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Win a Date with Kate Gosselin!

Win a Date with Kate Gosselin!

The latest Dancing With The Stars couple to get the boot, Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani, stop to make an appearance at Live With Regis & Kelly on Thursday (April 22) in New York City.

Guest co-host Anderson Cooper seconded Jimmy Kimmel‘s notion that Kate should be the next Bacehlorette.

“Are you available?” Kate asked Anderson as she grabbed his wrist.

“No, he’s not!” Kelly Ripa exclaimed.

Kelly also hopes to play matchmaker with a contest segment on her own show called “Win A Date With Kate.”

“Our show makes really good unions,” Kelly joked. “We have a really good track record.”

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin at Live with Regis & Kelly

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  • anon

    Im guessing like most interviews this was pre-planned and scripted so Kate knows that AC is gay and in a relationship. Most celeb interviews have become so contrived and controlled they’re not worth watching.

  • Tessa

    Ew gross

  • Tori

    that doesnt seem like much of a prize.

  • chris

    Please make her go away!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Please Kate is desperate! She’d date Gary Coleman if he asked her out!!!

  • oh boy

    No one wants to hook up with a narcissist like Kate Gosselin, she’s Sybil and a shrew! If ABC or TLC cannot pimp the kids, they’ll pimp Kate’s mental illness for ratings. People will watch a train wreck for a little while then they get bored or outraged. Why doesn’t Kate hook up with her body guard Steve Neild, he acts like her mate anyway.

  • oh boy

    PS….No mother writes such nonsense about their children to the public for sale. Shame on Kate Gosselin. Her book is pure trash and exploitation, is a self pitying party for one…Kate. This woman does nothing but complain about her kids.

  • Rhonda

    How desperate would a person have to be to want to “win” a date with Kate Gossilin? That’s more like a nightmare!

  • suze

    Anderson Cooper is gay. That’s why he’s not available.

  • creature kate

    i keep closing my eyes and it’s still here…it refuses to go away

  • Ms Anonymous

    Oh, Anderson, I love you so much, but you really don’t know a thing about Kate.

  • sr

    F***. No.



  • um

    She really isn’t a catch and her schtick is all wrong. She should be marketing herself as the counter Sarah Palin mom. She should hit the speaking circuit not so much talking about politics but talking about children and single /divorced mom issues which in turn really is society issues. They both have about the same intelligence level and the same level of annoyance. Kate obviously has some followers from the tv TLC show and from people who kept her on DWTS for over a month, She needs to get that “fanbase” all together somewhere to come see her in person.

  • Venom

    Win a date with Kate?

    Hell no and no thank you.

  • Lucky Charm

    WIN a date with Kate? Sounds more like the loser of the contest has to go out with her!

  • nosey

    U pulling our legs? Hell no!

    She needs to go back home and tend to all those puppies she had!

    who is their right mind will get involved with this woman?

    Idiots of course!

  • girlwithredearrings

    oh no no no.

    anderson is mine. :)

  • No Way

    Win Date? with Kate? …..nothing sexier than a ball buster with 8 little kids…………don’t walk …RUN

  • Kate equal yuk!

    What guy would want her AND 8 kids by some other man? She’s just a nightmare, just go away for good.

  • Marisa

    An absolute annoyance. Now that she’s off Dancing with the Stars, must she continuously promote herself? She’s constantly out there, thrusting herself into the media, covering up her shtick by saying that she needs to work for her children. Let’s not kid ourselves, ladies and gents. The woman has money, does she not? She can afford to live in an enormous home with lots of property, she can afford to shop at designer stores in New York, and so forth. For someone who constantly preaches that she’s a working mom and needs to support her children, she does a horrid job of translating that in her actions. Part of supporting her children is spending quality time with them. I don’t think she’s genuinely upset that she always has to travel for her job, otherwise we’d see less of her. But once people make that assumption, Kate once again stresses she has to provide for her kids. She has money! She’s not in a financial hole.

  • Lalique

    “Win” a date with Kate? It’s more like someone who lost a bet will go out with her. She’s a total wench.

  • Lalique

    “Bacehlorette” ??????????????? Jared, seriously, your spelling is atrocious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven’t you ever heard of a wonderful little tool that checks your spelling for you? Give it a try – it doesn’t cost anything, and it doesn’t bite.

  • Pandora

    ROFL. “Win”? Meaning someone has to pay for this dubious honour? That’s insane. Why not pawn her off on prison inmates? Then they’d know the definition of “doing hard time”. And as for her asking if AC is available? What a hoot. The guy is a class act. Even if he was straight he wouldn’t want Kate & her 8.

  • lisa

    That’s like saying “win an unnecessary root canal”.

  • LuckyL

    She’s so f*cking lame.

  • LolaSvelt

    Man, she’s so ugly and haggard. Not even a so-called ‘makeover’ could save her. FUG!

  • lauri

    What nice people we have in this country, and all must be perfect because otherwise they wouldn’t be point fingers at others. Grow up atleast she’s making a living to support her children. You are all liars if you said you wouldn’t have accepted a tv deal with TLC if they had come to you and wanted to film you family and give you a good deal of money.

  • Neorules2112

    It would be a dream to win a date her .
    Love those supple legs and the bodacious sweater puppies.
    She’s a lunatic but I want her ..

  • jenna

    @ lauri- you obviously don’t know the Kate story. She sought the TV deal for her litter —before they were even born— Former co-workers say she was obsessed with multiple births when she was a nurse. Her former best friend Beth says Kate used to tell her she was going to be on TV with her own show while she was pregnant so the “if it was you” doesn’t apply because no normal human being would go to these lengths to be famous and use their own children in the process to accomplish their own selfish goals.

  • Mia

    Wow, they look like a Madame Tussauds wax figurine in that picture…
    Hope they NEVER do one of her.

  • Greta

    Actually Lauri, you are very misguided in calling people who do not think reality shows are a good way to support your family liars. Moat people would not want to have their privacy and that of their families destroyed for money unless they craved attention. Kate was not approached by TLC, she sought this out herself. along with her husband. What can be said about the people in this country is that it is tragic that someone like Kate Gosselin has fans who cannot see through her act. I have noticed that there are fewer and fewer posts about her and as her latest book tanked, she may well find her time in the spotlight coming to and end whether she has a new show or not. The public is getting tired of her behavior. There is no excuse for it .

  • Rin Tin Tin
  • marta

    @oh boy: I think she’s already broke up her body guard’s marriage, he doesn’t wear his wedding ring anymore..

  • http://Guess? Guess ?

    no one wants all these problems

  • legsfan


    (Crawling On The Floor Looking For My Ass After Laughing It Off…)

  • zickening

    Will this woman please stay home – I pity the fool who hooks up with her

  • Jerry

    I wish this annoying fame monger would just go home and raise her eight children and leave the public alone forever.

  • Epuni

    they look like wax figurines in that picture

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    All you had to do yesterday is take a look at the photos of the Gosselin kids after Mommy stopped home for a whopping 20 minutes, then was off to New York to whore herself out again.
    She should be arrested for child abuse and abandonment.
    The media should stop offering this mentally ill woman opportunities to promote her talentless self. Perhaps they should focus on the children for a change and what their lives have been like since Mommy and Daddy pimped them out since birth.
    Go away, Kate. You are disgusting, with your fake hair, fake boobs, botoxed forehead, plastic surgeried face, tummy tuck, fake nails and fake tan. The frown line may have disappeared thanks the the miracle of modern science, but she’s still a bitch on the inside.
    Spend some time with your children, psycho..

  • Payson

    NEVER see her smile like this when she is with her kids…….hmmmm.

  • ewww

    I just find it amazing that the so called “mother” of our new times (puke), does not mother or spend time with her kids. Her sob story doesn’t work, she does not know how to be a parent, so why is that her “brand”? honestly? She incubated her kids, by drugs,had a c-section, has nannies,always gone,has money,etc…..this woman is NOT a MOM. She has not earned a da*n thing by those kids. She is horrible and so are her supporters, such a shame. sad.

  • ewww

    I have to say also that what she and tlc have done to jon is horrid. j&k are to blame for their greed but to make this monster a lying fame exhibate? and jon a babysitter for her lies is making the american people and jj and all others look like the real idiots for falling for it and making these idiots more money. a vicious circle one does weave, but she is still not home being a MOM which is most important. KG doen’t know anything about being a MOM, and if younger MOMs want advice from her and want to support her new show…shame on you, you should know and do better than her.

  • dessertgirl


    No, Kate is unaware of anything around her except for herself. I dare you to ask her who our president and vice-president is and she will not be able to tell you.

    Kate doesn’t vote! Kate doesn’t have time for anything but her mani/pedis, hair (30 hour appts.), shopping and canoodling with Steve, her body/lover guard.

    I bet you she learned who AC was this morning before the interview when she was in hair and makeup. Kate is a clueless, self-absorbed narcissist ROTTEN MOTHER!

    BTW – I think Anderson would be a great contestant on DWTS. He is very regal looking and he has a great sense of humor and you could match him with either a man or a woman. What more could you want?

  • Oops

    LOL – Anderson is gay! Even if he was straight, I’d hate to wish Kate on him – or anyone else for that matter.

  • jessica

    Didn’t she just do an interview saying how she doesn’t want to date and that it’s not fair for anyone to go through what she does?

    Yet she’s holding this contest? Wow…

  • Patrocoa

    This whole internet obsession with the Gosselins seems, to me, to be just an endless extension of their reality TV show –

    which, by the way, was phony and scripted. She was portrayed as a phyco mom and he was portrayed as irresponsible and

    incompetent. Millions of people tuned in to watch this garbage week after week. Now they come online to argue, defend,

    protest – and, basically, browbeat and flame each other. The anger and passion expressed here and on other forums is also

    phony. It’s like a virtual reality game we are all playing and, for some of us, it’s an obsession. One blogger I know

    boosts her internet hits by posting anything Gosselin once a week. She swears it makes all the difference in the world!

    Kate and Jon are real people, with real faults, who have been through a messy divorce. None of us know them, and we have no

    right to judge them. But, in this internet context, we not only feel free to judge them – we’re addicted to it.

  • Gary Coleman

    @lexy hates bilson:
    I cawed da bitch n she turn me down flat! I says to her, I says, what choo tawkin’ ’bout, Kate?!”

  • Jokergurl

    This woman needs one of those shock collars that incapacitates people when they do something stupid, then the public would be less subjected to this horrible mother who is just exploiting her children because she does a lot of stupid things.