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Daniel Craig: 2Xist Underwear Model

Daniel Craig: 2Xist Underwear Model

Daniel Craig shows off his 2(xist) underwear while picking up his daily reads in Toronto, Canada on Saturday morning (April 24).

The 42-year-old British actor was seen picking up two newspapers — The New York Times and UK’s The Guardian.

Daniel is in town with Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz filming their new movie, Dream House. He plays a New York publishing executive who relocates his family to a quaint New England town, only to discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her two children.

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395 Responses to “Daniel Craig: 2Xist Underwear Model”

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  1. 126
    Look at that bulge Says:

    I love the sexy bulge in his pants but not digging that ugly beanie on his head! It makes him look like he’s recovering from an illness.

  2. 127
    to Gina Says:

    Gemma is not a person concerned to MGM/EON. She knows nothing.

  3. 128
    Gina to frustrated 127 Says:

    Gemma has the freedom of speech so let her and director Blakeson to speak as they like. What both said it’s just opinion related to the situation in the film industry that is a bit frustrated.
    Gemma believes in a good end, Daniel believes in a good end as quickly as possible and that all stands just on Babs and her action.
    Hey, your post sounds frustrated as well. It’s not nice.
    Have Vodka with Redbull.
    Redbull gives wings…
    to Guinness:
    Will you have Heinekken? or Martini?
    No, have Vodka mixed with Redbull, it’s very goooood.

  4. 129
    photoshopped Says:

    LOL, it’s so fake his neck is larger than his head. Enlarge it and you can see the crop on the right side of his face.

    All is not well in fairy tale land.

  5. 130
    ring/necklace Says:

    He might not be wearing ‘the ring’ but it looks like he is still wearing ‘the necklace’.

  6. 131
    to photoshopped Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You’re crazyyyyyyyyyy! Accept the truth.

  7. 132
    Fish & Chips Says:


    Yes we know he committed OK we get it! Can we move on now

  8. 133
    guinness Says:


    HI DTM>I am still in gasping heaven. His shirt is wrinkled. His shirt is “dirty”, his shirt is the peek a boo… OMYGUSHING womanhood. He is killer hot. And does he think he still has the invisibilty cloak on? (HI MENDEL) is DIH around too? Havent’ caught up yet on the posts.. be back to comment more. ah, the photographer took a pic of his midsection. Does this guy think he is NOT hot or HOT. ah, the timepiece gives him away too. and the smurf hat.

    whly first entry gasp. (sorry-its been a while–haven’t seen him since last week!!)

  9. 134
    guinness Says:

    I think I just need to sit on the floor this morning… it beats falling off my chair… imagine. I know what MY Dan is gonna get for his b-day…

  10. 135
    guinness-miss me? Says:

    I wish!

  11. 136
    guinness-gonna post? Says:

    I wish again.

  12. 137
    Fish & Chips Says:

    Is moving to Austrailia

  13. 138
    daniel is hot Says:

    Was wondering when you would show up Guinness. Did you have a good weekend? These pictures made my weekend when I saw it Sat. night. Looks like he does not have an iron and maybe the t shirt shrank a bit. But we don’t mind, do we? Very sexy walking around town like that!

  14. 139
    guinness-gonna post? Says:

    Game: 1. Pour melted chocolate (or fav topping) on red line.
    2. Eat chocolate (or fav topping) with fav tool.
    3. Enjoy.

    EAT PRAY LOVE!!!!!!

  15. 140
    Celia Says:

    Wow, just WAAAAAAOH!!! He’s f**king hot!

  16. 141
    guinness-gonna post? Says:

    HI DIH! Great wkend, thx. Alot of travel, found a new wine I love, alot of money spent, friend minor car crash in drvwy, alot of great weather, AND a new outfit–feel like the youngin’s–got some “cork” shoes, ripped jeanskirt, and those slinky spaghetti-stapped lace shirts… so I am happy. And its a monday!!! And all over the place (even my daughter’s new shirt) I found out Sats outfits are actually “in” but man, I DO NOT LIKE IT!!! My girls are learning me some new stuff in clothes… “no, you can’ t wear the skinny jeans. why momma? cuz ya got some major camel toe and ya look like you want money to look at ya! no, you can’t buy the ripped, off-balance t-shirt cuz it makes you look like an orphan from that movie “Annie”. and for gods sake, brush your hair.” I sound like my mother.

    anyhoo, thx. how was yours dih? any gin?

  17. 142
    PR Says:

    “Rip off his underwear and mount him”

    Well yes, that was the object of the exercise. Daniel knows the value of great pictures.

    Re: the necklace: “Yes we know he’s committed so let’s move on”

    There you go then. But it doesn’t seem to be that obvious to some.
    If everyone did, there would no need for gossip boards like this and some of the ‘amazing’ posts on here.
    Some people feed on speculation.,,20363861,00.html
    A little bit on Sam Taylor Wood and Aaron Johnson. Hey if they can make it, why not a couple who only have less than 10 years between them?

  18. 143
    Old Pics Says:
    Sarajevo 2005

  19. 144
    Old Pics Says:
    Tomb Raider Time

  20. 145
    Old Pics Says:

  21. 146
    ? Says:

    Can someone clarify:

    He wore a commitment ring for Heike but not Satsuki, instead he wears a necklace that can be hidden better??
    The bracelet that Satsuki gave him a couple of years ago with the Spinoza quote has gone. Where?
    It seems any ‘visible’ show of affection is now hidden.

    Is it to do with his fame and that any signs of such upsets his fans or what?
    If so, why does he pout his fans before Satsuki’s feelings?

  22. 147
    erica Says:

    Is he hiding a new hair color change under that beanie?

  23. 148
    erica Says:

    Is he hiding a hair color change under that beanie?

  24. 149
    to 148 Says:

    He looked as if he just has crawled out of the bed after a hot f.u.c.k.i.n.g. night with Satsuki. And when the hair is as long as his hair is right now for filming, it will looked a bit like a mess.
    GOSH, he’s a SEX GOD. I want to be her.

  25. 150
    justme Says:

    DAYUM! And I don’t even like DC.

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