Saly

    Orlando Bloom for PoP? Really? Sorry but it was Johnny Depp who MADE the Pirates movies. No one really cared about Orlando’s character, people only liked the films for Jack Sparrow. I don’t see Orlando Bloom being better fit for PoP over Jake.

  • @42

    No one cared about Will? Then how come there have been so many people responding negatively to the confirmation that Orlando won’t be in POTC4?
    The reason Jack was able to be as over the top as he was, is because he had Will’s ‘straight man’ to work off of. It would never have worked without that dynamic.
    But back to this discussion….
    Look at Jake’s POP photos.
    Now look at Orlando when he was buffed up for Kingdom of Heaven.
    Who looks more natural with the long hair?
    Who looks more believable in a period piece?
    Who looks more natural holding a sword?
    Who didn’t have to put on a fake sounding British accent?
    The answer is always Orlando.
    Heck, even fanboys who don’t like Orlando think that he would have made a more believable Dastan.
    Like I said before, believe what you want.
    It won’t make it true.

  • Julie

    One of the names mentioned for POP was Orlando but Jake is who they went with.
    I believe the director who said Jake’s name was the first one that came to mind when he knew he would be directing this film.
    Heard reports from the set early on that Jake was doing fine with the accent. Saw one of those early comments about the movie and they said they gave him credit for not breaking the accent as sometimes actors will go in an out of an accent that isn’t their own.
    Jake worked incredibly hard to learn Parkur and just to learn everything he needed to do to play this character right.
    Orlando is good – no problem with that – but I don’t think he looks particularly Persian either.
    And for all the talk about why couldn’t they get a Persian actor i’ve always thought “Name one”. And actually his character is a street kid and no one is sure where he comes from..
    We’ll all just have to wait to see if he can hold a sword right..or ride a horse or any of the action type things he needed to do. He certainly as the director said “worked his heart out” to make it pay off on the screen and I bet it will.

  • Anon2

    Nice guy. OK. Good actor. OK. Handsome. Uh…no. Seriously, how does an oversized head, thin lips, big nose, and bushy eyebrows translate as “sexy good looks”?

  • Julie

    One more comment.
    Prince of Persia is based on a Video Game. It is Fantasy.
    No one is playing a person who lived. This is not a Biography.
    The person who invented the game said Jake brought all the right qualities to the character he was hoping for.
    Now if some people believe he was just saying that then so be it.
    He’s not exactly in the movie business himself and if he wasn’t so thrilled I would imagine he could be “less” with his comments.
    (Also in the video game The Prince (who didn’t have a name in the games) had blue eyes).

  • @46

    Lots of people in that part of the world have blue eyes.
    But that doesn’t make Jake any more right for the part.
    The character in the game still has the exptic features of someone from the Middle East, not Middle America.

  • Julie

    Once again it is not specified in the movie that he is actually Persian. He is adopted by the King who has two sons.
    Just give the movie a chance and give him a chance.
    Being an actor who tries all kinds of different roles is what actors do. Some stick to one type because they are successful at it and that’s fine but when you want to do all types and are willing for it not to always work then good for them. But this one will work.

  • Whamo

    He looks like he has AIDS

  • doctor


    I think Angelina looks like because she is very very thin.