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Daniel Craig: 2Xist Underwear Model

Daniel Craig: 2Xist Underwear Model

Daniel Craig shows off his 2(xist) underwear while picking up his daily reads in Toronto, Canada on Saturday morning (April 24).

The 42-year-old British actor was seen picking up two newspapers — The New York Times and UK’s The Guardian.

Daniel is in town with Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz filming their new movie, Dream House. He plays a New York publishing executive who relocates his family to a quaint New England town, only to discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her two children.

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daniel craig 2xist underwear 03
daniel craig 2xist underwear 04
daniel craig 2xist underwear 05
daniel craig 2xist underwear 06
daniel craig 2xist underwear 07
daniel craig 2xist underwear 08

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395 Responses to “Daniel Craig: 2Xist Underwear Model”

  1. 1
    daniel is hot Says:

    Wow, like the little peak of his tummy. He is yummy.

  2. 2
    Steamy Sex God Daniel Says:

    Daniel still is super-sexy in these latest pics! What illness? Daniel looks the picture of sex and health! What a amazing great physique he has, No matter what he wears, even if his 2Xist underwear is showing a bit, all the more sexier!
    Daniel has no trouble to pull off wearing almost anything and look like the Sex-God that he is! Love the look. Those 2Xist boxers must look great without the jeans too!

  3. 3
    OMG!!!! Mrs SV Crisps Says:

    He is staying in the neighborhood where i just bought my new flat – my luck he will be gone by the time i move in though.

  4. 4
    the_boyfriend Says:

    omgah so hot!

  5. 5
    goop Says:


  6. 6
    reba Says:

    sex incarnate.

  7. 7
    Mirey Says:

    sooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 8
    Ruv3 Says:

    Awwww, I need my Daniel !

  9. 9
    seth Says:

    Daniel Craig is the best James Bond ever.

  10. 10
    No Sats? No Ring? Says:

    Is he alone in Toronto?

  11. 11
    to 10 Says:

    do you honestly believe for one second that sats would leave daniel alone in toronto? she’s there, watching like a hawk. no way is any girl getting near him. after all, sats has to protect her investment.

  12. 12
    Eira Says:

    I am just watching Casino Royale on TV…*swoon*

  13. 13
    Mrs SV Crisps Says:

    @OMG!!!! Mrs SV Crisps:

    I wonder if he is staying in my building? Talk about bad timing LOL

  14. 14
    Maria Says:

    @to 10:

    Wouldn’t you protect your investment if Daniel was yours? Besides if he wanted another woman near him Sats would be gone in a heartbeat!

  15. 15
    to maria Says:

    um, how do you know that daniel has not had other women near him even if satsuki is around. don’t forget, mel gibson used to take his wife and children with him on the set of every movie he made. but that didn’t stop mel from the enjoying the company, so to speak, of other women.

  16. 16
    Maria Says:

    @to maria:

    Because Sats is a hawk and will never put up with that!

  17. 17
    Kim-K Says:

    Hubba Hubba

  18. 18
    to 14 Says:

    She has been gone, alot, except for the obligatory, prearranged press ops. He still continues to ‘not wear’ the so-called commitment (?) ring. As another poster stated , “Some commitment”. It’s more like ‘nonexistent’. On another point, she is not so willing to leave her endless meal ticket . I bet he can’t budge her out. But the Daily Mail article was a clear backfire for her.

  19. 19
    sats Says:

    LO, like he didnt know the cameras were going to be there. Talk about pulling out all the stops.
    As for Sats, she’s there all the time.

  20. 20
    to 19 Says:

    Sure she is. She is clearly seen in the above pictures.

  21. 21
    Fish & Chips Says:

    Dan Dan Dan – you need to do your laundry and ironing. “-) That T-shirt looks like it just rolled out of a dirty laundry basket :)

  22. 22
    to 20 Says:

    @to 19:

    I cant see her at all. Where is she?

  23. 23
    f*ck me Says:

    holy mary mother of god.

    how can a man be allowed to walk down a street that looking that sexy?

  24. 24
    Fish & Chips Says:

    How cute – he has an “inny” LOL

  25. 25
    Fish & Chips Says:

    Ok back to reality – time to get out of dreamland and go back to my husband and children.

    Thanks for the fantasy Dan!

  26. 26
    Rita Says:

    Entra a Santa Fe en junio. No puedo esperar por él!!! Daniel, es mi Dios.

  27. 27
    to 22 Says:

    @to 20:

    Thats the point: she isn’t there nor is his “ring”. Unless they are married and the DM statement was to take the heat off them as a smokescreen?
    There again nothing has been found. So there you go.

    Daniel’s working it for the cameras, totally working it.
    He thinking “f*ck the lot of you, I’m still here and I’m still Bond”.

  28. 28
    Specious Says:

    Nice baby gap T…………

  29. 29
    Daniel is Bond Says:

    @to 22:
    Daniel’s working it for the cameras, totally working it.
    He thinking “f*ck the lot of you, I’m still here and I’m still Bond”.
    You are correct and perfectly said. That is the snarly, sneery Daniel I know and love. He is making it crystal clear and wants the world to know that he is not going anywhere and leaving James Bond behind. Daniel Craig is here to stay, as James Bond!

  30. 30
    Vanilla Says:

    Oh Daniel, How generous you are! ;) Thanks.

  31. 31
    his appearance Says:

    well he looks good here, let’s see…… the GF wasn’t in the other photos in the last thread, she is not in these. she ain’t running the show here, she is just a bit player. there when he calls her and that’s it.

  32. 32
    to 16,19, 22 Says:

    YEAH she there, she is underfoot, check the pavement, or the doormat at the hotel. I’m sure you will see her

  33. 33
    to 32 Says:

    @to 16,19, 22:

    to 32:
    Ha! Thumbs UP…WAAAY UP!

    Ewwwwwww! What is that thing stuck on the bottom of Daniel’s shoe?
    Oh it’s nothing, just her.

  34. 34
    to 27 Says:

    they are not married, if they were he would not have allowed anyone to deny it, think about that.

  35. 35
    to 11 Says:

    she’s there, watching like a hawk. no way is any girl getting near him. after all, sats has to protect her investment.
    Her investment ? you mean that’s how she see’s him? what about the man, the person? she sounds like some common golddiigger, he can do sooooooo much better than that. how pathetic she is.

  36. 36
    Fish & Chips Says:

    Q. Have you heard about the Hillsbrough triathlon??
    A. The events are football, fencing and squash!!

  37. 37
    Fish & Chips Says:

    A primary teacher explains to her class that she is a Liverpool fan. She asks her students to raise their hands if they too, are Liverpool fans. Everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl. The teacher looks at the girl with surprise and says, “Mary, why didn’t you raise your hand?” “Because I’m not a Liverpool fan,” she replied. The teacher, still shocked, asked, “Well if you are not a Liverpool fan, then who are you a fan of?” “I am a Man Utd fan and proud of it,” Mary replied. The teacher could not believe her ears. “Mary, why pray tell, are you a Man Utd fan?” “Because my mum is a Man Utd fan, and my dad is a Man Utd fan, so I’m a Man Utd fan too!” “Well,” said the teacher in an obviously annoyed tone, “that is no reason for you to be a Man Utd fan. You don’t have to be just like your parents all of the time. What if your mum was a prostitute and your dad was a drug addict, what would you be then?” “Then,” Mary smiled, “I’d be a Liverpool fan.”

  38. 38
    Fish & Chips Says:

    Scouser walks into the D.S.S. and says :-

    “I’ve just been offered a ********, If I take it will it affect my benefit claim?”

  39. 39
    Ari Says:


  40. 40
    to Fish & Chips Says:

    What are you talking about?

  41. 41
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @to Fish & Chips:

    Yes!!! I am married to my job unfortuneately it’s like having children – demanding alot of time!!!!

  42. 42
    Bill Says:

    He looks so great. And paps…Good job!!!

  43. 43
    to 10 Says:

    Maybe Sats was in the bed. He’s just a gofer :(

  44. 44
    aseret64 Says:

    I love Pierce as James Bond but somehow, Daniel gave a different kind of attack to the role- ruggedly handsome and masculinity. Damn, he is smoking hot! Can I bring you home? lol

  45. 45
    Jeez! Says:

    OMG. Sex on legs. Dressed like a tramp and still as hot as hell. Other men must tear their hair out wanting to know how he does that.

  46. 46
    11 and 35 Says:

    Stop having a conversation with yourself. You ain’t fooling nobody.

  47. 47
    oh my gosh Says:

    Got Dan’s mojo working!

  48. 48
    montreal Says:

    How pathetic. drooling over a man who is already taken. dream on. your hate will only draw them together closer. haven’t you seen that? are you blind?

  49. 49
    Anessa Says:

    I want to make at him. lol

  50. 50
    scrug Says:

    this guy has a great life :he acts with Watts and Weisz

  51. 51
    Lisa Says:

    Wow, he is totally awesome! Yum.

  52. 52
    sam Says:

    So sexy without the fugly gf. Love to see him without the gf glued to his side. Doesn’t matter if he’s Bond or not he is still a gorgeous and talented man!!!

  53. 53
    atrium Says:

    I’ll Do Him

  54. 54
    Vera Says:

    He looks sooo HOT!. Some men can’t ooze sexiness but he is definitely oozing it! He’s just walking down the street and he’s doing it sexy!! Love it!

  55. 55
    Nami Restaurant Says:

    shinangovani: Segued from seeing Daniel Craig at Nami last night – man likes his Sapporo beer – to coming home and catching Sean Connery on the tube.

    He likes Japanese things doesn’t he? Seems that Sats is getting him into Sushi a lot as well.

    As for the pictures, it looks like he has sex, rolled out of bed, put on any old clothes, went out, got the papers and a few goodies for Sats in the bag(?), rocked his money maker home, read the papers, had a fry-up then had sex again.

  56. 56
    to 36 & Nami Says:

    The Hillsborough comment wasn’t funny.
    People died in that tragedy.
    I also saw this from the same Twitterer:
    And by Blonde Blonde I do mean Blonde Bond.
    Oh, who do we have here also? Blonde Blonde spotted amongst
    the unagi and the edamame at Nami, on Adelaide.

    - Seems that Satsuki is with him and influencing him, I agree. I have to say that he needs to watch the raw fish intake – mercury levels and all that. Can make you quite sick. One good thing, she must not be pregnant if she’s eating sushi.
    As for the ring, I’m in two schools of thought over this: one is that he was teasing the public and paps. But isn’t that really childish?
    Secondly, he is married then regretted putting it on then his PR (with the agreement of Satsuki) issued that (commitment only) release.
    But having said that, why would he not be wearing it now if it IS a commitment ring and why would he not want the world to know he’s married?
    Oh there is a third reason – maybe is was a set ring for Dream House and he left it on for the hell of it to see what would ensue?
    Seems very peculiar all round and I hope Daniel isn’t losing a few slates off his roof from the pressures of fame.
    What gets me, if they are all games, why is Satsuki in on it?
    No choice?

    Love the new pictures though – his ‘I don’t want to be noticed but I really do” look.
    Daniel needs to be careful of the fame game. It’s a b*tch when she gets you to fold.

  57. 57
    SB87's Says:

    Holy ****
    Holy ****
    Holy ****
    Holy ****
    Holy ****

  58. 58
    PR Says:

    @to 10:

    Probably and who wouldn’t be in bed waiting for him?
    I have to laugh, he doesn’t dress like this when he’s with Satsuki or his daughter!
    Just when he’s alone.
    Never underestimate Daniel’s knowledge of PR and how it works. These pictures come out during all of this Bond crisis?
    The man knows how to work it. I’m sure he strategically placed his jeans that way before he left.

    He’s still a sex symbol to be reckoned with and that only works when he’s out alone!
    It is perceived better by female fans.

  59. 59
    dirty dan Says:

    is that egg I see on his extra small t shirt?
    lol :)

  60. 60
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @to 36 & Nami:

    Sorry didn’t mean to offend…..

  61. 61
    Simon Cowell Says:

    Another man who won’t get married even though everyone thinks he will. One excuse after another.

  62. 62
    karen Says:

    Wow! The man is really smokin’!…plus cute navel.

  63. 63
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @Simon Cowell:

    Maybe they are just happy the way they are.

  64. 64
    Fish & Chips Says:

    There is no expedient to which a man will not go to avoid the labor of thinking.
    Thomas A. Edison (1847 – 1931)
    The Constitution gives every American the inalienable right to make a damn fool of himself.
    John Ciardi (1916 – 1986)
    In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.
    Robert Frost (1874 – 1963)
    If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.
    Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889 – 1951)

  65. 65
    Sammy Says:

    Daniel is still in Toronto? Wow! I thought he would have left there by now. He might as well setup house there! LOL

  66. 66
    to 65 Says:

    they are still filming

  67. 67
    to montreal and 56 Says:

    to 56 the man is not married, no reason to keep brining this up.
    to montreal, the word is, that this so called realationship is in real trouble, there might be another reason why she is not in these photos. think about that ,and please don’t acuse me of hating her, I don’t, this is the word that has been going around for sometime.

  68. 68
    To 67 Says:

    @to montreal and 56:

    The word has been going around for sometime now – I agree however they are still together so it’s very possible they are trying to work things out. He looks happy in these photos and she is out to dinner with him so give it some time they just might work things out. It’s probably just a rough patch.

  69. 69
    Colin Firth Says:

    The saccharine man! Colin Firth, in town yesterday, fit in some cocoa intake. Spotted at MoRoCo, the chichi chocolaterie in Yorkville.

  70. 70
    samantha Says:

    Sickly hot.
    Love the belt.

  71. 71
    to 68 Says:

    looks happy in these photos and she is out to dinner with him so give it some time they just might work things out.
    it’s called public relations!! daniel is making a film in toronto. the last thing anyone connected with it wants is for there to many any hint of scandle or trouble between the major star and his girl friend. so, of course when daniel is out in public he is going to smile. he is also going to go out to dinner with satsuki and let everyone think all is good with them.

  72. 72
    @atrium #53 Says:

    learn how to spell and then you may have a chance ;)

  73. 73
    Dan's gf Says:

    Is Satsuki a Japanese name? Is she a Japanese or an American? Sorry new to all this.

  74. 74
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @@atrium #53:

    LOL….I can spell I just make typos LOL Does that mean I have a chance? :-)

  75. 75
    Mendel Says:

    Pwoaaarrr, so sexy!

    His 2(xist) would look so good on my bedroom floor *grin*

    What a swagger! And what a tease to show us this teensy line between his undies and t-shirt, revealing his lovely stomach area.

    Oh wow!

    *fans self*

    That man is hot! Smouldering hot! Even when getting the Guardian to read up on the election campaign here. Dan, you make our politics sexy! You got my vote ;)

  76. 76
    silverdale Says:

    The ones here finding DC sexy must all be British. I don’t think many Americans find him sexy or good looking, me included.

  77. 77
    to 68 Says:

    He looks happy in these photos.

    you mean the ones without her? I gotta laugh at you.
    you are just proving my point.

  78. 78
    LOL Says:

    @to 68:

    You all have been saying that forever….he does not want to rock the boat for his films….WHO CARES!!! If the man wanted out he would get out. It does not harm anyone elses films when relationships end! duh!!! All excuses for why he is still there. Can i possibly be the obvious one. You all are so daft!

  79. 79
    Fish & Chips Says:

    Well he does have a nice “stimulus package” :-)

  80. 80
    to lol Says:

    if you knew anything about hollywood, you would know that everything is not what it seems, the stories about celebs who stay together to avoid any negative publicity is endless. Case in point Sandra Bullock.
    there were many in the Industry who knew this story was going to break, they did everything they could to supress it, until after the Academy Awards. it would have been disastrous for her. the real question is, how much did she know before hand. this is an old game,
    hollywood does not want some breakup getting in the way of their progects. As for Daniel and his GF, the rumors of problems have been floating around since 2008. the rumors have recently been getting louder. (please read carefully), many people try and work things out, but at some point alot of couple’s call it quits.

  81. 81
    to 79 Says:

    “stimulus package”. now that’s a good one.

  82. 82
    to 80 Says:

    @to lol:

    All PR yes.
    Some people don’t know about such stuff. Too naive.

    I do hear that things are not all rosy but this couple blow hot and cold all the time.

    Daniels’ career comes first, always has, always will.
    Satsuki is now realizing that. Her domestic plans have gone a little pear-shaped.
    He did ask her to marry him just before the whole CR promo tour started to make her feel more secure but no-one cottoned onto it.

    Now he has changed, people do over 5 years. Like any good soap, we will have to see where it will end.

  83. 83
    LOL Says:

    @to lol:

    It’s doesn’t take 2 years to end a realtionship if you really want out that is my point!

  84. 84
    to 82 Says:

    So he was just saying ( will you marry me) to keep her happy, huh how romantic, no intention of following thru?

  85. 85
    to 82 Says:

    sometimes it takes years for people to call it quits, you sound very young and naive.couples will try and keep it together, but that doesn’t work all the time, you are missing the point, this couple is having problems whether you like it or not. some are saying they are headed to spiltsville.

  86. 86
    to 83 Says:

    i meant that for 83

  87. 87
    to 83 Says:

    i meant that for 83

  88. 88
    to 84 Says:

    @to 82:

    He did mean it but things and people change.
    Now he has a responsibility to her. They have experienced a lot together.
    This is what keeps couples together, experiences and mutual understanding but when the passion isn’t there well, I’m not too sure what he will do.
    Walking out ‘cold turkey’ is not his style and this relationship is in the public eye. He is concerned what it will do to her and the effect of wearing an engagement ring for so long and…nothing tangible.
    The break up will be a slow one at the very least.

  89. 89
    Maria from Texas Says:


  90. 90
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @to 84:

    I disagree – I think he can leave someone “cold turkey”

  91. 91
    LOL Says:

    @to 84:

    Couples breakup all the time how many engagments do we know in Hollywood that has ended — hundred’s.

  92. 92
    to fish and chips Says:

    Maybe, it’s anyone’s guess what he’ll do.
    They might end up marrying after all. I mean the more he feels cornered and reads about negative fallout against Satsuki, the more it seems he comes out with the PDA’s. Opposite effect.
    I have to agree with one post on here earlier. They seem to get closer.

    I don’t know but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for a ‘confirmed’ break up.

  93. 93
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @to fish and chips:

    We both know there won’t be any break-up.

  94. 94
    Pathetic!!!! Says:

    @to fish and chips:

    If “negative” comments is what promotes affection on his part – it’s childish! That is like a child saying ” I will do the opposite of what you say”. I think he needs to grow up and get a mind of his own rather than reacting to the public’s opinion of him or his gf. It’s very contradictory to not wanting to stir the pot for the sake of his movies. Basically he is f-edup

  95. 95
    to fish and chips Says:

    Well I don’t care whether they do or not honestly, it was my opinion.

    Their lives are insignificant to me as it should be.

  96. 96
    to fish and chips Says:

    If this guy’s life is so f*cked up and his actions/games make you angry they don’t be a fan.
    Sorry but his and Satsuki’s lives/actions are insignificant to the bigger picture.

  97. 97
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @to fish and chips:

    Hey get it right — I never said he was f-edup.

  98. 98
    wowow Says:

    Is that Satsuki’s black t-shirt he picked out of the laundry? Lucky us!

  99. 99
    No one notices? Says:

    That the entire series is a photoshop session? His fans lack sophistication.

  100. 100
    to lol Says:

    you are missing the point, yes there are many break ups in hollywood that is true, but most are done in a way that doesn’t affect any project that they are working on. There were many people who knew about the Sandra Bullock story, they kept their mouths shut. the man had been cheating on her for at least 3 years. As far as daniel is concern, he has a movie with Steven Speilberg that is schedule to be released this year, the last thing Dream works wants is a break up scandal when they are trying to promote this movie. you need to look at the big picture here, there is a lot going on with Eon and MGM, they don’t need anymore issue’s to deal with.

  101. 101
    *gasp* Says:

  102. 102
    to no one notices? Says:

    Do you mean these photos are fake?

  103. 103
    PR Says:

    Yes it was a PR moment. We can all see that. it was deliberately without Satsuki to show he still has “it”. During all this Bond business it is to stamp the fact he is still here and still looking like a sex symbol.

    As for unsophisticated fans, you’ll find the majority of those on DtD but I doubt he is concerned with that lot. LOL!

    As for having a film out, I believe TinTin is out 2011. Cowboys will not be out until next year.

    He will have Dream House, Tin Tin & Cowboys out. Busy year.

  104. 104
    Too Bad Says:

    He is a hot loking man but his reading material is questionable. Why waste time reading commie/leftists rags? But wat do you expect from “hollywood” types?

  105. 105
    Too Bad Says:

    EeK! Keyboard was sticking. Typos abound. I meant hot looking of course, and what do you expect from “hollywood types” with regards to their readings…

  106. 106
    PR Says:

    @to no one notices?:

    I think you meant “staged” not “fake”.
    Of course they were.

  107. 107
    to pr Says:

    yeah I agree, as I think most of the photos that are on this webb site.
    are. that is why I ‘m always surprised when people believe the hype about any couple.

  108. 108
    What a joke! Says:

    @to lol:

    What a joke!!!!! Like a breakup of an actor matters to these people LOL

  109. 109
    to 102 Says:

    To document his time in Toronto for tax purposes. Sadly using a stunt double for this gratuitous underwear shot. Notice his wearing the stocking cap, jeans and jacket? Easier to crop and paste. Look at the photo linked in 101 for comparison.

    Has his career sunk so low;(

  110. 110
    re; fake Says:

    Don’t be so ridiculous.

    It’s the way the other picture was taken, the angle.
    Do you not know anything about any of that at all?

    Honestly I hope no-one answers you after me, as your point is tragically psychotic and seemingly to derail the thread.

    Maybe you should go to DtD to troll with you ‘groundbreaking theory?’

  111. 111
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @to 102:

    OMG – (rolling eyes)

  112. 112
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @Fish & Chips:

    The rolling eyes was meant for 109.

  113. 113
    to pr Says:

    the joke is on you, these studios spend millions of dollars selling a movie. they don’t care about daniel on a personal basis, only his ability
    to sell their movie that is what it is all about , if you worked in the industry, you would know that, so much is bs. fauxmances
    fake friendships.

    Years ago I was interviewing an Actor about his career, he spoke about his 1st big movie role. he talked about how badly he needed the money. he was working with 2 very well known Actresses
    (they have both won Oscars for their work) he told us off camera that the 2 women hated each other and were constantly fighting, he thought the movie was going to fall apart before it was even made.
    the studio did everything to cover up their differences . they made it appear that got along great and had a mother duaghter relationship.
    he said nothing could have been futher from the truth.
    IF you worked in the Industry you would know you can’t beleive your eyes.

  114. 114
    to what a joke Says:

    that was meant for what a joke

  115. 115
    tumbs down Says:

    I guess the truth hurts.

  116. 116
    jess Says:

    Mr. Potato Head. Gross.

  117. 117
    to Mr Potato Head Says:

    When was the last time you were thought of as being one of the most sexiest people on this planet then?

    Yeah, thought so.

  118. 118
    to 99 Says:

    You should recognize the reality.

  119. 119
    to 109 Says:

    You should go to the Department of Psychiatry.

  120. 120
    Missing Says:

    You remembered what I said about the belt, thank you so much. It looks great. Thank you again. I love our little games.

  121. 121
    OMFG Says:

    drop dead gorgeous. would like to rip those 2(xist) down and mount him

  122. 122
    DtM Says:

    To OMFG….You’re not the only one…
    get in line!

  123. 123
    Gina Says:

    If you don’t like to read it, then breake your fingers.
    Gemma Arterton is sure James Bond will bounce back from its financial troubles, putting the legendary film franchise on hold. The 24-year-old actress played Bond girl Strawberry Fields opposite current 007 Daniel Craig in Quantum Of Solace in 2008, reports Metro.
    Gemma said: “It shows the state of the film industry at the moment, especially the British film industry. Fingers crossed – it’s James Bond so it has to continue and it will. It’s just a minor blip.”
    EON Productions have blamed the financial difficulties of MGM studios, which is reported to have a 3.7 billion-dollar (£2.4 billion) debt.
    J Blakeson, who directs Gemma in their latest film The Disappearance Of Alice Creed, feels British film is thriving.
    He said: “James Bond is funded by an American studio anyway. Obviously it’s very good for the technicians, it’s made by British people. But most of the money that gets made from James Bond films doesn’t stay in Britain so it doesn’t fuel our industry very much.
    “I think there’s a real good wave of up and coming filmmakers at the moment, it’s quite exciting.”

    as someone was right MGM has no the instinct for money, so as I said – that is why Babs sent them signal to do something with the financial problem finally. MGM really has not the money, but inverstors have and Babs knows it well. She wants MGM to take financial help from investors who offered loan money on condition that MGM will make from 6 to 8 movies a year and thus investors can get money back. MGM suggested making this number of movies but suddenly stopped it and took no money from investors because they still wanted to sell the company. Now, when it’s sure there won’t be any selling because nobody wants to buy it so they have to take money from Kavanaugh (I say it for example, remember he offered $500 mil for financing their movies) and make movies, including James Bond. Babs expressed clearly what she wants and MGM has no choice than receive $500 mil. and start out working finally. MGM should look at 20th Century Fox’s financial trouble in the past and make the same how to solve it. Someone doesn’t believe MGM but I believe Babs and in that MGM has no other choice than start the original plan – making movies through investors. We’ll see how it will do with 23Bond in the summer

  124. 124
    Lulu Says:

    Hot hot hot. This is how men are supposed to look not these pretty boy types. A man is supposed to look like a man.
    Some women are so lucky

  125. 125
    Grandpa is too old Says:

    He looks really old. Ewwwwwww

  126. 126
    Look at that bulge Says:

    I love the sexy bulge in his pants but not digging that ugly beanie on his head! It makes him look like he’s recovering from an illness.

  127. 127
    to Gina Says:

    Gemma is not a person concerned to MGM/EON. She knows nothing.

  128. 128
    Gina to frustrated 127 Says:

    Gemma has the freedom of speech so let her and director Blakeson to speak as they like. What both said it’s just opinion related to the situation in the film industry that is a bit frustrated.
    Gemma believes in a good end, Daniel believes in a good end as quickly as possible and that all stands just on Babs and her action.
    Hey, your post sounds frustrated as well. It’s not nice.
    Have Vodka with Redbull.
    Redbull gives wings…
    to Guinness:
    Will you have Heinekken? or Martini?
    No, have Vodka mixed with Redbull, it’s very goooood.

  129. 129
    photoshopped Says:

    LOL, it’s so fake his neck is larger than his head. Enlarge it and you can see the crop on the right side of his face.

    All is not well in fairy tale land.

  130. 130
    ring/necklace Says:

    He might not be wearing ‘the ring’ but it looks like he is still wearing ‘the necklace’.

  131. 131
    to photoshopped Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You’re crazyyyyyyyyyy! Accept the truth.

  132. 132
    Fish & Chips Says:


    Yes we know he committed OK we get it! Can we move on now

  133. 133
    guinness Says:


    HI DTM>I am still in gasping heaven. His shirt is wrinkled. His shirt is “dirty”, his shirt is the peek a boo… OMYGUSHING womanhood. He is killer hot. And does he think he still has the invisibilty cloak on? (HI MENDEL) is DIH around too? Havent’ caught up yet on the posts.. be back to comment more. ah, the photographer took a pic of his midsection. Does this guy think he is NOT hot or HOT. ah, the timepiece gives him away too. and the smurf hat.

    whly first entry gasp. (sorry-its been a while–haven’t seen him since last week!!)

  134. 134
    guinness Says:

    I think I just need to sit on the floor this morning… it beats falling off my chair… imagine. I know what MY Dan is gonna get for his b-day…

  135. 135
    guinness-miss me? Says:

    I wish!

  136. 136
    guinness-gonna post? Says:

    I wish again.

  137. 137
    Fish & Chips Says:

    Is moving to Austrailia

  138. 138
    daniel is hot Says:

    Was wondering when you would show up Guinness. Did you have a good weekend? These pictures made my weekend when I saw it Sat. night. Looks like he does not have an iron and maybe the t shirt shrank a bit. But we don’t mind, do we? Very sexy walking around town like that!

  139. 139
    guinness-gonna post? Says:

    Game: 1. Pour melted chocolate (or fav topping) on red line.
    2. Eat chocolate (or fav topping) with fav tool.
    3. Enjoy.

    EAT PRAY LOVE!!!!!!

  140. 140
    Celia Says:

    Wow, just WAAAAAAOH!!! He’s f**king hot!

  141. 141
    guinness-gonna post? Says:

    HI DIH! Great wkend, thx. Alot of travel, found a new wine I love, alot of money spent, friend minor car crash in drvwy, alot of great weather, AND a new outfit–feel like the youngin’s–got some “cork” shoes, ripped jeanskirt, and those slinky spaghetti-stapped lace shirts… so I am happy. And its a monday!!! And all over the place (even my daughter’s new shirt) I found out Sats outfits are actually “in” but man, I DO NOT LIKE IT!!! My girls are learning me some new stuff in clothes… “no, you can’ t wear the skinny jeans. why momma? cuz ya got some major camel toe and ya look like you want money to look at ya! no, you can’t buy the ripped, off-balance t-shirt cuz it makes you look like an orphan from that movie “Annie”. and for gods sake, brush your hair.” I sound like my mother.

    anyhoo, thx. how was yours dih? any gin?

  142. 142
    PR Says:

    “Rip off his underwear and mount him”

    Well yes, that was the object of the exercise. Daniel knows the value of great pictures.

    Re: the necklace: “Yes we know he’s committed so let’s move on”

    There you go then. But it doesn’t seem to be that obvious to some.
    If everyone did, there would no need for gossip boards like this and some of the ‘amazing’ posts on here.
    Some people feed on speculation.,,20363861,00.html
    A little bit on Sam Taylor Wood and Aaron Johnson. Hey if they can make it, why not a couple who only have less than 10 years between them?

  143. 143
    Old Pics Says:
    Sarajevo 2005

  144. 144
    Old Pics Says:
    Tomb Raider Time

  145. 145
    Old Pics Says:

  146. 146
    ? Says:

    Can someone clarify:

    He wore a commitment ring for Heike but not Satsuki, instead he wears a necklace that can be hidden better??
    The bracelet that Satsuki gave him a couple of years ago with the Spinoza quote has gone. Where?
    It seems any ‘visible’ show of affection is now hidden.

    Is it to do with his fame and that any signs of such upsets his fans or what?
    If so, why does he pout his fans before Satsuki’s feelings?

  147. 147
    erica Says:

    Is he hiding a new hair color change under that beanie?

  148. 148
    erica Says:

    Is he hiding a hair color change under that beanie?

  149. 149
    to 148 Says:

    He looked as if he just has crawled out of the bed after a hot f.u.c.k.i.n.g. night with Satsuki. And when the hair is as long as his hair is right now for filming, it will looked a bit like a mess.
    GOSH, he’s a SEX GOD. I want to be her.

  150. 150
    justme Says:

    DAYUM! And I don’t even like DC.

  151. 151
    guinness Says:

    Yowza. zinger… thx satslvr. he looks as if he is holding something near and dear to him in the sarajevo pics…. yyyyum. “let me hold that for you Dan”. ohmygush.

  152. 152
    to pr Says:

    I don’t think he is that committed to her , he would not have taken the ring off, that should tell you something, The word I’m hearing is he is gently nudging her out the door. There won’t be a public announcement of any kind that they have spilt, but she will gradually fade out of the picture.

  153. 153
    151 & 152 Says:

    #151 “if he is holding something near”

    He’s protecting his own gush-hood from the woman on his right I think.

    #152 ‘I don’t think he is that committed to her , he would not have taken the ring off,’

    Well still speculation as to whether that was a set ring for Dream House. I heard that it was and this came from someone who acted with him in the film via another party. Therefore all of it is moot.

  154. 154
    to pr Says:

    well not if you take in to consideration he wore the ring in January before he started shooting the movie, people saw him wearing the ring in December in NY, I doubt that was a set ring at that point. he may have been given another ring to wear for the movie.

  155. 155
    to pr Says:

    so you got your info 3rd hand , not that reliable.

  156. 156
    re; ring Says:

    Actually it was. I was sent it from someone who saved it from a website before they deleted it?
    I guess this lady was asked about the ring.

    ‘yes its for the movie’
    Feb 26th

    Came from ‘SUPMON’ on Twitter. She appears in a few scenes with Daniel. She posted some pictures up on there too. After that I guess she got inundated with enquires about Daniel so she now locked her account.

  157. 157
    to pr Says:

    it sounds like a bs answer he gave so people would keep asking about his relationship..
    so this came from a website. well I have to question the info even more.

  158. 158
    re; ring Says:

    Yes not disagreeing with you.
    They could be two different rings but they looked the same.

    The point being, whatever these “two” rings were, he evidently is wearing only one for the movie and the “other’ one has now gone AWOL after the furor of wearing, whichever one it was, out in public.

    Very convoluted unless that was the intention.
    To confuse us with a set ring appearing from ‘on set pictures’ and his commitment ring. But moot again, as he isn’t wearing any ring off set anymore no matter what it was.

  159. 159
    to pr Says:

    correction, I meant so people would not keep asking about his relationship

  160. 160
    to pr Says:


  161. 161
    re; ring Says:

    You’re not following me.
    A person who asked this actress what the ring meant was answered on Twitter with that ‘yes its for the movie’ line.

    The answer from SUPMON then was posted on DtD I believe, then deleted soon after???
    However, a member there saved it and sent it to me.

  162. 162
    to 148 Says:


    He dyed his hair for the movie yes. There were pictures of him having it done.
    I think its just long and maybe sticking up all over the place so he feels the need for the hat.
    Probably had a food fight the night before. Sushi stuck in it or something.

  163. 163
    to 153 Says:

    @151 & 152:


    Love it. :)

  164. 164
    yuck smelly sats to 162 Says:

    yuck, thanks for that visual.
    as long as it wasnt anything belonging to sats.


  165. 165
    Brenda smith Says:

    So cool bond,

  166. 166
    lol Says:

    LOL, you know under the two smarty pants newspapers there lurks ‘The Sun’ or a dirty mag.

  167. 167
    Mendel Says:

    to DtM

    “get in line!”

    It’ll be a long queue *grin*

    to Guinness

    “OMYGUSHING womanhood. He is killer hot.”

    Welcome back, stranger! I see the pics are very much to your taste :)

    Love your captions!!!

    “Great wkend, thx. Alot of travel, found a new wine I love, alot of money spent, friend minor car crash in drvwy, alot of great weather, AND a new outfit–feel like the youngin’s”

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend! And then coming back to THOSE pics isn’t half bad either…

    to DiH

    “Looks like he does not have an iron and maybe the t shirt shrank a bit. But we don’t mind, do we?”

    Certainly, I don’t mind one bit. And who needs ironing anyway… ;)

    to Satslover

    thanks for the old pics! Always appreciated!

  168. 168
    Guinness Says:

    …very much to my “taste”… isn’t that hilarious friend, so true, so true? so many people love this look on him that I found it funny…I mean, he is a ga-zillionare and he wears this simple ensemble when he can wear the expensive ridiculous clothes that dont look good–he is awesome character… he is “classic”. what did you think?

  169. 169
    Mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    “I mean, he is a ga-zillionare and he wears this simple ensemble when he can wear the expensive ridiculous clothes that dont look good–he is awesome character… he is “classic”. what did you think?”

    Oh yes, I think he is quite down-to-earth. I also suspect that if you always have to dress up, you really really really enjoy the days when you can just run around as scruffy as you like!
    I wonder if he has the equivalent of ‘pyjama days’. But then would these be ‘commando days’ in his case? ;)

  170. 170
    Guinness Says:

    whoa–”commando days”. can you imagine? that would be spenderifically organismic! wow. like all day he would be commando… doing the dishes… washing clothes…. playing the piano… doing his pushups/yoga….reading the NYTIMES…. lying in bed…. fixing the garden gnomes with DTM…. and giving you advice on the way to line up the top of the frame on the wall to the ceiling mendel… all the while, commando. OHMYOHMYOHMYGUSH!!!

  171. 171
    Baby Morph Says:
    Daniel and Heike baby
    Daniel and Sats baby

    I think the Heike baby looks nicer.

  172. 172
    Mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    “giving you advice on the way to line up the top of the frame on the wall to the ceiling mendel… all the while, commando.”

    I’d ask him to stretch a bit, putting those pictures higher, all the while having a great view of his perfectly formed a*se…

    Nice! Very nice! Very very nice…


  173. 173
    Nekkid Says:

  174. 174
    Mendel Says:

    to ‘Nekkid’

    thanks very much for those cheeky pics :)
    Lovely to look at those pics and imagine Dan on a commando day!

    This is rather bland in comparison (but news on Cowboys and Aliens):

  175. 175
    to lol Says:

    please do your self a favor and get rid of your rose colored glasses. daniel and satsuki are in trouble, rumors go back further than 2008. another poster mentioned sandra bullock. understand, people knew about jesse and his girls on the side. the pr people were working overtime to make sure it did not become public until after the oscars were over. do you understand now??

  176. 176
    to nekkid Says:

    the only part of the movie I like

  177. 177
    to 102 Says:

    um, the fact that these are photo shopped surprises you? it happens all the time.

  178. 178
    to 177 Says:

    @to 102:

    Don’t start with the crap again.

  179. 179
    to phony jess #116 Says:

    I am calling you out about posting under MY screen name “jess” and that I have been here under that name since summer. I want to warn other posters on here and to let them know that whoever you are (and I think I know) that this is not the first time you have used people’s screen names and posted stuff on here to cause trouble for them. As long as you keep doing it I’m going to keep calling you out about it. And I don’t care that YOU don’t care. I’m doing this for the benefit of others, not YOU! Jerk.

  180. 180
    to 179 Says:

    @to phony jess #116:
    Well said and thank you for your warning about this. I am sorry that that nasty post 116 was attributed to you. Apparently #116′s comment was so negative, and received so many ‘thumbs down’ it was shaded out , although posters can still read it, but it is a really an ugly, disgusting comment to make about Daniel. I am glad you called that poster out.

  181. 181
    to 179/180 Says:

    It’s always amazing to see people apply double standards. Mr. Potatoe Head was the nickname, used by his school mates and friends when he was younger. Ok, it’s not nice, but kind of funny.
    But calling Satsuki golddigger, s.l.u.t and worse is ok for you.
    Hmm, tells me something about you.

  182. 182
    to 181 Says:

    @to 179/180:
    Daniel hated being called that name as a young boy and through his school years. Cruel and hateful, it really wrecked him, although it also probably made him much stronger in a lot of ways too. If it is being cruel and hateful to Daniel then nothing will ever justify calling him that.

  183. 183
    to 181 Says:

    @to 181:
    This JJ thread is about Daniel, not saltsuki, so she does not matter. JJ posts about Daniel Craig, not her. The fans are ‘Daniel Craig’ fans. She is not an actress or a movie star, JJ does not have threads about her, so she has no real, true relevancy here.

  184. 184
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @to 179/180:

    Hmm, tells me something about you.

    And all you get in return is a name you already have
    LOL LOL :-)

  185. 185
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @Fish & Chips:

    Sorry it was too easy I couldn’t resist :-)

  186. 186
    Fish & Chips Says:

    Would Jesse James and Tiger Woods have gone to rehab if they did not get caught?

  187. 187
    LOL Says:

    @to 181:
    and why the hell is almost every single thread dominated by posts about her? Seems to me as to many people she does indeed matter a lot. That’s really sad.

  188. 188
    Discussion Says:


    Someone perpetuates it! Most likely is is someone is interested in public opinion about her and keeps the discussion alive and her name out there. Publicity is publicity – doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad!

    Perhaps they think the more public she is the more likely she is to stay with him.

  189. 189
    LOL Says:

    what discussion? If you call that discussion what’s going on here, well then poor sod. I don’t like her, I don’t dislike her, but I’m bored by the bashing and it is very tiring to go through hundreds of posts to find one which is worth reading. And yes, I know it’s a trashy tabloid board and free speech and all bla, bla, bla but unfortunately JJ is the board with most and most recent pics of the sex god.
    And don’t tell me to go to DtD for pics and news, they demand registration and I don’t want to do that.

  190. 190
    Missing Says:

    I’m missing you handsome. Maybe when you have some free time again, you can get photographed with a shadow, which you know is my favorite. I still have the picture you sent me with that beautiful five o’clock shadow. Hope all is well with you. Best wishes love.

  191. 191
    to missing Says:

    No more shadows pics. He’s so old and ugly now, the sun is going to hide every time he’s showing his old craggy face to the sun.

  192. 192
    to 191 Says:

    hmm quite the contrary. The only reason why the sun might hide is that he’s sooooo hot the sun might fear to get burned.

  193. 193
    to191 Says:

    i think so too. everything happens for a reason, a fresh james bond would be better to watch … henry cavill, sam worthington!!-such a cutie

  194. 194
    to 191 Says:

    NO Sam Worthington, he can’t act at all. Wodden, uncharismatic.
    He’s a cutie though, but I don’t want a cutie as Bond. That would be the end of the franchise.

  195. 195
    to 193 Says:

    They have already failed. Babs doesn’t pick up the garbage thrown away. No more chance!

  196. 196
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @to missing:

    Do you have a relationship with Daniel or do you just think you do?

  197. 197
    DtM Says:

    OK, which ones is BIg Dan wearing..

    Just imagine Dan in a thong….

  198. 198
    Guinness Says:

    YUIKES DTM–thank you, good morning to you! those got my eyes open. And the thong model was really doing his job well… I feel like a bunch of men oogling their girly mags… its about time us girls get a chance. of course, we know just pics won’t do the trick…although imagining Dan in the thong 2Xist is fun. The rest look like the frisky stuff with faces on them… like an elephant trunk or horse face… i would draw something on the front with black permanent marker.

    Mendel: thx for the article last night… lets keep looking for those… I have seen Aliens(all 6 of them–was there 6), Predator(SCARED the crap outa me-awesome), and Encounters… great start of premise! Can’t wait to see this! who the hell was in predator–Baringer? gots to llook that up.

    that was weird jess–those that know knew it couldn’ t have been you. you go girl.

  199. 199
    Guinness Says:

    oops. Beringer was Sniper(another cool movie). Arnold was pred—there was the heart pounding scene when arnie was tracking the Pred in the rainforest or something & he didn’t know what he was tracking (cuz the predator was opaque when it wanted to be)–he passed a tree and the alien’s eyes opened on the tree as Arnie passed and it was totally blood curdling. AND Sigorny definitely battled those scary ones on her ship–I had nightmares for weeks of something coming out of my chest!! aaaahhh! So, Dan got his wish for Sci-fi. What other “medium” did he want to dominate (besides me, of course.)? He did Bond-which includes a chick-flick following(that is enough for a chick flick), he dominated Broadway, now he is dominating ANOHTER thriller/killer movie, he has sci-fi and will dominate in that… what do you think is left that he aspires to dominate? please not musicals… hopefully that fad will be over by the time Aliens and cowpeople are over!! AND NO Chick flicks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe back to his roots—London thespianism!!!!! Mendel–plan for a sleep over in 2011 from your peeps!!

    Someone might be smart and ask him that question when interviewing… your welcome. luckhee.

  200. 200
    Guinness Says:

    ah, fish & chips… i find “missing” to be quite creepy. stalker-like. anyhoo… forgot to post this….and just found out that Brody is doing a 3rd Predator… Arnie with a cameo. huh. whatever. 3-d is becoming popular-that could be kick-@ss!

  201. 201
    guinness Says:

  202. 202
    this board Says:

    I think the majority of people who post on here are mental and anything they say to be taken with a pinch of salt.
    Imagine defending the usage of a screen name used on here (Jess). Like who cares?
    This is an anonymous board after all and there is no copyright on what anyone posts under.

    F*cking insane.

  203. 203
    keira Says:

    And the connection between Keira and Rachel is?

    Both have now acted with Daniel.
    Keira appeared in Satsuki’s film.

    Anything else?

  204. 204
    DC's Surrey Home Says:

    Farnham, Surrey

  205. 205
    A Little Tongue Action Says:

    Daniel has a house outside Farnham, Surrey.

    Guess what, it’s just down for the town of “Tongham.”

  206. 206
    to pr Says:

    @ 04/25/2010 at 10:36 pm

    i think i know exactly what film you are talking about here. it’s no secret so i’ll just say it. the film, i believe, is Terms of Endearment with shirley maclean and debra winger. however, shirley won the oscar for best actress for the film. debra has been nominated for three oscars but has never won. i know a man who was working on the set of that film.

  207. 207
    No Plans for Marriage Says:

    So you see, just because the public think they are, they are not.

    Don’t read into what you see in pictures or rings on people’s fingers.

  208. 208
    to 204 & 205 Says:

    how much you want to bet that there are people sending messages to jared to delete your posts because in their minds you’ve given too much information.

  209. 209
    re: Farnham Says:

    You guys are so easy to f*ck with on here aren’t you?

    Firstly, I posted that as a wild guess as I saw someone from there post about Daniel elsewhere.
    So therefore, if it IS taken off then it IS the real place. So deletion defeats the object of security doesn’t it? So the “people” asking for it to be deleted should think about that one!

    Secondly, if it IS true, no specifics were given like the address.

    Thirdly, you really should worry about more important things than Daniel Bloody Craig.

    Proves my point about the majiroty of people on here who really should get a grip. Pathetic bunch.

  210. 210
    to 206 Says:

    you are right.

  211. 211
    Mendel Says:

    to DtM

    “OK, which ones is BIg Dan wearing..
    Just imagine Dan in a thong….”

    Thanks for the links! My imagination is working overdrive :)

    to Guinness

    “The rest look like the frisky stuff with faces on them… like an elephant trunk or horse face… i would draw something on the front with black permanent marker.”


    “that was weird jess–those that know knew it couldn’ t have been you. you go girl.”

    Exactly! You go girl!!!

    “What other “medium” did he want to dominate (besides me, of course.)?”

    Me :)

    (yes I know, I join the queue…)

    “Maybe back to his roots—London thespianism!!!!! Mendel–plan for a sleep over in 2011 from your peeps!!”

    Should I book a ticket to Mars? *grins*
    It would be though if Dan would be on the West End. But hopefully, he’ll be filming Bond in 2011… *crosses fingers*

  212. 212
    guinness Says:

    HI MENDEL!!!! I have been scouring the net cuz i can… I have another one after this…
    ah, who the *beep* is D.Dyer?

  213. 213
    guinness-open mindedness Says:

    Not really sure how I get to these places on the web.. but hey… if I can stay smarter than my girls until they graduate college–I will be lucky!!!!

    (read the first couple of comments on the voting DC or Grant! hysterical) Oh, and Dan always wins for me. damn straight.

  214. 214
    to 209 Says:

    so you posted the business about farnham just to mess with other people. well, good for you. now i bet you would like a gold star!!

  215. 215
    guinness Says:

    ah, is that where everyone is going? (to Mars). I thought we were building a boat… oh!! that was done already 2000 years ago–so some believe. ok. we shall go in a rocket this time. I get a seat next to DC, well, he’ll need to buy all of us tix. wth are we talking about? nice. I can’t wait to share a bar with you Mendel!! we too, would be arrested or yelled at to calm down in the Boob room. *giggle* ah, once again, not sure WHY we would be in the boob room…. ok back to DC

    am i able to post again yet>>>>>

  216. 216
    Mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    “who the *beep* is D.Dyer?”

    I didn’t know either, but here you go:

    “Oh, and Dan always wins for me. damn straight.”

    Yes, damn straight ;)

    Love the pics of both actually. And that site even has a few more Toronto pics than JJ. How can anybody look so good in the morning! At least with him you wouldn’t have to worry about beer goggles – he’d still be gorgeous the morning after!

    “I can’t wait to share a bar with you Mendel!!”

    Me too! It would be so class!

    “we too, would be arrested or yelled at to calm down in the Boob room. *giggle* ah, once again, not sure WHY we would be in the boob room….”

    Because we can! We wud bring da houz down!!!

  217. 217
    re: Farnham Says:

    No thanks. I see it’s still there though.
    Evidently not correct info.

    You guys need to get a grip about a man you don’t even know.

    Thumbs down me all you want.
    You’re all out of touch with reality.

  218. 218
    guinness Says:

    You righ’ bout dat homeslice!!! “because we can”….damn that is a hot answer!!!! (are you in my office or do I already know you… i will kick your @ss if I know you in real life and you are playin’ me!!! Funny.)

    Danny Dyer seems like a pretty cool cat. (a Squeeze fan perchance?)

    ON that website they did have a faster shutter going–they got more frames off than the average pap!!! yes, i wish i could do some photo story with them… just not that clever. ho hum. I just love that they shot his midsection!!!

    yes again! no goggles can make this man not hot for me either…. his hair tossled would just be more wonderful. wonder what breath he has? wouldnt’ care either….

  219. 219
    guinness Says:

    ooooo something to do for another hour at work!

  220. 220
    guinness Says:

  221. 221
    to 217 Says:

    no we don’t need to get a grip here. this is a public forum. we can say what we want when we want. if you have a problem you can always leave. as for giving you the thumbs down, honestly you’re not worth the effort. next!!!

  222. 222
    Mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    “re you in my office or do I already know you… i will kick your @ss if I know you in real life and you are playin’ me!!! Funny.)”

    Hahahaha, no, I’m not in your office, but we both have been on this forum for so long now, it seems like I do know you sometimes, or you know me! The Internet is a weird and wonderful place (and insane, too, lol)

    “i wish i could do some photo story with them…”

    Go for it! Think Obama: yes you can… :)

    “wonder what breath he has? wouldnt’ care either….”

    Roses? Beer and cigars more likely… *grin*
    (and some dodgy curry maybe…I better stop here…sometimes it’s best not to be too realistic…)

    He’s cool for cats. Coooool for cats!!!

  223. 223
    to 217 Says:

    @re: Farnham:

    I see the point in your experiment. Does show some strange afflictions on here.
    Makes me wonder why Daniel is so secretive about his private life, Satsuki must deal with a lot of psychos.

  224. 224
    guinness Says:

    i saw 10 minutes of avatar this weekend… sister has blu ray of it… but couldn’ t watch entire thing so had to leave!!! it had a Matrix type story to it that wasn’t reported anywhere. interesting.

    seriously getting pumped for C&A movie with Dan. Oh great. C&A sounds naughty. fun!!

    ~night… sweet Dan commando dreams!!! “ah, no Dan, the frame needs to go higher… little to the left, ok, now you–” this is you directing DC frame balance with the ceiling!!

    ah, yeah, its snowing. not kidding. fun ride home for me!!!!!!!

  225. 225
    Mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    “seriously getting pumped for C&A movie with Dan. Oh great. C&A sounds naughty. fun!!”

    I think C&A will be great! And yes, hopefully we’ll see some naughty bits ;)

    Is it really snowing? What a long winter this has been! We have Rain. Rain. Rain! Not quite a steady rain…

    Night night! Sweet commando Dan dreams!

  226. 226
    to 225 Says:


    I think Daniel will do a full frontal in c&a. I heard through the jungle drums.

  227. 227
    Fish & Chips Says:


    Oh you have to watch Avatar!!!! I didn’t care to see it myself but it was really good. It has every possible message you can think of. Sam Worthington was ok – not the best actor but the story is fantastic.

  228. 228
    guinness Says:

    cool-thx F&C! someone watching it told me that too! did you feel it had a matrix-type story in it when Sam would go into the bluewebbigeyed people world? it reminded me of the mad hatter Johnny Depp eyes. I cant wait to see it–it did look great. And Sam worthington can be better–correct. And he could be a Bond–he has the stature and the hair!!

  229. 229
    DtM Says:

    Hi all..
    My thoughts exactly…

    Sam Worthington as Bond?……Nah, not at the moment anyway, it would be a step back. His acting is mediocre (Clash of the Titans) and he lacks charisma. I hope DC gets the chance to do at least one more Bond and then maybe Sam might get another crack at it, second time lucky.

  230. 230
    to DtM Says:

    hahaha…Thx for the blog. That’s funny! Somehow my heart felt lighter.

  231. 231
    guinness-luv that blog Says:

    oh, great DTM…you found me!!! *kidding*

    I know! I know DTM—not for another 15-20 years for Sam…Dan will do it until then. there is no other-I had a temporary loss of Danness… sorry-it won’t happen again…for a few months…

    oh, yea. we got 4 inches of packed wet snow. surrounding mountains got a foot of snow, so i guess they are lucky. I guess we won’t have to mow our lawn until saturday. i got some mulch to do sat!!!!

  232. 232
    daniel is hot Says:

    “And he could be a Bond–he has the stature and the hair!!”, said Guinness. Did the snow do something to you? There is only one Bond and that is Daniel Craig! Do you have your Danness back? Go look at the picture with the bit of tummy hanging out and you will get it back. It is snowing here while I type so you are not the only one who has snow in APRIL! Good thing Toronto is 12 degrees or so. They should have filmed here – no need for fake snow if they wanted it in April.

  233. 233
    guinness-luv that blog Says:

  234. 234
    Mendel Says:

    to #226

    Hehehe, I hope those drums get louder…

    to Guinness

    “he could be a Bond–he has the stature and the hair!!”

    Who are you, and what have you done to Guinness???!!!

    to DtM

    Thanks for the blog – my sentiments exactly! I wonder if all the Dan fans would contribute to a whip round, would that solve the problem?

    “His acting is mediocre (Clash of the Titans) and he lacks charisma”

    Yes! Not Sam. No harm to the actor, but no.

    to Guinness

    “I had a temporary loss of Danness…”

    Shocking! Did you feel the shockwaves that went through all your peeps? ;)

    And follow DiH’s order quickly:

    “Do you have your Danness back? Go look at the picture with the bit of tummy hanging out and you will get it back.”

    Go on, Guinness, you will, you will, you will!

  235. 235
    Guinness Says:

    I got my Danness back! I drank him in and slurrrped his peek-a-button jeans. SORRY EVERYONE!! (are those zip or button???) My brain is frozen from the snow… but that “whip round” got my attention again!! yes, would that do the trick? Are you outa your VULCAN mind? oh, ya mean like a vote whip or money whip?, not with Dan. right? too bad. but I still have something fun in my mind…. along with the CandA drum beating rhythmically. wow. this thread is fuulll of friskiness!!!

    Seriously though, never ever saw Sam Worthington in ANYTHING–i was only commenting on his physique…which is indicative to a Bond character–wasn’t comparing with DAN ever ever ever. It was misunderstood and i don’t want to lose my credibility here in obsessing and drooling and writing funny things, and lusting and oogling and was he wearing the thong ones? and feeding the craziness here… so it won’t happen again–it wont it wont it wont.

  236. 236
    Mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    “I drank him in and slurrrped his peek-a-button jeans. SORRY EVERYONE!! (are those zip or button???)”

    HAHAHAHAHA! Not too sure about zip or button, but you gave me a good excuse to stare at his groin area (ok, I don’t need an excuse)…

    “but that “whip round” got my attention again!!”

    I thought it would *grin*

    Oh, ya mean like a vote whip or money whip?

    Money whip, but Dan might be open to all sorts of whip rounds ;)

    “I still have something fun in my mind…. along with the CandA drum beating rhythmically.”

    Do tell! Or rather…do :)

    “It was misunderstood and i don’t want to lose my credibility”

    Is your name Gordon Brown?

  237. 237
    :) How Very Dare he. Says:

    So that’s what Daniel had in his bag from Maison de la Presse in Yorkville.

  238. 238
    daniel is hot Says:

    Wow you had us worried there for awhile Guinness. As long as the Danness is back – all is ok in the world of DC.

  239. 239
    :) How Very Dare he. Says:

    Paying his newspaper bill.

    Plus Hot Muscle :)

  240. 240
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @:) How Very Dare he.:

    Hello Mr “How very dare he” – “-)

  241. 241
    Gina Girl Says:

    There is go! something new came here but it does not sound well.
    So producers are looking for brunette who would play in 23.Bond. probably will she play that character of a Afghanistan Bond girl? They are gonna shoot in Afghanistan, so here it is that they wanna some brunette. But you know I put bet on that writers and producers added Camille in their script and if I am really right so the Afghanistan will be the second girl, like was Solange or Strawberry.
    I would love some blondie in the next bondmovie.
    Isn’t our green-eyed lady also blond?
    The blond would look perfectly if she has green eyes and curly hair, and heir hair would be rather darker, beige, grey, gray, streaked with platinum ? ok, I leave this one, producers will pick someone who looklike Freida, more Afghanistan.

  242. 242
    Gina Says:

    Ahoy girls and boys,
    so what do we have new here?
    still no thread about 23.Bond shooting for this summer?
    hmm, it’s a question of next days, how MGM and Babs colluded.

    MGM stil is in trouble and it will take yet more time to overcome it like international financial crisis but I do personaly think if they really wanna make the bondmovie so money is no problem because there are people who are able to fund. Tony and Ridley Scott, Kavanaugh, that Russian oligarch and others who have money can help. If MGM will finally receive a final decision and receive a sum of money
    so we can see 23.Bond in November of 2010.
    I don’t know how about you but
    I have read some articles and many people in the film industry, fans, Daniel, and others can’t already wait for James Bond movie.
    It’s just about money that holds MGM away from James Bond but if they take the money from whoever so they can start working on movies.
    Their poblem is that they didn’t make movies last time and made no money, they need neccessarily come with making movies and money.
    Maybe coming news will be about that they still have problems with the money but one day that come with their final decision.

  243. 243
    to Gina Says:

    yes, one day, one day in 2011 LOL
    And no Bond in Afghanistan. Don’t know whether you are reading serious papers or only tabloids, but there is a war going on in A, so no filming there. They will find no assurance agency for that.

  244. 244
    Gina to 243 Says:

    to 243,
    Well, we’ll see then.
    if I’ll lose my bet so I steal Vodka from Daniel and get drunk like he does it every day. He said his breakfast contains Vodka.
    But I have to… say that I never lost my bet, really I did never. My friends and haters know it well and they already don’t bet with me because I always win.
    Maybe ONE DAY, ONE DAY I will lose and that would be interesting for me.
    if MGM wants to get out of crisis, they need act. They will do, Babs first started to act and showed at them her fist.
    I looked at pics with Daniel, he always put a look of sadness.
    I do not know what and why he still misses something.
    He’s got a “pretty” girlfriend, his millions lie on his bank account,
    his fast cars park in front of his house in Maida Vale and appartment in centre of the most expensive town London, N.Y., L.A., Italy…
    So what more he can wish?
    And what can Satsuki wish more?
    Hmm, we know answers, eh?
    Material stuff don’t make people happy.
    He wants change in his life and she wants a marriage and baby.

  245. 245
    Gina Says:

    I do not really believe that Daniel is 5 feet 10 in but “5 feet and 9 in.”
    No way Satsuki is 5 feet 7 in but ” 5 feet 2 in”.
    Daniel wears heels and the women who play next to him (Gemma, Caterina, Eva) are no giraffe.
    but Olga, Nicole and Cate are too tall and with their 3 in. heels looked taller than Daniel
    but Satsuki is not tall how she sometimes looks in some pics in which she wears 5-6 inch. heels.
    Here is the reality that she is a typical short Japanese

  246. 246
    to 244 Says:

    blah blah blah………….

  247. 247
    to 246 Says:

    bleh bleh bleh… ……………blecheche, you sour face.

  248. 248
    Gina Says:

    Oh, so they are looking for brunette and Rachel Weisz plays that character called Maria Fraudstein in the next Bond. Jamie Bell is friend with Daniel so no wonder if Daniel wanted him in the 23.Bond.

  249. 249
    Gina Says:

    Fans from imdb:
    “This takes more investment and the ‘delay’ has been caused in part by the MGM cashflow issue and the fact that new money needs to be found.”
    “Craig has got to be one of the most ethusiastic people when it comes to Bond, probably more than we are.

    “The real story is Craig knows it will stink and wants out. He was distancing himself from the last one in interviews, and judging by his recent decisions, is stalling and trying to get out of the next one. EON is full of pathetic excuses…they are hiding something.”

    “MGM refuses to sell Bond because without that bargaining chip, they’ll NEVER attract a buyer and will fold.”

    “Bond is currently frozen because of MGM – that’s all there is to it.”
    “Bond is the only thing that makes the studio any money, MGM will not sell its stake until Bond stops making money.”
    yeah, I agree, MGM MUST receive the money from oligarch or Scott or whoever and make money through movies if they wanna get out of crisis.

  250. 250
    guinness Says:

    are you misquoting something? where does it read that Dan knows it stinks and wants out?

  251. 251
    guinness Says:

    aaawww–BBF! Huge and DC. I can NOT believe they didn’t use the “dark smurf-peek-a-boo killer ab” picture!!!

  252. 252
    guinness Says:

    OH! someone blogging said that… I get it now… it wasn’t said by a legitimate source that actually interviewed DC, but it was an OPINION-which is what we type here…so ok. I really try not to read what you post, but that caught my eye…because I am back into my Danness. and Cate Tate is hilarious!! “hiding the sausage”… ah, yeah, that could mean so many things…. did the poster post it because they think dan is in the closet too? did they post it because Cate did a ditty with Dan? Did they post it because it is hilarious? did they post it because they want DC to hide the sausage with them? hhhhmmmm, questions for today. such quandries!!!

    hey! back to reality…. I think this band should DEFINITELY be doing something for the sound track for C&A!!!! (if demon teddy bears scare you, don’ t watch!!!)

  253. 253
    to Gina Says:

    seems as if you are really only active in posting b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t here, otherwise you would know that the Jamie Bell rumour was a BBBIIIIIGGGG hoax made up from one member of cbn.

  254. 254
    guinness Says:

    ok. since I have been tracking Dan for a year or so, I have found myself looking at acting parts for him and wondering how he would do in them. this happens of course, when i am daydreaming of his tiny shirts….this is insane because this is NOT my job!! anyhoo… I keep imagining him as a burly oil rig worker… (there was a movie a while back with this idea-have to research, cant remember name)…but this stuff is making its movie as it happens… someone messed up bad!!! the communities can be part of the story–the burly bars these guys hang in, the helicopter rides they take to the rig… (ah, I am available for job interviews..*sarcasm*) Dan is sooooo built like he could handle a huge pipe!!!!!'s_Most_Popular

  255. 255
    Tony nominee Says:

    Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play
    Daniel Craig, A Steady Rain
    Alfred Molina, Red
    Liev Schreiber, A View from the Bridge
    Christopher Walken, A Behanding in Spokane
    Denzel Washington, Fences

  256. 256
    guinness Says:

    oooo–what link please!!! eXCELLETN!!! ECXCELLENTASSS!! i can;’t type i am soo excited…

  257. 257
    guinness Says:

    hey, you can sign up!!!

  258. 258
    to Tony nominee Says:

    True? Where did you get the info?

  259. 259
    to 255 Says:


  260. 260
    to Tony nominee Says:

    it would be nice if daniel craig were nominated for a tony for his performance in “steady rain”. however his nomination, as well that of the other actors you’ve mentioned, is nothing more than a guess at this point. the 2010 Tony Award Nominations will not be announced until may 4th. so far as i know, no one except for a few people know who is on that list. somehow i doubt they would have told you or anyone else.

  261. 261
    TONY Says:

    It’s prediction not nomination.

  262. 262
    DtM Says:

    We will just have ti wait and see. its doubtful that he’ll win but I really do hope that he is nominated.

  263. 263
    to tony Says:

    predictions are fun. however, i just showed the predicted list of best actor nominations in a play to my friend’s mother here in new york. she has been working in theatre as a publicist for years. she knows all the critics personally. anyway, my friend’s mom took one look at daniel craig’s name and burst out laughing. she thinks it’s the funniest prediction yet. in her opinion, even if nominated daniel would stand absoultely no chance against the likes of Alfred Molina, Liev Schreiber, Christopher Walken, Denzel Washington, etc. ect.
    i totally disagree with her of course

  264. 264
    guinness Says:

    Thx DTM–that was a good read. the story of Steady Rain may not have been strong enough to really show what Dan can do. I think he should win the top award for “the actor who totally transformed himself indistinguishably unrecognizable on stage as compared with his “normal” self”. He changed his accent to american, but had to throw in a central USA accent on top of that (AMericans have trouble speaking “american” and differnet dialects)…He changed his facial features, and his garb… for his career. AND he did awesome on stage–one can tell he was “classically trained”.ABSOLUTELY would win a Tony with a different story. He deserves a Tony. However, how does a judge choose… cuz I know darn well Denzel is not a pushover as well as the David Letterman- lookalike-Jude the dude, as well as Chris Walken… and the other guys in for the running… (anyone see Sleepy Hollow??)
    ah oh. I think my Danness is fading again!!! AAAAhhhhh this is probably why I got kicked outa dat udder place. I better go look at his pic again…………………

  265. 265
    guinness Says:

    can one get a tat on their palm? freakina-hot here. love this suit. why does he wear the gray one all the time… why doesn’t he wear this?

  266. 266
    DTD Pic Says:

    Also new thread on Rachel, looks like she borrowed Sats’ boots.

  267. 267
    daniel is hot Says:

    Guinness I agree with what you said concerning Steady Rain. He deserves an award but may not get one. As you said the story was not strong enough. But you and I and lots of others were there watching him on stage (was not that the greatest day?) and he deserves all the awards he possibly could get, and more. In our opinion of course. Dannes back? Go look at him in his bathing suit or birthday suit – that will get it back.

  268. 268
    guinness Says:

    Hi DIH. thx 4 chking in! and giving me your thoughts–cheers. And we will carry that memory 4ever…that is pretty cool.
    watching Life Aquatic tonight… love this movie!! fantastic music, fantastic stoic cast… just brilliant. Hey–team Zissou wears a hat like DC! chking in Mendel?

  269. 269
    Mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    “chking in Mendel?”

    Just now. Watched the election debate tonight and then had a long debate about it with a friend. Nice to get away from politics and look at Dan :)

    “Did they post it because it is hilarious? did they post it because they want DC to hide the sausage with them?”


    “I think this band should DEFINITELY be doing something for the sound track for C&A!!!!”

    I remember a London radio had a facebook campaign running before QoS, saying that Muse should do the next Bond song. I wasn’t convinced at the time, but their last album made me change my mind: definitely!

    to DtM

    Thanks for the link – I’d love to see Dan win a Tony, but yes, even a nomination would be great! From what people were saying (here and on blogs, etc), Dan gave a great performance in Steady Rain, and thus should be acknowledged.

    to Guinness

    “I think my Danness is fading again!!!”

    What is happening to Guinness? Have the aliens from C & A landed outside Guinness’ house and taken her away???
    Mind you, she still does great captions ;)

  270. 270
    No More Hiding the Sausage Says:

    Deadly sausage from a fish and chips shop.

  271. 271
    No More Hiding the Sausage Says:

    It was ruled Death by Misadventure.

    Well I find that impertinent. How very dare they.

  272. 272
    Fish & Chips Says:

    @No More Hiding the Sausage:

    Oh dear! That is horrible.

    Does that mean I should not use the name Fish n Chips anymore?

  273. 273
    No More Hiding the Sausage Says:

    Well if you’re flogging dodgy sausages, I think that might be best.


  274. 274
    No More Hiding the Sausage Says:

    @to 225:

    Why the thumbs down? :0
    Lot of cynics on here aren’t there?

  275. 275

    Women are like phones:
    They like to be held, talked to, and touched often.
    But push the wrong button and your ass is disconnected.

  276. 276
    Gina to 253 Says:

    Very informative.
    you are a nut as usual.
    I think, for example, Cam Gigandet is more handsome than Jamie Bell. just opinion. if there was there rumour about Gigandet for 23.Bond I would not protest against it and would love to believe it.
    why not, like someone else would love see Maggie Q in some part in 23.Bond.
    some fans wanna Blofeld back in the bondmovie, me too, but it seems that Maria Freudstein will be there. rumour? very probably she gets a job and plays that Mrs Freudstein. hmmm, being friend with Daniel is sort of privilegium and you can get a job. Nepotism in the film industry is a normal and usual thing. Here is Craig Mitchell gift.
    and rumour uses to be a half truth “sometimes.”
    Jamie rings Bell…

  277. 277
    Gina Says:

    In my post 245 I said I think Daniel is tall 5ft 9 in and most posters disagreed when they sent 12 negative votes. it’s okay to have a different opinion but now look what said other posters:
    “Well, I’m surprised. Craig looks no taller than 1.75m (5’9”) in that picture with Jackman.”

    “Put simply, there is no way Craig could put up a good fight against Kidman, especially when she’s in heels, if he was 5’8/5’9.”

    “I saw daniel at 007 premiere in Madrid about 5’6 surprinsingly skinny a tiny tiny guy no muscles in sight he was wearing a suit he looked really small I was shock and I saw him right next to me Im 5’7.”

    “Hollywood is full of very very short people. I’m a woman and I’m a 173 cm tall, if i come their i would be one of the tallest pople there.”

    “Yeah that photo with Hugh Jackman he looks more like a 5’9″ er. There’s Hugh on the right looking like your classic 6’2″ Bond and then there’s Craig look nothing like Bond and sporting a rather old fashioned moustache. I can’t believe how much women rave over Daniel Craig. Craig would make a good Bourne but I dislike him as Bond. I prefer Bond to be tall, dark, charming with a ruthless dark side above anything else, exactly like Connery was. All Craig has is the cold ruthless killer to him, he lacks the charm, looks and presence of a man like Connery who had everything going for him as Bond. Bond is supposed to have an element of tongue in cheek and charm. Brosnan was the complete opposite to Craig and had too much of it but was lacking in the ruthless killer department. I think all the Bonds have had their strengths, Moore was a little silly but entertaining to watch. Dalton I thought was excellent as Bond but too serious. Connery in my view was easily the best Bond and had the perfect balance of the required traits.”

    “5’10 sounds right. Above average and a fine height for a spy agent I might add :D”
    “I just saw both Hugh and Daniel up close in the play “A Steady Rain” and I would estimate Hugh to be 6 ft 2 in. and Daniel at 5 ft 10 in. Hugh is long and lean while Daniel is a bit stocky (not fat, just a big ribcage) in the upper body so even if they were not standing beside each other, Hugh really does appear tall and Daniel nowhere close to 6 ft.”
    “He NEVER looks 6 feet tall — well, maybe in a shot taken from a distance with no one else around. He is not tall and is sensitive about his height. Frankly, I doubt Hugh Jackman is even 6’2″ but if he were standing side by side to Daniel, Daniel would look even shorter not taller.”

    “rising force . . that isn’t much of a camera advantage at all. I have my doubts that hugh is 6’2″ which means Dan is really short (and petite).”

    “I concluded with myself at least he is about 5ft 9 now and was close to 5ft 10 when younger. He’s over 40 now guys. Shrinkage kicks in.”

    “I’m a film reporter and have met Daniel Craig on several occasions. I’m 5’11″ and, while his height has fluctuated a little bit, he’s still about the same height as me. The very shortest he probably would be is 5’10″.”

    “Harry, do you just ignore the photos of Craig with Zwick?”

    “Jay’s posts and images of DC standing next to Zwick are rather concrete evidence that DC is 5’9 tops, imo.”

    “The pics of Craig standing next to Zwick are very telling, he’s 5’9. He’s a known and consistent wearer of lifts, that’s how he looks 5’11 next to Winslet, for example.”

    “Even in the pics where’s he’s wearing a suit he looks 5’9. You can only look taller if the camera angle assists, or you’re wearing lifts.”

    “I still can’t see him above 5ft 9 without assistance. ”

    “Yeah, Craig is 5’8″….if you downgrade Arterton’s actual height of 5’7″ to 5’4″. ”
    “Craig is wearing height boosters in the photo. Previously he was shorter than Sam Mendes’ 5ft 10 and closer to Winslet
    You just can’t pretend to ignore his height next to Zwick’s confirmed 5ft 7 and Arterton’s proven 5ft 4.”

    “5’6 Kate Winslet with Craig
    If Kate is wearing flats (which I doubt) Craig is 5’9.”

    “Not ridiculous at all. It is easy to see that compared to Arterton that Craig is the same height in dress shoes as Mackenzie Crook is in Converse. It’s impossible to ignore this or that he is not much taller than Tom Cruise and Edward Zwick when footwear and time of day isthe same. 5ft 10 is impossible. 5ft 9 as a barefoot morning height is possible.”

    “looks 5’11 in casino royale, 5’9 in quantum of solace, 6’2 with jude law and 5’8 with edward zwick. has he got hydrolic legs or something?”

  278. 278
    Gina Says:

    My the same opinion is that Daniel is tall 5 ft 9 in.

  279. 279
    Gina Says:

    “Here is some more confusion to get your mind buzzing. Daniel Craig looking 5ft 8 with Edward Zwick who is 5ft 7!!”
    If I am right so Satsuki is 5ft’ 2 in. and when she wears 5 inch. high heels so she is 5’7 and just under Daniel’s height as we see in pics.

  280. 280
    to Gina Says:

    Is it important so much?

  281. 281
    Gina Says:

  282. 282
    to 280 Says:

    not much so.
    just I agree that Daniel is 175 cm and Satsuki can be 157 cm tall, with heels 170 cm. My opinion it’s not important but post about his tall or ass or shirt doesn’t kill you too much, eh?
    Little Danny Craig is a great Bond though and little Danny DeVito is a great actor and a person.

  283. 283
    Gina Says:

    Hmmm, Satsuki wore gigantic 6 1/5 inches heels…. and she’s still under Daniel.
    no way as one poster said she is 5’7″ without heels.
    She’s one little Japanese who lies about her age, height and tries so hard look European.

  284. 284
    Gina Says:


  285. 285
    me Says:

    Satsuki stood next to me at ASR and she didn’t wore high heels. Same height as me which is 5.4.
    Unfortunately I have a few kilos more, though.

  286. 286
    to Gina Says:

    I can’t trust your analysis at all. It was proved by silly talk of your Bond 23.

  287. 287
    DtM Says:

    We all know that Daniel is under 6ft tall.
    Compare his height in this photo taken with George Clooney and Mel Gibson. According to Imdb George is 5ft 11 (1.80) and Mel is just under 5ft 10 (1.77). DC def looks as tall as George and def. taller than Mel!

  288. 288
    London Says:

    Is Daniel in UK? DtM? Mendel?

  289. 289
    DtM Says:

    To London……I saw that on twitter and wondered the same thing.
    Dream House was origally scheduled to finish end April so it is possible. You know what these twitter sightings are like though, half the time they’re not accurate.

  290. 290
    Mrs Prickles Says:


    How is it that you all find the time to write such looooooooog passages?

  291. 291
    Whoppi Cakes Says:


    Bye Daniel….Hope you enjoyed Toronto.

  292. 292
    to Mrs Prickles Says:

    well I assume no real life …..
    and a very unhealthy obsession about Daniel, maybe madly in love with the man and sooooo jealous that she will never ever get the chance to kiss the ground he’s walking on, hence the long silly rantings. If you have fans like that you certainly need no enemies.

  293. 293
    Mrs Prickles Says:

    @to Mrs Prickles:

    That’s scary….stalker!!!

  294. 294
    to the board Says:

    Ignore Gina. By talking to her you are feeding her ego.

    No-one else fault she is posting continually, but your own.
    These threads have been through so much and by now haven’t you all learned that valuable lesson?

    I see some haven’t.

  295. 295
    still in canada? Says:

  296. 296
    J Says:


  297. 297
    Mendel Says:

    to DtM

    yes, I agree with you on the inaccuracies of twitter sightings. It is possible that Dan is back in the UK, but then this other twitter sighting says he’s still in Canada, which seems more likely.

    The folks at Cupcake Emporium don’t sound like they are making celebrity sightings up (they just tweet about their delicious cakes and make me terribly peckish), but maybe they made a mistake (how could they though???)

    Guinness, are you away partying again you naughty thing? I’m just in…

  298. 298
    Q of Souless Says:

  299. 299



  300. 300
    Halle and Gabries - Split Says:

    Well now we know who was next!

  301. 301
    Guinness Says:

    …”just in” means? that you are not in gaol? or goal or jail? good 4 you wise @ss!! so, nothing noteworthy today??

  302. 302
    Mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    No, nothing noteworthy so far – just politics, politics, politics…

    And I got home nice and safely…behaved myself, just mouthed off about politics, so no gaol for me :)

  303. 303
    Guinness Says:

    wow. sounds like you had a safe night!! and u think DC is still over here? there may be a chance he visits before C & A? i don’t pay attention to his schedule…barely keep mine every day. NPR did a tally of voters on their BBC show and it sounds as if there are not a lot of people who are voting in your country this year!! or they don’t understand… sounds like here. i tend to get a lot HOT HEADED when it comes to politics…and forget everyone should NOT think the same way I do.
    oh crap. we are watching the end of Life Aquatic and both my girls (6 & 8yrs old) started singing David Bowie Ziggy Stardust (for you youngins) and i just fell off my chair. it seems my Dan has that cd in his car playing for them. cool.

    I am getting Dan anxious… I want new pictures. every day. of his small t-shirt. tomorrow.

  304. 304
    Mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    “i don’t pay attention to his schedule…barely keep mine every day.”

    Hahahaha, that sounds really familiar…
    Luckily for Dan, he probably has staff who organise his schedule!

    “it sounds as if there are not a lot of people who are voting in your country this year!!”

    I’ve heard the opposite – lots of voters registered for the first time. Of course, it depends if they turn out on polling day or not. But I think because it will be such a close race, more people will actually vote this time.

    “i tend to get a lot HOT HEADED when it comes to politics…”

    So do I! Once I get started, I am hard to shut up, lol.

    “I am getting Dan anxious… I want new pictures. every day. of his small t-shirt. tomorrow.”

    Yay! Your Danness is back!!!

  305. 305
    daniel is hot Says:

    Yay! Your Danness is back!!!, says Mendel. I second that. Now don’t loose it. I am “just in” too and have tired feet. Think I will go and have something with gin in it. Join me girls? Yes we want new pictures of Dan the man – tomorrow would be good. Let’s see if he is still in Toronto or London?

  306. 306
    I Says:

    always wondered what the real and USEFUL benefit of those thumb ups/downs is, I just found out. They make the stupid Gina post sooooo small that you don’t have to scroll through tons of her brain **** any longer.

  307. 307
    Missing Says:

    I just saw listened to the song you left for me, and I looked up the lyrics:
    you say that i am too
    so much of what you say is true
    i’ll never find someone
    quite like you
    i’ll never find someone
    quite like you like you
    the razors and the dying roses
    plead i don’t leave you alone
    the demi-gods and
    hungry ghosts
    god, god knows i’m not at home
    i’ll never find someone
    quite like you
    i’ll never find someone
    quite like you
    i looked into your eyes and
    saw a world that does not exist
    i looked into your eyes and
    saw a world i wish i was in
    i’ll never find someone
    quite as touched as you
    i’ll never love someone
    quite the way
    that i loved you
    I feel the same way about you. I can’t tell you how much I miss you.
    This week has been extraordinary, the spa is almost finished; we’re opening next Wednesday. Finally, after six months of construction and half a mil later we’re finally done lol It’s absolutely gorgeous, a true luxury salon and day spa. The tile and marble is all from Italy and the fountain in the lobby is from France. It’s gorgeous. We finally decided on the chef today and gave him the good news. In three weeks we meet with the designing firm to begin the plans for the LA spa which we hope to have open by spring 2011.
    I miss you and thank you for the song handsome.

  308. 308
    To Mark Says:


    I guess I am not the only one!

  309. 309
    DtM Says:

    Bond on a budget….some are quite funny..

  310. 310
    Mendel Says:

    to DiH

    ‘Think I will go and have something with gin in it. Join me girls?’

    Sure! I’ll pass on the gin though…not too sure what I want…

    to DtM

    Hahaha, some are very funny. I liked ‘Bingo Royale’, ‘Lunch at Tesco’s’ and the Dan pic with the Next tag on, lol.

    Hi Guinness, having fun?

  311. 311
    Naruto AMV - (Sasuke Touched) Says:


    LOL The Youtube vide is called Sasuke – how ironic LOL

  312. 312
    to 309 Says:

    you’re right; bond on a budget is funny. but given the financial mess that mgm is in i wonder if they aren’t seriously thinking that bond can be made on a limited budget.

  313. 313
    Guinness Says:

    ooooww. body hurts. gardening, exercise, swimming in the lake- not kidding. 80 degrees the last 2 days! damn straight having fun in the sun–thx cloud-cover voter gurl!! I am glad to hear there are more voters expected… it is awful not to vote when people are k ille d for Voting in some areas of the globe. and nothing can get them to vote…sometimes… maybe if you have an african man run for PM????
    you already got a brilliant female…
    maybe Dan got some sun in Toronto or Florida or PEI or mexico or Arizona where ever he is! invisibility cloak activate!!

    how was the hairspray you two? I gotto get some corona carbs in or won’t be walking tomorrow!! I can’t get the vid–but it sounds like i would love it… cheers…..

  314. 314
    Mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    “ooooww. body hurts. gardening, exercise, swimming in the lake- not kidding. 80 degrees the last 2 days! damn straight having fun in the sun”

    Owwww, body hurts from the cold! Was out today, and freezing in this weather! No fun in the wind and rain :(

    “maybe Dan got some sun in Toronto or Florida or PEI or mexico or Arizona where ever he is!”

    Yeah, he’ll get sun anywhere but here…

    “am glad to hear there are more voters expected… it is awful not to vote when people are k ille d for Voting in some areas of the globe. and nothing can get them to vote”

    Exactly! That’s what I tell people all the time. Also, when women say that they won’t vote, I remind them how bl–dy hard their great- (or great-great) grandmothers fought to get the vote! Never forget!

    “how was the hairspray you two?”

    A good weekend was had…except for the weather today!

  315. 315
    daniel is hot Says:

    The hairspray (I mean gin) was great thank you and our weather is between the sun and swimming and the cold and freezing. By twitter accounts, it sounds like Daniel is still in Toronto – but who knows? His invisibility cloak is activated. It is the same here with the voting, about 40% vote, not good at all. Let’s vote for Daniel – King of the World!

  316. 316
    Toothbrush Says:

    Does anyone know the colour of Daniel’s toothbrush?

  317. 317
    Save James Bond Says:

  318. 318
    to 316 Says:

    no, but I can tell you the colour of his condoms

  319. 319
    Toothbrush Says:

    @to 316:

    Not interested in those just the toothbrush.

  320. 320
    to 318 Says:

    I’m interested. what color are they?

  321. 321
    Re Condoms Says:

    @to 318:

    He doesn’t use any!!!!!!! He doesn’t have to anymore.

  322. 322
    to 322 Says:

    Have seen that *****? he better, if knows what good for him!
    and you must be from DTD, living in fairytale land.

  323. 323
    Re Condoms Says:

    @to 322:

    I think he as been with Sats long enough not to have to use condoms anymore. I am not the one in denial here.

  324. 324
    to 323 Says:

    you are, if you think that these 2 are going to stay together, the word is he is pushing her out the door. and I doubt if you have any idea what he using, or not using.

  325. 325
    to 323 Says:

    I think? that proves you don’t know. do yourself a favor get the facts before you post bs fantasy.

  326. 326
    Toothbrush Says:

    @to 316:

    If you not that then you must know the colour of his toothbrush.

  327. 327
    to 325 Says:

    well same to you as you don’t know the facts either LOL

  328. 328
    Toothbrush Says:

    Has Daniel left Toronto yet?

  329. 329
    to 328 Says:


  330. 330
    to328 Says:

    does it get more detailed-_-

  331. 331
    to 330 Says:

    still filming, some sightings according to twitter but as long as there are no piccies it can all be made up like many of this tweets

  332. 332
    to 286 Says:

    I can’t trust your analysis at all. It was proved by silly talk of your Bond 23.
    I have my own point of view on things and because I take it from good path I won all of my bets.
    You aren’t obliged to trust my bets so take it calmly. What I said about 23.Bond thing, it’s just another my bet.
    Silly talk and my analysis? ok, call it as you like, I proved several times that what I said, it turned to the way as said and bet. I put bets and in every case I won my bet.
    you all were against all things I said and you believed in crash of MGM
    and now nobody believes in 23.Bond movie for shooting this year.
    I am positive like Daniel and people in the film industry believe and hope that 23.Bond will start filming soon. MGM can’t find a buyer and the only thing they can do, it’s start out working. Nothing more they can do than this: make 23.Bond. just wait for news coming next days and you will ask why I always win my bets. Just wait and see.

  333. 333
    to 290 Says:

    How is it that you all find the time to write such looooooooog passages?
    well, I looooooooooove writing.
    And you?
    Where you actually take time to be on this place like JJ’s board?
    Hmmmm? How actually you take time to write here too? Hm?
    But I answer your question. I work in an office and it’s no problem to surf on the Internet sometimes.
    Now reply you but I don’t care if you go to school or bring Coca Cola and hamburger. Have a nice day, sometimes I come back and I write more longer passages.

  334. 334
    to 332 Says:

    I bet you are deranged

  335. 335
    to 334 Says:

    no, not deranged, S.L.U.T is on crack

  336. 336
    to 334 Says:

    I bet 100% that you are deranged.
    and because I always win, you are deranged.

  337. 337
    to 335 Says:

    only people from ghetto and slum talk this way like you.

  338. 338
    to 337 Says:

    Oh, Gina…You’ve shown your true colours. Shame on you!

  339. 339
    Daniel is in NY? Says:

  340. 340
    More Dan in NY! Says:

    He will be attending the Metropolitan Institute Costume Gala tonight as a guest of Burberry.
    Apparently he will be hosting the Burberry table with Christopher Bailey, Emma Watson, Claire Danes, Edward Norton & Hugh Dancy!

    I have no doubt he and Satsuki will look spectacular.

  341. 341
    to340 Says:

    where can i read the guest list? please answer!

  342. 342
    guinness Says:

    ooooo–booberry!!! yes, please. and lots of it!!!!
    Hi friends of guinness… have a nice day…it will be fun if this twitterrumor is real!!!!! hhmmm… I like him better with TOM.

  343. 343
    chaz Says:

    Just an observation from someone who reads many many gossip sites and various other boards.

    Not too sure that you all realize how low JJ is on the rung?
    Now I am not going to throw names around as to what I think of people who post on such sites, as I am posting myself, but if anyone on here thinks that anyone in the industry takes note of what is posted on JJ, then you are all mistaken.

    I can simplify this board very quickly. What I see are maybe max 5 regular posters on here. Two or three have conversations with each other, the rest seem to post against each other under different names) to create a conversation. Oldest trick.
    It makes them appear that someone is interested in the them therefore validating their points.

    Now once in awhile someone, who may not have nothing better to do, will post an observation that may hit near home but this thread has become a cesspit over the years of absolute b.s, that no-one would believe it anyway.

    So this board in general has become what the posters are.

    Now as for Daniel and Satsuki themselves, I haven’t a clue but I have not heard anything about them, which in this business means nothing is happening.
    Now the retaliations will be, it’s all a show etc etc., I don’t know and yes, things do happen like that, but do realize that anything posted on here is considered below trash and is taken as such by the industry.
    Freedom of Speech may prevail but not all of it is worthwhile.

  344. 344
    to more dan in NY Says:

    I have no doubt he and Satsuki will look spectacular.

    you’re right, dan will look spectacular, however, satsuki will look a mess as per usual. this girl obviously has no idea what a stylist is or ever does.

  345. 345
    to chaz Says:

    well, thank you for your opinion of those of us on this board. just for the record, because you, personally, have not heard anything about daniel and satsuki does not mean that other people have not. do you understand what i’m saying here or do i need to draw you a picture??

  346. 346
    Mendel Says:

    to Guinness

    “Hi friends of guinness… have a nice day…

    Hi Guinness, have a good day, too! Mine was great!

    I checked out the Metropolitan Institute Costume Gala:{32D789A2-4C41-4146-BA91-1F1A6AE0AF98}

  347. 347
    Mendel Says:

    Looks like the link is to long for JJ, but it works when you paste it into your browser.

    Here’s another article related to the Gala event. Now if Dan is attending the events, there will be pics tomorrow:

    Log on to the Telegraph’s fashion site on Tuesday, May 4th for a “Who Wore What” gallery from the Gala Night .

  348. 348
    Fish n Chips Says:


    The ROM here in Toronto held a similar event several years ago. I always remember there was a white gown designed by Charles James (Who is a designer’s designer.) The dress weighed about 40lbs and was bridal-like but my gosh it was stunning!!!! One of those dresses that a woman will never forget! I must have stared at the gown for over an hour. I didn’t meet any movie stars though.

  349. 349
    re chaz Says:

    well you may not have heard anything, but the talk is getting louder.(daniel & GF) maybe you should talk to some other people,
    just a thought.

  350. 350
    re chaz Says:

    you must be a true DTD fanatic,. if you don’t care and you think no one in the industry is paying attention , then there is no reason for you to post anything on this board. it must be getting to you.

  351. 351
    to 349 Says:

    don’t you know that this chaz’s opinion is the only one that counts!!!!

  352. 352
    to chaz Says:

    so, nothing is happening with daniel craig; nothing at all. and you know this for a fact. so tell, oh wise one, how is it you missed that daniel has been named one of the most beautiful by people magazine. obviously, you’re not as knowledgeable as you thought you were.

  353. 353
    to 351 Says:

    Oh, that’s right, my mistake.
    these DTD just won’t give up.

  354. 354
    to chaz Says:

    if you need to look up the people site

  355. 355
    chaz to 352 Says:

    I meant in his relationship.

  356. 356
    to chaz Says:

    @chaz to 352:

    What do you mean by “nothing”? If nothing is happening it could mean things are stable or not moving forward. or he is bored or he is happy. Which is it if you know.

  357. 357
    chaz Says:

    Once again, I prove the level of mentality on this board.
    No I am not from there but see the element that posts on here.

    I don’t care what happens to Daniel or Satsuki because their lives don’t affect me like some people.

    All I see on here are people who think their posts are worth anything to those people and whether they affect them.

    They do not.

    No-one takes any notice of this site. But you all do a fair job of justification.

  358. 358
    chaz Says:

    Dears, ask anyone in the entertainment media business what they think of this site, if ever they had heard of it, you will get your answer.


  359. 359
    chaz Says:

    You know I can post over and over and over again like the rest of you.
    Or I’ll post against myself to spark some interest.

    BTW, the only door Daniel is “pushing” Satsuki out of is a limo and that is too step onto the red carpet.

  360. 360
    chaz Says:

    Nothing means nothing. They aren’t splitting, they are just go about their business as a couple.
    That’s what is meant by ‘nothing’ in the business.
    Them attending the biggest event in the social calender is a surprise though.

  361. 361
    sienna and jude at the met bal Says:

  362. 362
    to chaz Says:

    their lives don’t affect you; how nice to know. now be a good little troll and go away

  363. 363
    Guinness Says:

    Well, I guess I am saying hi to myself and the other 2 posters here…or 3, I really couldn’t follow how many people were actually in part of the explanation. looking forward to any pictures from the Gala… wonder if he really is going. and why? it is for advert purposes? for the enlightenment of women or something interestng it read…ah, huh. riiiiight.did he sign something with booberry? I know i see Emma in some serious shots in the NYtimes… but none with Dan-unless he wants more premeire clothes, right? or s ats needs more… i hope they have a gray ole time!! and he wears something other than gray. and everyone wishes the happy couple Ju-sienna dont we??? (ah, you can have those 2 back Mendel & DTM. Dan can stay all he wants…even if he has to marry an american some day.) heehee hee.

    ciao. sweet dan dreamms ma’ ladies!!

  364. 364
    Wife Says:

    It was no surprise that Burberry darlings Emma Watson and Claire Danes were outfitted in custom-designed gowns created by the Brit labels Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey. The beauties (Claire’s plus one was hubby Hugh Dancy, who also rocked Burberry!) also sat at his dinner table, along with Daniel Craig and his wife Satsuki Mitchell, Edward Norton and famed photographer Mario Testino.

  365. 365
    to the board Says:

    just ignore chaz. eventually he/she will get bored talking to him/herself and leave.

  366. 366
    to wife Says:

    they’ve listed satsuki as daniel’s wife. gotta wonder how long it will be before someone in his camp comes forward and denies a marriage took place again.

  367. 367
    to 365 Says:

    Like you you mean? All I can see on here are troublemaking psychos.

    Get real people. Daniel and Satsuki DONT CARE what you pee-ons think.
    Get it?

    They BOTH don’t give a ****. Yes, your golden couple.
    LOL. Have a great time knowing that they are having an even better one tonight.

    Call me all the names you want but the truth always gets a reaction.

  368. 368
    new pictures Says:

    so when do we get to see the pictures of daniel and satsuki at the met ball

  369. 369
    Pathetic Says:

    I see Wannabe is alive and well and trying to heroically to stick up for Daniel and Sats again buy calling everyone else a troll.
    Mirroring again are we?

    LOL, the psychosis on here knows no bounds.

  370. 370
    Fish N Chips Says:


    That is not a shocker! If it hasn’t happened its just a matter of time

  371. 371
    to 367 Says:

    you’re not fooling anyone, we all know who you really are. nice try though!!!

  372. 372
    re: 366 Says:

    @to wife:

    A source denied marriage once.
    They will not comment on it again.

  373. 373
    to 369 Says:

    stop behaving like a supercilious twit. for the record i am not wannabe but i have no doubt that you are.

  374. 374
    to 372 Says:

    well if it hits the regular news media like the last time then his people may have no choice but to comment again.

  375. 375
    daniel and sats Says:

  376. 376
    to 375 Says:

    thanks for the pictures. daniel looks wonderful. i’m not so sure i like satsuki’s dress. my first thought was that if she leans over the world will get another look at her assets.

  377. 377
    bland Says:

    She is wearing strapless as Daniel likes her to wear those.
    But not very adventurous for her. I was expecting to see something more daring in her dress and hair.
    Plus he has his haircut.

  378. 378
    He looks miserable Says:

    @to 375:

    She looks nice and her ring is in clear view

  379. 379
    beautiful Says:

    they look beautiful together, so happy and contented.
    i wish they would get going on having babies. sats is looking a little bigger overall which is nice a she got two thin.
    he looks exhausted but happy.
    is he wearing his ring?

  380. 380
    beautiful Says:

    strange how satsuki and sienna wore the exact shade of blue but sienna was far more sexy!

  381. 381
    Sienna nailed it Says:


  382. 382
    to 378 Says:

    she has been wearing that ring for a long time now; it’s nothing new. it does not, however, mean that they are married.

  383. 383
    to 382 Says:

    @to 378:

    I think the poster meant HIS wedding ring.
    Get with it we all know what her two rings mean. Both engagement and band.

  384. 384
    to 379 Says:

    i think it’s the style of the dress that makes her look a little bigger. i just blew up the picture; her hips, waist and bust look the same size as before.

  385. 385
    Well Ok Says:

    Dan, give us a smile. Just an itsy, bitsy tinee, winee smile. Come on, you have life by the balls. Get happy. If you are feel’n it on the inside, show it on the outside.

  386. 386
    Sats and Sienna Says:

    @Sienna nailed it:

    I wonder if they all chatted and if they speak to each other now?

  387. 387
    to 383 Says:

    his wedding ring? it’s the commitment ring again. wearing it to make her happy.

  388. 388
    to bland Says:

    not only does daniel like strapless dresses on satsuki but he also loves her long hair. i think she wears it that style to please him.

  389. 389
    Sats and Sienna Says:

    @to bland:

    And you know this how?

  390. 390
    to sats and sienna Says:

    i said ” i THINK she wears it that style to please him” do you not understand that the word “think” is a qualifying word? it does not mean that one knows for sure. this is not difficult to understand

  391. 391
    new thread Says:

  392. 392
    new thread Says:

  393. 393
    to 390 Says:

    @to sats and sienna:

    Stop being patronizing.

  394. 394
    men's underwear Says:

    Looks like he is wearing a pair of these 2(x)ist underwear:

    If anyone wants to get the same


  395. 395
    James Says:

    Honestly I hope no-one answers you after me, as your point is tragically psychotic and seemingly to derail the thread.

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