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Daniel Craig: 2Xist Underwear Model

Daniel Craig: 2Xist Underwear Model

Daniel Craig shows off his 2(xist) underwear while picking up his daily reads in Toronto, Canada on Saturday morning (April 24).

The 42-year-old British actor was seen picking up two newspapers — The New York Times and UK’s The Guardian.

Daniel is in town with Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz filming their new movie, Dream House. He plays a New York publishing executive who relocates his family to a quaint New England town, only to discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her two children.

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daniel craig 2xist underwear 01
daniel craig 2xist underwear 02
daniel craig 2xist underwear 03
daniel craig 2xist underwear 04
daniel craig 2xist underwear 05
daniel craig 2xist underwear 06
daniel craig 2xist underwear 07
daniel craig 2xist underwear 08

Credit: ONeill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • guinness
  • this board

    I think the majority of people who post on here are mental and anything they say to be taken with a pinch of salt.
    Imagine defending the usage of a screen name used on here (Jess). Like who cares?
    This is an anonymous board after all and there is no copyright on what anyone posts under.

    F*cking insane.

  • keira

    And the connection between Keira and Rachel is?

    Both have now acted with Daniel.
    Keira appeared in Satsuki’s film.

    Anything else?

  • DC’s Surrey Home

    Farnham, Surrey

  • A Little Tongue Action

    Daniel has a house outside Farnham, Surrey.

    Guess what, it’s just down for the town of “Tongham.”

  • to pr

    @ 04/25/2010 at 10:36 pm

    i think i know exactly what film you are talking about here. it’s no secret so i’ll just say it. the film, i believe, is Terms of Endearment with shirley maclean and debra winger. however, shirley won the oscar for best actress for the film. debra has been nominated for three oscars but has never won. i know a man who was working on the set of that film.

  • No Plans for Marriage

    So you see, just because the public think they are, they are not.

    Don’t read into what you see in pictures or rings on people’s fingers.

  • to 204 & 205

    how much you want to bet that there are people sending messages to jared to delete your posts because in their minds you’ve given too much information.

  • re: Farnham

    You guys are so easy to f*ck with on here aren’t you?

    Firstly, I posted that as a wild guess as I saw someone from there post about Daniel elsewhere.
    So therefore, if it IS taken off then it IS the real place. So deletion defeats the object of security doesn’t it? So the “people” asking for it to be deleted should think about that one!

    Secondly, if it IS true, no specifics were given like the address.

    Thirdly, you really should worry about more important things than Daniel Bloody Craig.

    Proves my point about the majiroty of people on here who really should get a grip. Pathetic bunch.

  • to 206

    you are right.

  • Mendel

    to DtM

    “OK, which ones is BIg Dan wearing..
    Just imagine Dan in a thong….”

    Thanks for the links! My imagination is working overdrive :)

    to Guinness

    “The rest look like the frisky stuff with faces on them… like an elephant trunk or horse face… i would draw something on the front with black permanent marker.”


    “that was weird jess–those that know knew it couldn’ t have been you. you go girl.”

    Exactly! You go girl!!!

    “What other “medium” did he want to dominate (besides me, of course.)?”

    Me :)

    (yes I know, I join the queue…)

    “Maybe back to his roots—London thespianism!!!!! Mendel–plan for a sleep over in 2011 from your peeps!!”

    Should I book a ticket to Mars? *grins*
    It would be though if Dan would be on the West End. But hopefully, he’ll be filming Bond in 2011… *crosses fingers*

  • guinness

    HI MENDEL!!!! I have been scouring the net cuz i can… I have another one after this…
    ah, who the *beep* is D.Dyer?

  • guinness-open mindedness

    Not really sure how I get to these places on the web.. but hey… if I can stay smarter than my girls until they graduate college–I will be lucky!!!!

    (read the first couple of comments on the voting DC or Grant! hysterical) Oh, and Dan always wins for me. damn straight.

  • to 209

    so you posted the business about farnham just to mess with other people. well, good for you. now i bet you would like a gold star!!

  • guinness

    ah, is that where everyone is going? (to Mars). I thought we were building a boat… oh!! that was done already 2000 years ago–so some believe. ok. we shall go in a rocket this time. I get a seat next to DC, well, he’ll need to buy all of us tix. wth are we talking about? nice. I can’t wait to share a bar with you Mendel!! we too, would be arrested or yelled at to calm down in the Boob room. *giggle* ah, once again, not sure WHY we would be in the boob room…. ok back to DC

    am i able to post again yet>>>>>

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “who the *beep* is D.Dyer?”

    I didn’t know either, but here you go:

    “Oh, and Dan always wins for me. damn straight.”

    Yes, damn straight ;)

    Love the pics of both actually. And that site even has a few more Toronto pics than JJ. How can anybody look so good in the morning! At least with him you wouldn’t have to worry about beer goggles – he’d still be gorgeous the morning after!

    “I can’t wait to share a bar with you Mendel!!”

    Me too! It would be so class!

    “we too, would be arrested or yelled at to calm down in the Boob room. *giggle* ah, once again, not sure WHY we would be in the boob room….”

    Because we can! We wud bring da houz down!!!

  • re: Farnham

    No thanks. I see it’s still there though.
    Evidently not correct info.

    You guys need to get a grip about a man you don’t even know.

    Thumbs down me all you want.
    You’re all out of touch with reality.

  • guinness

    You righ’ bout dat homeslice!!! “because we can”….damn that is a hot answer!!!! (are you in my office or do I already know you… i will kick your @ss if I know you in real life and you are playin’ me!!! Funny.)

    Danny Dyer seems like a pretty cool cat. (a Squeeze fan perchance?)

    ON that website they did have a faster shutter going–they got more frames off than the average pap!!! yes, i wish i could do some photo story with them… just not that clever. ho hum. I just love that they shot his midsection!!!

    yes again! no goggles can make this man not hot for me either…. his hair tossled would just be more wonderful. wonder what breath he has? wouldnt’ care either….

  • guinness

    ooooo something to do for another hour at work!

  • guinness
  • to 217

    no we don’t need to get a grip here. this is a public forum. we can say what we want when we want. if you have a problem you can always leave. as for giving you the thumbs down, honestly you’re not worth the effort. next!!!

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “re you in my office or do I already know you… i will kick your @ss if I know you in real life and you are playin’ me!!! Funny.)”

    Hahahaha, no, I’m not in your office, but we both have been on this forum for so long now, it seems like I do know you sometimes, or you know me! The Internet is a weird and wonderful place (and insane, too, lol)

    “i wish i could do some photo story with them…”

    Go for it! Think Obama: yes you can… :)

    “wonder what breath he has? wouldnt’ care either….”

    Roses? Beer and cigars more likely… *grin*
    (and some dodgy curry maybe…I better stop here…sometimes it’s best not to be too realistic…)

    He’s cool for cats. Coooool for cats!!!

  • to 217

    @re: Farnham:

    I see the point in your experiment. Does show some strange afflictions on here.
    Makes me wonder why Daniel is so secretive about his private life, Satsuki must deal with a lot of psychos.

  • guinness

    i saw 10 minutes of avatar this weekend… sister has blu ray of it… but couldn’ t watch entire thing so had to leave!!! it had a Matrix type story to it that wasn’t reported anywhere. interesting.

    seriously getting pumped for C&A movie with Dan. Oh great. C&A sounds naughty. fun!!

    ~night… sweet Dan commando dreams!!! “ah, no Dan, the frame needs to go higher… little to the left, ok, now you–” this is you directing DC frame balance with the ceiling!!

    ah, yeah, its snowing. not kidding. fun ride home for me!!!!!!!

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “seriously getting pumped for C&A movie with Dan. Oh great. C&A sounds naughty. fun!!”

    I think C&A will be great! And yes, hopefully we’ll see some naughty bits ;)

    Is it really snowing? What a long winter this has been! We have Rain. Rain. Rain! Not quite a steady rain…

    Night night! Sweet commando Dan dreams!

  • to 225


    I think Daniel will do a full frontal in c&a. I heard through the jungle drums.

  • Fish & Chips


    Oh you have to watch Avatar!!!! I didn’t care to see it myself but it was really good. It has every possible message you can think of. Sam Worthington was ok – not the best actor but the story is fantastic.

  • guinness

    cool-thx F&C! someone watching it told me that too! did you feel it had a matrix-type story in it when Sam would go into the bluewebbigeyed people world? it reminded me of the mad hatter Johnny Depp eyes. I cant wait to see it–it did look great. And Sam worthington can be better–correct. And he could be a Bond–he has the stature and the hair!!

  • DtM

    Hi all..
    My thoughts exactly…

    Sam Worthington as Bond?……Nah, not at the moment anyway, it would be a step back. His acting is mediocre (Clash of the Titans) and he lacks charisma. I hope DC gets the chance to do at least one more Bond and then maybe Sam might get another crack at it, second time lucky.

  • to DtM

    hahaha…Thx for the blog. That’s funny! Somehow my heart felt lighter.

  • guinness-luv that blog

    oh, great DTM…you found me!!! *kidding*

    I know! I know DTM—not for another 15-20 years for Sam…Dan will do it until then. there is no other-I had a temporary loss of Danness… sorry-it won’t happen again…for a few months…

    oh, yea. we got 4 inches of packed wet snow. surrounding mountains got a foot of snow, so i guess they are lucky. I guess we won’t have to mow our lawn until saturday. i got some mulch to do sat!!!!

  • daniel is hot

    “And he could be a Bond–he has the stature and the hair!!”, said Guinness. Did the snow do something to you? There is only one Bond and that is Daniel Craig! Do you have your Danness back? Go look at the picture with the bit of tummy hanging out and you will get it back. It is snowing here while I type so you are not the only one who has snow in APRIL! Good thing Toronto is 12 degrees or so. They should have filmed here – no need for fake snow if they wanted it in April.

  • guinness-luv that blog
  • Mendel

    to #226

    Hehehe, I hope those drums get louder…

    to Guinness

    “he could be a Bond–he has the stature and the hair!!”

    Who are you, and what have you done to Guinness???!!!

    to DtM

    Thanks for the blog – my sentiments exactly! I wonder if all the Dan fans would contribute to a whip round, would that solve the problem?

    “His acting is mediocre (Clash of the Titans) and he lacks charisma”

    Yes! Not Sam. No harm to the actor, but no.

    to Guinness

    “I had a temporary loss of Danness…”

    Shocking! Did you feel the shockwaves that went through all your peeps? ;)

    And follow DiH’s order quickly:

    “Do you have your Danness back? Go look at the picture with the bit of tummy hanging out and you will get it back.”

    Go on, Guinness, you will, you will, you will!

  • Guinness

    I got my Danness back! I drank him in and slurrrped his peek-a-button jeans. SORRY EVERYONE!! (are those zip or button???) My brain is frozen from the snow… but that “whip round” got my attention again!! yes, would that do the trick? Are you outa your VULCAN mind? oh, ya mean like a vote whip or money whip?, not with Dan. right? too bad. but I still have something fun in my mind…. along with the CandA drum beating rhythmically. wow. this thread is fuulll of friskiness!!!

    Seriously though, never ever saw Sam Worthington in ANYTHING–i was only commenting on his physique…which is indicative to a Bond character–wasn’t comparing with DAN ever ever ever. It was misunderstood and i don’t want to lose my credibility here in obsessing and drooling and writing funny things, and lusting and oogling and was he wearing the thong ones? and feeding the craziness here… so it won’t happen again–it wont it wont it wont.

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “I drank him in and slurrrped his peek-a-button jeans. SORRY EVERYONE!! (are those zip or button???)”

    HAHAHAHAHA! Not too sure about zip or button, but you gave me a good excuse to stare at his groin area (ok, I don’t need an excuse)…

    “but that “whip round” got my attention again!!”

    I thought it would *grin*

    Oh, ya mean like a vote whip or money whip?

    Money whip, but Dan might be open to all sorts of whip rounds ;)

    “I still have something fun in my mind…. along with the CandA drum beating rhythmically.”

    Do tell! Or rather…do :)

    “It was misunderstood and i don’t want to lose my credibility”

    Is your name Gordon Brown?

  • :) How Very Dare he.

    So that’s what Daniel had in his bag from Maison de la Presse in Yorkville.

  • daniel is hot

    Wow you had us worried there for awhile Guinness. As long as the Danness is back – all is ok in the world of DC.

  • :) How Very Dare he.

    Paying his newspaper bill.

    Plus Hot Muscle :)

  • Fish & Chips

    @:) How Very Dare he.:

    Hello Mr “How very dare he” – “-)

  • Gina Girl

    There is go! something new came here but it does not sound well.
    So producers are looking for brunette who would play in 23.Bond. probably will she play that character of a Afghanistan Bond girl? They are gonna shoot in Afghanistan, so here it is that they wanna some brunette. But you know I put bet on that writers and producers added Camille in their script and if I am really right so the Afghanistan will be the second girl, like was Solange or Strawberry.
    I would love some blondie in the next bondmovie.
    Isn’t our green-eyed lady also blond?
    The blond would look perfectly if she has green eyes and curly hair, and heir hair would be rather darker, beige, grey, gray, streaked with platinum ? ok, I leave this one, producers will pick someone who looklike Freida, more Afghanistan.

  • Gina

    Ahoy girls and boys,
    so what do we have new here?
    still no thread about 23.Bond shooting for this summer?
    hmm, it’s a question of next days, how MGM and Babs colluded.

    MGM stil is in trouble and it will take yet more time to overcome it like international financial crisis but I do personaly think if they really wanna make the bondmovie so money is no problem because there are people who are able to fund. Tony and Ridley Scott, Kavanaugh, that Russian oligarch and others who have money can help. If MGM will finally receive a final decision and receive a sum of money
    so we can see 23.Bond in November of 2010.
    I don’t know how about you but
    I have read some articles and many people in the film industry, fans, Daniel, and others can’t already wait for James Bond movie.
    It’s just about money that holds MGM away from James Bond but if they take the money from whoever so they can start working on movies.
    Their poblem is that they didn’t make movies last time and made no money, they need neccessarily come with making movies and money.
    Maybe coming news will be about that they still have problems with the money but one day that come with their final decision.

  • to Gina

    yes, one day, one day in 2011 LOL
    And no Bond in Afghanistan. Don’t know whether you are reading serious papers or only tabloids, but there is a war going on in A, so no filming there. They will find no assurance agency for that.

  • Gina to 243

    to 243,
    Well, we’ll see then.
    if I’ll lose my bet so I steal Vodka from Daniel and get drunk like he does it every day. He said his breakfast contains Vodka.
    But I have to… say that I never lost my bet, really I did never. My friends and haters know it well and they already don’t bet with me because I always win.
    Maybe ONE DAY, ONE DAY I will lose and that would be interesting for me.
    if MGM wants to get out of crisis, they need act. They will do, Babs first started to act and showed at them her fist.
    I looked at pics with Daniel, he always put a look of sadness.
    I do not know what and why he still misses something.
    He’s got a “pretty” girlfriend, his millions lie on his bank account,
    his fast cars park in front of his house in Maida Vale and appartment in centre of the most expensive town London, N.Y., L.A., Italy…
    So what more he can wish?
    And what can Satsuki wish more?
    Hmm, we know answers, eh?
    Material stuff don’t make people happy.
    He wants change in his life and she wants a marriage and baby.

  • Gina

    I do not really believe that Daniel is 5 feet 10 in but “5 feet and 9 in.”
    No way Satsuki is 5 feet 7 in but ” 5 feet 2 in”.
    Daniel wears heels and the women who play next to him (Gemma, Caterina, Eva) are no giraffe.
    but Olga, Nicole and Cate are too tall and with their 3 in. heels looked taller than Daniel
    but Satsuki is not tall how she sometimes looks in some pics in which she wears 5-6 inch. heels.
    Here is the reality that she is a typical short Japanese

  • to 244

    blah blah blah………….

  • to 246

    bleh bleh bleh… ……………blecheche, you sour face.

  • Gina

    Oh, so they are looking for brunette and Rachel Weisz plays that character called Maria Fraudstein in the next Bond. Jamie Bell is friend with Daniel so no wonder if Daniel wanted him in the 23.Bond.

  • Gina

    Fans from imdb:
    “This takes more investment and the ‘delay’ has been caused in part by the MGM cashflow issue and the fact that new money needs to be found.”
    “Craig has got to be one of the most ethusiastic people when it comes to Bond, probably more than we are.

    “The real story is Craig knows it will stink and wants out. He was distancing himself from the last one in interviews, and judging by his recent decisions, is stalling and trying to get out of the next one. EON is full of pathetic excuses…they are hiding something.”

    “MGM refuses to sell Bond because without that bargaining chip, they’ll NEVER attract a buyer and will fold.”

    “Bond is currently frozen because of MGM – that’s all there is to it.”
    “Bond is the only thing that makes the studio any money, MGM will not sell its stake until Bond stops making money.”
    yeah, I agree, MGM MUST receive the money from oligarch or Scott or whoever and make money through movies if they wanna get out of crisis.

  • guinness

    are you misquoting something? where does it read that Dan knows it stinks and wants out?