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Gisele Bundchen Lives In Harmony with Nature

Gisele Bundchen Lives In Harmony with Nature

A solo Gisele Bundchen heads to the gym in Los Angeles on Saturday (April 24).

The 29-year-old Brazilian beauty recently was asked how important it is for her to project the importance of feeling and living the environment.

Gisele shared, “First, I believe that everybody is part of a single energy on the planet. Human beings and nature must live in harmony because we are one, we are connected. And this importance of living in harmony I’d like to communicate in the Sejaa campaign. To represent this idea, my pictures are very natural with no makeup and in contact with the nature. Of course, we can wear makeup to feel more beautiful, to make us look better, but the essence is underneath it all, and that’s exactly what we want to preserve and enhance. It is as if you came home at the end of the day, took off all your makeup, your clothes, and, what is left is just you! And you are wonderful just the way you are!”

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen living in harmony with nature…

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gisele bundchen harmony 01
gisele bundchen harmony 02
gisele bundchen harmony 03
gisele bundchen harmony 04
gisele bundchen harmony 05
gisele bundchen harmony 06
gisele bundchen harmony 07
gisele bundchen harmony 08
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gisele bundchen harmony 10

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  • lexy hates bilson

    REALLY JJ?? Are you paying someone for pics of Giselle going to the gym everyday?? Well I suppose it’s better than you paying for pics from paps who stalk Violet Afflect at school!

  • Samantha

    “And you are wonderful just the way you are!”
    Gisele is amazing <3

  • anonymous

    Love her, go Gisele!

  • anonymous

    I love how she looks exactly as she did before the pregnancy except that her boobs got even bigger.
    Somehow, I’m not surprised. At least she works out and its not all just luck.
    I hate it when the paps bother families but I would love to see more pics of Benjamin and John. They’re too cute.

  • Liz

    As she and Tom build a gigantic house in Brentwood. Green lady?

  • k

    her body is to die for..slim (skinny) but not skeletal (*cough* *cough* Ale)

  • lola

    I never thought much of Gisele. Then again before she became pregnant and a mother I never heard much from her. Reading her recent comments and conversations as of late, she seems like a lovely person :)
    And her body is amazing! You can tell she takes care of herself and obviously stays fit. Great role model for a child and other people out there.

  • Josie

    lol, she’ll say any idiotic thing to sell her brand.

  • Lorie

    Please, Jared….. can you find pictures of someone more interesting? This tall skinny person is so boring and fake.

  • anonymous

    Than why did you click on a post of hers?
    I am a big fan of Gisele’s and love seeinf pics of her. If you think she’s uninteresting why take the time to read about her and post a comment? I never read about people I don’t care for.

  • anonymous


    Umm…things like “you’re wonderful the way you are” are idiotic? From what I read, she talked about being comfortable in your own skin…she didn’t even talk about her product that much.
    Can you explain to me why that’s an “idiotic” thing to say, please? I’d love to hear why its stupid for me to be comfortable with what I look like.

  • anonymous


    I couldn’t agree more! Actually, I didn’t like her much at first either. But,
    I realized that I didn’t used to like her because of the way in which the media likes to present her sometimes.
    The more I read about her, where she comes from and her interviews, the more I love her. She’s a very genuine, grounded and sweet person in real.

  • anonymous


    Her house in Costa Rica is 100% eco-friendly. Who knows? Maybe this one will be too!
    She’s trying to send a positive message out there and make a difference…why nitpick for negative things all the time?

  • Shawna

    Her legs are way too skinny. It is really sad to live in a society where that is what is considered attractive.



    I HATE HER!!

  • tiri

    @ Shawna  Her legs are not skinny. Saw her with Tom and the babies . She has a normal body and legs

  • Katsaridoula

    I feel sorry for you, you seem to be full of hatred….sounds like you are one sad person

  • xxx

    Why are there photographs of her going to the gym every single day on this site? Getting kinda annoying………..

  • Pat

    I love you Gisele, looking good.

  • Pat
  • mattchew

    Having a vacation home is inherently eco-UNfriendly. And like Liz said, she and Tom are also building a big house in Cali. She also learned to fly a helicopter so she could cut off some commute time between New York and Boston. She’s gorgeous, but a major hypocrite on environmental matters.

  • genji

    xxx, bc she is Gisele living in LA. what do you expect? its paparazzi playgorund and they follow A listers. she cant stay cooped up inside her house! what normal person would do that? LOL
    she does excercises of yoga and kung fu. im sure that is what she is doing. bikini season is here, she doesnt want to look chunky, as any girl wouldnt right? plus working out and staying fit tells me she takes her job serious. at your normal job you condition your mind? well for giseles jobs she has to condition her bod. big whoop. she looks phenomenal.

  • secretstalker

    xxx you must be one her of secret stalkers to say that! lol outed yourself. josie needs to get out of her chair for once.

  • poo

    she looks nothing but great! I do hope she will keep on some extra weight, it always does wonders for her body and overall look when she has a little 5 lbs extra. IMO. but she is one hot mama!

  • flower

    yes Its nothing new, she just lived in Boston during her pregnancy so we saw less of her, because Boston is not paps land. Its nice she knew to stay in hiding during her pregnancy in Boston. she didnt want to be bombarded during that special time Im sure. As a Gisele fan whenever she lives in New York or Los Angeles there are new pics everyday/every week. its nothing new.

  • LILY!

    She is really pretty and one of the best models ever, but cmon she was taking flying lesson, private plains and drives a suv, if she is going to preach she should live by it like leo does, nothing against her but that is just my opinion, also enough with the gym pictures leave the poor girl work out in peace

  • Ummm, okay…

    Do people seriously think her body looks great??! She looks horrible! That is not the body of a woman. First of all, she is much too tall. Her arms are way too long as well. Toothpick legs like a skinny preteen boy. Her entire body is too skinny. She looks like a a freakin’ crane! Only women would find this body attractive. Men usually likes women that looks like WOMEN.

  • Rebecca

    I don’t think either she or Tom cares much for Boston. They’re never there unless they have to be.

  • flower

    @Ummm, okay…:

    yes I know men love gigantic stubby women with tons of T&A aka cheap sweaty video models, eww. Supermodels are of a different class thank you.

  • tiri

    Ummm okay Gisele is not to skinny she is normal.

    Her husband is the most famous athlete in the world since 2001 with over 800 million sold Fanware, So normal that they follow them. THeylive in Boston and L.A. .

  • LILY!

    @tiri: in the us not the world

  • hmmm

    To the hater on page 1, Gisele Bundchen is not fake in the slightest. For once you actually have a model with personality! She is very REAL in fact.

  • Emma

    She is an amazing model, her photos are always interesting to look at. And she is plain fun! AND a hot, healthy mommy. I love that she eats what she wants, she’s a bit of a rebel but she has lucky genes lol.

  • d33 c33

    Except if you are fat, eat meat, dairy, sugar, drink sodas, wear off the rack or on sale.., don’t buy organic or don’t sauna sweat, spend solitary hours in yoga and and exercise excessively., remove all toxins with a week long liquid diet, then you aren’t in tune with her NATURAL NATURE.

  • nofan

    ugly big nose beak honker sl-t wh-re and nasty b—— hate the woman needsa beat down

  • joanna

    zip it gizille , some of us do not care for anything about you.

  • lala

    she’s really ugly, disgusting body too. wtf

  • Andy

    I love how you guys diss her!
    ya thats right she really ugly….. she only the most highest paid supermodel ever! do you think she made all that money being ugly??? i don’t think soo….. so for the people that says she ugly or whatever, you better look like angelina jolie or brad pitt ,for you to have room to talk! otherwise shut your non-millions making nobody face!

  • Andy


    Yet not only did you read the article, you found it necessary to comment on it.

  • getit

    looking good Gi

  • teri smith

    I love her,

  • Anya

    Looks like a long haired boy to me, nothing attractive about this tranny. And her husband looks dumber than a box of rocks.