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Jennifer Lopez as Marilyn Monroe: Happy B-Day, George Lopez!

Jennifer Lopez as Marilyn Monroe: Happy B-Day, George Lopez!

Jennifer Lopez put on a blonde wig and channeled the legendary Marilyn Monroe on Thursday night to sing happy birthday to late-night talk show host George Lopez. Check out the video below!

Jennifer recently explained why she left her Sony music label. She shared, “It’s no secret [that] since Tommy Mottola left [in January 2003], I felt a little bit like an orphan over at Sony because he was such a big part of my first four albums and I just, you know, didn’t even really speak to anybody else at the label. He was my guy; me, [my manager Benny Medina], him. And then he was gone, and I was there, and I had no relationship with anyone else over there. Then they changed people like, three times over the next four or five years and so, we never could really get traction over at Epic Records. It was weird.”

Jennifer Lopez as Marilyn Monroe: Happy B-Day, George Lopez!
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  • Mike

    who cares about this has-been. she was only a 5 year wonder at most.

  • LolaSvelt

    I really wish people would stop imitating Marilyn Monroe. It’s getting boring. Especially when seeing a has-been doing it.

  • melly

    Watch the cow now!!!

  • miss infamous

    she trys way too hard

  • mary

    If only she knew how to sing, this would be ok. But she can’t sing for crap!!

  • yoyo


  • Anonymous

    f*cking ugly

  • Moe

    That was such a funny gesture! Love Jennifer and George!

  • tasha

    She did pretty well, you guys should stop to hate so much!

  • WW

    She should stick to acting.

  • Zoz

    She did good.Stop being negative.

  • Rocky

    Marilyn must have turned over in her grave.

  • Maria from Texas


  • Reason to hate maniston

    She is making it back. I admire her.

  • John D

    Oh please… she wishes she had an ounce of Marilyn’s glamour and talent.

  • CityStreets

    She will NEVER be a beauty like our Marilyn Monroe.

    Marilyn was fabulous & sexy.

    Jen is NOT.

  • Marie Bachicha

    Without all the spanx geez she is a big gal…

  • LuckyL

    Ew ew ew ew ew ew EW EWWW!!

  • Rocky

    @John D:

    YOU TELL IT!!!

  • Rocky


    And with all this fat & skinny crap out there, Marilyn was a size 14!!!!! If anyone wants to see pure sex in a size 14, watch ‘Some Like It Hot”. The woman was magic!


    Yeah and lets hope she dies the same way…. after all Marilyn was
    a cheater just like Jlo who made Marc dump his wife for her…

    Nothing like playing Anna Nicole Smith not Marilyn Monroe…
    they both died the same way drug overdose and tried to be
    a success using powerful men to do it..Wasn’t Medina the
    one that she said ruined her career and she fired him..

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahahahaaa… marilyn was actually hot.

  • Joana

    Has-been? JLO is still one of the most famous fashion icon there is now. She took a break because she was pregnant she is still working. She is still able to be on any cover of any magazine. The press still loves her. Haters need to stop…

  • lexy hates bilson

    Fashion icon??? LOL!!! Oh please!!! It looks like her 15 minutes are fading and she knows but sadly she’s going to try EVERYTHING to hang on to them. Maybe she and Kate Gosslin can do a reality show together!!

  • Afrika

    So many depressed, hateful, obese and nasty internet trolls on just jared. You sit infront of your computers, munching potato trips, and lash out hate on the internet.

    You FAIL @ life.

    GO JLO.

  • what a loser!

    She’ll do anything for press and attention, she’s so fake. The movie reviews are awful, just like her. This tired worn out has been can’t act, sing or dance. Now, she’s just making a fool of herself, and I find it hysterical. What’s next – supermarket blue ribbon cuttings? Just get J-LOST already, America hates you! ! !



  • Miss-Information


    A size 14 then does not equal a size 14 now. Women’s dress sizing has changed over the years. If alive today Marilyn would wear closer to an 8, in her heavier times maybe a 10.

  • tmcguire47

    holy smokes! what a bunch of dicks. Seriously, 7 of the first 10 comments were super rude. all those haters probably love their macs and drink bottled water while talking at dinner parties about how people in Haiti shouldn’t need help, there is plenty of strife here in the US. How about all of you try being less mean. not nice, just less mean. jeesh.

  • Ssshhii_baby

    say whatever you like..but please don’t have so much hatred in your heart to wish for someone to die…come on..whats wrong with you..

  • slambang

    This has been done sooooo many times before. And this woman cannot sing. FAIL.

  • Yuck!

    poor ugly Puer to Ri can has-been tries so hard to be white. Bleached skin, dyed blond hair, nose job, hundreds of cosmetic surgeries she is so sad and pitiful. Another crappy movie going straight to video. No one wants to see a P. R in movies. Go away Jello ugh!

  • http://Guess? Guess ?

    lov j lo

  • Elle

    Awwww! That was cute! :-)

  • Moe

    Ya, most guys on Just Jared really doesnt have a life, but that wasnt anything new to me at least.. They spend their days, looking at pictures and videos of gorgeous, successfull and talented women like Jennifer Lopez, and envy them so much that they have to write these awful awful awful messages. Please get a life.

    You go Jen, I’m not your biggest fan but I really admire your success and talent.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ 36 & 25 – FYI – YOU AN INTERNET TROLL TOO!!! YOU are sitting in front of YOUR computer reading JJ and commenting on celebs and watching J-Lo videos. YOU are sitting in front of your computer looking at pics of celebs and obviously wishing YOU were J-Lo. Just b/c you think she has some sort of talent doesn’t make you any better than those who don’t like her.
    Also if you’re fat and overweight and wishing you were a skinny celeb – that’s YOUR business but don’t try and act like that’s EVERYONE on the web. Some of us go to the gym and take care of ourselves so we don’t have to wish we had a body like a celeb!

  • Courtney

    don’t forget Marilyn was pregnant during part of the filming of some like it hot so she was obviously bigger than normal but suffered a miscarriage something Jennifer has never had to endure and hopefully never will although they get more common with age for example academy award winner Joan Fontaine was pregnant twice at the age 46 in 1964 and miscarried both children but she also had an adopted daughter kind of like Jen has a stepdaughter Arianna from one of Marc’s previous relationships simillar to another Academay Award winner Joanne Woodward who has two stepdaughters from Paul Newman’s first marriage 57 year old Susan & 56 year old Stephanie and then their three daughters 51 year old Nell Lissy 49 in September and Clea 45 last week of course she’d also miscarried their first during their honeymoon at about 4 1/2 months along

  • milo

    This is so ridiculous! Marilyn was a true beauty! JLO looks like a drag queen with her masculine face. And she can’t sing. No beauty, no talent! This is really embarassing to watch!!! yak

  • marisol

    hey i think jlo did good job on the show of George Lopez! playing the part of Marilyn Monroe so plz hater stop hater on jlo okk yall just jealous of her

  • ernie garcia

    No one could ever wear that mane of hair like Marilyn did, and no one will ever equal Marilyn, but I always like watching the different stars emulating her. I think it’s the thought that counts. It was very nice and sweet of JLO to do that especially for George Lopez. It was a better show than the interview she did for Charityn. She was able to become more down to earth as Marilyn. The Chariltyn interview displayed a rather conceided woman, especially since Charityn is so sweet and down to earth.

  • http://justjared mrlopez86

    she was greatttttt no matter what all these haters have to say i loved it and btw her movie is greattttt to i enjoyed every moment of it, so like she said she doesnt care what all u haters have to say about here cause she still doin her thing!!!! go go go jlo jlo jlo

  • Sysi

    She do it well.

  • stiger

    Thank you for this article. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something speciel. You clearly know what you are doing, youve covered so many corners.kind regards

  • Elena


    Miss Monroe was a size 10 in fact. Although she was undeniably voluptuous, she had a 26 inch waist and a petite frame. Women’s dress sizes have changed since the 1950′s, what might have been labeled a size 10 dress in Marilyn Monroe’s era, can’t be directly compared with today’s size 10. That would make her a size 4-6 in today’s standards. In the past, many woman with proportionally larger bust, waist or hip measurement might have to buy a larger-sized dress to accommodate that one measure but that dress wouldn’t necessarily be reflective of her overall size. All in all it was difficult to accurately size Marilyn’s clothing since all of her dresses & costumes were specifically tailored to fit her particular figure and showcase her body.