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Miranda Kerr: A Bid To Save The Earth

Miranda Kerr: A Bid To Save The Earth

Miranda Kerr walks the green carpet in Temperley London at Christie’s Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth on Thursday (April 22) in New York City. where proceeds from the celebrity auction benefits environmental charities.

The 27-year-old supermodel supported the joint venture between Christie’s, NBC Universal, and four leading environmental organizations to raise awareness and funds for the protection of our planet.

This culminated with the inaugural Christies’ Green Auction on April 22, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. The carbon neutral auction had both live and online components, featuring world-renowned works of art, exotic travel packages and unique celebrity experiences.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr in A Bid To Save The Earth…

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miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 01
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 02
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 03
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 04
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 05
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 06
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 07
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 08
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 09
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 10
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 11
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 12
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 13
miranda kerr a bid to save the earth 14

Credit: Patricia Schlein; Photos: WENN, Flynetonline
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  • Sophie

    Miranda Kerr really bugs me and I can’t quite put my finger onto as to why …

    She just seems to be at every envelope opening around. And the paparazzi follow her around like she’s some A List Hollywood filmstar.

    I just don’t get the fuss to be honest, she a little plain …

  • pinkangel

    love her dress ! she is extremely cute as always

  • Lita

    Love her so much
    She is so pretty

  • May

    I wish she’d stop posing so much. I think it’s the one thing that tends to turn me of about her, these constant “unnatural” poses. Leave those for fashion shoots, otherwise it just looks silly to me.

  • Skeletor

    Has she gotten thinner? and I agree sophie she seems to be attending everything she can at the mo…

  • Kris

    Jenna Haze look-a-like!

  • wow!

    So beautiful!!!
    LOVE HER!!!

  • @1

    She is a famous model dating a hugely famous movie heartthrob. Of course paps are going to be interested in her/them.
    And she isn’t showing up at the opening of a Target, or the premiere of a movie that she had nothing to do with just to get on camera (Doutzen), this is a charity event to support environmental causes.
    And if you “don’t get the fuss”, that’s OK. But a lot of people do.
    I think that she is a beautiful young woman, and one who is reportedly sweet, considerate and kind.
    I like her. And I like seeing pictures of her.

  • ????

    She is dull,dull and dull.She do always the same on the red carpet poseing.That is all what she can.

  • @4

    You just copy/pasted that from your TFS post, didn’t you. LOL!
    Uhmmmmm, she is a model on the red (green) carpet. She is posing for the photographers. The same way every woman poses on the red carpet. And “unnatural”? Please point out which ones are “unnatural”. Even the cheeky ‘hair flip’ is natural, because she was caught playing with her hair.
    She looks gorgeous! Even though I’m not a fan of the dress.
    And at least she remembered that she was a model in front of the cameras, and didn’t get caught with her mouth hanging open and looking like she is ‘special’, like another model who was there.

  • @10

    Someone POSING on the red carpet!!!!
    NO ONE has EVER done that!!!!
    Next thing you know models will be POSING in magazines!!!!
    OH NOES!!!!!
    To all of the idiots out there….
    red carpets are placed at events FOR people to pose. Pictures of people at an event, brings attention to said event. That is why the photogs were there in the first place.
    Everyone who walked down that carpet ‘posed’. It’s just what you do.
    Or have you just run out of things to complain about?

  • lily

    So boring…next please…

  • NY

    Prettiest VS model!!!!!

  • wtf

    All this average looking “models” like refaeli become so famous but the real impressive girls like abbey lee, etc. get no recognition like them … Miranda Kerr walked never for chanel or something , it’s actually real hard work

  • @15

    No, she hasn’t walked for Chanel. But she has walked for Prada and Balenciaga.
    And IMO, Miranda is FAR above average.
    I think that she is gorgeous!

  • Leslee

    I love her smile!

  • K

    Ummm isn’t Victoria’s Secret responsible for cutting down ’000s and 000′s acres of forest for their catalogues? Makes me laugh when these models promote environmental awareness but still take the cheque. It makes them look uneducated and pretty ridiculous.

  • dd

    love her.hate the dress.
    her face here remind me a little of leighton meester
    i dont know why[the old leighton..]
    any way leigh should learn a bit from miranda how to be so fit and great!

  • nativenyker
  • nosey

    she’s a model???

    her eyes are too far apart….bump on the bridge of her nose.

    guess she is a model because she has a rail thin shape?

  • @18

    aren’t you using electricity when you are on the computer????
    And aren’t you breathing?

  • @21

    Models usually have wide set eyes. It gives them a more open face, and they never look like they have beady eyes.
    She is a model because yes, she is tall and thin, but also because a lot of people think that she is gorgeous.
    If you don’t, that’s fine.
    But I adore her.

  • yay!

    Love her so much!

  • ^_^

    “And if you “don’t get the fuss”, that’s OK. But a lot of SIX people do.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • @25

    Only six people like her.
    That’s why she has been in the list of the top ten highest earning models over the last three years.
    That must be it.

  • @25

    Six people??
    No, you must be thinking of the delphidiots.
    Are there even six of them left?

  • wow!

    She has such gorgeous skin. And her eyes are AMAZING!!

  • hans

    Why is it, that all girls that date Orlando gets skinny to the bone…

  • HOT

    She needs to get her tan back…. Some women can pull being pale of really well (like anna hathaway or emmy rossum) but she just looks washed away.

  • @29


  • Sheigh

    Skinner and skinner and skinner days and days past. What’s the next step? The death ?
    Damn it!
    But the dress is so beautiful!

  • @32

    She’s been the same size for years.
    Miranda is thin, but healthy.
    There are plenty of skinnier models out there that you should be worried about.
    Miranda is just fine.

  • yes!

    I love her!
    So beautiful.

  • shy not

    I don’t think she has sayed the same size? there is posing like you do for the camera and there is over posing. Is what she is doing and she is famous because of Orlando that’s way the paps go where miranda goes. Orlando girlfriend’s get skinny because of the industry’s not because of Orlando and he want out with them when they were a nice size so he must of liked them that way! and i think we can say that miranda was not with Orlando in the UK ? and be for you get angry that is how i see it but i do get why some people like her.

  • Pixie

    Come on people is is Gorgeous, and she is not sickly thin and saggy.
    She is a model she is doing what she knows best posing, why all the neg comments??? She is being photographed at an event.

  • @35

    I don’t think anyone will get angry that you don’t like Miranda.
    People will get angry if someone is telling lies, but stating an opinion is just fine.
    People WILL disagree with you, but that will happen anytime someone states an opinion.

  • Austen

    Absolutely lovely

  • @35

    She has always been thin. She is a model, remember?
    I don’t see any “overposing”. I see someone with good posture, standing hith her hands on her hips. Other pics show her moving or changing position.
    And yes, paps ARE interested in her because she is dating Orlando. That happens when anyone starts dating a popular celeb. But she was a successful model before they met.
    Not angry, just disagreeing.

  • Hate, is it worth it?

    A little case study with what I’ve observed with the hate. If anyone’s bothered with reading it.
    “She’s too thin”
    “she’s over posing. so tacky.”
    “Why is she a model? her eyes are too far apart. Her nose has a bump on the bridge”
    “She’s average.”
    “She’s only got 6 followers.”

    Well, at least these comments are better then these:
    “Fame whore.”
    “Anorexic whore”
    “Alien, shiny face”
    “Walking STD’s”
    “Whorelando, why are you with her. I hate you!”

    And yes, I’m talking about you lot, you know who you are. Always on her throat. ALWAYS. Do you not see you guys are filled with hate? No matter how you guys try excusing the hate with statements like, “Not hate. We’re just not blind to the dingo and her f***ery”
    Not hating?
    Just not blind?
    You guys are not only FILLED with hate, but literally EXCEL with it.
    If only we weren’t so blind. If only us, people, were not blind, maybe we could go around insulting, and dehumanizing every young girl. If only we, people, were not blind. If only, if only. *sigh*
    Hate is hate. No matter who it’s directed at. At first you guys seemed quite witty, and even quite funny. But the hate has been dragged for so long, and gotten viscous. I don’t think people even laugh at it anymore, they just expect it on ever Miranda site.
    I’ve always wondered how a girl like Miranda could generate hate from you lot.
    “Fame whore”– Not an excuse. Just a matter of opinion, and exaggeration.
    “Anorexic” — Not a reason to hate someone. In fact it’s not your place to say something like that, or assume someone has it. Anyone who has suffered with the disorder, would understand, it’s a personal suffering, not meant to be mocked at. And you are using the term to mock Miranda.
    “Whore” In general. This is a far exaggeration. A big one. You don’t know her, you assume. You also assume she has STD’s, “warning Orlando” — I know you guys are just trying to be funny. But how funny would it be if someone called you a whore, walking STD’s, and stating it as if it were fact while mocking you? How would you like it if you switched positions with Miranda? If you were on the other line? It wouldn’t be so funny then.
    These are not reason to get hyped up with hate. With infuriating, irrational.
    Would these do?
    * She’s dating Orlando- She could be a psycho killer, killing millions of innocent people, but would you guys even care if she wasn’t dating Orlando Bloom? I mean, you guys, did start out as Orlando fans.
    She could be the devil in disguise for all we know, but you guys wouldn’t care, or at least not dwell in hatred. I’m not talking about general hatred. People can hate something, and are in tact with there displeasure, but they do not dwell in it.
    The hatred I’m talking about is the unhealthy obsession.
    The fact is, you can get mad at a whole lot of models are who are thinner then Miranda who are invading the runway, suffering with there bones precluding, and having the industry praise this as true beauty. A industry were Coca Rocha is “too fat”, and Kim Noorda is “not thin enough”. And this is Miranda’s fault, I guess? -_-
    You want to get mad at Miranda and “all her lies” (again, another exaggeration”) well, then, why don’t you guys hate yourselves too? Don’t we ALL lie? Isn’t lieing a part of our nature as humans? Isn’t it inevitable? I’m not excusing lies, but I’m not going to torture someone for them.
    I guess what ask is… Why the hate? Some people pride themselves, saying, “look how far we have come since the first world war, look how far we have come as a nation, as a world, as a universe. Look!”
    How far are we? The sun is the sun. The sky is the sky. Hate is hate. No matter who it’s directed to, no matter how vicious it is, it is what it is. We can choose to live with it, obsessively, compulsively, dwell in it, or we can choose to focus on things we appreciate. I guess for people, it feels better to focus on the negative aspect in human beings, and overexagerate it to an unnecessary extent, so our own insecurities don’t feel so bad. It kind of makes us feel better. I bet when you write “she’s ugly”, “She’s a w*****” you guys are breathing in satisfaction.

    This doesn’t just go for Miranda. This is for everyone. For the little kids in school who get chucked against the wall, while the bullies spread over-exaggerated lies. For the loner girl in school, sitting at the back of class with her head down, while the girls who feel superior spread more bullshit about her, and constantly shoving it in her face that she’s not good enough, not pretty enough, while feeding there own insucrities.
    Yes, Miranda is a model, people are paying her by the millions for her looks alone, she’s dating Orlando. So you guys may think, “Oh how would it affect her? She’s got it all. It doesn’t matter if I dwell in hate” Again, you are feeding your own insecurities. Miranda’s not the subject of this, she’s the object of your hatred, of your insecurities. But she’s feeding your insecurities also. Sad.

  • @40

    It’s a well knwn fact that bullies have very low self esteem. When they torment others, thye are just trying to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities.
    Happy, confident people don’t need try to elevate themselves by bringing down others.
    It is a sickness.
    They need to recognize their problem and deal with it, or they will NEVER be really happy.

  • shy not

    Hate is somethink we all have it’s just who we are as people it’s not nice but that’s just the way it is. Even Miranda has done it to someone? and some time’s miranda does it to herself with the thing’s she does and say’s, and this is not hate it’s just the way i see it.

  • @ shy not

    Yes, hate is something everyone is guilty of. I tend to hate someone who physically or emotionally harmed me, I tend to hate someone who did something personal toward me. But even then, I don’t tarnish in hate. I don’t LIVE with it. I don’t subside myself to such an unhealthy obsession with the person. :\

  • @ shy not..

    Soooo…. wait a minute. You think Miranda brings the hate to herself with the things she does and says? Oh geez. Do you not understand how awful that sounds?
    What has she done to YOU? How has she disrupted your life, well being, feelings? What has she possibly done to make you feel uneasy? Has she kidnapped your kids? Threatened your life? Seduced your husband maybe? You can’t possibly say she deserves the sort of hate she gets from certain people. You know the unhealthy obsessive type of hate, where MK is seen as the devil for the SIMPLE fact she’s dating Orlando.
    Or maybe I’m blind and I can’t see what she’s done to you personally. Oh geez. You people…

  • @44

    Don’t you get it????
    Miranda is to blame for EVERYTHING!!!
    The haters lack of self worth.
    Their inability to lead normal, happy lives.
    Their irrational behavior.
    Global warming.
    Extinction of species.
    The fuel shortage.
    The Colts losing the SuperBowl.
    Silly girl.
    You just can’t see the big picture, can you.

  • @42….

    You hate Miranda Kerr because Orlando Bloom is her boyfriend……simple as that…..just pure jealousy……sad and pathetic!!!

  • @46

    Yeah, it is all based on that.
    They have made up reasons, twisted facts and taken things way out of context just to pretend that jealosy isn’t at the root of their problems. But they are only fooling themselves. we know the real reason that they hate her. She has what they want. Orlando.
    Oh, they will deny it. But how else can you explain their absolute, singular obsession with every move the girl makes. If it was a simple matter of dislike, they would ignore her, not structure their lives around her.

  • shy not

    I never said i hate miranda i just meant that hate is alway’s going to be there because every one hate’s in some way or another. And that i get why people hate her and like her. But im not jealousy of miranda yes she is lucky to have Orlando Bloom because i think he is nice and good looking. I mean every one has there way of seeing it and if orlando is happy with her and he think she’s the one than good luck to him.

  • shy not

    And yes some people do go over the top with hate.

  • @ 46


  • longchamp

    uh oh, the cute chubby cheeks are starting the slide a tad bit…