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Daniel Craig: 2Xist Underwear Model

Daniel Craig: 2Xist Underwear Model

Daniel Craig shows off his 2(xist) underwear while picking up his daily reads in Toronto, Canada on Saturday morning (April 24).

The 42-year-old British actor was seen picking up two newspapers — The New York Times and UK’s The Guardian.

Daniel is in town with Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz filming their new movie, Dream House. He plays a New York publishing executive who relocates his family to a quaint New England town, only to discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her two children.

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to no one notices? @ 04/25/2010 at 10:30 pm

Do you mean these photos are fake?

Yes it was a PR moment. We can all see that. it was deliberately without Satsuki to show he still has “it”. During all this Bond business it is to stamp the fact he is still here and still looking like a sex symbol.

As for unsophisticated fans, you’ll find the majority of those on DtD but I doubt he is concerned with that lot. LOL!

As for having a film out, I believe TinTin is out 2011. Cowboys will not be out until next year.

He will have Dream House, Tin Tin & Cowboys out. Busy year.

He is a hot loking man but his reading material is questionable. Why waste time reading commie/leftists rags? But wat do you expect from “hollywood” types?

EeK! Keyboard was sticking. Typos abound. I meant hot looking of course, and what do you expect from “hollywood types” with regards to their readings…

@to no one notices?:

I think you meant “staged” not “fake”.
Of course they were.

yeah I agree, as I think most of the photos that are on this webb site.
are. that is why I ‘m always surprised when people believe the hype about any couple.

What a joke! @ 04/25/2010 at 10:49 pm

@to lol:

What a joke!!!!! Like a breakup of an actor matters to these people LOL

To document his time in Toronto for tax purposes. Sadly using a stunt double for this gratuitous underwear shot. Notice his wearing the stocking cap, jeans and jacket? Easier to crop and paste. Look at the photo linked in 101 for comparison.

Has his career sunk so low;(

Don’t be so ridiculous.

It’s the way the other picture was taken, the angle.
Do you not know anything about any of that at all?

Honestly I hope no-one answers you after me, as your point is tragically psychotic and seemingly to derail the thread.

Maybe you should go to DtD to troll with you ‘groundbreaking theory?’

Fish & Chips @ 04/25/2010 at 11:15 pm

@to 102:

OMG – (rolling eyes)

Fish & Chips @ 04/25/2010 at 11:16 pm

@Fish & Chips:

The rolling eyes was meant for 109.

the joke is on you, these studios spend millions of dollars selling a movie. they don’t care about daniel on a personal basis, only his ability
to sell their movie that is what it is all about , if you worked in the industry, you would know that, so much is bs. fauxmances
fake friendships.

Years ago I was interviewing an Actor about his career, he spoke about his 1st big movie role. he talked about how badly he needed the money. he was working with 2 very well known Actresses
(they have both won Oscars for their work) he told us off camera that the 2 women hated each other and were constantly fighting, he thought the movie was going to fall apart before it was even made.
the studio did everything to cover up their differences . they made it appear that got along great and had a mother duaghter relationship.
he said nothing could have been futher from the truth.
IF you worked in the Industry you would know you can’t beleive your eyes.

to what a joke @ 04/25/2010 at 11:31 pm

that was meant for what a joke

tumbs down @ 04/26/2010 at 12:11 am

I guess the truth hurts.

Mr. Potato Head. Gross.

to Mr Potato Head @ 04/26/2010 at 1:43 am

When was the last time you were thought of as being one of the most sexiest people on this planet then?

Yeah, thought so.

You should recognize the reality.

You should go to the Department of Psychiatry.

You remembered what I said about the belt, thank you so much. It looks great. Thank you again. I love our little games.

drop dead gorgeous. would like to rip those 2(xist) down and mount him

To OMFG….You’re not the only one…
get in line!

If you don’t like to read it, then breake your fingers.
Gemma Arterton is sure James Bond will bounce back from its financial troubles, putting the legendary film franchise on hold. The 24-year-old actress played Bond girl Strawberry Fields opposite current 007 Daniel Craig in Quantum Of Solace in 2008, reports Metro.
Gemma said: “It shows the state of the film industry at the moment, especially the British film industry. Fingers crossed – it’s James Bond so it has to continue and it will. It’s just a minor blip.”
EON Productions have blamed the financial difficulties of MGM studios, which is reported to have a 3.7 billion-dollar (£2.4 billion) debt.
J Blakeson, who directs Gemma in their latest film The Disappearance Of Alice Creed, feels British film is thriving.
He said: “James Bond is funded by an American studio anyway. Obviously it’s very good for the technicians, it’s made by British people. But most of the money that gets made from James Bond films doesn’t stay in Britain so it doesn’t fuel our industry very much.
“I think there’s a real good wave of up and coming filmmakers at the moment, it’s quite exciting.”

as someone was right MGM has no the instinct for money, so as I said – that is why Babs sent them signal to do something with the financial problem finally. MGM really has not the money, but inverstors have and Babs knows it well. She wants MGM to take financial help from investors who offered loan money on condition that MGM will make from 6 to 8 movies a year and thus investors can get money back. MGM suggested making this number of movies but suddenly stopped it and took no money from investors because they still wanted to sell the company. Now, when it’s sure there won’t be any selling because nobody wants to buy it so they have to take money from Kavanaugh (I say it for example, remember he offered $500 mil for financing their movies) and make movies, including James Bond. Babs expressed clearly what she wants and MGM has no choice than receive $500 mil. and start out working finally. MGM should look at 20th Century Fox’s financial trouble in the past and make the same how to solve it. Someone doesn’t believe MGM but I believe Babs and in that MGM has no other choice than start the original plan – making movies through investors. We’ll see how it will do with 23Bond in the summer

Hot hot hot. This is how men are supposed to look not these pretty boy types. A man is supposed to look like a man.
Some women are so lucky

Grandpa is too old @ 04/26/2010 at 5:33 am

He looks really old. Ewwwwwww

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