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Daniel Craig: 2Xist Underwear Model

Daniel Craig: 2Xist Underwear Model

Daniel Craig shows off his 2(xist) underwear while picking up his daily reads in Toronto, Canada on Saturday morning (April 24).

The 42-year-old British actor was seen picking up two newspapers — The New York Times and UK’s The Guardian.

Daniel is in town with Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz filming their new movie, Dream House. He plays a New York publishing executive who relocates his family to a quaint New England town, only to discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her two children.

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daniel craig 2xist underwear 01
daniel craig 2xist underwear 02
daniel craig 2xist underwear 03
daniel craig 2xist underwear 04
daniel craig 2xist underwear 05
daniel craig 2xist underwear 06
daniel craig 2xist underwear 07
daniel craig 2xist underwear 08

Credit: ONeill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • guinness

    Yowza. zinger… thx satslvr. he looks as if he is holding something near and dear to him in the sarajevo pics…. yyyyum. “let me hold that for you Dan”. ohmygush.

  • to pr

    I don’t think he is that committed to her , he would not have taken the ring off, that should tell you something, The word I’m hearing is he is gently nudging her out the door. There won’t be a public announcement of any kind that they have spilt, but she will gradually fade out of the picture.

  • 151 & 152

    #151 “if he is holding something near”

    He’s protecting his own gush-hood from the woman on his right I think.

    #152 ‘I don’t think he is that committed to her , he would not have taken the ring off,’

    Well still speculation as to whether that was a set ring for Dream House. I heard that it was and this came from someone who acted with him in the film via another party. Therefore all of it is moot.

  • to pr

    well not if you take in to consideration he wore the ring in January before he started shooting the movie, people saw him wearing the ring in December in NY, I doubt that was a set ring at that point. he may have been given another ring to wear for the movie.

  • to pr

    so you got your info 3rd hand , not that reliable.

  • re; ring

    Actually it was. I was sent it from someone who saved it from a website before they deleted it?
    I guess this lady was asked about the ring.

    ‘yes its for the movie’
    Feb 26th

    Came from ‘SUPMON’ on Twitter. She appears in a few scenes with Daniel. She posted some pictures up on there too. After that I guess she got inundated with enquires about Daniel so she now locked her account.

  • to pr

    it sounds like a bs answer he gave so people would keep asking about his relationship..
    so this came from a website. well I have to question the info even more.

  • re; ring

    Yes not disagreeing with you.
    They could be two different rings but they looked the same.

    The point being, whatever these “two” rings were, he evidently is wearing only one for the movie and the “other’ one has now gone AWOL after the furor of wearing, whichever one it was, out in public.

    Very convoluted unless that was the intention.
    To confuse us with a set ring appearing from ‘on set pictures’ and his commitment ring. But moot again, as he isn’t wearing any ring off set anymore no matter what it was.

  • to pr

    correction, I meant so people would not keep asking about his relationship

  • to pr


  • re; ring

    You’re not following me.
    A person who asked this actress what the ring meant was answered on Twitter with that ‘yes its for the movie’ line.

    The answer from SUPMON then was posted on DtD I believe, then deleted soon after???
    However, a member there saved it and sent it to me.

  • to 148


    He dyed his hair for the movie yes. There were pictures of him having it done.
    I think its just long and maybe sticking up all over the place so he feels the need for the hat.
    Probably had a food fight the night before. Sushi stuck in it or something.

  • to 153

    @151 & 152:


    Love it. :)

  • yuck smelly sats to 162

    yuck, thanks for that visual.
    as long as it wasnt anything belonging to sats.


  • Brenda smith

    So cool bond,

  • lol

    LOL, you know under the two smarty pants newspapers there lurks ‘The Sun’ or a dirty mag.

  • Mendel

    to DtM

    “get in line!”

    It’ll be a long queue *grin*

    to Guinness

    “OMYGUSHING womanhood. He is killer hot.”

    Welcome back, stranger! I see the pics are very much to your taste :)

    Love your captions!!!

    “Great wkend, thx. Alot of travel, found a new wine I love, alot of money spent, friend minor car crash in drvwy, alot of great weather, AND a new outfit–feel like the youngin’s”

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend! And then coming back to THOSE pics isn’t half bad either…

    to DiH

    “Looks like he does not have an iron and maybe the t shirt shrank a bit. But we don’t mind, do we?”

    Certainly, I don’t mind one bit. And who needs ironing anyway… ;)

    to Satslover

    thanks for the old pics! Always appreciated!

  • Guinness

    …very much to my “taste”… isn’t that hilarious friend, so true, so true? so many people love this look on him that I found it funny…I mean, he is a ga-zillionare and he wears this simple ensemble when he can wear the expensive ridiculous clothes that dont look good–he is awesome character… he is “classic”. what did you think?

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “I mean, he is a ga-zillionare and he wears this simple ensemble when he can wear the expensive ridiculous clothes that dont look good–he is awesome character… he is “classic”. what did you think?”

    Oh yes, I think he is quite down-to-earth. I also suspect that if you always have to dress up, you really really really enjoy the days when you can just run around as scruffy as you like!
    I wonder if he has the equivalent of ‘pyjama days’. But then would these be ‘commando days’ in his case? ;)

  • Guinness

    whoa–”commando days”. can you imagine? that would be spenderifically organismic! wow. like all day he would be commando… doing the dishes… washing clothes…. playing the piano… doing his pushups/yoga….reading the NYTIMES…. lying in bed…. fixing the garden gnomes with DTM…. and giving you advice on the way to line up the top of the frame on the wall to the ceiling mendel… all the while, commando. OHMYOHMYOHMYGUSH!!!

  • Baby Morph
  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “giving you advice on the way to line up the top of the frame on the wall to the ceiling mendel… all the while, commando.”

    I’d ask him to stretch a bit, putting those pictures higher, all the while having a great view of his perfectly formed a*se…

    Nice! Very nice! Very very nice…


  • Nekkid
  • Mendel

    to ‘Nekkid’

    thanks very much for those cheeky pics :)
    Lovely to look at those pics and imagine Dan on a commando day!

    This is rather bland in comparison (but news on Cowboys and Aliens):

  • to lol

    please do your self a favor and get rid of your rose colored glasses. daniel and satsuki are in trouble, rumors go back further than 2008. another poster mentioned sandra bullock. understand, people knew about jesse and his girls on the side. the pr people were working overtime to make sure it did not become public until after the oscars were over. do you understand now??

  • to nekkid

    the only part of the movie I like

  • to 102

    um, the fact that these are photo shopped surprises you? it happens all the time.

  • to 177

    @to 102:

    Don’t start with the crap again.

  • to phony jess #116

    I am calling you out about posting under MY screen name “jess” and that I have been here under that name since summer. I want to warn other posters on here and to let them know that whoever you are (and I think I know) that this is not the first time you have used people’s screen names and posted stuff on here to cause trouble for them. As long as you keep doing it I’m going to keep calling you out about it. And I don’t care that YOU don’t care. I’m doing this for the benefit of others, not YOU! Jerk.

  • to 179

    @to phony jess #116:
    Well said and thank you for your warning about this. I am sorry that that nasty post 116 was attributed to you. Apparently #116′s comment was so negative, and received so many ‘thumbs down’ it was shaded out , although posters can still read it, but it is a really an ugly, disgusting comment to make about Daniel. I am glad you called that poster out.

  • to 179/180

    It’s always amazing to see people apply double standards. Mr. Potatoe Head was the nickname, used by his school mates and friends when he was younger. Ok, it’s not nice, but kind of funny.
    But calling Satsuki golddigger, s.l.u.t and worse is ok for you.
    Hmm, tells me something about you.

  • to 181

    @to 179/180:
    Daniel hated being called that name as a young boy and through his school years. Cruel and hateful, it really wrecked him, although it also probably made him much stronger in a lot of ways too. If it is being cruel and hateful to Daniel then nothing will ever justify calling him that.

  • to 181

    @to 181:
    This JJ thread is about Daniel, not saltsuki, so she does not matter. JJ posts about Daniel Craig, not her. The fans are ‘Daniel Craig’ fans. She is not an actress or a movie star, JJ does not have threads about her, so she has no real, true relevancy here.

  • Fish & Chips

    @to 179/180:

    Hmm, tells me something about you.

    And all you get in return is a name you already have
    LOL LOL :-)

  • Fish & Chips

    @Fish & Chips:

    Sorry it was too easy I couldn’t resist :-)

  • Fish & Chips

    Would Jesse James and Tiger Woods have gone to rehab if they did not get caught?

  • LOL

    @to 181:
    and why the hell is almost every single thread dominated by posts about her? Seems to me as to many people she does indeed matter a lot. That’s really sad.

  • Discussion


    Someone perpetuates it! Most likely is is someone is interested in public opinion about her and keeps the discussion alive and her name out there. Publicity is publicity – doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad!

    Perhaps they think the more public she is the more likely she is to stay with him.

  • LOL

    what discussion? If you call that discussion what’s going on here, well then poor sod. I don’t like her, I don’t dislike her, but I’m bored by the bashing and it is very tiring to go through hundreds of posts to find one which is worth reading. And yes, I know it’s a trashy tabloid board and free speech and all bla, bla, bla but unfortunately JJ is the board with most and most recent pics of the sex god.
    And don’t tell me to go to DtD for pics and news, they demand registration and I don’t want to do that.

  • Missing

    I’m missing you handsome. Maybe when you have some free time again, you can get photographed with a shadow, which you know is my favorite. I still have the picture you sent me with that beautiful five o’clock shadow. Hope all is well with you. Best wishes love.

  • to missing

    No more shadows pics. He’s so old and ugly now, the sun is going to hide every time he’s showing his old craggy face to the sun.

  • to 191

    hmm quite the contrary. The only reason why the sun might hide is that he’s sooooo hot the sun might fear to get burned.

  • to191

    i think so too. everything happens for a reason, a fresh james bond would be better to watch … henry cavill, sam worthington!!-such a cutie

  • to 191

    NO Sam Worthington, he can’t act at all. Wodden, uncharismatic.
    He’s a cutie though, but I don’t want a cutie as Bond. That would be the end of the franchise.

  • to 193

    They have already failed. Babs doesn’t pick up the garbage thrown away. No more chance!

  • Fish & Chips

    @to missing:

    Do you have a relationship with Daniel or do you just think you do?

  • DtM
  • Guinness

    YUIKES DTM–thank you, good morning to you! those got my eyes open. And the thong model was really doing his job well… I feel like a bunch of men oogling their girly mags… its about time us girls get a chance. of course, we know just pics won’t do the trick…although imagining Dan in the thong 2Xist is fun. The rest look like the frisky stuff with faces on them… like an elephant trunk or horse face… i would draw something on the front with black permanent marker.

    Mendel: thx for the article last night… lets keep looking for those… I have seen Aliens(all 6 of them–was there 6), Predator(SCARED the crap outa me-awesome), and Encounters… great start of premise! Can’t wait to see this! who the hell was in predator–Baringer? gots to llook that up.

    that was weird jess–those that know knew it couldn’ t have been you. you go girl.

  • Guinness

    oops. Beringer was Sniper(another cool movie). Arnold was pred—there was the heart pounding scene when arnie was tracking the Pred in the rainforest or something & he didn’t know what he was tracking (cuz the predator was opaque when it wanted to be)–he passed a tree and the alien’s eyes opened on the tree as Arnie passed and it was totally blood curdling. AND Sigorny definitely battled those scary ones on her ship–I had nightmares for weeks of something coming out of my chest!! aaaahhh! So, Dan got his wish for Sci-fi. What other “medium” did he want to dominate (besides me, of course.)? He did Bond-which includes a chick-flick following(that is enough for a chick flick), he dominated Broadway, now he is dominating ANOHTER thriller/killer movie, he has sci-fi and will dominate in that… what do you think is left that he aspires to dominate? please not musicals… hopefully that fad will be over by the time Aliens and cowpeople are over!! AND NO Chick flicks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe back to his roots—London thespianism!!!!! Mendel–plan for a sleep over in 2011 from your peeps!!

    Someone might be smart and ask him that question when interviewing… your welcome. luckhee.

  • Guinness

    ah, fish & chips… i find “missing” to be quite creepy. stalker-like. anyhoo… forgot to post this….and just found out that Brody is doing a 3rd Predator… Arnie with a cameo. huh. whatever. 3-d is becoming popular-that could be kick-@ss!